In Video: Zack Ryder Tries to (Woo Woo) Woo Eve Torres

Someone’s got a little crush!

US Champion Zack Ryder has been trying to woo Eve Torres on Twitter in recent weeks, and now has caught him on camera too.

Filmed after their big mixed tag team victory on Raw,’s cameras asked Eve a few questions as Ryder interrupted to ask her to spend New Year’s Eve with him — but it seems like Eve isn’t looking to sip any of that Long Island Iced Z.

Check it out below:

Thoughts: Nice show of personality from Eve. I don’t think we’ve seen her really ‘act’ in segments before, but she did well here.

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  • Chryst Voegele

    who say she can’t wrestle ? she show that she can.
    who say she can’t act ? now she show that she can.

    • Gameman305

      true true

      • divafan

        Why do WWE officials love Eve so much!? Last year from out of nowhere she shockingly bang the title at Royal Rumble and last October she got in to the fued with Beth! AND NOW a story line with Zack Ryder WTF! There are more talented Divas in the locker room… Eve is so boring

        • Jhonmarco

          Like? I’m curious who?


          divafan, is because of people like you that the division is like this, because people like you dont have faith in the divas, you should be happy that WWE is trying to do something interesting with Eve so she can be more popular and gain more Carisma, and make a better Divas Division!

        • divafan

          Ok I’m not against Eve… its just there are more divas in the wwe who can offer their talent but I noticed that they are always give big push to Eve… I just feel sad for the other divas that they didn’t get their push just like Eve is always getting… WWE should be fair on giving the spotlight for their talents.. that all I’m trying to say


          Yes but you should try be a little bit more positive and try to see the brightest side of the situation, you complain because the WWE doesnt know how to use the Divas, and finally when WWE gives them something good to do you still complain, I dont get it seriously, you re never happy with nothing!

        • divafan

          fine i guess i should just be happy for Eve to be on wwe spotlight again rather than there is no diva on the wwe spotlight.. well i guess i can do nothing but to embrace the decision of wwe officials… im looking forward to 2012

    • AKA_AK

      So true.

      • DarkRaven

        As far as Eve’s past pushes are concerned I think she has earned them. She is more consistent in the ring than Kelly and Alicia with all due respect and has shown a vast range of versatility in the ring, or as much as wwe let her.

    • Faye

      Yes! Eve is great. Glad she had the opportunity to show it.

      • Mike in Like

        I love Eve… and I don’t see how this is a “big push” I sadly see this storyline being dropped but that mostly comes down to my lack of faith in WWE these days. However I wish Eve the best and I am in like with this segment.

  • jen07201

    I think zack and eve look good on screen they just need to get to know each other more because they don’t seem to know what to talk about maybe he should make her jealous that would be interesting to see.

  • Jhonmarco

    I’m all for giving the divas something to do that aren’t in the title picture & in this case it’s more of Eve needing Zack, than Zack needing Eve.

  • AKA_AK

    Eve never fails to impress me. Who says she lacks personality? Cause whenever I see her given the oppurtunity, she always delivers. She did great here.

    • Faye


    • shannymac

      I think it’s more that WWE has never really given Eve a chance to show off her personality. She’s always come off as very well-spoken and she’s shown a few times that she can cut a solid promo.

      • Mike in Like

        I agree, I thoroughly enjoyed her segment with Beth and Natalya earlier this year and back when we saw that small glimpse when she claimed “all the divas are the same” it’s sad that these women get trashed for having lack of personality when it’s not their fault they lack opportunity to show it.

        • Mr.3D

          Actually, I think that was Gail Kim, and Natalya; right after she lost the Divas Title to Brie Bella!!!

        • Mr.3D

          As a matter of fact, I actually thought that segment would lead to a Heel turn for Eve.

  • queennattie

    I just noticed how pretty Eve’s teeth looks. They’re big lol.

    Zach is sexy. ;P

    • Faye

      Yes, she recently got them done! I personally liked her smile prior to the dental work, but, it’s not my business lol!

  • Faye

    Eve was very cute here! Compared to other Divas, she seems more natural in front of the camera. She can thank her early work in modelling/ commercial acting for that, as much as she tries to erase that from her past (with good reason). I’m happy that she’s being paired with Ryder. I’m sure riding on his wave of popularity will give her a much needed boost. :D

  • Raekon

    Well… I loved the pairing of Eve with R-Truth or Cryme Tyme back to the day cause she was totally fitting with them.

    Maybe I’m spoiled through Zack & Rosa in ECW and that’s maybe why I don’t think Eve fits well with him.

    However, I don’t see the so called chemistry between them and I don’t think they would make a great on screen couple.

    The chemistry Zack had with Rosa back then was gold and many people were very sad when they split them.

  • revivingophelia

    Eve is just so cute and fun in some of her video segments… She just seems so much more natural in her delivery than some others have been.

  • ballplayer10123

    Maybe I’m way outta line here. However, what if this was the way the WWE goes about turning Eve heel? Have Eve flirt and tease a romance with a super popular character like Ryder. Then after it looks like Eve is finally going to give in and date Ryder, she pulls the rug out from under him and turns heel. Eve instead choosing to be in a storyline romance with a heel. Maybe it’s what I want to see happen, so it sounds good to me. Just throwing that out there.

    • SoapSoDope

      What you said you wanted to happen, very similar with the storyline between Trish, Christian and Jericho a few years back.

      • ballplayer10123

        No doubt, I remember that storyline. That storyline was quite awhile ago now 7-8 years. I think they could go ahead and reuse that one again. Ryder seems to be popular now. If Eve did Ryder dirty it might just be enough to get her over as a heel. Especially if they give her time on the mic and a revamped, more aggressive moveset.

  • Johnyfaction3

    I wish WWE makes them a couple then hey can do like Jericho and Trish…and Eve could possible turn heel!!! That would be cool!!

  • trishfan11

    Eve did really well in this segment. The woman has talent both in the ring and outside. I wish WWE would give her interesting storylines. I hope this turns out to be something substantial. And I still want Eve to turn heel – not sure where WWE stands on that now.

  • SoapSoDope

    The “awkwardness” between the two is really entertaining to me. How zack is trying his best to woo Eve, but Eve playing the sweet girl who doesn’t want him thinking that there is more between them. At the same time, she’s trying to be sweet to him and not hurt his feelings. If WWE writers did this right, I feel like this could be a very interesting storyline. At the same time, let’s not involve more than a couple of divas in a romantic storyline. Haha

  • FashionQueen86

    The best WWE exclusive of the year :p

  • SteveSteve

    I love eve, nice segment :)

  • sanchezdiego96

    Awww Zack is so cute :D I love how she responded when the interviewer asked if they were dating. Eve looked gorgeous.