Impact Write-Up (December 29th, 2011): Knockouts Main Event Ends 2011 with a Bang

Greetings my loyal Larry’s Cabaret dancing floozies. I hope you’re having a good last few nights of 2011… BEFORE THE WORLD ENDS IN 2012!~ TNA certainly did their best to make sure this year went out with a bang, and boy, did they deliver! Not only did we get to see Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim, defend her title against Mickie James in the main event of the show, but we also got a hilarious segment to kick us off involving those two females, along with Sting, Madison Rayne, Tara, and Brooke Tessmacher.

In other action, ODB and Creepo Beard tried to advance in the wild card tournament, but did they get the job done? Let’s find out…

After a video package highlighting the past weeks of agony involving the beautiful, talented, sorely missed, Miss Karen, Madison Rayne and Gail Kim make their way out to the ring — Madison with a mic in hand. Once Gail’s strangely addicting theme song stops, Madison lets her plans be known to the world with four simple words:


… Okay, so she repeats “NOW” a few times, but you get the drift. The two ladies that compose TNT follow through as Madison informs them that she’s going to cut to the chase here because the longer they are out here, the longer they are susceptible to the diseases that Tara and Brooke are carrying! (Insert my first, “Oh, hell no!” of the night.) She then tells them that since they disobeyed her orders *in a screechy voice* LAST WEEK, they are now fired! TNT begin to get angry at Madison, until the maniac who fired my beloved Miss Karen, Sting, steps out to the ring.

Madison tries to persuade Sting to head to the back because she has this all under control and he’s a very busy man. Sting tells her that it’s not over until he says it’s over, and he hasn’t said anything yet. He informs Madison that Miss Karen had a legally binding contract when she was Knockouts VP that gave her the right to make decisions, but that Madison has no such thing! Madison tries to scream that Miss Karen gave it to her, but Sting claims she has no power at all. The two have a hilarious screech war back and forth that leaves me gasping for air from laughter. (And let me add, Sting is still on bad terms with me but it was brilliant.)

Sting says that he’s in charge tonight, and that means Gail is going to defend her Knockouts Title against this woman… when suddenly out chimes my Southern national anthem, HAAAARRRDCCOOORREEEE COUNNTRYYYYYY. Gail and Madison lose their marbles in the ring, as Mickie James walks out looking top notch, and I sit here jamming on about backwoods, uptown, and thrillbilly sound! With that, Sting informs Madison that he’s going to keep an eye on her tonight, and if she isn’t careful, he will scratch her eyeballs out… Oh my. I’m pretty sure that could result in a lawsuit.

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We head backstage as Mickie James warms up for her upcoming title shot against Gail Kim. The camera man asks her what she learned from the last time the two females faced off to which she replies that she has a better feel for Gail’s move set. She adds that it’s one thing to watch tapes and study, but it’s another to actually be in the ring with someone. Mickie claims that she feels confident tonight because she knows Gail is an incredible athlete, but she knows that she’s a better one! The camera guy questions if there’s a different style she has to use against the champ as opposed to the other Knockouts, but Mickie says it’s tough to say because every one of the girls wants to be champ so she gives 150% every time she goes out there no matter who she faces. Miss Hardcore Country says she wanted the title at Final Resolution and she didn’t get it, so she wants it a little more now and that she’s ready. The segment comes to a close as we head into the big fight!

We go to the ring as the Knockouts Championship logo flashes across the screen, before we get our second dose of HARRRDCOORREEEE COUNNNTRRYYYYYYY! (Backwoods or uptown, mind you.) Mickie James skips her way to the ring and poses on the turnbuckle, as the once again strangely addicting theme song of Gail Kim hits, and the lady of the night makes her way out with both titles in hand. Gail poses on the ring apron with her belts, and we get things underway with the main event style introduction of champion and challenger! The crowd heavily cheers our southern belle, as they boo the devious double champion.

