Listen Live: DD360 with Impact Wrestling’s Rosita and Mia Yim

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THIS WEEK: Impact Wrestling star Rosita joins us to talk about her great rookie year in TNA, capped off by winning PWI’s Inspirational Wrestler of the Year award. Plus Ring of Honor star Mia Yim talks about her year and this weekend’s ROH Final Battle Internet pay per view.

As well as that, we’ve got a surprise guest as a third female wrestler joins us to make an announcement. Who and what could it be?

You can also call in and talk to hosts Melanie and Chenda on 347-989-8156.

Listen below:

Visit Rosita’s official website Follow Rosita on Twitter at @VIVAROSITA & like her Facebook page at this link.

Visit Mia Yim’s official website Follow Mia on Twitter at @MiaYim & like her Facebook page at this link.

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  • Jhonmarco

    Hopefully the surprise guest is Jamilia Craft :) I’m very interested to hear how her career in japan is going & what she’s learned. She should be returning by the summer, 6 more months. & considering she was already pretty good before japan, I’m sure she’ll be great come June/July 2012. Sorry if I rambled on Jamilia :)

    • Joshimaniac @ Youtube

      I could never get fully behind Jamilia Craft whilst she was in Shimmer, I hope she comes back from Japan better than ever.

      • Jhonmarco

        Really? Hm, the only bad match I can remember her having is maybe her one with Malia Hosaka? Otherwise, for someone with little experience she gets it, it being wrestling. Compare her to say Rayna Von Tash or Bonesaw & she’s the next Sara Del Rey. Hopefully she picked up a decent finisher in Japan though? Maybe a 450 Splash? A belly to belly suplex does not do it for me at all.

        • adifferentsame

          Ha! My friend and I were bickering over Rayna von Tash when she sprung up on our SHIMMER collection. I liked her Jessica Rabbit-esque look but my friend thought she resembled a ostrich because of her unusually large neck. What we did agree on, however, is that she was evidently lacking the motivation of a wrestler. I’m not surprised her career dissipated.

          As for Jamilia Craft, I think she had the most potential of the promotion’s students, but her gimmick was all over the place. Japan should sort out the kinks in her wrestling, so I’d be very interested to hear how she’s doing.

          Lastly, I love Malia Hosaka… “Hawaii is IN America, you idiot!” Ha!

        • Jhonmarco

          Agreed I mostly thought Rayna was over with the crowd due to her looks, which I thought was a bit werid considering shimmer was about being a wrestler & not eye candy. Jamilia carrys herself like a pro (for me) it’s scary, while her gimmick was a bit hard to read she was still awesome. Hopefully her lufisto look (while great) stays in Japan, I loved her look in U.S very unique. As said with her gimmick being “Jumping” she should get a high flying finisher. And yes I love Hosaka as well, easily one of the most underrated women in the business today. & she is totally the modern day moolah, haha. :)

        • Joshimaniac @ Youtube

          I don’t think Jamilia was bad wrestling wise, because she didn’t make too many mistakes. It was something about her character. When it comes to wrestling I need to get behind the persons character otherwise I can get a bit uninterested (unless I am a huge mark). I became slightly more interested in her when she came out to help Ohata after Haze attacked Ohata post-match; she showed some character.

          I love Hosaka!

          Oh… ‘Bugs Bunny Impressionist’ Rayna The Rabbit who got kicked out for being demanding and not working that cohesively, right?

        • adifferentsame

          Bugs Bunny impressionist… LOL.

        • Jhonmarco

          Hm, well I never thought about Jamilia not having a charecter before. Good point :) & from what I heard Rayna just stopped going to training, ending her career in wrestling. No loss there though.

  • jim462

    I called in before 9pm and was in the host que the whole show and never got to talk and this shane guy got in twice whats up with that?

    • Maury V.

      I just got super lucky. :P Sorry about that.

  • jim462

    Nothing against you Shane but so frustrating to get in as soon as they start taking calls at 8;45 and be in the que that long and not get to talk on the show but thats over now. Had some good questions for Mia I am good friends with one of her friends Kacee Carlisle wanted to see how she liked working with kacee. Shimmer needs to give kacee a shot she is a good heel wrestler

  • simplyjavy

    Yeah, the host tends to mumble a lot or maybe it’s just her microphone. She should for sure invest on better equipment. Other than that, these are very good shows.