FCW Watch (January 1st, 2012): Audrey Marie vs. Aksana vs. AJ

Ladies and gentlemen, we have made history here tonight. You see, this week’s edition of FCW brought forth a non-title triple threat match between Aksana, AJ (who this new commentator claimed was both the first Divas Champion and a part of NXT Season 4), and our current Divas Champ, Audrey Marie. This bout opened the show, and thus has made history as the first televised match to take place in 2012. Yep! AJ, Aksana and Audrey can each add that notch to their belt of accomplishments. But just how did the match play out? Did Audrey topple the SmackDown Divas, or did one of them manage to prove their worth and leave victorious?

You know the drill… Put your fingers on that computer mouse and scroll on down.

We open the night with SmackDown’s resident Pocket Rocket, AJ, who makes her way out in some patented green plaid that I heavily approve of since green is my favorite color. Following her comes the former Queen of FCW, Aksana, complete with her trademarked espionage music that I care for so dearly. Concluding the trio comes the current FCW Divas Champion, Audrey Marie! Audrey walks out to the ring with her pink title in hand, showing how proud she is to hold it. She then removes her hat and chaps, as the camera gets some reaction shots of all three women before the bell sounds.

Aksana immediately strikes AJ in the face and sends her flying outside the ring, before targeting Audrey Marie with a bodyslam attempt. Marie escapes out the back and dropkicks Aksana outside the ring as AJ holds the ropes open to add her part in the maneuver. AJ climbs back in the ring as Audrey locks in a headlock. She sends Marie into the ropes, who coincidentally knocks Aksana back down, before going for an arm drag. Audrey stops the move, but AJ quickly locks in a headlock of her own, transitioning it into a wrist lock arm drag.

Audrey slides outside the ring and pulls poor Aksana back down, before climbing back in and squaring off with AJ once more. Audrey reverses a headlock into an armbar, but AJ counters into a headlock takeover. Marie then goes for a leg lock, but AJ hops out of it and the two agree to once again take Aksana out of competition, only this time with a double team dropkick. The two proceed to lock up, with AJ applying a wrist lock that Audrey reverses. Audrey is sent into the ropes and hops over AJ, but AJ takes advantage with a fist to the face for a two count.

AJ then hits two neckbreakers, but Audrey kicks out. From there, our pocket rocket applies an arm stretch submission digging the knee into the Champions back. Audrey tries to fight out, but AJ keeps the hold locked in and drops the knee back into her. Finally, Audrey starts to fight out and hits a jawbreaker. She then follows it up with a suplex/bodyslam combo, before hitting the Yee Haw Legdrop for a near fall. AJ shoves Audrey back into the ropes, as Aksana gets hit AGAIN. Marie then goes to run off, but Aksana finally is able to grab her by the hair and punch Audrey in the face. She then takes the fight to AJ for a bit, before striking Audrey into the corner. Aksana then fires up with a stiff clothesline to the champ, before tossing AJ into the opposing corner.

AJ uses her Lita inspired style to hit a Handspring Bulldog to the former Queen, but as she lands the move, Audrey capitalizes with a running front dropkick to AJ! Audrey begins to cover both women, but only gets a two count on each. Aksana gets to a vertical base and strikes Audrey twice in the face, before attempting a Suplex. Audrey escapes out the back though, and hits “The Round-Up”. She looks to secure the pinfall, but out of nowhere AJ leaps over and rolls Audrey up for the win! AJ celebrates, as Audrey recovers and poses for the fans despite the loss.

Thoughts: Okay-ish showing from these three ladies. I didn’t feel like the match really got out of first gear, but I remember hearing someone say triple threats are the hardest bout to perform under, so I think it’s understandable why it seemed very cautious throughout the match. Audrey is coming along well, and I don’t think this type of stipulation is something to accurately judge her on. I do hope this prepares her for any future triple threat matches (you know, since WWE loves to do anything outside a tag or singles), and overall I would like to see her square off with AJ perhaps in a one on one setting. I liked the ending sequence though, and I thought that from AJ’s bulldog was the best part.

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  • Chryst Voegele

    i will call this match “AJ teach sister to wrestle!!!” LOL

    • Chryst Voegele

      I think purpose of this match is “AJ help Audrey to learn more skill& sell” & this’s ok.