The bell sounds as it looks to be Gail wanting a lock up, but Mickie quickly rolls under her with a pinfall attempt that Kim hurriedly kicks out of. Gail gets back up to two feet, as Mickie connects with a jackknife roll up for another near fall! Kim goes for a kick, but James shoves the leg away… so Gail then goes for a strike, but Mickie blocks it and starts laying in some punches to the champ. Mickie sends Gail off the ropes, but Kim fires back with a kick to the shoulder. She then charges again, but James leaps onto her with a nice Thesz Press! Gail shoves Mickie off, but James is fired up and keeps herself on the Champ.

Mickie is sent to the turnbuckle and connects with an elbow to Gail’s jaw. Gail goes for another move, but Mickie hoists her legs up and scores with the Mick-A-Rana! She follows it up with a running dropkick off the ropes that sends Gail cowering to the outside. Mickie then decides to run off the ropes and go for a baseball slide! Gail moves out of the way and goes for a strike, but Mickie catches her arm and hits a SICK arm-trap neckbreaker on the outside as we head to a commercial break. (Insert my second “Oh, hell no!” moment of the night.)

Once we return from the ad break, that I’m sure was used to pay Madison Rayne’s hefty salary, we see Gail and Mickie exchanging kicks and punches by the barricade. Mickie tosses Gail back into the ring, but Gail hits a dropkick to the knee as James tries to get back in the ring. She then proceeds to superkick Mickie outside the ring, while the referee begins his count. Mickie slowly manages to climb back inside, but Kim grabs her as she is half way there and levels her with some wicked kicks. She then proceeds to slam Mickie face first onto the canvas in a move that makes my face hurt from the sheer pain, much like the similar spot at Final Resolution.

The referee tries to back Gail up, but she remains on her opponent. Kim throws James into the corner of the ring, before following it up in the second turnbuckle. Gail taunts the heckling fans, which gives Mickie a brief moment to regain composure, although not long enough as Kim levels her with a clothesline for a two count. Both women get to two feet as the challenger tries to make a comeback behind the sound of this roaring crowd! Gail is the champion for a reason though, as she catches Mickie by the hair and drops her down before any comeback can be made.

From there, Kim goes to lock in an arm submission, but Mickie rolls through and counters with an arm drag. She can’t even get to two feet before Gail runs right into her to send her back down. Kim then taunts her with some slaps to the head, as the crowd fires Mickie up and she starts decking Gail with some punches. She goes for a bridge pin, but Gail holds onto the ropes and Mickie falls back. From there, Gail charges forward and locks in her Flying Dragon submission maneuver! James falls to one knee as she struggles to not give up.

Mickie somehow manages to flip over onto the ropes, but Gail remains on top in this match… well, until Mickie shoves her into the corner. Gail with an elbow to the jaw, as she goes back into the Flying Dragon again! Mickie tries to back Kim into the corner, but she ultimately falls again until Mickie connects with a unique cover for a two count. As she tries to regain composure, Gail drills her with a sick kick to the head. Both women get to a vertical base, as Kim sends James into the corner and connects with her elastic type move. She then climbs to the top rope and lays Mickie out with a missile dropkick for a near fall! Gail argues with the referee, as she awaits her prey to get back to two feet. Gail then goes for the Eat Defeat, but James blocks it and scores with a huge Mick Kick!

Both women remain down now as they struggle to get to two feet. Gail charges for the corner, but Mickie sidesteps her and scores with some punches. She then throws Gail into the corner and drops her with a few clotheslines! The crowd gets behind the challenger, as she drops her with a flapjack into a kip up and signals the end is near. James climbs up to the top rope, but Gail slides to the outside… therefore James changes her tune and drops Kim with a clothesline off the top rope to the floor! Following a replay, James slides Gail back into the ring just as a masked person with blue face paint slides in and drops Mickie with the Rayne Drop. She slides under the ring, as Gail slides back in and covers Mickie for the victory! As Gail exits, we see that the woman actually was Madison Rayne.

