Beth Phoenix Injured on Raw (Pictures)

Divas Champion Beth Phoenix gave fans a fright last night after it was spotted that she had a nasty lump on the side of her head following her match with Alicia Fox on Raw.

Fans tweeted their concern for the Glamazon last night as a trainer was spotted running to the ring after the match to check on Beth. It looks like Foxy’s somersault leg drop did a number on the champion.

Beth commented on the injury via her Twitter page, writing: “@AliciaFoxy tried her hardest to destroy my face. There will be hell to pay for trying to tarnish my beauty.”

She then added: “Another angle of @AliciaFoxy ‘s damage. After hours in the trainers room, I broke a lot of mirrors with my fists.”

Beth posted pictures of the injury here and here.

Feel better, champ!

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  • Eve Marie


  • eveandtrish

    She looks like a witch from the side of her face.
    Lol @ the botch Alicia Fox gave her in the first place.

  • hado

    Aw I feel sorry for both divas here. Alicia because she is my fav diva, and is getting so much hate from the general viewers for stuffing up her finisher and slipping and then getting booed from the crowd ! ):

    Beth, because damn that looks bad, hopefully it isn’t to serious and gets better quite quickly.

    Good news; Alicia could be going back to the Axe Kick ! <3

  • heartandsoul

    Alicia fox is simply the worst I’m gonna cry if she challenges for the title.

  • Jhonmarco

    I could’ve sworen I saw a bruise on the side of Beth’s face last night :( get well soon Beth! <3

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    After i rewatched the match I didnt see where the botch was unless it was that awkard looking reverse ddt. It did seem as if Beth wasnt ready and Alicia just went for it. What to you expect though they only get 30 seconds lol they dont have time to make shit lok clean and cut most of the time. That’s why most of these divas botch in their matches on raw. Which is why i think wwe ends most diva matches with Roll-ups

    Glad beth is okay though and i hope this means Alicia Fox is next in line for the divas title.

    Also TBH Im GLAD ALICIA BOTCHED! So the Eve & Kelly fans have something to talk about when someone else calls Eve or Kelly out on their botches or Mis-Connective dropkicks (Eve)

  • velvelove

    for anyone saying alicia’s finisher is week well it ko’d the glamazon lol

    and im pretty sure alicia and beth were supposed to cut their promo last night but alicia panicked and said that foxy christmas crap out of desperation

  • axekickk

    Haha, “Ko’ed the Glamazon”!

  • DAFereldan91

    Guess that ends Alicia’s chance of getting a push.. Glad to hear it!!!WWE won’t go easy for those who injured the other superstars,especially those who botch their own moves and hurt the others.

  • Teri

    Ew, I want to pop that so badly.

  • JillianHallTNA

    Wow. No comment.

  • CuteBoiMd82

    Alicia is my favorite diva but this mess needs to stop. Nattie was forgivable we all make mistake. But for the same thing to happen the next week says something. She needs to tone it down. It seems like she gets. really hyped in the ring which cause her to mess up. I really hope this isn’t the end of her push but I would understand if it was.

  • KellyEve


  • Bethinho

    if it wasn´t bad enough for Beth to job to Alicia,she took a bump thanks to a botched move.
    Beth´s credibility is skyrocketing right now….

  • Anthony

    I saw that last night on Raw and it was so obvious that Beth wasn’t selling, she was truly in pain. Alicia’s finisher has got to go, she clearly can’t execute it. What’s next? She breaks someone’s nose or lands directly on someones throat?

  • adifferentsame

    As with Jillian’s cartwheel elbow drop, I think it’s a dubious finisher anyway, so if this prompts Alicia to find something else, then I’ll have no complaints.

    Nice to see that even at her lowest, Beth’s wit never fails her.

  • Kaledrina

    the bad news…. Alicia needs another finisher… Again. She’s only used it like four times and it’s looked good once??

    the GOOD news…. WWE write this into their shows and we could get a feud with some kind of background story rather than it just being “alicia want belt. Alicia get title match”

  • Raekon

    Feeling bad for Beth cause it definately hurts like hell.

    Feeling good about Beth selling it as part of the show and adding it into a feud that will progress things between them on tv.

