This Week in History: Christmas-Themed Matches, Trish Returns to the Ring, Tag Team Tables Match & More

Welcome to Diva Dirt’s This Week in History, where each week we’ll take a look back at some of the most memorable moments in women’s wrestling from years gone by.

So, join us in taking a trip down memory lane…

December 24th, 2001 | Many people love Eggnog, but we doubt that very many of them would want to wrestle in it. Unfortunately for Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler, they found themselves in such a match and wrestled in the seasonal beverage while wearing sexy Santa costumes. Torrie won the match–big surprise, as she was practically unbeatable in gimmick matches. Seriously, she was like the Undertaker of T&A wrestling. But the real loser of the match was whoever had to wash those Eggnog-soaked costumes–that smell had to be seriously foul.

What are your memories of this classic moment? Tell us in the comments…

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  • Ryan

    Eggnogg Match! Knockouts X-Mas! The Raw 2002 and 03 X-Mas Match whre victoria was licking the lollipop and then chopped its head off … o.0
    lol but nice double win by Jackie n Trish!
    didnt care much for the 2009 xmas match ehh..idk
    And of course the Tables Match was pretty awesome! =)

    Not to blab on but swear the future was looking GREAT for the WWE Divas seeing how Natalya LayCool n Beth phoenix raised the bar! Things just went downhill after December 31st =(
    Eve became champion, then the bellas, then Kelly…Kharma n LayCool left
    Nothing since that year has amazed me really..well the Beth Phoenix vs Eve Torres round 1 was pretty great! And AJ Lee n Maxine rocked on NXT!
    I wonder whts it going to be for Knockouts X-Mas this year?

    BTW if u watch X-Men dont forget to watch X-Men Evolution X-Mas on Angel’s Wings =D

    And Merry X-Mas to all!! (Im like Stan Smith..I HATE saying happy holidays)

    • eveandtrish

      Layla’s still in WWE.

    • Ryan

      Also love how Candice dives into the crowd! TOtally Awesome!!

  • JJ

    Candice was great at working the crowd!

    I like Santa’s Little Helper matches, but also think the guys should get more in the festive spirit!! Victoria turning on Molly after teaming in a SLH match always stands out to me.

    Looking at Knockouts stuff from 2007 makes me sad to think how great it once was. At least its on the up now.

    The tables match is also sad to watch now. So much potential, and what did they do? Have Nattie lose the title randomly to Eve, and Beth go MIA for months.

  • perceval

    Ah, the days when Nattie was allowed to look like something other than a joke. Not to mention when she and Beth had more worthy opponents. That said…

    Lawler’s losing his memory. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman go through a table, before.” Um, Jerry, the name Trish Stratus ring a bell? Not only did she go through a couple here and there, but she put plenty of other women through them (Lita, Jazz, Molly, Victoria). It was kind of her thing for a while. Hell, King, you saw MAE YOUNG go through a table.

    Speaking of my favorite Diva… It was great to see Trish return against Beth. She & Beth had wanted to do something together since one or the other was on the shelf back when they were there at the same time.

    The Tribute to the Troops matches… You got the years mixed up. Trish’s was 2005.

    The quality of the Santa’s Little Helper matches depended on the women participating. My favorite was the Happy Holidays match that took place the day after Christmas in 2003 with Trish/Lita/Stacy vs Molly/Victoria/Miss Jackie.

    • perceval

      Oh, forgot…

      Notice the crowd reaction to Trish & Beth. They love them, and got PISSED whenever the boys would tag in and interrupt the girls. :)


    And Not only Did the Divas Division have Lay-cool, Beth and Natalya, they also had Melina and Gail Kim who are amazing competitors in their own right.
    Honestly WWE had a chance to something REALLY good with the divas division, but they continued to waste it.
    The divas need a TOTAL overhaul, really soon.