  • alexver11

    Ok match! The best part was Audrey vs AJ showing, Aksana is getting good but in this match was a little sloppy, I would have preferred Aj vs Audrey because would have been better for Audrey

    • Chryst Voegele

      totally agree! Aksana improve so much but her add in this match is useless.

      • alexver11

        Exactly! basically the match was AJ vs Audrey! Aksana only get spots in the first and last part of the match!

    • http://twitter.com/#!/ReynXD ReynXD

      Agreed. WWE should not have hired her too soon. I hate the fact that WWE has forgotten about Naomi.

  • DivasHQ

    love Them All

  • Krazyvickay

    It was an ok match. AJ still seems a little heelish to me. IA with everyone else should have been Audrey vs AJ.

  • http://www.youtube.com/RingVixens Teri

    LMAO @ Audrey yelling “YEAHHH!!!!” holding her belt up in the air after she loses

  • Johnyfaction3

    The match was kind of slow and they werent really any memorable spots…for some reason Audrey really reminds me of like a young Mickie James haha!

    And is funny how aksana in WWE is like naive and seductive and in fcw she is creepy! Lol!

  • WWFoverWWE

    Funny how naomi could carry this audrey chick but Aj and Aksana couldn’t. I think it’s safe to say that audrey’s match with naomi was 85% naomi and 15% audrey.

    • shameronstar

      I’m surprised that Naomi can wrestle like a ring general in such a short period of time because usually veterans like Beth or Natalya who have nearly a decade of experience have ability!

      • WWFoverWWE

        I know right, she even did the same with kaitlyn and caylee turner. I would love to see what naomi could do with someone like Beth or Natalya.

    • Jhonmarco

      Some girls can carry others, some can’t. A perfect example is how Michelle McCool could take a Maria & make her look like a million bucks & Mickie James struggled helping the rookies out. Some can, some can’t.

      • FrankNFurter

        Well if you are a veteran and good wrestler, you should be able to carry a match. I do believe it depends on who the opponent is though. In the case of Michelle/Mickie-Maria, during the time Mickie was facing Maria, Maria didn’t have much in-ring experience. Michelle on other hand was able to work with Maria years later, when she had improved. So I don’t think that is a good example.

        Michelle, Natalya, and Beth are all great workers and all have been able to pull good solid matches out of Eve. Same with Alicia, Natalya and Gail got great matches out of Alicia.

        • Jhonmarco

          Mickie couldn’t carry Rosa either when they had matches in 2009 & when Beth had a 1-minute match with Rosa on Superstars, it looked SO much better than anything Mickie did with Rosa. Nothing against Mickie but she can’t really carry new girls. She also had a match with Tessmacher in May & that was sloppy & not very good, while Angelina could carry Brooke to a decent match.

    • FrankNFurter

      “I think it’s safe to say that audrey’s match with naomi was 85% naomi and 15% audrey.” Lol, I died a this. So true though.

      Considering Aksana was not in the match for even two minutes, AJ and Audrey were…not up to par. Naomi has been carrying that division (in ring wise) for quite some time. I’m ready to see what she can do with the main roster girls. (Bella Twins, Alicia, Eve, Natalya, Beth, Alicia) My mouth waters just booking matches in my head.

    • French.One

      I think you are overrating Naomi too much (like many here).
      Audrey’s performance was clearly down in this match.

      • FrankNFurter

        “Audrey’s performance was clearly down in this match.”
        When was it ever up? Not trying to take anything away from Audrey because like someone posted below, I’m aware she is training and working hard to get better but it’s ‘clear’ Naomi had much to do with her performance in their match.

        Out of all the WWE divas, give me a list of the women Naomi cannot out perform in the ring, if you don’t mind of course.

        • Jhonmarco

          Outperforming most of the divas isn’t saying much though. She’s great for her experience, but she’s not a goddess now people. I’d say AJ, Natalya, Beth, & Kharma are more talented than Naomi.

        • French.One

          Just re-watch the 2 matches, Audrey has done less things in this match.
          And for Naomi’s level, I’m not sure she’s better than Eve or Alicia.