  • melon2617

    This is the second finisher Foxy has had & can’t execute. I don’t get the love for her. She is still so sloppy, her moves generally look poorly executed & her botched finishers will break someone’s neck someday. I hope AJ moves to the forefront to feud with Beth until Ms Fox learns to wrestle. I think it’s early but Eve & K2 have been obliterated & the Bellas should wait until they are firmly in ADR’s corner to move into the title picture.

  • JustJ3rmz

    ITS A BUMP ON THE HEAD PPL! Mickie James broke Beth’s jaw at a house show bf. Come on…. Alicia Fox has been praised by some of the best, Gail Kim, Melina, TRISH STRATUS. Accidents happen. Its called Wrestling……. Get over it. Alicia Fox is epic.

  • wwe141

    I knew sumthin was wrong after Alicia’s finisher nd the 3 count, I could just tell due to Beth’s reaction after the match. I thought she broker her nose

  • adifferentsame

    Yeah, I think the divisive reaction to Alicia is unfortunate. It’s wrestling, folks: every performer is susceptible to getting hurt.

  • SweeneyTodd

    Yes, Alicia is epic…a epic fail. Botch on Smackdown (Leg Drop goes on the hair), botch on RAW. BOOOOO from the crowd…

  • Anthony

    I agree, when she used to do her Axe Kick finisher it looked like she was about to break her leg after.

  • Michael

    Gotta wonder if Alicia injured Natalya last week, it would explain her absence since.

  • LayCoolAddict

    I agree Alicia isn’t the first diva to botch but imo she isn’t a decent wrestler anyway, and it sucks when good wrestler’s like Beth get injured because of diva’s like Alicia.

  • Sherri Martel Fan

    This is the reason these models should not be in the ring!! I have said it sooo many times!!

  • Mr.3D

    Bottom line: Alicia Fox needs to get better when it comes to her finishing moves, but after seeing what happened last night, and after seeing the picture of Beth’s face, I agree with others when they say that she needs a new finisher, or needs to be taken out of the Diva’s Title hunt (and off TV) for awhile, until she gets better in the ring.

    But, that being said, here are my questions:

    1. What other move can she pull off effectively? I mean, clearly Alicia’s best asset are her legs. You’re not going to see her pulling off a powerslam, or even a bodyslam!!!

    2. If the WWE go with another contender for the Diva’s Title, who will it be? Frankly, I don’t think anyone wants to see Eve, or K2 vs. Beth Phoenix for the upteenth time.

    3. Why hasn’t the WWE pushed Tamina as a Divas Title contender? She is as big as Beth Phoenix, and her most important asset: SHE CAN ACTUALLY WRESTLE!!!

    4. Not to get too far off topic, but when will Layla return? I mean, after last night, I’m pretty sure the WWE is probably looking pretty hard to push her once she returns, as opposed to Alicia Fox!!!

  • WWENattiefan

    She botched it on Smackdown against Natalya too, she’s very sloppy.

  • Nostalgia

    You people use the word botch wayyyy too often.. in situations where it doesn’t apply. Alicia’s move connected and looked great.

  • mrdiva518

    That’s it i can’t take this shit any more injuries happen people get over it. And stop being such ass wipes when Alicia got injured by Kharma no one said anything about that let not forget Kharma is a wrestler not a model. That’s number 1 number 2 its a fucking bump all of you bitches are acting like she is going to be out of action for the next 6 months fuck off obviously Beth is fine and must yall forget Beth is not a model and she injured herself when she tore her ACL did you see anyone blaming Rosa Mendes for that…NO! Everyone is just looking for a reason to hate someone and that is not right…ok so you don’t like her finisher get over it would you rather see a facebuster i mean because WWE be happy to give it to her. Beth is ok let it go and stop being mean about it did anyone ever stop to think how Alicia must feel reading all this hate about her…people can be so rude! But that’s ok because im still the Biggest Foxy One Ever and I believe everyone in the comments who have something bad to say about Alicia just got “OutFoxed”

    _Chad (@UnBrEaKaBlE_CJ)

  • gel619

    AJ is too new but is getting a push thank God. I love AJ and would love to see her get the title but don’t see her getting it until late next year or early 2013. Nat needs the belt first then Nikki (since bre has had the belt). Plus they still need to an ending to the Eve thing.

