The Women of the Year 2011: Trish Stratus (#21)

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Comeback Queen

Few can say that they had a successful comeback in WWE after years of retirement at the grandest stage of them all. As for a woman being able to say that? That’s pretty unthinkable given the way WWE tends to treat its Divas. However, through it all, one woman has stood the test of time and managed to command high respect from not only the WWE fans, but WWE itself. In 2011, Trish Stratus proved that despite being retired for five years, she is still the Diva of all Divas.

This year felt like Trish had never left. From star roles in WrestleMania and the revival of Tough Enough, to multiple magazine covers, the seven-time Women’s Champion didn’t skip a beat. Returning to the WWE for her first storyline feud since retiring in 2006, Trish teamed with Jersey Shore star Snooki and John Morrison in a feud with LayCool, Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero in the lead-up to ‘Mania 27. Trish’s return marked a boom period for popular superstars of the past era, putting her in the same company as the likes of The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, who also returned for ‘Mania. The mainstream buzz surrounding the match due to Snooki’s involvement surely rubbed off on Trish, while she managed to create her own buzz as Internet wrestling fans chattered about friction between herself and John Morrison in the infamous “cold shoulder”-gate.

As the female trainer on Tough Enough, Trish returned to our screens for a further 10 weeks, guiding the wannabe WWE Superstars through challenges, critiquing them and ultimately, helping crown the show’s champion. It was a new role for Trish, who we were so used to seeing in the ring herself, but a welcome new direction and in some ways, a natural evolution of her semi-retired wrestling career.

Though retired, in 2011, Trish was one of the most relevant WWE Divas of the year, and continues to show her crossover success. Trish’s business savvy is second to none when it comes to females in wrestling. She’s built a brand around her name that in 2011 has spawned off a yoga product line, including a DVD and workout essentials, plus she has bagged several magazine covers including Shape and Revive, adding to her already extensive list of credits.

While other female stars fade away or leave wrestling behind, Trish is the shining beacon for longevity and success in and out of the ring. Not only is she inspiring to female wrestlers coming through the ranks, but an inspiring businesswoman also.

This is how a comeback is done.

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  • dah-dah-dah-diva

    I love her. She’s the Britney Spears of the wrestling world. Not the most talented, but the most accomplished (Britney is the greatest selling female artist of the decade and the haters will deal!).

    • art

      britney spears isnt even talented..roflmao at the haters bit,who cares if she is the highest selling artist of the decade her music has no substance….
      trish is talented mutil talented so in no way is she britney of the wrestling world LOL…

      • norisclouds

        Britney is talented. Not a great singer, but an accomplished dancer, charismatic, good-looking–add all of that together and you have a success.

        You have to have SOME talent to get as big as she did. Jessica Simpson is the better singer, by far better looking in her prime, but never made a career even half as good as Britney. Same is true (in terms of singing) for Christina Aguilera–and they were peers with Britney Spears, competing for the same audience.

        • art

          but britney can well used to be able to dance but shes a hot mess….trish is multi talented shes not some hot mess…
          britney cant even sing..shes the most famous mime..

        • dah-dah-dah-diva

          Jessica Simpson was never better looking then Britney in her prime. And neither was Christina. They were both marketed to be LIKE Britney. Britney was the first to come out and was ultimately 10x more successful then both of them combined. It doesn’t matter if she lip-syncs. She has done many of the greatest female performances of all time, from performing Slave 4 U with a snake, to doing Opps at the Grammy’s in a see-through sequent outfit, even to kissing Madonna – she is the ultimate performer and was the ultimate dancer.

          She shaved her head, went crazy, gained weight and still came back with two #1 albums and 4 #1 singles (one with Rihanna for the S&M remix) with minimal promotion. She has revolutionized pop music and paved the way for so many of today’s female artists. Without Britney you wouldn’t see today’s artists trying to do full-out choreography when they can’t even dance.

          She wasn’t the best singer but had an amazing voice for pop music and has set a lot of trends in music that we see today. In Opps a lot of Britney’s vocals were edited to sound more robotic, that was like a decade ago and today we see everyone adjusting their vocals or using auto-tune. Britney has always been ahead of the game.

