SmackDown Redux (December 30th, 2011): Could the Year of Tamina Be Upon Us?

Hello there, and yes, before you automatically jump to conclusions, I’ll just get the elephant in the room out of the way…Steven’s computer did get another case of Anal Bleeding. Sad, I know, but as they always say, the show must go on, so here I am to bring you the Smackdown greatness from the final show of 2011! Tonight, we saw a Divas Tag Team match, pitting Alicia Fox and Kaitlyn against the Third Generation duo of Tamina and Natalya. Can Tamina and Natalya bond over their family lineage? Will Alicia Fox continue her hot streak? Will I go into fits of sheer happiness that the great Kaitlyn is wrestling on Smackdown again?

Your answers to all this and more below…

As we head out to the bluely lit arena, some peppy party music starts to play alongside a pink camouflage titantron, that of which can only mean one thing…FOX! Out comes Alicia, but alongside her is none other than Kaitlyn, as the two ladies get ready for some tag team action. Following their introduction by Lilian Garcia and a brief recap of Alicia’s dominance, out walks their opponents in Natalya (without the tissue box…pardon me as I cry) and Tamina, both of whom look stellar tonight. As all four walk to their respective corners, the bell sounds and we kicks things off.

Tamina and Kaitlyn begin the bout together, as Tamina goes for a clothesline that Kaitlyn ducks. She runs off the ropes and hits a nice crossbody for a pinfall attempt, following it up with a dropkick for another. A kick to the midsection, proceeding on with a snapmare to Tamina, before charging off the ropes and getting hit by Natalya. Kaitlyn turns her attention to the pink and white clad diva, which allows Tamina the sneak attack advantage from behind. Tamina then tags in Natalya, as they double team Kaitlyn to make her pay for messing with them. Hook of a leg gets a one count, as Nattie slams Kaitlyn’s head down and applies an awesome submission. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long as the hair is being grabbed to initiate a count of five.

Following that, Natalya hoists Kaitlyn up with a sick sit down bodyslam, as she then goes for a legdrop that Kaitlyn rolls out of the way from and makes the tag to Alicia Fox! Fox hops over the ropes and leap frogs over a charging Natalya. From there, she runs forward and BAM! The return of the Scissors Kick which scores the victory for Kaitlyn and Alicia. As they celebrate, Tamina seems very upset with Natalya for their loss. She backs up and DRILLS Nattie with an indescribably hard super kick! Tamina then proceeds to ascend to the top rope and leap off with her patented Superfly Splash! She poses over her downed tag team partner, as we are left wondering if 2012 will be the year that Tamina makes her presence known in the divas division.

And just because I can, check out everyone’s favorite pocket rocket, AJ, as she briefly talks to Daniel Bryan:

…And since I do support the FCW Divas, you can also view Aksana in a segment alongside her Teddy Bear and the phenomenal Drew McIntyre:

Thoughts: This is what I like to see with Smackdown. I know we’re lucky to get a minute or two of ring action, and I’ve come to accept that. I just like seeing some variety in the matches. Nothing against any of the girls who are prominently featured, but it’s fun to see divas like Kaitlyn and Tamina being used on the blue brand because it gives the matches some freshness. I thought what they did was fine, although it was kind of odd that Alicia only did one move. I’m guessing maybe they were running low on time, or something was possibly edited out, but nonetheless, I’m glad she’s bringing the Scissors Kick back. Natalya was great in the moves she was able to show, and I loved the submission and sit out bodyslam.

Onto Tamina, what can I say? I’m ecstatic that they are finally using her as a threat. She has such a unique look and demeanor about her that I always thought she could be something special for the WWE if given a chance. We all know how fast things can change week to week, so I hope they continue to do something more with her. Overall, in terms of time, it was the usual, although maybe a little bit longer, but in terms of action, I say it’s a definite step up over the past couple of weeks. I’m interested to see where things go from here.

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  • shameronstar

    I know I had once said that Alicia should get a slam or suplex as a finisher, and although I still think she should, I hope she goes back to the Scissor Kick and doesn’t do the somersault legdrop anymore(at least perfect it better as a decent signature move). I think this year, even though its not completely mastered, Alicia has had better control with the Scissors Kick. I’ve noticed that she tends to hit it much better when she kneels out with her other leg after she hits it; Although, for some reason though, she hits it near perfection when ever she hits Eve with it. The one she hit Eve with last year at Money in the Bank was great, and she should try hitting the Scissors Kick more like that too.

    • Jamesgangforever

      She doesn’t do the scissors kick to great either. I guess she has gotten better at. Haven’t noticed since she just started back doing on this smackdown.

  • LayTorres

    That superkick from Tamina was SICCKKKKKK!!!!

    • Jamesgangforever

      I know right. When she did it, it sent chills up my spine.

      • LayTorres

        It was awesome!! if they keep on giving this kind of build up and momentum to Tamina…we might be looking at a future divas champ of 2012.

        • Jamesgangforever

          maybe, if they don’t throw it under the rug like they did with the Kaitlyn heel turn.

    • moogle

      I agree, and the superfuly splash was clean and flawless really!