  • Jillfan1

    I WAS WORRIED AFTER THE MATCH IM LIKE OH NO and this comes from a fan of both but maybe its better for Alicia to have a new finisher poo beth :/ get better LOVE U

  • Jordan

    Like I said before, accidents happen. She didn’t injure Beth, taking her out of action. You guys act like no one has ever hurt someone in the ring before.

    Her finisher is a miss most of the time, that does not make her sloppy. Her moves are pretty crisp in the ring, maybe this was an off night, but generally she’s good in the ring.

    Kelly is pretty sloppy, Eve is sloppy, now Alicia is sloppy. You guys are always finding a reason to pick on the diva getting pushed. You guys were saying this about Kelly and Eve when they got pushes and now Alicia. Alicia is a good wrestler, she just has a bad finisher which can be fixed easily.

    People need to calm down, this is not the titanic and Beth is going to survive.

  • xXGeo910

    Oh my gosh i thought that finisher was terrible but, that made a huge ass bruise on the side of her face!!! Wow it’s a great finisher….

  • adifferentsame

    I dread to think what would have happened if Beth Phoenix was taken off TV after Candice Michelle was injured. If anything, people should point fingers at management. Perhaps if the women weren’t rushed for time, they would more opportunity for the wrestling to flow and feel less haphazard.

  • Delilah

    Poor Beth :( Well really it’s not only Alicia’s fault, its WWE for giving them a 46 second match. All they really need is 5 minutes to put on a good show, but gosh. To think last year we had 5-9 min matches.

  • TheHartofaPhoenix

    While Alicia seems like a cool chick and all,she’s still too green to be trying to pull off 99% accuracy finishers.
    I cringe every time she does that move,it looks cool but if she’s off by just a few inches,it turns into an entire body weight heel drop to the face which is what almost happened last night.
    I knew Beth was legit hurt the minute Alicia landed,she was so out of it she couldn’t even pretend to fight the pin.
    A real kick to the skull is no joke,and not just merely “just another bump”like some folks here are trying to suggest.
    They hurried and switched the cam off her when she was crawling across the floor,just like they did when Nattie couldn’t hold it in,and started legit sobbing in the ring on SD after Alicia did the move and caught her on the forehead.
    I don’t think she even realized Nat was really hurt until Charles Robinson told her to get out of there as soon as she hit the floor.You can see the expression on her face change for a second.
    Alicia’s in ring work is getting better,I have to commend her on that,but if she’s gonna keep using that finisher,just slow down a little bit and make sure she’s close enough so the person’s head lands in the crook of her knee like it’s supposed to.
    The Divas division is pretty much carried by The Sisters,them getting hurt spells catastrophe for the whole thing.

  • moogle

    She’s a wrestler guys, if you don’t expect her to get a bruise here and there you need to rethink the shows you watch lmfao

    If Beth gave Kelly a bruise, everyone would tell her to man up because she’s a wrestler and I know that the real Beth would completely ignore the bruise and move on, but with her being heel she has to post it of course.

  • rodneyclint

    You guys are so predictable, anytime someone like Beth or Nattie gets hurt you guys automatically assume its the other girl’s fault because she is a “model” and not a “real” wrestler. It’s like you guys don’t recall Beth’s first injury which was caused by Victoria from a simple roll up and put Beth out for months. Mistakes happen in wrestling all the time. Two things that you guys aren’t really noticing is that the Reverse DDT timing was off, Beth went early and Alicia was late. That is both their fault and really, neither is to blame because miscues are going to happen. Secondly, Alicia actually did connect with her finisher, she didn’t botch it at all. Get over yourselves and stop pointing fingers. It’s wrestling for crying out loud! Just be thankful the injury was not worse.

  • jen07201

    Hey Beth has also injured others with the glam slam she gave michelle mccool a concussion when she didn’t let go of michelle’s hands to protect her face so she landed face first. Also I think she has done it to mickie melina also so it was time somebody did it to her.

  • Juan

    Maybe Alicia should stop using that finisher since everytime she executes it she injures her opponent.