        • Taylor


          I agree with many of your points, but the credit for editing techniques such as auto tune, in my opinion, belong to Cher and Madonna.

        • norisclouds

          I just think you guys are being overly sensitive. Who cares?

        • Taylor

          I think the discussion of music trends and influences is of merit. Music obviously has had a greater impact on society than wrestling.

  • ETR

    Trish is really awesome

  • perceval

    Through her career, I loved Trish the wrestler and performer. Now, I’ve come to really admire Trish the PERSON. Not only has she been successful outside the ring, but she’s out in the public eye promoting positive things like health in mind, body, and spirit.

    In an industry where people are always getting in the news for the worst reasons, it NEEDS someone who brings a good image to it.

    And, when she has the time, she pops back in to contribute to the industry that made her.

    • Jhonmarco

      I disagree completely with that last statement, I love Trish but everytime she returns she contributes nothing. She goes over well-established women like Beth Phoenix, just my thoughts. Her last appearence on WWE TV was a simple backstage segment. If she has such a pull backstage, why didn’t she suggest & pull for a segment with DOD and/or Kelly?

      • perceval

        Who said she had pull? If she did, Beth & Nattie would be allowed to look stronger. She and Lita have made a ton of suggestions. WWE never takes them. For WM 25, she suggested something involving her, Nattie, and LayCool, leading to a big Natalya push (Trish has a thing about pushing Nattie). Vince decided that a 25 Diva battle royal with Santino going over would be a much better use of the Divas.

        Yes, we could have had Trish/Natalya vs LayCool instead of “Santina.”

        But, she does contribute what she can within the limitations of both her schedule and what WWE will allow her. I think they should follow some of Trish’s and Lita’s suggestions. After all, who knows how to get Divas over more than those two?

        • Jhonmarco

          She’s Vince’s favorite, I’m sure he’d listen to her. Did you see how much heat Morrison got for giving her a cold shoulder? They’d listen to her! She’s in the good graces of management. Trish wanted to have a match with Natalya at Wrestlemania but never suggested it to management. I still hope if & when Kharma returns, we see Lita & Trish get killed by Kharma giving her a huge rub off 2 legends in mainstream women’s wrestling.

        • perceval

          You can bet anything Trish has pushed for publicly, she’s pushed for privately. Just because Vince thinks highly of Trish & Lita doesn’t mean they’ll get their way.

          The incident with Trish is just one of several things that got Morrison heat. That happened just months after he and Melina had embarrassed the company by getting in the news for the wrong reasons, in this case their drunken antics getting them kicked out and banned from a popular LA night spot (and their lack of understanding that they did anything wrong after it happened). Isolated incidents are one thing, but when it’s incident after incident after incident…

        • Jhonmarco

          Oh I didn’t mean to make it look like Morrison giving Trish the cold shoulder was the main reason he got heat, but it contributed to the heat & eventual release. I highly doubt Vince would turn down Trish’s ideas, she has a lot of power. She can easily screw them over if she wanted to. They’d listen to her ideas.

        • javiousmckenzie

          Stop telling that lie perceval Laycool were not even together then she wants a feud with Nattie Laycool never came up

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    7x WWe Womens Champion 100% StratusFaction Trish Stratus !

    The 1st diva to grace my eyes when i got into womens wrestling and will 4ever be my #1 favorite diva of ALL TIME! Owwwwwww! A true pioneer while some may say Trish is overrated and gets to much attention when there were likes better than her. While thats true she is respected by female wrestlers more talented than her in the ring and that is all that matters. For a women who didnt come from a wrestling backround she gets alot of respect from women who did. Hell even her and current Knockouts Angelina Love are good friends and Trish is angelina’s dream oppnent. So many memories of trish i could share , one of the greatest heel divas of all time she had the whole package Chrisma , Skills , and the look.

    My greatest memory of trish is when she won her 4th Womens Championship at Wrestlemania !!!! Classic Historic moment.

    Trish The Dish!!!! Love this women 100% StratusFaction Fan 4ever

    • Jamesgangforever

      Trish The Dish?

      • perceval

        Her nickname, early on, given by, of course, Lawler. It was JR, of all people, who gave us “Trishalicious.”

