SmackDown Redux (January 6th, 2012): Battle of the Generations

After a small disagreement between generational Divas, Natalya and Tamina ended in fisticuffs on last week’s edition of Friday Night SmackDown, both Divas had something to prove as they face each other in singles action this week. But first, two of my favorite Divas, AJ and Alicia Fox were featured in a backstage segment with the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan. Check it out below:

First of all, it’s always good to see the Divas get some screen time with the Superstars. It’s damn near impossible for them to get any time in the ring, but I digress… I’m really interested to see where this relationship between AJ and Daniel is going. It seems that Daniel has been getting douchier and douchier since capturing the World Heavyweight Championship, which makes me wonder if AJ will be the angel on his shoulder, trying to keep him from straying off of the path of righteousness or if she will tap into her heel past in FCW and join Daniel on the dark side, becoming SmackDown’s newest power couple. Only time will tell, but this would explain why we never got that Kaitlyn heel turn… Just sayin’

Now that we’re done with the appetizer, let’s move right on along to the main course! Watch below as Tamina and Natalya face off in the clash of the generational Divas!:

We kick things off with Natalya already in the ring, looking pretty pissed off, and to be honest, can you blame her? I’m convinced that Tamina tried to take off her head with that superkick last week. Before Tamina comes out to the ring, we are treated to a video package focusing on Nattie’s father, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart.

Tamina is out next and we get another video package, this time on Tamina’s dad, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. So I’m guessing this feud is based on their families? A little forced if you ask me, but it’s better than nothing, I guess.

The bell sounds and Natalya goes after Tamina without hesitation, taking the Samoan warrior princess off of her feet with a double leg takedown, followed by a flurry of forearms to the head. Natalya berates Tamina about messing with her family, before pummeling her again with vicious strikes to the head.

Natalya looks to finish off Tamina with the Sharpshooter, but Tamina fights her off and gets back to a vertical base. Nattie tries to get the upperhand with a clothesline, but Tamina ducks it and goes for a crossbody. Unfortunately for Tamina, Natalya had the same thing in mind and the Divas collide in mid-air and crashed down to the mat.

Both Divas struggle to get back to their feet, but Tamina makes it there first and flattens Nattie with a Samoan drop followed by her Dad’s finisher, the Superfly Splash, to pick up the upset victory.

Not a bad match, but is anyone else confused about who is the face and who is the heel in this rivalry? I know I sure am. Although I feel like using Natalya and Tamina’s lineage as reason for a feud is a bit of a stretch, it’s nice to see some kind of effort made on a Diva storyline. I’m not exactly sure where else things could go from here, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully, this isn’t just a one shot deal, because Tamina has a lot of untapped potential and getting to work a program with one of the best female wrestlers in North America could be just the thing she needs.

All in all, not a bad night for the Divas, but not a particularly good one either. Hopefully we get some more development in this Nattie/Tamina feud and AJ’s relationship with Daniel Bryan on next week’s edition of SmackDown. Until then, I leave you with a lesson in the Spanish language by the one and only, Rosa Mendes!

Leave your thoughts, theories and rants on SmackDown in the comments…

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  • jeremycanrana

    Rosa speaking spanish is more interesting than all of the spanish classes I have ever had in my whole life!

  • shameronstar

    DAMN! That was a sick Splash. It had great height, hang time, intensity and it was awe inspiring to me:) TaMEANa may not have near the experience or technical prowess of Natalya or even Beth Phoenix but she really has nearly perfected her family’s signature moves. I hope TaMEANa does have a good 2012 because with only 2 or 3 years of experience she can only get better and better from this point. Also, is Natalya face now? or is this a new storyline? because it seems like The Divas of Doom angle got dropped entirely! and one more thing what does Daniel Bryan have against Alicia Fox huh? Is it because she looks “different”. Well, if that’s the case I think Mr. Bryan will be getting a visit from B.P. very soon!

    • shannymac

      I kind of think that WWE may have just droped the DoD storyline entirely. We haven’t seen Beth and Nattie together in almost a month.

  • LayTorres

    The match was good……but it really pissed me off that Nattie’s only offences were some take downs, some hitting and kicking, and trash talk, and Tamina applied three different moves on her. Will we ever see Nattie’s sharpshooter in 2012?
    Tamina acted heel here….her theme song is heel…she was giving heel expressions…so this makes me believe she never turned face in the first place. While Neighardt on the other hand was acting semi face. ” YOU MESS WITH ME, YOU MESS WITH MY FAMILY!!’, yeah that kinda sounded face to me. It makes me think that leading up to this SD, Beth might be impressed with Snuka. Beth didnt even defend her BFF on twitter…..hmmmmm…strange, very strange.