Also, check out a clip of ODB in action as she teams up with Creepo Beard to face Samoa Joe and Magnus in the second round of the TNA Tag Team Title wildcard tournament:

Thoughts: What a jam packed night! The promo at the start was hilarious, and I loved seeing Sting and Madison screech back and forth. I do wish Gail would have gotten to speak once though as I liked her the last time when she had the match with Tara. Going into the main event, TNA made it feel important with the introductions, which is a big thing for the females to get on Impact. I thought the match was excellent! It was fast paced, never slowed down, and even better than the pay per view one in my opinion. I’m guessing the ending with Madison in face paint was because Sting said he was going to be watching her closely, therefore she posed as Jeff Hardy to avoid being caught? I do wish Gail would get some clean wins because she is a veteran of the ring. I don’t think she should have to cheat to win every match. That works more when you have someone who’s not really a wrestler involved in a match, but I’m not going to let small things ruin what was a tremendous showing. This was definitely a great way to end the year, and I hope 2012 brings even more.

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  • JillianHallTNA

    Too bad you didn’t show Christy Hemme’s hot attire and funny hat what says “Happy New Year” xD

    This was amazing. This was entertaining and at the same time “Wrestling Matters” here.

    • Raekon

      Its actually there after the first segment is over. ^_^
      She is wearing the hat when she is announcing the match after. :)

  • jen07201

    I loved the expression on Gail and Madison’s face when Mickie came out as Gail’s opponent and Sting imitating Madison was hilarious although a little painful for my ears. I think they should pair ODB and EY more they’re hilarious. I think both Gail and Mickie delivered for the main event and I hate that they keep screwing their matches with weak finishes. They make gail look like a weak champ and they keep screwing mickie. I hope they put a great match in genesis and hopefully nobody interferes.

  • Gail Kim #1

    Two Christo’s from Gail and no tap out?
    Hmm.. I remember when that move made Victoria tap out in WWE. I think it should be Gail’s joint finisher with Eat Defeat. Funnily enough, Gail didn’t even attemp Eat Defeat. In many of the matches she loses, she has Eat Defeat countered at some point.
    Good match. I’d like to see the Tag Titles getting some time as well though. I’d like Gail to drop the Tag Titles around February/March time and then she can split off from Madison and maybe have a feud.

    • jen07201

      Yeah I would like the tag titles to be of value and they aren’t priority like the knockouts championship I would like for TNT to get a rematch or have a no 1 contenders tournament for the knockouts tag titles.

    • Raekon

      She attempted eat defeat once in this match but Mickie shoved Gails leg back.

      • jen07201

        Of course she has to counter it that way I wish Mickie wins at Genesis so Gail will not be unbeatable and so Gail and Madison will be pissed off.

  • Teri

    “SHE GAVE ME THE POWER! SHE GAVE IT TO MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


    oh my god, what a great night for the knockouts

  • Jamesgangforever

    I laughed my ass off when Sting was imitating Madison. He did it so well. Also what a great match between two of the best knockouts/female wrestlers in this business. This match had me standing up the whole time, couldn’t even sit down because I was so pumped up, even though I had already read the spoilers and knew what was going to happen. Shows just how great these two are.

  • jen07201

    I wonder what will happen in their match at genesis any predictions?

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    I voted for Madison Heel of the year and if anyone else didnt then you dont know what a true heel is because Madison is that. This women has to be the 3rd funniest heel besides Trish Stratus & Ivory ! LOL

    I enjoyed the match Mickie and Gail tore it down and it was nice to see Classic Gail Kim pull out that Christo! I hope to see someone tap out maybe mickie and Gensis.

    Anways I knew it really wasnt Melina because there wasnt ONE leak that she was coming to TNA or met with Dixie. LOL When Tara & Mickie left wwe reports leaked out.

    • Jamesgangforever

      I don’t remember who I voted for heel of the year. Half of the nominations I have no memory of the female I chose. I think I remember two of them.