  • unscripted & flawless

    You call it a botch that hurt her opponent, I call it a finisher that actually works because it leaves them knocked out to the point where she can get a 3 count :) Looks to me like we have one of the rare finishers that actually works better when botched because it makes more sense. A leg drop over the chest isn’t going to keep someone down for 3 seconds. Doing it right across their face? Hell yeah. I’m for it. *shrugs* If someone gets hurt…it’s wrestling….they’re supposed to. Y’all can all enjoy the fakeness of thinking that a leg drop over the chest (because I know Alicia isn’t supposed to aim for the neck cause that would be stupid as hell), but I think I’ll go with the much rougher and realistic version that actually knocks a person out.

  • EveLover

    Alicia should REALLLLLLYYYYYYY use the big boot or the gory bomb she did to melina a while ago.

    Also guys I dont understan why some of you are being so harsh on foxy . I mean beth gave michelle a concussion ,but I didnt see WW3 happening. But yaknow ,its understandable because beth is a wrestler & girls like Alicia ,Eve ,& Kelly are the models . Please.

  • eyecon

    See what happens when you mess with the fox…lol

    Alicia did fine and the match was fine, I don’t understand how people can say she botched the finisher when her finisher is something where she can’t really see where she’s going. Where was Fox suppose to hit Beth in the

    I like both moves like the Ax kick better but she can keep dropping the big leg. This is just fuel to there feud and Alicia will be the next Divas Champion. This is wrestling people get hurt your an athlete suck it up and move on

    TEAM FOX 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AKA_AK

    I’m just lmao at all the Alicia suck ups right now. I’m not a huge Kelly Kelly fan, infact, I dislike her very much as a wrestler, but if it were Kelly who’d have caused this damage, those same Alicia Fox suck ups would have been bashing her left, right and center. Girl’s guna kill someone soon, and don’t give me sh*t like it happens on a rare occasion, or it’s wrestling, Beth’s just gotta deal with it, fact is, she’s messed it up a half dozen time, her most recent one before last night was only last week on Smackdown.

  • ej29simpson

    Okay Beth said she is tough so why cant she take a bruise…Alicia needs to go back to the Axe kick..i dont even know why they made her change her theme and finisher…but this whole DOD thing is a joke if Beth or Natalya cant take a hit…ITS WRESTLING..just be happy that it wasn’t her breaking her neck like candice did……

  • Lily

    It’s funny though because everyone said she would injure someone with her axe kick but never did after 3 years but a few months after her leg drop debuted she injures 2 ….awkard.

  • shannymac

    Alicia needs to ditch the leg drop before she seriously hurts someone. As much as I love her, the bottom line is that she has botched this move nearly everytime and she clearly can’t execute it correctly Theiy’re both lucky that it was only Beth’s face that was hit. It could have done some real damage if Alicia came down that hard on her neck.

  • Andre

    speaking of Beth Phoenix did anyone see the Twitpic CM Punk posted of her alongside all of the current WWE champions? purely epic and awesome.

  • sugarrush28

    It’s so nice to see the members of DD didn’t disappoint. I knew once Alicia started to get the spotlight the hate would come. It happened with Kelly Kelly, then it went on to Eve and now Eve has passed the torch to Alicia. I personally didn’t really care for the match cause it didn’t last long enough for me to care. I kind of wish Alicia would use the Big Boot, Chick Kick or the Spinning Heel Kick as a finisher. I will say that I don’t ever remember Kharma getting all this heat when she was injuring people. I also cant remember Victoria getting called out for breaking Candice’s nose. Or how about when Beth was partly responsible for Candice’s collarbone injury. But Candice came from the DS and not the indies so it was alright I guess. This is wrestling people not ballet.

  • Faye

    Oh, please! This isn’t the first time a wrestler has sustained an injury from doing their job. It’s bound to happen. Some of you need to take a seat with this crucifying Alicia business, lol. It’s just a goose-egg!!!! Judging by these comments, you’d think Alicia dislocated Beth’s knee, or something. As others have cited above, there have been more severe injuries in the Diva Division with half the outrage Alicia is receiving. Come on, Son!

  • Shan

    Wow. Just wow. Some of ya’ll just love to hate on the girls whenever they make a mistake don’t you? I’m seeing things like she’s botched the move ‘half a dozen times’ and such. Seriously? She hasn’t done the move ‘half a dozen times’ so that obviously a lie. The woman tries ok? She doesn’t come out doing the same thing all the time and hope for the best. She actually works to better herself and the whole trial and error thing was bound to leave some casualties eventually. I’m just saying, Beth isn’t making a genuine big deal about it, why the heck is everyone else? And who’s to say that Alicia doesn’t feel like crap already? Ya’ll forget those girls are probably friends.