    • LayTorres

      Also Nattie’s tweets were very facish as well…unbreakable…teamnattie…god someone give me an aspirin, my head hurts.

      • norisclouds

        It’s confusing. It looks like they are turning Naty face to feud with Tamina on Smackdown…I’m glad to see them revisiting this rivalry, I hope they don’t drop it. I think DoD may be pushed aside in favor of Eve/Ryder story.

    • mariah.

      I totally agree with you!

    • French.One

      You think it was good ? Really ? A crossbody, a drop, a splash and that’s it … not much to eat …

      • LayTorres

        OK I admit…I was being very humble…I expected better from these two ladies……but still, thousands of questions related to the storyline is still go karting around my mind….I mean what’s the deal?

  • French.One

    I’ve seen too a video package for AJ and a backstage segment with Aksana.
    I don’t know what they’re doing on smackdown, on one hand they try to give divas backstage segment and a starting storyline, one the other hand everytime it leads to nothing and they don’t give it enough time …
    There’s nothing to be cared about in the diva division right now.

  • Liam ‘

    Not the best of matches. Hope Nattie is face seeing as she has done everything DoD is against…she cried after her match with Alicia on raw a few weeks back, and loses every match match since. Not so pin up strong but pun up wrong. #nattieforface <3

  • WWFoverWWE

    Congrats to Tamina for getting her first singles victory.

  • shannymac

    I really hope we get some development to the Nattie/Tamina feud. They didn’t really get much focus during the Usos/Hart Dynasty feud, so it would be good to see what they can do when the spotlight is on them alone. The family rivialry is a little forced, but that might just be WWE’s way to get the crowd a bit more interested. I hope this angle leads to Nattie making a face turn, since she never seems to acomplish much as a heel.

    As for AJ, I’m always happy to see my favorite Geek Goddess get some TV time.

  • LadyGoDiva

    The match itself had a few good spots the double crossbody, Samoa drop and the Superfly Splash.Wished it lasted a little longer but they got right down to business and didn’t played around. Are they trying to do a battle of the second generation Diva feud?

    The AJ/Bryan segment was okay but I predicted that AJ would interfer in the WHC title match. Maybe at royal rumble?

    LOVED Rosa on SD she did great both in her promo and in the match.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Neither Tamina or Natalya are faces , I like that none of them really needs a face turn to be honest.

    Personally what I would have like to see or what I believe would have been better to prolong this mini fued.I would have Tamina lose to Natalya time over time , each time getting so close only to get a upset. Natalya could keep beating Tamina forcing Tamina to prove herself even more to Natalya ( Like she said in her tweet) and then Tamina finally beats Natalya and gains her respect and Natalya recruits her into Divas Of Doom with Beth. While Beth runs things on Raw , Tamina & Natalya run things on Smackdown. With the memebers making a apparance on Raw ( Nattie & Tamina) & Smackdown (Beth) That is what I would have like’d to see.

    But its too late now Tamina already beat Nattie ! :)

    I know its probably just me but I cannot stand Daniel Bryan and even more so now that they alined him and Aj together as a couple. YaY (sarcasm) Oh well tho , so hopefully when he turns heel & Aj runs right behind him. Then they can fued with Big Show & Kaitlyn. I think Kaitlyn as a face in a fued with Aj would be much more better than Aj being the face. That’s just my opinion tho.

    P.S Rosa , Rosa , Rosa Im eager to see her in a match now lol. I would like for next week to be

    Rosa B. Aj Aj could have been distracted by a issue that happened with her Babe and lost the match.

    Shessh! I wrote alot on ths SD redux been a while too. Great night for the SD divas.

    • Raekon

      Kaitlyn as a face vs AJ as a heel already happen in FCW a few times and it was great so I would really love to see that again as long as they go back and forth with the wins instead of having only one of them losing everytime.

      In FCW Kaitlyn and Naomi were a tag team back then while AJ were teaming either with Aksana or Rosa against them. :)

  • Jhonmarco

    AJ/Bryan is the ONLY thing I’m interested in in the divas division. That’s all.

  • Rorolicous

    TAMINA 2012! Love the hair, love the music, love the attitude!

  • Ryan

    Her spanish is a bit choppy like Sarita from TNA but still mega sexy man!! =D
    Im part latino so i speak spanish too!!

    Todo va a salir color de Rosa nena ;)

    Damnnn! Conoyo k rica esta Rosita!! Ufff mama
    Y k linda es tan bonita hahaha!!