      Really liking Tamina atm, at the beginning of her career she was crazy green, but I think during her break from the company and her time managing Santino, she must have been training her ass off which deserves credit!

  • HeyChrissy

    I want Alicia to figure out her finisher.I get that she has long hot legs,but there are other things to do.

  • Jysos Ouellet

    Tamina could be a Diva to remember … I hope WWE use her as she deserves. GO ! TAMINA GO ! … I´m dreaming of a Fatal 4 way : Natalya vs Beth Phoenix vs Kharma vs Tamina … yeah just dreaming.

    • shameronstar

      Yeah at least half those divas would have to have the diva look, so I think a realistic Fatal 4 ways with the divas would be Kharma vs Beth Phoenix vs Kelly Kelly vs Layla!

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Tamina is attacking Natalya for losing like she has been on a winning streak as of late. When is the Last time she won a match…

    Hopefully they do something with Tamina Though..

    • Raekon

      Check how she shouts “what are you doing?” when instead of tagging her, Natalya runs with her head to the turnbuckle and afterwards gets Alicias finisher. :)

      She mainly attacked her because of the “sucky teamwork” Natalya provided.

      At least they made it look that way. :o

      • Melina&Mickie4ever!

        @Rakeon Yeah Tamina should shout to herself what “she is doing” next time she takes a lost from Alicia or Kaitlyn! lol

    • art


      • art

        @Melina&Mickie4ever! that was….but maybe this will lead to wins for tamina…

  • Raekon

    Even the match was short I liked it alone for the fact that I love seing Kaitlyn running the ropes with such power and speed at the same time. ^_^

    Natties new attire was nice and Tamina was great aswell.
    Was funny to see how some people in the audience dropped their mouths wide open when she pulled the super kick and some even stood up when she went up the turnbuckle! ^_^

    A kid even screamed “one more time!”. :p

    Always great to see additional things like that for the divas.
    It’s more than obvious that they affect the audience in a good way and gets them interested.

    So I hope in 2012 we will get more things like that to see and not only just random but with a meaning behind them.

  • DJsol

    Whats with Natalya being buried?

    • nitesaver

      Someone doesnt understand what the term buried means

      • Bethinho

        then what´s the right term regarding Natalya´s status?being pushed is not,for sure;putting people over is not also since she has lot all the credibility for people to care and her opponents to gain something by pinning/attacking her…

  • shannymac

    I hope they go somewhere with Tamina’s attack. Maybe they could have Tamina start to elbow her way into DoD and try to gain Beth’s favor over Nattie. That could start Nattie’s face turn and set up Beth vs Nattie (maybe even in time for WrestleMania *fingers-crossed*)

    Knowing WWE, however, we probably won’t even see Tamina on TV for a month.

    • Jamesgangforever

      Nawl, they’ll just drop that like they did with turning Kaitlyn heel.

      • LaDyFrEsHz1

        No I dont think so. She has been either nxt,superstars or smackdown all the time since Troy came out any said that she was his sister, through marriage. Also he said that she was his favorite wrestler. This might be the wwe trying to get cheap interviews ect like that from him.

        • LaDyFrEsHz1

          Just type in Tamina is the sister in law to Troy Polamalu, its under the adress wrestling form

  • Michael

    Cannot believe how much I am loving Kaitlyn these days! I think I just admire how far she’s come in such a short time, similar to Brooke over on Impact. When Layla is back I’ll be in heaven.

  • She’sGotLegs!

    Hmmm…maybe Tamina might end up replacing Natalya because she feels she’s not strong enough?Or maybe Tamina wants to help the “model” divas out?Questions,Questions,Questions!

  • art

    `love tamina she comes off as a no nonsense bad ass diva..she looks like she wants to hurt someone lol…

    the only highlight was taminas superkick & slash off the top…

    • Jamesgangforever

      “the only highlight was taminas superkick & slash off the top…”

      splash not slash and you stole my line. I was supposed to say that lol. For real though.

      • art

        LOL…oops yeah i was in a rush for a holiday & the car just turned up early…

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    This is what Monday’s diva segment should be:

    JTG & Tamina comes to the ring , Tamina gets on the Mic and says how its about time she makes herself known around here despite losing to Aj , Alicia & Kaitlyn! She can go on to say how she made an example out of Natalya last friday and any diva that gets in her way will feel her wrath. JTG grabs the mic and says “Yo” Tamina rubs his head and smiles.

    The Divas Champion music hits she makes her way to the ring smiling. She steps into the ring. Tamina goes to speak but Beth stops her and says. “You know Tamina I must say you got guts doing what you did on smackdown.
    Tamina stares at Beth with a serious smile on her face. Beth adds on and says but messing with 1/2 of Pin-Up-Strong will get you hurt.
    Tamina cuts her off and says she isnt scared of Beth and that she can beat her anytime for the title. Beth laughs and says “Keeping dreaming”. Tamina slaps Beth straight across the face.
    Beth holds her own and spears Tamina , blows to the head. JTG grabs Beth of Tamina and holds beth for Tamina to hit her. Tamina goes for a punch Beth ducks and Low Blows JTG. She then clothes lines Tamina and gets in postion for the GlamSlam. BOOM! GlamSlams Tamina , she turns to JTG BOOM GlamSlam on JTG!