    That said, Beth’s a tough woman. She can handle it as evidenced by her witty reply to the situation. Hope it heals quickly though. Hate to see any of the females genuinely hurt.

  • melon2617

    My problem isn’t that “Alicia effed up” it’s that Alicia effs up most of the time. Her axe kick rarely connected, her promos are abysmal & she’s screwed up her new finisher almost every time she’s done it. She needs polish.

    Claiming Beth should have been pulled off of TV when Candice got hurt because some fans think Alicia sucks doesn’t really fly as Beth doesn’t botch every third glam slam. Beth has a rep for consistency when performing, Alicia does not.

  • cockyflow

    I just sat here and read thru all these comments wtf why is this alicia fox fault first off alicia didnt botch anything it looked great so what she caught her head its wrestling and she just started doing the move you’ll act like its been months and she is putting people out of action left and right. Thats not whats happening and if nattie got hurt then wwe wouldnt have allowed her to use that move last night. I hope she has a match on smackdown and gets to show people how great she is.. go watch her lengthy matches from fcw the girl can wrestle there being rushed its kind of hard to be cautious in wrestling when you have a minute to put on a match. Beth is ok its just a knot to the forehead, I dont think alicia got in trouble because if she injured beth and nattie she wouldnt have made that comment on her twitter that stating the following “wow!!!! I think your face looks better than ever!!!! Next one I’ll put more STANk on it!!!! Kiss kiss” so im sure they talked about it and she will still be using the finisher and theres gonna be a angle between them.

  • DAFereldan91

    Gee, people are just reluctant to accept the fact that Alicia is not THAT decent in the ring. Sure, accidents happen and wrestlers are prone to injuries, but let’s look at the potential perils that Alicia carries to the others, it is just a matter of time before she ends up legitimately hurt the others,which she did and Beth’s could have been worse if the heel hit on the wrong spot. The girl needs to polish her skills more. I am not a Fox hater, in fact I admire her for being a fast learner. But let’s face it, she is not a consistently good in-ring worker.

    Oh and besides, I have never heard of Beth giving Michelle a concussion or Maryse’s broken nose or whatsoever. From what I perceived, Michelle still managed to roll over to let Beth pinned her after receiving that big Glam Slam. And do not blame Beth for Candice’s injury back then. It was Candice who landed clumsily and ended up breaking her collar bone.

  • DJ8946

    STFU People Every Has Botch Their Finisher Before Except Nattie Cause It A Sub. Beth Botched Against Eve With That Glam Slam & Seriously Alicia Need To Lose Her Push & Go To FCW? Fuck No Beth Jumped Too For The DDT. Last Week Against Nattie That Was Alicia’s Fault After The Promo But That It Look Better……….. As A Matter Of Fact A LEG DROP CAN BE “DROPPED “ANYWHERE IN THE HEAD, NECK, & UPPER CHEST AREA. Alicia Isnt The Best But If The Most Improve OF 2011 A CLOSE #2 Alicia. Have U Seen Her Fuckin Matches Against Eve, Gail, Melina, & Nattie.

  • adifferentsame

    The irony of these comments is that the immediate disdain for when a Diva messes up perpetuates the internal misogyny women contend with in the industry. Really, when you read the level of backlash here it’s no wonder the women are restricted to painfully limited airtime.

    Once again, though, I think it’s safe to deduce two things from this incident: the women just can’t structure a watchable match in the space of two minutes. If you’re Kelly Kelly, whose repertoire is condensed into a sequence of low risk spots, fine, but for the Divas to do anything more substantial, there needs to be more time allotted in the ring. Secondly, I personally think Alicia is a capable wrestler who has shown on several occasions that she is the real deal; I do, however, feel that her moveset needs tweaked, especially her finishers.

  • art

    alicia need another finisher…like some kind of kicka leg drop is a pretty lame finisher anyway….

    hope beth doesnt need to take any time out of the ring…..hoping alicia still gets a title shot then its the return of layla…

  • elsimate

    Accidents happen, guys

  • melina prez

    Im just gonna say this comment is not biast because I dont give a shit about the divas anymore. I have faith but its getting lower and lower by each day. If WWE dosent step it up I dont think they should have a division !

