Gail Kim vs Tara Added to Against All Odds PPV & Next Week’s Impact from London

Former and current Knockouts Champions will face off at TNA’s Against All odds pay per view on February 12th as Gail Kim defends against Tara.

On last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling, Tara beat Mickie James and Velvet Sky for the opportunity to face Kim at the show.

The pair have a lot of history together stemming back to their days in WWE as well as in recent months in TNA, however, this is probably their biggest match yet as they’ve never had a singles match on pay per view.

If you cast your minds back to a few months ago, Tara was actually Gail’s first match back in TNA. Plus, Gail & Madison Rayne won the Knockouts Tag Titles from Tara and Brooke Tessmacher.

Thoughts: Anyone who has seen their past work knows that these two have great chemistry so put them in a pay per view match, hopefully with plenty of time, and we should get a great match.

[update]UPDATE: TNA has also announced that Gail and Tara will face off on next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling in a non-title preview match. The match will be taped tomorrow at Wembley Arena in London, England.[/update]

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  • skyliner and holler

    yes please tna let tara win!

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Tara! Tara! Tara! Tara! Hopefully 2/12/12 she will make it 5x K.C

    Their 1st singles match at a PPV and for a title I know they are going to bring the house down. They have awesome chemistry together , alot of history so this match is a must see for me. Go Tara! Once Again.

    Also Gail Kim far has the best knockouts title regin since Kong’s 2nd regin as champion. Im really enjoying Gail as champion & as a Heel ? Even better.

    • BillyGP

      It will be good but as good as Mickie vs Gail which was damn good

  • psykohurricane

    i’m quite surprise about this since knowing TNA, i thought for sure that this would have been a t.v. match, especially since the next 2 tapings before Against all odds are going to be in the U.K. But i guess since they know that nobody will buy or illegally stream this PPV anyway that they can have one PPV without Mickie James on it. But i’m still very happy about this anyway. I let just hope they have a clean match and that it’S not just another step in the mickie james/gail kim feud.

    • A.E

      actually both mickie and velvet scheduled to appear on ppv my guess is they might get involved indirectly into the match which i hope not because we need one on one match without outside interferences

      • Kaledrina

        it wouldn’t completely surprise me if mickie and velvet are the next tag champs.. they could even do that at the second UK impact taping, make it a big deal with it being abroad or whatever.

    • BillyGP

      go figure you dont want a over top face on the show.

  • Kaledrina

    my guess is tara will win at impact, looking strong (and making up femi-squash upon gail’s return) for the ppv, which she’ll lose at.

    bigger picture wise, I’d rather see tara regain the tag titles with brooke (madison can cheat and help gail at the ppv, reigniting the tag feud) and gail can go on to a couple month feud with traci, with traci winning the title for the first time, just in time for gail to take a break so she can have her wedding/honeymoon :)

  • A.E

    to be honest the London taping should have been different and have feeling since tna is very high on gail not to mention she never lost in single my guess is they gonna make gail win but hope not because tara should win to establish her as strong competitor for Sunday not to mention the last time those two had a match was one sided

  • TibarnEl

    Let’s go Tara! :D

  • Milo

    loved Victoria, I Love Tara… Yeah!!! This is the end of reign of Gail Kim.
    I want to see to Tara as new TNA women’s champion, yes! again. I hope that his reign will be successfull and long. She deserves it because she is one of the most complete female wrestler in all time.
    I would like in next feuds for the title, a hard core feud with Winter, and I hope to return to see in Impact wrestling to the great Alissa Flash. Would be awesome to see TNA champion vs. Shimmer champion .
    Let’s go Tara, 5 Times TNA KO’s Champion!!!

  • Williambitious

    Tara! Tara! Tara! I hope they do extremely well.

  • LayTorres

    My money is on Tara…….Tara will win……I can feel it!! If she doesnt, BULLSHIT!

  • jen07201

    I wish that Mickie and Velvet would become knockout tag team champions they would make the tag team division intresting again and the crowds love them both if they became tag champs this year it would be awesome.

    • Jamesgangforever

      I’m telling you Mickie will be holding the tag titles before this year is over with. I can just feel it.I could be wrong. Hope not. The crowd would definitely love them as tag champs.They already love them now.

  • Rhawk

    I honestly don’t see Tara winning this match, nor do I want to see it happen, unless by disqualification of course. I mean I don’t mind to see Tara in the title picture for a change, its different from constant Mickie or Velvet for sure, but having her win the title for what, a 4th/5th time? That I don’t want to see. If anything, I say leave Gail hold for a LOOONG while, give her like, say, another several months, build up the title’s prestige (cause we all know that damn hot potato needs it), and then drop it to an up and comer, after building up that up and comers of course for a few months. Say… Sarita? Rosita? Brooke even? Or maybe even a new knockout like, Taeler Hendrix from OVW fame (since TNA & OVW are linked these days), That would definetly be a good change of pace for the title picture, and is much needed for the division to get itself back on tracks once again.

  • misschrissi7

    Tara to win. Bored of the same gail vs KO, madison helps her to win routine at every PPV now.

  • shameronstar

    I want Gail Kim to be champion FOREVER!

    • LayTorres

      Omg! LOL! Beth Phoenix’s line!
      Maybe Gail should go, “I will be Knockout’s Champion, FOREVER!!”

  • Kessuki

    i love that promotional pic. Really hoping Tara wins for her 5th title but if its a loss i hope its due to a returning Sarita and not interference from madison. Which makes it a triple threat feud.

    By the way Tara is 6x womens champ so would be lovely for her to get that 7th and equalling Trish.

  • BillyGP

    Congrats Tara but still make no sense how the Mickie and Gail feud ended. So next week is Tara vs Gail Iwashoping Mickie and Velvet vs and beating Gail and Madison.

    • jen07201

      I think everyone is and we have new tag champs