    Beth puts on her sinister smile , grabs her title and exits the ring. Leaving Tamina & JTG in pain. Commercial!!!

    • TheGamergirl22

      Here what I think should happen Beth and Nattie confront Tamina and instead of getting mad at Tamina she wants Tamina to join, putting cracks into the Nattie/Beth partner ship.

    • shaky209

      Tamina JTG and Beth. That WWE would never try.And I do agree .That doesn’t even sound sensible.Tamina working with JTG vs Beth and what male superstar is on Beth’s side to make it look right. Mean Beth all by herself that YOur going to put on TV.That wouldn’t come across good.!

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    OMG, loved the divas action this week, and i definitely do not think this was a face turn for Tamina, the fans were booing her and everything, so if anything, i think this just helped her heel character and, i loved that evil smile at the end, I think if WWE continues to use Nattie and Beth, and then add Tamina and Kharma, and focus on them four girls, things will get pretty interesting,

    hopefully, they continue with Tamina next week!!!

  • wangzy

    for a second I thought they all gonna be attacking Alicia in the end, like its Kaitlyn’s official heel turn…

    …but damn Tamina’s kick was awesome…getting excited to see more of her this 2012

  • pumped up kicks

    That super kick was super sick! (Sorry I had to be lame lol) but I hope this is the start to bigger things for Tamina!

    • Jamesgangforever

      That super kick was sick. It sounded like Nattie got whipped in her face by a whip of course.

      • Raekon

        The trick to make it sound like this is to slap your own thigh exact at the time the kick connects.

        That’s what Tamina and the Usos are doing while kicking. ^_^

        • LaDyFrEsHz1

          No, Tamina didnt touch anything when she kicked Natalya

  • Jamesgangforever

    The only good thing about this show was the superkick and superfly splash by Tamina and my boo Drew McIntyre returning to SmackDown and being on tv where he belongs.

  • shaky209

    I don’t have to read all those comments about Tamina..One day I can see her being near the Top like her Dad was.But that ain’t now.She just can’t sell. and in the ring she’s mostly working i hate to say shes working on her Dad’s name. I can see down the line her being very good.Using the stuff that made her last name famous.But right now she’s just a young Diva that has some learning to do in the ring.And maybe towards the end of Beth Phoenix/s career she can work in the ring and learn off one of the great Diva workers in the ring.!Once though she learns to sell in the ring off of other workers like Beth sells so well she’ll have it..


      I remember she wasnt in FCW for long at all, after Carlito got released WWE needed to bring up the Uso’s and Tamina was brought up almost straight away, so she has a had a lot less training then the other girls.

      I think with some proper training she could be great, that and a new attire

      • Jamesgangforever

        She definitely needs some new attire. I was never feeling her attire at all.

  • bortman

    Natalya is the Layla of DoD, she doesn’t always win. she will get fed up at the end and we will have Beth Vs Nattie at the end… like laycool.

    Tamina is better suited as face, her face looks more vibrant and genuine compared to a heel angry generic black girl she had.

    imo AJ will turn heel not kaitlyn thats why they axe kaitlyn as part of DoD.. you ask why? AJ had been pairing with DBrian for a month now.. and DBrian seems to be going on the heel turn soon as the storyline make it seems so. me think AJ will get fed up loosing all the time and might snap towards kaitlyn.. its a good swerve. even though kaitlyn the one abandoning aj.

    but or course its WWE.. it seems to make sense on our mind that way but wwe will sure Fxck it up.

    • Ryan

      I think it varies by person…for Instance when I saw Alicia Fox the first time I assumed she was gonna be like Rhaka Khan..Tall Mean Black Girl bodyguard for Michelle McCool
      turns out shes an over-hyper black barbie girly as fuck n she loves being that..thats her thats Alicia, hell of a wrestler though!!..Tamina isnt girly, if she tries to be girly it would look forced and that wouldnt be Tamina =D

  • French.One

    Nice botch from Natalya, she escape the scissor kick and then with Alicia screaming and laughing, she got into the place to take it.

  • Ryan

    Funny win lol

    Natalya always looking sexy as fuck..BTW Taminas superkick and Splash were impressive as hell!!

    See divadirt..THATS impressive
    Kelly isnt..

    • number1AngelinaLovefan


      • Ryan

        Happy New Years! =)

  • Bhentoooot

    Tamina is on the right track. WWE just have to do its job and push Tamina. but for now. let Alicia have her title match!

  • Thaila

    I love WWE’s “logic”.
    1) I love Alicia.
    2) Tamina is incredible.
    3) I think I was coming out of my mother’s womb since Natalya last won a match.

  • Jamesgangforever

    Am I the only person who thinks that Tamina looks weird when she walks to the ring. She looks lost, like she doesn’t know what she is doing. She also has weird facial expressions too.

  • SkyHighStudios

    i dont like the fact that they turned Tamina again. this shows that wwe doesnt know how to use Her. im so sorry for her. But i hope they will continue this Feud between them 2

  • Bethinho

    i think a poll should be made to bet on the day Natalya will get a win……