    The bottom line is Alicia botches WAY too much…she obviously cant preform this finisher without hurting somebody or doing it wrong. But i dont blame her for all of it… Beth wasnt ready but she should have been ! Beth can walk it off, she probbaly dosent care. But Alicia needs new finisher she can preform * COUGH* Golry Bomb *COUGH*!

  • TheGamergirl22

    When she says hell to pay I hope that mean no more jobbing and straight up kicking ass even if they loose by roll up , they can still do the after fight assault.

  • VarsityBaseDude

    Beth has a photo to remind her to have a Foxy Holiday.

  • eveandtrish

    did in the first place^

  • thediva21

    their will be hell to pay for what that barbie doll Kelly Kelly did to Beth phoenix last Monday night on raw

  • JillianHallTNA

    I just wanna Beth to recover. She is so amazing! Feel better, champ! :)

  • Valese

    You’re overreacting, it’s just swollen. It’s not like Alicia fractured Beth’s orbital bone or something and besides wrestlers are prone to injury.

  • DAFereldan91

    That’s just an understatement… Beth and Nattie could easily push a 30-second-match to its full potential. This just shows you how amateurish Alicia still is in the ring. And by the way, it’s not that Beth wasn’t ready for that inverted DDT. Beth sold it by leaping backward, but Alicia reacted slower, so that is why the move looked rather disastrous.

  • JustJ3rmz

    Glad Alicia botched? Your the type who prays for someone downfall. Alicia is great. She is not the first Diva to botch, wont be the last either.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Did you see i added “Most Of The Time”. Which means most of the time the divas can pull of a 30 second match perfectly. Also btw I i said it SEEMED as if beth wasnt ready which is why i said it look’d awkward when the move connected.

  • Ed

    How exactly is that a good thing? She completely botched that axe kick 90% of the time. She needs a finisher she can actually execute properly.

  • Solo

    Yeah I would love to see her go back to the axe kick. That led drop isn’t for her. Alicia Fox needs a kick finisher with those long legs.

  • TheTruth

    Alicia gets a allright reaction on NXT & Superstars, Sometimes Smackdown too, I’m not to sure about Raw though.

  • DAFereldan91

    Yeah sure,but the wrestlers are also told to be extreme careful with their own doings so that they don’t injure the others. So to you, swollen is a small matter then? Are you aware that injury like that can be severe if it hits eyes or nose? Beth could have gone if blind if that kick lays directly on Beth’s eye! And Nattie also suffered from the impact on last week match when Alicia dropped her feet on Nattie’s forehead.

  • revivingophelia

    Alicia botched the move on SD and RAW, actually causing an injury with it on RAW. She’s the face and fans are booing her. That probably hurts the chances for a continued push for her.

  • DAFereldan91

    Hmm, I guess I misunderstood your statement on some point, but from what I observed, it was Alicia who wasn’t ready to execute the DDT, not Beth. Anyways, no hard feeling, sorry if you feel offended. It is just my opinion.

  • gel619

    There are times when Divas botoch because of mistimed making it looked like others botched and there are times when other botch and they get blamed, What I LOVE about Ms. Fox is when she botches a move she goes and retrains to fix it, K2 goes shopping, LOL

  • Kim099

    it’s not a good thing it’s a great thing love when she do th axe kick love it.

  • Kaledrina

    hmm, that makes sense actually. a shame we didn’t get a promo featuring both of them, but the cover up worked okay.

  • Kaledrina

    the way alicia moves in the ring reminds me of eve. it’s as if they know they have such limited time.. it’s like they visibly rush things. no fault of theirs, of course, as it’s wwe who limits their time so much.. it’s almost as if their bodies are moving faster than their brains, if that makes sense??

  • Anthony

    I like Alicia a lot, but to be fair she messed up on Smackdown with Natalya and now Beth on Raw. She obviously can’t do this finisher, she needs to scrap it. With the way the Diva Division is right now we really can’t afford to lose Beth or Natalya because Alicia can’t land a kick the right way.