        • FrankNFurter

          I’m glad you saw where I was going with this. How are people overrating her if they are only stating one single fact. “She is better than more than half of the roster”. No one ever said she is the greatest womens wrestler in the world or her mic skills put every woman to shame. We simply praise her for performing better than majority of the woman in the company she works for. Point Blank Period.

          Just like before AJ got called up, under every YT video the top comments were “WTH is she doing in developmental, she wrestlers better than half of the roster” that’s not saying much for her either. I honestly believe when people say Naomi is overrated it is because of personal bias. I’m 100% positive that if she came from independent background (Heck a single sparkle match) everyone would put her on the same level as the women you mentioned. Especially AJ, I’m a fan and all but she is no goddess either. Her best asset is her bumping and selling technique. Her offense…mediocre.

        • WWFoverWWE

          The only people who I’ve seen doubt naomi are the people who simply don’t like her, and of course if you don’t like her you’re obviously not going to see what everyone else sees, because you refuse too.

          I think naomi has proven that she is the real deal, but if you don’t like her then you should say that instead of her doubting her skills.

          It’s just like the kelly haters, it doesn’t matter even if kelly does something impressive, her haters and the people who dislike her will simply not give her credit.

        • French.One

          I’m not a Naomi hater nor an independent fanboy.
          From all the match I saw from Naomi, her wrestling style is still awkward and a little sloppy (and that’s my personal thought). She has an athletic background for sure which is better than many divas, but today, given her matches and the fact she hasn’t been called yet, I think people should be more careful with her.
          And keep in mind we don’t know the training condition they have before having a match in the FCW.

        • Jhonmarco

          How am I or people bias? We just don’t believe Naomi is THAT good. We are allowed to think that you know, can we not get labled for going gaga over her? I like Naomi & think she’s good, but doesn’t deserve the amount of praise she gets. Her offense is medicore? How? She hits great kicks, high-flying spots, & they look good. When she’s gotten more time she shows more submissions & technical wrestling. No one doubts Naomi puts most WWE girls to shame, but she’s not the next big thing. Kelly haters, go to personal levels to bash her & nitpick her to no end. Have I done that?

        • FrankNFurter

          Aksana, Brie Bella, Kaitlyn, Kelly Kelly, Layla, Nikki Bella, Rosa Mendes, and Tamina. Yup that seems about right, half of the roster. All of the women you didn’t mention bar Beth, Natalya, and AJ.

          Let’s start with…Eve.

          Eve: Versatile, moves well in the ring, and ATHLETIC. Eve is certainly the most athletic diva on the main roster, but has received a lot of hate over the year for being sloppy and botching and not getting over. Naomi, athletically gifted herself, has been praised so much that you yourself just said she is overrated by fans. Why is it that Eve, with as much athleticism as Naomi has not been given as much praise. Probably because she simply has not performed at the level that Naomi has. Moving on…

          Alicia Fierce: Love this woman, I truly feel that she is underrated by fans because after watching her over the years I see that she knows what she is doing inside the ring and her skill transcends when given the opportunity. The one thing that Alicia can’t help is the they way she moves, awkward and stiff. Wheres Naomi is solid, crisp, and has great balance. Nonetheless, Alicia in my opinion is on the same skill level as AJ, if not above.

        • Faye

          Let me just say that I hold a bias in favour of Naomi. I do think she’s THAT good. In fact, Naomi is proof that God exists, lol. That doesn’t negate the skill or ability of the other mentioned women. I personally enjoy watching Naomi. If she isn’t called up soon, we might as well brace for the end of the world in 2012, b/c God has officially given up on us!

          *Shout out to my homie, Jhonmarco!*

          P.S. I am kind of being a troll :p

        • FrankNFurter

          @Jhonmarco No one is saying that you are wrong for having an opinion. If you don’t like a wrestler, heck I don’t care. Now saying you don’t think Naomi deserves the praise that she gets, that’s laughable. You seem like a fan of AJ, why does she deserve the amount of praise she gets, what validates the amount of praise someone should get? I genuinely want to hear your opinion on this.

          On the matter of AJ, mediocre was not the best term to describe her offense, I simply meant that it is not anything we haven’t seen in the past 5 years. Hell, Kelly Kelly and Eve both have a similar moveset with the wheelbarrow variations and head scissors. Bottom line, Naomi just connects with certain fans and entertains the hell out of me personally. So I am not going to knock anyone for their personal faves, whether it’s Kelly Kelly or Madison Eagles.

