Beth Phoenix is Not Happy with Comedienne Chelsea Handler!

Divas Champion Beth Phoenix‘s next feud may not be with a fellow Diva, but a celebrity!

Balls-to-the-walls comedienne Chelsea Handler apparently made some “off-color” comments about women’s wrestling which resulted in the mighty Glamazon taking to Twitter in a flurry of angry messages.

Beth tweeted:

@chelseahandler made some off color comments about Women’s Wrestling last night…Being WWE’s Diva’s Champ I can tell you with confidence that if @chelseahandler has any question about what a “women’s wrestler” can do or how well we entertain, Id be happy to show her. @chelseahandler please allow me to invite you to see a WWE event, live first hand 2/24 at the Staples Center. Of course, the invitation to @chelseahandler extends to the ring…any time …any place…if you would like to see what the Champ is made of.

The comments of which Beth speaks took place last night on Handler’s E! talk show, Chelsea Lately. Handler commented on the recent romance between former Diva Torrie Wilson and MLB star Alex Rodriguez.

Handler commented: “Is that a real thing… women’s wrestling? I know that this Stacy Keibler girl’s a wrestler but I just don’t understand what context are they wrestling [in]? They have wrestling matches that are real? Is it like mud wrestling?”

Thoughts: It came across more as though Chelsea didn’t know much about wrestling or women’s wrestling, rather than bashing it.

Watch the clip from Chelsea Lately below:

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  • JSciola

    Kinda a bit of an over reaction, IMO, but knowing how passionate Beth is, I’m not surprised she took the comments to heart.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Lmao Chelsea is high-Larry-Us ! She always has me laughing.
    Her and Beth will make a great celebrity vs wrestler fued. Chelsea can make fun of beth and we could watch the glamazon get angry…

  • MickieJamesFan07

    Oh boo freakin hoo Beth. People have said worse things about women’s wrestling, build a bridge and get over it. Maybe Natalya still has that box of tissues you could use.

    • Kaledrina

      lol at your last comment :’)

    • Teri


    • Mr. Asstastic


  • moogle

    it is a bit of an overreaction, but it was also a bit of an ignorant statement really…

    She could just say that she doesn’t know much about women’s wrestling or what they do, and leave it at that.. I imagine the mud wrestling is the part that irked her haha

    (and I expect it’s partly WWE pushing her to be mad to fit her angry heel character lol)

  • French.One

    Watch out Beth, she looks tougher than Kelly.

  • adifferentsame

    I think Beth Phoenix was being lighthearted, but whatever. Love Chelsea, though.

    • mariah.

      Maybe she was. For all we know, it was probably Beth playing her character? I just don’t think it’s that big of a deal anyways. I see people on Twitter blowing it up, sending the news to like Velvet Sky and such, making it bigger than what is was.

  • Dave Muscarella

    Maybe Beth just wants to get some main stream publicity out of mentioning Chelsea. At this point, anything to get more spotlight on the divas is a good thing.

  • ImGoingCrazy

    Oh yes negative commentators it is a terrible thing indeed that Beth would respond to someone that is a host of a late night show and normally has a good sense of humor and it’s completely possible for this to garner attention on the WOMEN of wrestling instead of just the men.

    What a terrible thing indeed for her to respond.

    Holy jeebus.

  • Candyland

    I honestly think Chelsea was just confused. When you think about women’s wrestling you kinda don’t picture girls like Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson. You kinda picture girls who look like Beth and Natalya strong, with muscles, looking big enough to do it. Torrie and Stacy look like pageant queens rather than wrestlers and I could totally see where Chelsea is coming from. She’s wondering where the hell do this beautiful women wrestle and how do they even wrestle they don’t look like they can. She obviously isn’t educated when it comes to women’s wrestling and that is nothing to get upset over. Maybe she just needs to youtube some divas matches and she’ll be fine :)

    • BieberFever

      I don’t know if the last part was a joke or not if she youtubes DIVA matches she will most deff be lost maybe some wow matches instead no?

  • mariah.

    I’m just overwhelmed by all the mainstream attention the WWE Divas are getting lately. Stacy Keibler starts dating George Clooney and next thing you know the Divas get a segment on The Insider. It’s like everyone suddenly wants to know who these girls are and where they came from.

    • Kaledrina

      i kinda don’t like it TBH :( it’s like ex-divas are turning into WAGs or something.. like it’s bad enough they’re just eye cany in the WWE, but carrying that on into your life after wrestling? =/

      • mariah.

