ArenaChicks News: Amber O’Neal vs Mickie James Results & Pictures, Mia Yim vs Del Rey Announced

This past weekend, former Knockouts Champion Mickie James took on Amber O’Neal for her ArenaChicks promotion.

Results and pictures below:

[notice]This past weekend was an exciting one for the Charlotte based indy federation and!

Friday night, CEO of ArenaChicks Amber O’Neal had the opportunity to go one on one with the former WWE Women’s Champion of multiple times and current TNA Knockout Mickie James with the newest addition to NC womens wrestling indy scene LeiDTapa (niece of the former WWE Legend, The Barbarian) as special guest referee. The match was NON-STOP action bell to bell as these two southern female wresters entertained the Charlotte crowd and sent everyone home happy as Mickie James pinned Amber O’Neal with a jackknife pin after Amber pulled every cheap tactic she could possibly think of, even having Mickie James pinned with her feet on the rope after reversing Mickie’s hurricarana out of the corner with a powerbomb but was caught by LeiDTapa who kicked Amber’s legs off the ropes causing her to get physical with the ref and this distraction was enough for Mickie to get the 1, 2, 3 on Amber.

This match will be released on the next PWX DVD as well as a bonus match on Arenachicks DVD Vol 3-The Live Series, and will also be featured on upcoming Best of Amber O’Neal DVDs and our newest additon to the Arenachicks DVD series, Arenachicks On The Road.

SATURDAY NIGHT in York, SC for, the two crossed paths again as they were ringside for a tag match. Amber O’Neal managed The Jersey Jerks (Rhett Titus from Ring of Honor/ PWX Champion & Corey Havock). Mickie James managed the very popular hometown tag team of Caleb Connelly and Cedric Alexander. Amber and Mickie had a heated catfight that included high heels flying, hair-pulling and Mickie nailing Amber with the much anticipated THESZ Press that had every person in the audience on their feet helping Connelly and Cedric leaving with a victory. Amber O’Neal has officially joined the “Jersey Jerks” stable in

This match can also be seen on upcoming DVDs and Upcoming Arenachicks DVDs[/notice]

Pictures from O’Neal vs James below:

Also, Mia Yim will face Sara Del Rey this weekend for ArenaChicks. More details here.

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  • Raekon

    I really love it when women from the commercial wrestling that are known, are getting the chance and putting the time and effort to appear in indy promotions cause it boosts these promotions and helps building them up for sure. :)

    Too bad WWE doesnt let anyone from their employees being male or female do that. That’s another big plus when it comes to TNA.

    • A.E

      true that the thing about tna it actually allow the the wrestlers to performs outside in the independent scene that something wwe lack,and i incredibly doubts any diva aside from beth,natie aj gonna hold her own with an indies wrestler

      the funny thing that someone like mickie who is busy with the taping,possibly going on the uk tour and i heard she is involved with jerret outside project as well have the time to get involved indies promo,can’t wait too see the match though

      • Raekon

        Well not all Indy wrestlers are as great as you think and overrating the scene as a whole, won’t make it better either.

        There is a lot of talent there for sure but saying that no other diva can hold their own there against a indy is overrating them in my opinion by a lot.

        It’s true that we never get to really see what the divas can bring on the table because all the limitations they have.

        If you check however roadshows and fcw you will see that the talent is there but its not used the way it should be.

    • Mikas

      It is actually a smart thing from WWE (from a pure business perspective). They pay their wrestlers a lot of money, so what if one of them gets injured on an indy show where they dont know the working conditions? They pay their talent enough so they dont HAVE to work indy shows, unlike a lot of TNA’s wrestlers who can barely pay their bills.

      It would be nice to see some WWE wrestlers on indy shows though, and it would also be good for those wrestlers to improve their skills. But thats never going to happen unfortunately.

      • Raekon

        You have a point t here Mikas. :)
        However, they could do it for promotional reasons to help the indy scene and themselves aswell.
        Most of all since the indy scene has several talents they could benefit from (long term).

        • cutymania

          yeah idk, Mickie did grind it out on the indy scene for a number of years before she found fame, so its not tht much of a stretch to see her work small crowds again, even after the glitz & glam of WWE/TNA. tbh id be more impressed/surprised to see someone like Maryse or Kelly or any of the ‘model divas’ work the indies after their release. Its usually very rare to see former WWE divas work the independents & not like a few matches thru out the year, but proper grinding it out, regularly wrestling in small venues and for not even a quarter of the pay they get from WWE. I think it’ll be a humbling experience for those who were plucked from magazines.

          funny, Amber & Mickie worked a couple of matches back around 2001/2, when they were both jst starting out and Mickie went under her real name. Now a decade later thy are headlining the show.

      • Liam Holden

        Mikas always has the knowledge. But I do recall Ivory appearing on the indys before her release from WWE in 2004. She used her WWE ring name but then after her release she could only go by Lisa Moretti

        • Ladies of Wrestling

          You won’t see the models on the indies cos they have no passion for wrestling. I personally can’t name any models that have appeared on the indies. The REAL wrestlers like Jackie, Jazz, Ivory, Gail, Molly & even Victoria have all competed on the indies since leaving WWE.. They have the passion for wrestling.. These models never went looking to become wrestlers they were found & hired by WWE.. Candice never wrestled after WWE, Torrie didn’t, I can never see the likes of Maryse, Kelly & co compete on the indies..