  • VarsityBaseDude

    Very good match. I am excited for their match at Genesis. Hopefully Gail wins… clean there. Keep the feud fresh though after by giving Mickie and enforcer or something after to help out with Madison. Hopefully it’ll be Winter or someone… like Melina!

  • A.E

    laughed hard when sting was mimicking madison was priceless

    awesome night for the knockouts loved the match ,enjoyable the only flaw is tna need to stop the constant interferes is a match killer but other than that loved the match,both proved that they are worthy of a main event status that what happened when U don’t have wwe holding U back .

  • jayjayholler

    Great night for the Knockouts, Maybe I’m a little slow but I don’t understand what painting Madison’s face and wearing that hooded thing to disguise her really done? We all saw it was Madison – Why not just have her hide under the ring in her usual attire?

    Is something new coming from this?

    • Jamesgangforever

      because Sting said that he was going to have his eye on her and in a gay voice said I will scratch your eyes out if I see you. So Sting didn’t want to see Madison interfere in the match. That’s why she was wearing the disguise.

  • Juan

    Solid night for the Knockouts! Gail Kim vs Mickie James as the man event is definately worthy of being a match of the year, too bad we can’t nominate anymore lol The match and opening segment were brilliant and I was entertained throughout!! If the Knockouts keeep this up 2012 will definately be their year!

  • jen07201

    WOW Mickie is strong I mean she was carrying Gail Kim in that submission move I was impressed with her strenght and that she didn’t tap Genesis will be awesome.

  • jim462

    I loved this whole show TNA realizes that the knockouts are what fans wanna see and I applaud them for showcasing them them on the show. That first segment was really good especially the partwith Sting & Madison loved where Sting told Madison i might just have to scratch your eyes out LOL ODB was good in the mixed tag taking some nasty bumps and in the backstage segment with Eric Young. Mickie’s backstage promo before her main event match was really good she looked very hot as did Gail & all the other Knockouts that were on the show. The Gail Mickie Main event was one of the best ever knockout matches imo ever on TNA and that ending with Madison costing Mickie the match was great. This is a great storyline that i really am enjoying and cant wait to see what happens next Thanks TNA

  • LadyGoDiva

    the one thing I like about TNA is that sometimes we don’t always see a different kind of main event. In the wwe, we always see Cena main event RAW same thing for SD. I want to see more from the WWE when it comes to main event RAW or SD I liked what I saw between Edge and Kelly vs LayCool and Ziggler. I would like to see that happen again.

    • Raekon

      It’s because the WWE have Orton and Cena are their main eventers for like forever, together with whoever they are feeding them with so people can cheer for them. -.-

      Was refreshing to see Mark Henry for once bring a change but now that he list the title, he will keep feuding with Big Show and Bryan for a bit before he gets lost in the shuffle again, while Orton and Cena are counting the midcarders and others they will be getting fed with next. <_<

  • Brandz6661

    Don’t Madison and Gail have to defend there Tag Team Championships within 30 days or they get stripped of them ?

    • MaxPower

      They’re defending them next week against Mickie & Tracy.

      • Brandz6661

        Mickie & Tracie ? Hhmm, I sense they are going to loose and Madison and Gail are going to retain.

        • jen07201

          I wish Velvet and Mickie would win the tag titles it would be awesome.

        • Brandz6661

          Yes ! Then Mickie would go down in history to win every single prestigious belts in the world. The TNA Knockouts Champion & Tag Team Champion and The WWE Women’s & Divas Champ. And to top it all off she’d probably get more than 8 title reigns in total, making her the first.

        • jen07201

          Yeah that would be epic and I would really wish TNA would give Mickie the chance to win the tag title with Velvet or with Melina if she came to TNA because they made a great team.

  • Raekon

    Gosh I SO enjoy TNA seriously!
    WWE managed to give the divas a 2 minutes match and what do we get from TNA?
    Awesome segments, a great match, lots of featuring of the knockouts!