  • gel619

    I think Alicia is ok I love the fact that when she messes up she learns from it and does seek out trainers and you can tell. She is no way on the same level as Trish or Gail. I don’t think she ever will be but AJ yeah she will rock.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    100% Agree ! As if anyone else’s finisher cant hurt someone what about Aj’s shinning Wizard she could give someone a concussion if hit in the wrong spot lol

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    @JustK3rmz – Im actually a huge Alicia Fox fan. I said im glad alicia botched for a certain reason. If you knew the point where i was coming from then there woudnt be a issue.

  • DAFereldan91

    Great for what?For injuring Beth?For botching her (both) finisher most of the time?

  • AKA_AK

    Alicia is great? Lmao no.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    @Daferldan91 – What if another diva gets a concussion of the GlamSlam due to the impact hitting the mat or what if another diva gets a concussion of Aj’s shinning wizard if hit at wrong spot. Majority of these diva finishers can seriously hurt another , not saying your wrong about your theory on Alicia but lets be logical here anyone can get hurt at anytime no matter what the move.

  • DAFereldan91

    @MELINA&MICKIE4EVER! I am not being irrational or illogical here, but the fact is Alicia did hurt Beth because of her own botched move and Beth or AJ apparently never messed up with their own finishers thus far because they know what they are doing. To me, Alicia obviously is still not polished well enough as a wrestler and that is why she always botches her own finisher.

  • GetFoxy

    DAFereldan91- do you not remember beth not letting the arm restriants go when she hit michelle with the glam slam. divas get injured all the time and beth has been involved with a few. just because a divas got experience does not mean it’s the rookies fault. this yes was alicias fault for not being so carefull but she was rushed. beth has made mistakes every diva has so to just blame one diva for it is not that great, there is always to sides to every story, maybe it wasn’t neccassarily alicias fault but we don’t know that.

  • DAFereldan91

    But did Jillian ever botch her cartwheel elbow/leg drop? I, for one, never saw Jillian botched her moves, other than her vocal cord.

  • DAFereldan91

    Actually she landed on Nattie’s forehead,which would have given Nattie the same nasty bruise Beth is having right now. But yeah, I agree with you. An epic fail from Alicia Fox.

  • DAFereldan91

    Not that you mentioned it, I think maybe Nattie got hurt as well. She was nowhere to be seen in the PPV and on RAW…

  • Cookie

    ….. stfu

  • bromero329

    Lmfao .best Comment

  • Cookie

    alicia fox still going get push

  • gel619

    They are told they will have a five minute match then before they go on its cut down so they rush to get as much done that was planned, It sux because the girls have to have the full match planned and then they always get cut down. I have hope for Alicia she is the only current diva that i have noticed when she is off she is working at FCW. WWE needs to stop cutting Diva matches this shows how unsafe it is, They need to keep the other talents to the time they are given, Fans hate the rushed matches, its annoying and disrespectful to the women and can be dangerous.

  • Cookie


  • mojodoom

    I was just gonna say that. They blamed Alicia for it because of her frame. What a load of BS..

  • Bethinho

    it´s all very nice but it´s the second straight time that Alicia doesn´t perform the move well….the match itself was bad,the champion looked like a joke due to bad booking and getting an injury….
    maybe Alicia needs a GS without protection…

  • Ryan

    Jillian Hall’s elbow drop wasnt a was her Cartwheel Slamming Leg Drop! She NEVER won a match with it because the opponents ALWAYS moved..the only person I seen actually take that legdrop was Michelle McCool. ..leg drops are hard to control..watching Victoria use her flipping leg drop on Trish AND connecting always gave me crinches…watching Natalya loose to this move makes me crinch…

    Shit happens and i dont blame alicia Fox..but i wish shed go back to her Sissor Kick..wonder why she isnt allowed to use it anymore

  • ryais

    Key word being if. AJ hasn’t hit the spot wrong, while Alicia’s hit this move wrong at least twice causing this to happen one of those times. Who knows what she did to Natalya when she did it on her forehead.

    Yes, you can get injured in wrestling, it’s a risk that we all know about and they know about it when they get in the ring. But they really shouldn’t go having someone who’s not very competent in the ring doing a move that she can’t execute correctly.

  • adifferentsame


    I think you missed my point; I wasn’t commenting on the botch ratio of the compared finishing moves, but the fact they don’t look like convincing finishing moves.