        • Jhonmarco

          Faye, <3 I'll be MIA again from raw response -_- lol

          AJ, has shown she can sell, do offense, do it well, be unique, connect with the crowd, & have a personality. Not that Naomi doesn't, but I just prefer AJ over Naomi. Her indy experience also helps, because it shows she really wants this. You could say that's irrelvant, but it shows the girl isn't someone to be taken lightly. And her indy matches are pretty good. How was I knocking you?

        • Faye

          And again, you remind me that Raw will be airing tonight! Mondays always seem to creep by unnoticed, lol. Same here, I will probably just catch the redux. :)

        • WWFoverWWE

          I do think naomi is one of those girls that is just special. She is not cookie cutter, she is not another random diva, and I don’t think it’s fair to say that she won’t be the next big thing (Jhonmarco said this). I don’t think any of us can predict the future, but I do honestly feel that naomi could win over the wwe universe.

          This is not coming from a bias fan, this is coming from someone who has seen this girl grow since she’s debuted in FCW and has surpassed so many expectations. Whether or not naomi is your cup of tea, she has proven that she can do this, and is just as good as anybody.

          I’m sure her lack of an indy background has fogged peoples judgement, because most people assume that if you don’t have any indy background, you can’t be THAT good. Well naomi is one of those rare divas that just is.

          But I’m not saying she is perfection in the ring, because no one is.

        • Jhonmarco

          I never said she wasn’t talented, I’m aware she is. She can go in the ring, but imo she isn’t as good as people say. Just my thoughts & in the grand scheme of things will Naomi ever become a Sara Del Rey? She’s flashy & has some good spots, but imo that isn’t enough to garner all this praise.

        • WWFoverWWE

          Have you seen her matches and the stuff she pulls out? And not only that, her selling ability is pretty realistic if you bother to take a look.

          I’m sure if one of your favorites was in naomi’s shoes, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

        • Jhonmarco

          I’ve seen her matches & her selling is good but I do NOT think she deserves this amount of praise. My favorites (diva-wise) are Kelly, Natalya, Layla, & AJ. I haven’t seen anybody overrate them, they speak realistically of them. However, everyone goes crazy over Naomi, because she’s good & it’s something diva fans aren’t used to.

      • WWFoverWWE

        I’m not the type to overrate anyone, I just simply call what I see in matches. From what I’ve seen of this audrey girl, she hasn’t impressed much at all other than her match with naomi, which should be the ringer in your head.

        • FrankNFurter

          Thank You, Exactly. Audrey’s match with Naomi was the ONLY stand out and praise worthy match she has had in her FCW career so far. Her match vs Leah West, who has virtually the same years of experience as Naomi and was trained by Lance friggen Storm, was a complete flop. Audrey’s two matches with Aksana were bad and this match…speaks for itself. These people are blind and bias. Bye.com


    I can´t remember any word to describe how boring this match was -.-

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Honestly ? FCW matches only intrest me when its a match with Aj or Naomi ! A very few times i will watch it with anyone else but other than that eh…

    Some fcw matches always seem so slow and botchy and boring ,to me i know some of these girls are training so i wont take credit from that but yeah i never really caught intrest

  • KellyEve

    that announcer looks gay and talks gay LOL, and congrats to AJ

  • Raekon

    AJ & Aksana teaching Audrey is what this match was all about.

    Audrey had timing issues with Aksana in the beginning when Aksana was standing there waiting to get dropkicked out of the ring and later with AJ in a few moves aswell.

    AJ and Aksana have proven in NXT and FCW that they can work fast and slow matches very well with each other and against others.

    Now all they need to do is to provide some help for the newer girls to “get there”.

    As a sidenote: the commentators sucked big time. :p

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/JayJay2307Q?feature=mhee KellyKay23

    Eh.. sometimes I wonder “do they even rehearse” because it looked like Audrey didn’t know what she was doing,and aksana was outside laying on the ground the whole match. My thing is it was very slow but I understand how hard it is in triple threat.

    • Raekon

      The match was obviously created to help Audrey Marie to improve her in ring orientation and ability to focus on multiple targets or “multitask” with more than one person at the same time.