        True statement.

      • Teri

        100% agreed

      • iLUVwrestlingValets

        what is a WAG

        • mariah.

          Basically trophy wives… girlfriends of celebrities, that don’t really offer anything and are there just to look pretty. Seen as more of an accessory than anything.

        • adifferentsame

          WAGS: 70% of the UK’s D-list celebrities.

        • Faye

          “WAGS: 70% of the UK’s D-list celebrities.”

          Thank you, I spit tea all over pants! LMAO!!!!

  • darkangels

    beth don’t want to tongue wrestle( vebal battle) with chelsea she would make her cry she is good on the mic!

  • Joshi Rules

    I can see it now. The WWE signs Chelsea Handler and Beth Phoenix is forced to job to her in 30 seconds to kill a little bit of time on Raw. :(

  • Bethinho

    i love how some people are already overreacting over this…..jeez,take a pill under the tongue and calm down.

  • EveLover

    Like some other people have said ,this could be good to get the divas publicity. Even more than the one they have been getting. It could be good ,but Ugh I just dont like chelsea. I dont find her funny, sometimes I do but thats like once in a blue moon ,and her show kinda urks me.

  • Goodvibes

    Chelsea rules, she was obviously just confused. And its hilarious how former diva’s who haven’t stepped foot in the ring for YEARS are getting mainstream publicity , and current Diva’s aren’t given more than two minute segments on their own show!

  • bromero329

    i fuckin love chelsea. i was actually watching this episode when it aired last was more of she didnt know what the women do. i woudlnt blame her either. she probably doesnt watch wwe or anytype of wrestling.

    beth is a little overreacting but hhmmm maybe this will be a feud that wwe will get interested in? for wrestlemania -_-

    anyways i love CHELSEA SO TEAM CHELSEA IT IS :)

    • EveLover

      Now that you say a feud for wrestlemania ,there is ALWAYS a celebrity that gets involved in the WWE around this time. With the guys or the girls ,it doesnt matter .There’s always one lol, big Coincidence.

  • YeahBaby46

    I don’t want to see Beth jobbing to another celebrity.

    Then again if it gets the divas more publicity.

  • Blonde Bombshell

    She didn’t say women’s wrestling is fake. She just didn’t think women as Stacy and Torrie, who look like only models, not wrestlers, used to wrestle, like CANDYLAND said.

    • mariah.

      That’s how I saw it. It’s whatever I guess. They do say any publicity is good publicity…

  • Jysos Ouellet

    I think all the girls in the video are so stupid, it´s easy to talk, but those girls can stand a word in front of a women wrestler ??? …

    • Flawless


  • diva_luvr831

    I swear if Chelsea gets in a match with Beth at Summerslam or wherever and Beth loses, I will give up all faith in the Divas ever being taken seriously

  • adifferentsame

    I forgot to say that given the current climate in today’s division, one could arguably say Chelsea posed a valid question. ;)

    And who knows, Chelsea might rib the Glamazon on TV… As some have mentioned, there’s a hint of savvy on Beth’a part here.

  • LayTorres

    Maybe Beth took it a little too seriously…she just wanted to stand up for womens wrestling.

    • mariah.

      Yeah, her heart was in the right place, but I don’t think Chelsea meant to offend anyone… if she did she’d be more upfront about it, knowing her work. She was just confused that Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler are wrestlers.

  • shannymac

    I love how passionate Beth is about wrestling!

    This is also a good move for her from a publicity stand-point. Chelsea isn’t one to just ignore what people say about her, so I’m sure that she’ll make reference to Beth on her next show. This could hopefully lead to Beth doing some kind of appearence on Chelsea’s show and some much needed mainstream exposure for everyone’s favorite Glamazon.

    • TheGamergirl22

      There would some some funny topics like

      Beth’s muscles

      Her relationship with CM Punk

      some tv-14 questions

      hope that happens

  • jim462

    I thinkBeth just overreactd too. I have watched Chelsea show and thats just herbrand of comedy.Beth might have done this to get her name out and to help the divas division God knows WWE wont. we had Snookie last year at Wrestlemania could we see some sort of goofy match with Beth & Chelsea where beth jobs to her I sure hope not. Beth stays in the ring kickin ass and Chelsea needs to stick to comedy

  • Jhonmarco

    Team Beth, nothing else needs to be said!

    • mariah.

      I give a standing ovation to Beth just for how passionate she is! Whether it was overreacting or not, I love that she will stand up for what she believes in, no matter what the case may be.