This Week in History: Chyna Defeats Two Men, Trish Wears a Bullseye, Victoria’s Last WWE Match & More

Welcome to Diva Dirt’s This Week in History, where each week we’ll take a look back at some of the most memorable moments in women’s wrestling from years gone by.

So, join us in taking a trip down memory lane…

January 18th, 1999 | Under most circumstances, a Handicap match pitting two men against one woman would seem like an unfair fight. But, when it’s Chyna taking on Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson, we think the scales are tipped in the other direction. Despite having two opponents to fend off, Chyna didn’t have too much trouble getting the job done, pinning both simultaneously while sitting on their backs.

What are your memories of this classic moment? Tell us in the comments…

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  • shameronstar

    I think Michelle McCool defeating Victoria in her last(wwe) match was also Michelle McCool coming into her own as a legit “wrestler” as well.

    • Valese

      It also made me legitimately hate McCool. Other than that, it was real sad to see Victoria lose like that.

      • Ryan

        I personally loved McCruel..mind you Michelle is probably the first and only person to have the right to go after Tara’s leg. Shes had that acl injury and no surgery ever so she just used the knee brace but NO ONE not even gail Kim or molly would go after her foot..(correct me if im wrong)
        But here shelle went after it

  • shameronstar

    January 17th is Trish’s Friday the 13th I guess. If Kane today could do that to Eve she would get over instantly(damn PG rating)!

    • Poison_Ivory

      Yea WWE is dead afraid of showing any violence against women ..

    • Goodvibes

      Eve cant bump like Trish, she’d probably land on her feet and roll backwards slowly, thats one thing that I feel is holding Eve back from being great in the ring, she never takes hard hits.

  • Williambitious

    Victoria/Tara is such an amazing wrestler and person overall. I love her & I hope she continues to wrestle for as long as she wants.

  • Ryan

    I remember Victoria choosing to not resign her contract with WWE>..true passing of the torch moment between Michelle n tara! Im also glad wwe let Tara be as stiff and ass kicking as she was in her last match!! She totally took it to Michelle! And Michelle took it full on! Proud of them both!

    Chyna beating the Two old dudes brisco n whatshisface was AWESOME MAN!!! =D
    Cool to see Sable too!! HUGE POP!!

  • Jhonmarco

    I love how Trish’s cockyness often got her in trouble :p & yes McCool pinning Tara was a big moment (despite Tara being a jobber at this point) because it got time & looked like a good, back & forth match. A passing the torch moment, despite what people say of Michelle she worked her ass off in the ring & this was a great moment.

  • javiousmckenzie

    Ughh i miss THAT Chyna she just had this swagger this confidence about herself the way she walked she posed she talked i would have loved a Kharma and Chyna feud and i like how they incorporated the Sable/Luna feud in with the match made the fans think Sable was coming to Chyna aid which we knew would never happen since they hated each other then lmao

  • Future Endeavoured

    At the time I was rooting for Patteron and Briscoe, when she got pushed over the rope I was like YEAH!

    Sorry, didn’t like Chyna haha, always rooted for her to get her ass beat! Nice to see Sable coming out there, although it was random she got a big pop

  • Goodvibes

    I LOVE these little weekly ‘gold nuggets’ from Diva Dirt, a definite reminder of why we love the Diva’s in the first place. Its insane to see where the division was and where its come and how its evolved!

    Anyone who doubted Sable’s star power just needs to listen to that THUNDEROUS pop she received, bigger than most male stars of today let alone divas.

    TRISH was a bumping machine, she literally killed herself every time she stepped foot in that ring, the girls of today need to take note! even if the matches are short they can still make them memorable.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    At the end of Michelle vs victoria, when michelle goes for the 1-2-3, in victorias ear McCool said “love you sis” michelle said it in an interview(:


    • Jhonmarco

      Aw! <3

    • TibarnEl

      I just watched it! That was so cute! :)

    • Ryan

      Rminds me of Stone Cold and the Rock at Mania 2003..I love

      Victoria and Michelle were the best

  • TibarnEl

    Didn’t matter that Victoria was a jobber. She made it look like she was still a huge threat every time, and I always took her seriously. One of the best heels in the business, I reckon.

  • _Bryan_

    no diva ever got crowd reactions like sable, chyna and (early) lita. take me back to the attitude era..