      AJ and Aksana have had such matches in the past and pulled them off greatly.

      The reason why Aksana had to stand outside of the ring for THAT long was Audreys timing issues.

      If you check exactly, everytime AJ is ingreasing the speed of the match, Audrey slows her down.

      However, they should had trained a few such matches untelevised or not in front of a audience first instead of showing such a “mess up” in my opinion.

  • Mata

    Ok off topic: What was the match where Aksana fell off the top rope when she was trying to get a tag?

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/ElectricMVx Future Endeavoured

      I think it was Aksana & AJ vs Kaitlyn & Naomi

  • http://twitter.com/BroskiRomano Ryan

    Crap match man..that Audry Marie sucks haha
    Well I guess the purpose is to teach that chick to wrestle
    Only reason I watched was for AJ Lee!! And Aksana haha she was just chillen outside XD

  • Chryst Voegele

    AJ use old theme!!!

  • http://twitter.com/#!/ReynXD ReynXD

    Gotta love AJ’s bulldog. For me, it was the highlight of the whole match. Aksana fail attempts in going back in the ring made my day too. Good to see the FCW Divas in action.

  • http://twitter.com/Passionisma Thaila

    Audrey Marie is infectious; her screaming “YEAH!” is so cute. I can’t wait to see her in WWE.

  • DarknessRuler

    -It’s been said by Maria in the YouShoot interview that Michelle helped her out and they both worked together in ring so that’s why Michelle could carry Maria

    -Leah West was already considered a crappy wrestler before even going to FCW. Did anyone see Lance Storm’s reality show in which she was there. She was CRAP

    -Yeah, the 3 way didn’t work out. Should have just been AJ vs Audrey or better yet Audrey vs Aksana because they actually have some history going on

    • Spike7000

      That’s because Leah West was starting out when she was on Lance Storm’s reality show. By the time from there to now being in FCW, she has progressed in the ring

  • Jake

    This site is slowly turning me against Naomi lol. I love Naomi but she isn’t God’s gift to the diva’s division. Not everybody can pick up wrestling like Naomi did.

    For somebody who just started wrestling, Audery isn’t that bad. Give her another year down in FCW and we’ll probably see great things from her.

  • joshmm3

    I just couldnt get into this match….AJ is a great wrestler and all but the other two just werent doing it for me. Aksana and Audrey are comming along in the ring but am I the only person annoyed with the fact Aksana looks like shes ripping off Winters character and Audrey is doing the same with Mickie James!!! The wwe really needs some creativity when it comes to the divas.

    • Jake

      Yeah, Aksana is totally ripping off Winter’s Russian spy/seductress gimmick. -_-

  • eyecon

    I’m sorry but that match sucked..lol Audrey is not that great she looks like she is thinking way too hard about what to do when she wrestles and it doesn’t look natural.

    Aksana was killing me with her bad acting, I understand she got knocked to the floor but geez she was holding onto the ropes for 15mins she wasn’t that hurt..lol

    Also why was AJ and Audrey trying to have a technical wrestling match during a triple threat, that doesn’t work. You can’t apply headlocks and while there’s a third person. This is what made the match slow.

    In the end Adrey seemed as though she was trying to be happy for the sake of being a face but that she was really pissed she didn’t win.

    When can I see Caylee Turner 8 )

    • hado

      IKR I want more Caylee Turner, we will be getting her next week I think? She faces off against Audery, lol.

  • bxradimus

    I can’t decide if WWE is training their women to wrestle or training them to look like morons in the ring.

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    Audrey was just bad…she missed her spots,she even missed that dropkick to aksana…glad its fcw & not on the main roster….
    audrey has only had one match i like & thats against Naomi so im wondering why they couldnt of added her instead of aj or aksana…
    lol @ the people dissing naomi when shes the best thing yet to get on the main roster & the day she does will put most(70%) of the girls to shame..
    the way she can control her body in the air & the fact she got it so quick just shows you dont have to come from the indys if you have passion for wrestling..

  • jim462

    It was a decent match hope when the WWE Networks starts up this year they show the weekly FCW shows looks allot more interesting than RAW or SD. 2questions Whats with this very dark psycho Aksana Anglw and Is Audrey Marie heel or face

    • http://diva-dirt xaviloks

      Audrey Marie is face :)