The Diva Dirt Perfect 10: Week of January 15th, 2012

It’s back! The Diva Dirt Perfect 10 makes a return as we look at the movers and shakers of the Divas and Knockouts division this past week a la’s Power 25. Which femme fatales impressed on Raw, SmackDown, NXT, Superstars, Impact Wrestling and FCW? (Note: Pay per views will be counted the following week.)

Let’s find out…

#10. Vickie Guerrero

Last Week:

While she didn’t win a match or take part in any sort of diva related segment, Vickie Guerrero did manage Jack Swagger to United States title victory…and not only that, but she also gave us some hilarious entertainment on Friday Night Smackdown in a dance off against Brodus Clay.

That’s surely enough for a spot on the Perfect 10!

Continue on for #9…

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  • shameronstar

    Kelly Kelly and Madison Rayne should switch places because, 1) I be honest and say I like Madison a LOT more and 2) Madison’s performance was WAY better not to mention it was in a steel cage!

    • LayTorres

      We think alike my brother, nobody can disagree with the fact that Maddie’s performance was wayyyy better than Kelly’s.

      • Jamesgangforever

        I third that.Evan thought it doesn’t make sense.It’s like saying I second that but since I’m third,I third it. I definitely agree that even though Madison isn’t my favorite even though she is pretty funny she should be higher than Kelly. I’m Kelly’s win was nothing spectacular.The last time she made an appearance(I think)she was backstage with Big Show and she shows up and wins another short match.If that’s the case Alicia Fox should be on the list too.

  • LayTorres

    Are you freakin kidding me? Kelly Kelly ahead of Madison Rayne? What the heck has Kelly done huh? she competed in a 56 second match while Madison competed in a freakin steel cage!!! WOW this list is rigged!!! I am sooo mad now.

    • Bobby

      It’s only a random list I make haha no need to get worked up. I like Madison more than Kelly so I can’t really rig it xD just a difference of opinion

      • LayTorres

        oh, sorry about getting hyped up there. The rigging part was a slip of tongue kinda. I just kinda found it unfair for Kelly to be higher than Madison when Maddie worked really hard in the steel cage. Guess I gotta control my anger.Hardcore Madison fan , hehehe…….forgive and forget? : )

        • Bobby

          Sure, not a problemo at all =] Most of the time I put all the winners in the top spots and then go from there, and I can definitely see what everyone’s saying about Madison. I’ll change up my method of choosing for the future ones so maybe in some way this is all a good thing xD

  • art

    id take kelly right off the list..a one minute match & the much dreaded roll up of doom gets her that high??..
    even the bellas havent done much at all either…

    im glad taminas number two thou..she deserves it plus im liking her more & more…

  • Kessuki

    i know its a random list but would have been good to see odb on it, given her match with Winter.