This Week in History: Chyna Makes Rumble History, Chicago Street Fight, Straight Edge Head Shaving & More

Welcome to Diva Dirt’s This Week in History, where each week we’ll take a look back at some of the most memorable moments in women’s wrestling from years gone by.

So, join us in taking a trip down memory lane…

January 24th, 1999 | At the 1999 Royal Rumble, Chyna made history as the first woman to compete in the annual match. Coming in at lucky number 30 (the last entrant), Chyna was in a prime position to win the match. Unfortunately, she spent a mere 35 seconds in the ring eliminating Mark Henry before being eliminated by Steve Austin. Hey, that’s 35 seconds longer than any woman before her! We’re just thinking of it in a “glass half full” kind of way..

What are your memories of this classic moment? Tell us in the comments…

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  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    So sad that talent like Serena , Katie Lea & Jillian were wasted !

    Ah ~_~ The Chicago Street Fight , The Glory Days Of The WWE Divas. I always wondered did wwe back then for the mens division too , incorporate crowd reactions into the show to seem as if the crowd is actually into it ?. Honestly it does not sound like they did , the crowd going into diva matches in the attidude era had to be real.

    Crowd reactions also changed over the years as much as wwe did.

    • perceval

      Yeah, the crowd reactions were genuine. That’s why the Women’s Division got such a high profile during the Golden Era.

  • Ryan

    WWF and WWE used to be so awesome in every aspect now its soooooo boring to watch >_<

    Chicago Street Fight awesome moment and marking pount into Wrestlemania 2003!! Trish is tough and brave as hell! Anyone who calls her underrated or doubts her must be really blinded because the woman can hang with ANY female AND male in the ring and get brutally beat up get back up and take it again! U rock Trish!!

  • Jhonmarco

    There is NO way Trish didn’t get some bruises & was legit beaten down after all those bumps she took in that chicago street fight. That girl had guts & yes, Serena had quite the debut. It’s a shame about her eventual release. She did at least do a lot in the few months she was on the main roster like being at wrestlemnia, being on smackdown consistently, managed Punk, Gallows, etc.

    • perceval

      Trish worked through some major pain through her career. The herniated disc she took time off for in the summer of 2005, she got during the summer of 2004. That’s also when she had the injury that gave her that missing knuckle.

  • shameronstar

    Trish definitely was one of the best sellers ever and I think that’s what helped make her one of the greatest besides her charisma and looks. I feel so sorry for Serena because she was one of the rare females they signed that had experience prior to wwe and than a year later she got fired. Seeing Chyna become a hallow cracked shell of her former shelf from this is probably the most depressing to me.

  • LadyGoDiva

    Seeing that Chicago Street Figh was brutal makes you realize how much you miss everything that we lost in the women’s division. Good matches, great feuds, having a crowds reactions to a divas match.

    • perceval

      Yep, you watch these Golden Era classics and you realize exactly what the Divas CAN be. And, it’s no coincidence that this was when the Divas were their most marketable.

  • Crazy_J

    It’s material like this that makes me annoyed that WWE acts like their diva’s can’t be put through a table, thrown off a ladder, even fans on here were reacting that way with the ladder match idea. I think if Lita can be thrown through tables, be involved in tlc matches, Victoria’s been through tables, Mae Young.. I believe Terri went through one as well which would be the equivalent of AJ going through one.(I’m going by body size not wrestling talent so don’t go there) The diva’s are grown women with strong and durable bodies and all of these historical matches prove that WWE is just holding the diva’s back. I think a lot of it has to do with that stupid pg rating. Sorry WWE not all of your fans are 10 years old.. even though some of us have watched since before then. GIVE US MORE MATCHES LIKE THESE!

  • xoxoRKOxoxo

    i hate that wwe had serena shave her and gave her one match and released her!!! she is damn good and didnt have the oppertunity to show it on national tv!!!

  • Litawasrobbed

    “colder than an ex-wife’s phone call, when the checks are late” LMAO!!!! Oh how I miss JR

  • Litawasrobbed

    Also, you all have to admit that Jazz was a beast in the ring! She wasn’t playing around with those ddts… and that is why I love her!

    • Ryan

      I wanna call Jazz the female Brock Lesnar! She took the womens division down so easily and made girls like Lita and Trih Molly Jackie n Ivory bring their A Game to A PLUS!!!
      Jazz = Ferocious!

      Love Jazz!

    • perceval

      Jazz was one of the great ones. Unfortunately, she kept getting injured at the worst possible times. That’s what ended both her Championship runs.

      Little bit of trivia: Both times she dropped the belt, it was to Toronto girls: Trish Stratus and Gail Kim.

      • Ryan

        Ya =D
        I know the first time it was due to ACL injury but do you know what the second time around was it also ACL?

  • pumped up kicks

    Just watching Jazz go is amazing!! I miss the golden era for the divas. Nothing was like it.

  • Goodvibes

    Jazz was a BEAST, she beat the holy hell out of Trish with no remorse at all.

    Trish was so damn dedicated its not funny, when you see girls today take half assed bumps and roll around the ring with no conviction it really sucks. YES the WWE restricts your moveset, but they don’t stop you from doing the basics or fundamentals right,

    Chyna is an ICON, its so sad to see where she is today, or at least know that the WWE will probably never acknowledge her again. She was a true pioneer and while Trish may be their ‘golden girl’ its really Chyna who got in the ring first and broke barriers for women,

  • Kessuki

    seeing serena get her head shaved just makes me remember how beautiful she is. one of the sexiest women to join the wwe. pity she was released before she made a impact on the womens division.

    i loved that moment when Chyna entered the royal rumble – i was so happy a woman finally took part in the Rumble. i miss her awesome-ness!

    The Chicago Street fight was brutal and jazz was such a bad-ass, she was the ‘Kharma/Beth Pheonix’ of that era – that fisherwoman suplex is one of my fave moves.

  • norisclouds

    Is no one going to mention the absolutely sick bumps Victoria took?


    Awesome street fight, I remember it well. Jazz is brutal. SOOOOOO brutal! I miss brutality in the WWE :((