  • DarknessRuler

    WTF WWE, when we say to give the girls time, we meant to give them time with MEANING. Dumb douches.

    Anyways, I love the idea of having Bryan and AJ turn heel.

    • gl83

      I don’t see AJ turning Heel. She is the only Diva right now aside from Kelly Kelly who actually gets a positive reaction from the WWE fans. I do see her remaining Face while still being supportive of a Heel Daniel Bryan. Much like Miss Elizabeth was to Randy Savage or Maria was to Dolph Ziggler or Kelly Kelly was to Mike Knox, etc.

  • Juan

    Really 3 minutes?? The entrance and video package lasted longer than the 1 minute match! Seriously -_-

  • wweandtnadivafan

    lol what is up with rosa and her speech impediment??? and why is she always dancing like sarita >.< and i feel like AJ is going to turn heel soon with Daniel Bryan

    • Jamesgangforever

      “and why is she always dancing like sarita”

      because she is a real Mexican and Sarita isn’t.

      • Juan

        Isn’t Sarita Mexican- Canadian?? Oh and Rosa is Coasta Rican I believe, still a latina/hispanic but not mexican. :)

        • Jamesgangforever

          @Juan She moved to Mexico years back, but I still haven’t found out if one of her parents may be Mexican or what. I just know that she is from Canada. So from what I have learned about her she isn’t Mexican. I could be wrong.

        • Juan

          I don’t know either I just assumed she was because she certainly has the look of a Mexican, if that makes sense lol. Either way I still love Sarita and Rosa is smoking hot as well (too bad rosa sucks at wrestlin :/ )

        • Jamesgangforever

          @Juan I can’t even tell if she is bad or good in the ring because I can’t recall the last time I saw her in a match. I guess that is TNA’s fault on that one.

        • Juan

          Lol I was talking about Rosa and how she’s not very good in the ring… Sarita on the other hand is amazing and is sadly isn’t being used to her full potential :/

      • wweandtnadivafan

        ummm okay you make it seem like i said “why is she dancing like mexican sarita” and yea rosa should be speaking fluent spanish but i could hardly understand her

  • Lily

    I think Natalya vs. Tamina could really go somewhere. Have Tamina’s & Natalya’s fathers come out and join in on the generation war.

  • Bethinho

    one more match,one more loss to Natalya……
    i wonder to who she´s gonna lose next week….

  • Jamesgangforever

    I just now watched the match. When it came on on Friday I didn’t even watch it, I turned the channel. The only thing that I wanted to see on SmackDown was the Daniel Bryan and Big Show match. Also, I am loving Tamina’s new theme music. A hell of alot better than her last theme song.

  • Cookie

    i love this match lot & really the divas are kinda getting more ring time i think 2012 will be good year for them. I don’t think they would drop D.o.D Story line like that,plus beth is back she was just in wrestling match last night with the bella twins vs Eve torres-house show.Or maybe they did.. Who knows I’m really starting to like Tamina & Natayla because of this feud.. What makes me the upset is that the wwe always make Tamina jobber that girl have skills just like her dad,& Why are the wwe making Natayla a jobber that girl have amazing skills in acting & the mic she’s really good respect.. it kinda make me sick how the wwe make the divas who have skills make them jobber.. :/ & When is layla going come back?? & are the chickbuster even still tag team i don’t know even know.. hopeful they will make katilyn heel & keep aj as face.. i kinda see aj as Melina/Mickie james/Michelle McCool person type. i see katilyn as good wrestler with more training she can be beth phoenix/Natayla/Tamina. They should make aj as heel later it’s way too early to make her early heel,i mean she barely even even have wrestling matches.. hopeful we see Aj vs maxine this monday.. it’s time to see some new faces or raw & smack down.. & when is wwe going make kelly kelly face i’m tired of seening her as face or eve!!

  • adifferentsame

    The video packages outlining each girl’s lineage was a classy touch. I also thought that compared to the norm of Diva matches, this felt like a much more physical if still as painfully short contest between Natalya and Tamina. A pity that they weren’t given a few more minutes to really crank up the drama.

    I do wonder who Natalya has rubbed the wrong way backstage, however. There’s no conceivable way that even the lumbering doofuses in creative can’t realise how badly her credibility is being run into the ground. They probably just don’t care.

    • Steve_x

      WWE also seems to be punishing Tyson Kidd. Could be a coincidence, but since Natalya & Tyson are dating in real life, i feel like it could be connected. Since people always blame Melina for John Morrison’s failed career.