    Alicia would fare better, in my opinion anyway, if she adopted Stacy Keibler’s spinning roundhouse kick.

  • Ryan

    adiffrentsame Totally agree my dude! Spinning Heel Kick like Stacey yet Alicia is more technical it be perfect!! I saw a video of hers in FCW she DID do that Spinning Roundhouse and she has such flexibility and quickness to it! Yet idk why she doesnt do it

  • adifferentsame

    I agree. If they can create a PPV match out of Kelly slapping Beth across the face, surely they can build on Alicia legitimately hurting the insurmountable Glamazon?

  • adifferentsame


  • Ryan

    THERE..i mean THIS!

  • KellyEve


  • Cookie

    u could tell she probably was worried about beth u could tell her in face & the way she talk!

  • FrankNFurter

    OMG Thank You! Please use botch in the right context.

  • DAFereldan91

    Thing is her leg drop did not connect where it was supposed to.That is still counted as a botch.

  • Cookie

    thank you,i love how these people are talking about alicia fox & she only messed up 2 times. But it’s funny that no knows that beth have botched too she have breaking maryse nose x3 times. & Michelle McCool chest bones because she didn’t let go of her arms. But it’s alright one min they hating beth & now they their like omfg alicia fox did this i could see if alicia fox broken beth bones.. but it’s just bump she will be iight lol. beside everyone going botch once in while no one perfect!

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    @Jordon dont worry when someone like Aj gets a push and starts botching and botches her finisher she will be called sloppy too lol

  • missawesomeness

    dude!, heart and soul is sharing his or hers opinion, don’t like it then get lost.

  • heartandsoul

    At cookie what a great argument you must be super intelligent. Idiot.

  • EveLover


  • unscripted & flawless

    Thank you<33 I've always agreed with your comments lol

  • EveLover

    “3. Why hasn’t the WWE pushed Tamina as a Divas Title contender? She is as big as Beth Phoenix, and her most important asset: SHE CAN ACTUALLY WRESTLE!!!”

    You do know tamina is just as green (or greener) than Alicia .

  • AKA_AK


  • ej29simpson

    Its because shes being rushed in matches…they tell her to end the match at this time so she does…but as her being a face, she has to move quicker than heels thats why her heel matches are better than face matches….this whole storyline is a joke to me…but yea youre right she is sloppy because of management!!

  • Anthony

    @cookie, chill out, just because you wrote in caps doesn’t mean what your saying has more of an impact. You’re totally missing the point. She’s done the finisher like 5 times and the last two times she’s messed it up. She’s not doing moves like a kudo driver, or a canadian destroyer. She’s basically just doing a flip and landing on someone. She needs to a new finisher.

  • ryais

    Candice broke her collarbone not her neck, let’s not exaggerate here.

  • ej29simpson

    well still its still a injury and bruise is minor….this dod needs to end if they complain about everything 24/7 and cant win a match….

  • ej29simpson

    and i meant to add that beth and natalya can both pull matches…good ones without losing…its just the management…vince messes the divas up…wasnt goldust suppose to be in charge of the divas ????

  • mariah.

    I agree.

  • mariah.

    She just needs to clean herself up and get herself together.

  • ej29simpson

    Agree 99%

  • DAFereldan91

    I agree with everything you said.

  • DAFereldan91

    I see!So Beth deliberately smashed herself onto a wall to put a swollen spot on her face so that the others would blame Alicia for it!How intelligent you are!

  • Anthony

    hahaha Lily, you always crack me up with your comments, I 99% of the time always agree.

  • DAFereldan91

    Wow,just wow. So you actually hope every diva, in fact every wrestler on the roster to get in the ring, run amok and hurt their opponents severely so that the show could look realistic?Sure, I got your point that finishers need to be plausible, but they need to be suitable and executable at the same time! Both of Alicia’s finishing moves are not big moves but still she never pull them right, does that make any sense?!

  • art

    but wrestling beth would help tamina…thats why i dont know why they dont put tamina against beth & nattie….

  • Mr.3D

    Tamina can’t be any worse than Kelly Kelly!!!

  • art

    it was the leg drop that put that lump on beths face…not the ddt..

  • art

    victoria slapped beth & broke her jaw….