        • bromero329

          Uhhhhh you took the words out of my mouth. She’s my favorite diva of all time

  • Joshimaniac @ Youtube

    She was the first Diva I fell in love with <3

    I have gone through so many phases of liking and dis-liking her as a character but will always respect her as a person. :)

  • Jhonmarco

    Love this woman, I absolutely adored her in 2004 to early 2005. She was a brilliant heel <3

  • divafan

    She is the reason why I fell in love with the Divas. I remember the first divas match i watched was a tag team match between Ivory& Trish Stratus Vs Jazz & Victoria and i was amazed how this beautiful women can kick ass in the ring(especially Trish) but now watching the present divas really makes me sad and disappointed

  • Cookie

    Trish Stratus is one of the best wrestler in the world!! she in inspire when i became wwe diva one i hope to meet her!! I LOVE YOU TRISH!

  • JDernTrishStratusFan

    Absolutely love her! She truly is the Diva of ALL Divas. I’ve been her biggest fan ever since her debut in 2000 and 11, almost 12 years later, I’m still her biggest fan. I get just as excited, if not more whenever I see her on a WWE program. Since she left, my Monday nights have never been same. We miss you, Trish! Thank you again for everything! Hope to see more of you in 2012 :) <3

  • DJsol

    Trish Stratus is THE reason I started to watch wrestling. Backlash 2000, seeing her go through that table sold me. So hot and sexy and yet has the balls to break a table in half with her body (instead of having bubba snap the table like he did with most other girls). I never thought Trish would become women’s champ let alone the most legendary diva to date, she could barely wrestle at first! I really have nothing but good things to say about Trish, and I have never heard/read anything but good stuff about her. I think she just went into the WWE with the right attitude, knew her role (no sable/chyna attitude) and is talented in every way a wrestler needs to be talented. Preparedness+Opportunity=success!

  • bromero329

    My #1 diva of all time. I love her and she gave us great matches.promos feuds etc. She did it all. Diva of the decade was well deserved.

    I miss her all the time.she should be the divas creative writer lol .

    Congratulations trish stratus.

  • Faye

    She is my hometown queen! Love this woman to DEATH! Trish could come back a hundred times in a year as far as I’m concerned. She’s just that good! She’s done so much for this business and continues to represent it well. Reap your rewards, Trish! Brush off the detractors, they’re nothing but specks of dirt:p

    Remember: Her empire is only growing.

    Although there are a lot of aspects of WWE that really embarrass me, Trish’s story will forever inspire me!

  • Ryan

    Trish is and was awesome! Fuck britney spears that hoe is BEAT!! =D

    Everything she did was worth and made sense. Tough sexy passion talent and just plain awesomeness from Trish Stratus! Her n Lita will forever rock!

    100% Stratusfaction Garanteed!

  • Raekon

    I remember when she joined WWE after the glamour girls, Ivory, Luna, jackie, Mcintyre, moohla, chyna and tons of others have pavet the way for the womens relevance in wrestling.

    Was funny how she got the belt at a time she could barely wrestle.

    She still did her best to improve and utilize everything she had in talent to add credibility into her character and her championship as also help herself to be very successfull. :)

  • Taylor

    Trish is the Gisele of wrestling. She is simply fabulous.

    • Faye

      Beautiful way of putting it! :D

      • Taylor

        Have you seen Gisele’s spring campaign for Versace? It’s fierce!

  • melon2617

    How I love Trish. Her workout DVD is amazing & I jog with the FitGloves as well! Awesome!

    It’s good to see a former WWE personality move on & not just end up on drugs or arrested. She’s a real role model & WWE is smart to continue a relationship with her.

  • Aksana

    I remember when my dad got my my first wrestling game, Smackdown! Just Bring It – Trish was the first Diva I had ever heard of. I never knew anything about the WWE. I was skipping through the channels at the age of 8, and I suddenly saw Trish and Lita fighting. Since then, i’ve always been a big Trish fan. She just does it for me. Beautiful, as well as impressive in the ring. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Lita, Molly, Ivory, Jazz etc – but Trish Stratus was always my favorite… face or heel.

    Sorry for the little life story there haha, brings me back the good ole’ days :~’)