    I laughed SO hard with the screeching “contest” between Madison and Sting! ^_^

    All the ladies looked great and mickie vs gail was a great match with lots of action! :)

  • jen07201


  • bromero329

    LMao so I was watching it again on my dvr and I didn’t notice madison was in the audience the whole time lmao. I only focused on her lol. Some guy took a pic of her too

    But yea once again great match.

    Hopefully I don’t see the two girls in the audience anymore after this.

    • jen07201

      Yeah she was clapping for Mickie when she came out and when she was introduced I wonder if she was told to do that look at it closely she was clapping for Mickie.

  • HollyRobinsonWWE

    Madison vs. Sting was amazing. Madison is such a pro on the mic and with her character acting. The match was excellent. PPV quality and their best work together yet. It really keeps this feud between Gail & Mickie hot and I really hope they push even harder to top that at Genesis and give us one for the books.

    ODB is great in this role right now. I guess it’s over since they lost (?) but it’s the best thing they’ve done with her in a long time. I mean, I prefer her the way she was for the first couple of years, over the top comedy but still a legitimate badass when she needed to be so I hope they don’t go too far in the comedy direction again, but it’s really good to see her being used prominently.

  • Future Endeavoured

    Woah, a TNA Knockouts match that ended with interference, is that a first for TNA?

    • Jhonmarco


  • Jysos Ouellet

    Good way to end the year for women´s wrestling :D

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    Wow great night for the Knockouts a little upset it was not Melina but hey what you going to do?

    And why when ever a former WWE diva goes to TNA why do they all change their attires? I mean Tara,Mickie James, and now Gail Can they not wear their old WWE attires???

    • jen07201

      It’s because here they are given more freedom so they decide what to wear and WWE they had dress a certain way.

      • Jhonmarco

        I doubt that I mean look at Beth or Natalya or Tamina, they seem to choose their own gear. And speaking of Beth, god I hate those skirts she wears. Bring back the glam suits! And I love Gail’s gear in TNA much better, Mickie’s not so much, & Tara’s gear looks decent.

        • jen07201

          Yeah but they have to keep it somewhat pg in tna its pg 13 I don’t get why don’t you like mickie’s ring gear what’s wrong with it?

        • Jhonmarco

          It’s gotten better now, but I can recall a few times where it looked like a mess. And I think having Kelly’s attire is not very pg.

        • jen07201

          It’s for the guys so they cheer on her and I think Gail’s attire for this match was very non pg compared to her WWE attires.

  • clintocki

    I was thoroughly impressed with the attention given to the KO’s last night, and was really happy that the Mickie/Gail match delivered. I’m looking forward to their Genesis rematch, and am anxious to see what awaits the KO’s in 2012.

    • jen07201

      I have a feeling Gail is retaining by cheating at Genesis

  • Future-Knockout/Diva

    From start to finish Impact was awesome this week, we start off with a promo and back and forth agruments with sting and madison + the annoucement of the main-event title match, then a backstage promo from mickie, then ODB & EY vs Magnus & Samoa Joe pretty good match poor ODB :(, then our main-event for the knockouts championship with mickie and gail + Madison interfering with jeff hardy face pant lol, i was very impressed of what they did with the knockouts it just proves how much they care about the divison and respect what the women can do in the ring, for me the knockouts will always be better than the divas thats just my opinion.

    • jen07201

      Madison was in the crowd if you look at the audience and she was clapping for Mickie when she came out and when she was introduced.

      • Raekon

        the fun thing was, I saw her quite early between the two girls and thought it was a kid wearing a green mask. :p

        Had forgotten about the spoilers till she entered the ring and went after mickie. ^_^

        • jen07201

          I was shocked when I saw her clap for Mickie I mean Gail is her tag partner isn’t she supposed to cheer for her and not Mickie.

  • KellyEve

    I HATE GAIL KIM UGH btw the mistery girl is madison rayne