      • adifferentsame

        Melina wasn’t to blame for John Morrison’s “failed” career (failed being a bad word choice because he didn’t leave the company as an underachiever in my mind). The problem with the pair of them, and this isn’t really a criticism, is that they were both ruled by their hearts. Passion doesn’t always express itself the proper way.

        • Steve_x

          True, I was just wondering if Natalya & Tyson are being punished, or WWE just doesn’t like them. I do agree with you about Melina not being responsible for Morrison’s career. It was disappointing the way Melina left, since she was always my favorite diva, but I do hope WWE end Natalya & Tyson’s losing streak soon, but to be honest i’m kinda expecting both to quit or be released.

        • adifferentsame

          I think it’s simply a case of bizarre logic: it’s like management think the more talented performers are better used to elevate those who aren’t so much. It’s frustrating more than anything because the way they exercise it is utterly unconvincing at the best of times, hence the lack of credibility across the entire roster. Mainstream wrestling really lacks old fashioned booking.

  • totallynecessary

    Im glad this feud is being reunited…. they worked well in the Usos/Tamina Debut… if the fathers are brought into the storyline it could go somewhere….


    This Natalya losing streak will eventually lead to a Divas Championship…. every Diva goes thru one…. Alicia Did until she beat Nattie

  • mojodoom

    I like that there is no clear cut face/heel in this match. They need to do more matches like that to spice it up a bit. It pains me to see Natalya always landing on the L bracket but I can understand why. A win from her(or Beth) can give the other girls instant credibility. Even non diva fans know what she can do in the ring so I don’t think her cred will ever suffer.

    • YeahBaby46

      How many times did Nattie job to Alicia? Alicia still isn’t seen as credible by anybody. Natalya got humiliated in that series of matches and I don’t know why the WWE went down that route.

      One job to Tamina doesn’t hurt but Natalya needs to get a win next week. Nattie’s credibility keeps taking a hit and the WWE just don’t care As always they are misusing their most talented diva.

      • mojodoom

        “Alicia still isn’t seen as credible by anybody. ”

        Says who, you? That’s your opinion but I’m sure there’s quite a number of people here and other wrestling web forums that would beg to differ. Would it have been better if the person who keeps getting pin in those kind of matches is Rosa? Someone who everyone knows is nothing but an eye candy. How would the girls benefit from that? Did you change your opinion about Natalya after she lost so many of her matches? If she steps in the ring with Kelly or the Bellas and the first thing that pops in your head is “oh there’s no way she can beat Kelly/Bella1/2???” then maybe it’s time worry. But for now i think they’re doing the right thing. Giving all the girls some credibility so when Kharma comes back there’s going to be more than two girls in the roster who she can do a program with.

        • YeahBaby46

          A lot of the stuff I have read about Alicia on the internet has been negative and doesn’t rate Alicia. Whilst she is getting too much hear for screwing up her finisher against Beth being booed out of the building is not seen as a ringing endorsement. Personally I liked Alicia as a heel but as a face she just doesn’t work.

          No my opinion hasn’t changed on Natalya but what about the opinion of someone who hasn’t seen her Indie work or follows the division. Nattie is being made to look very weak. If they booked the Natalya against ‘A lesser talent’ matches back and forth (I.E. Have Natalya actually win a few) it would have been fine but for whatever reason Natalya is losing every single match and to the neutral fan she is looking like a joke.

          She hasn’t won a singles match since August. Putting over talent is one thing (Randy Orton has been doing it a lot lately) jobbing out is another. Maybe the WWE are scared people will cheer when Nattie makes someone tap I don’t know but there is no reason to have Natalya lose every single match. (Except against poor AJ)

          Natalya deserves to be rewarded for this and I think she will be. I think Layla will take the title off Beth and hold it until Kharma gets back around May. Kharma will dominate for a short time before dropping the belt to Natalya. There will be no bigger rub possible than taking down the monster Kharma and it would be a nice way to reward Nattie who has done a lot for the company this past few months.

  • YeahBaby46

    So Nattie is jobbing to someone who never won a singles match previously now? I like Tamina and all but why does Natalya have to job to everyone? She is the best in-ring diva but is being treated like some two-bit local talent.

    Hopefully she gets rewarded for putting up with all of this with a lengthy strongly booked divas reign although it wouldn’t surprise me if she gets released soon.

  • Vak

    love nattie and tamina. glad that they are doing something right with tamina atm, and im also glad that rosa is getting a push, not the ring way but still we can see her on tv. :3

  • art

    i just dont get how tamina was down right away like she was out because of the time limit she had to play like she was hurt so quickly not saying it should have been nattie but these two would really have a fight not this match….

    tamina needs to taunt just walking & showing little emotion isnt going to do anything for her…