SmackDown Watch: January 30, 2009

Hurrah! Looks like the Divas weren’t entirely left off last night’s SmackDown broadcast! Returning to SmackDown after being attacked by Stone Cold Michelle McCool three weeks ago, Eve found herself back in her role of backstage interviewer. However, things got interesting when Stone Cold Michelle McCool turned up to confront the Diva:


I was actually shocked to see Eve slap Michelle. But this whole segment was ruined when: A) After the slap, Eve didn’t just go crazy and try and beat Michelle and B) Michelle did nothing to retaliate and walked off. Kinda dumb.

Non-spoiler spoiler: We know that these two will compete in a match next week on SmackDown, so at least we got a little teaser to play off of. Jury’s out on whether Eve is half-decent in the ring, though.

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  • afca

    I Liked this backstage segment! i dont know why, the look on michelle mcmools face after the slap was like
    oooh you wanna play it that way, i’ll get you you little miss diva search! i like eve’s voice, i prefer
    listening to her then michelle however michelle has improved on her mic.skills

  • Luis-Angel

    eh it kinda went south after Eve slapped Mccool.
    i wanna see a CATFIGHT haha

  • luckyse7en

    I think catfight or no catfight, it’s still good enough to continue where they left off weeks ago.
    But after seeing the slap I somehow wanted some Melina/Beth-like backstage brawl from last year. :P

  • KiKi

    At least we know she has guts to slap her in the face.
    I liked it personally, it wasn’t a weak slap, it was like a shut up bitch slap!
    Then she got in a stance, she was ready to fight Michelle!
    Love Eve!