Layla Training for WWE Ring Return, May Not Be Back in Time for WrestleMania

Layla and Sgt. Slaughter appear on NBC Miami.

Injured WWE Diva Layla has told NBC Miami that she is training for her in-ring return to WWE following an ACL and MCL tear last year, however, there is a chance that she may not be back by WrestleMania 28 on April 1st. The event is set to take place in her hometown of Miami.

Layla, who was injured in May last year, has been rehabbing and recently began wrestling training to prepare for her return. The former Women’s Champion didn’t reveal when she’d be returning to TV, but “hopes to return soon”, says NBC Miami.

The website adds, however: “There’s still a chance, however, that Layla may not be able to compete in the annual extravaganza”, referring to ‘Mania in Miami.

Additionally, the British star commented on her eventual return: “I’m going to bring excitement and entertainment, and I want people to want to watch the divas wrestle. And I’ll be back stronger than ever, and ready to take over the diva’s division.”

Thoughts: With an injury as serious as this, Layla shouldn’t come back too early just for the sake of it, but make sure she is fully healed and ready to return to the ring. In the past, WWE has rushed other Divas who’ve suffered ACL tears into returning sooner than they should have and it doesn’t help anyone. It would be sad if Layla missed ‘Mania in her hometown, but her being 100% healed is what is most important.

As always, our best wishes to Layla during her recovery.

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  • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

    Tbh i’d prefer to see Layla at 100% before she comes back, but she could always appear at Wrestlemania in a non-wrestling role :)

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    I read about this ! :( I miss Lay ! The selfish part of me wants her to return for wrestlemania challenege Beth Phoenix and win her Divas Championship on The Biggest Stage Of The Year In Her HomeTown ! BUT…I rather her recovery 100% than 85%….So take your time Layla…. :)

    • ballplayer10123

      I had this exact same injury ACL & MCL. I was about 80% at the juncture she is at. It was 18 months before I could play ball with nearly the same explosiveness. I would advise that she brace her knee during competition at all times. Also she should keep her leg muscles surrounding the knee as strong as possible to take stress off the knee joint (though from the look of her legs, i bet she’s got that on lock :)

      I certainly dont want her to rush her return, she should definitely give her self the extra month or two if need be. Initially, a non-wrestling role seems reasonable.

  • adifferentsame

    She could return at Wrestlemania, but just wouldn’t need to actually wrestle. Have her do something shocking.

  • Poison_Ivory

    I think she’s gonna pull of the Melina and appear at a backstage segment at ‘Mania.

  • Mr. AJ Lee

    She needs to b 110% when she comes back! I hope she doesn’t get rushed into returning to the ring. If she can’t wrestle at Mania. Let’s have her in a couple of back stage segment. Or maybe the guest ring announcer or time keeper for the divas match. Something that will give her her WRESTLEMANIA moment in her own Home Town.

  • ricky_says_hi

    i’m actually relieved she won’t be back too soon as i was worried they’d ignore Alicia’s push in favour of her but i guess there’s still hope for the girl. i think she’ll either return at WrestleMania or else be involved in some kind of backstage segment

    • art

      Alicias not even going to get a push or she would have by now had a ppv match against beth…

  • art

    she needs to be fully healed & trained better then ever…shes one of the few girls who came into wwe with no prior training & improved to a level that can hand with any girl on the roster….

    i hope if she cant wrestle at mania at least help who ever is going against beth by taking out Natalya ringside….

    • art

      the division has been on hold since lay got injured & kharma got pregnant so this year should pick up….

      • ballplayer10123

        True that….Let’s hope it does indeed pick up. Layla and Kharma should help the division immensely. Can’t wait, though I can when it is in the best interest of the performers.

        • art

          yeah i dont want either to come back not as trained as they should be or their bodies are ready for…

  • LadyGoDiva

    It kinda sucks that we might not see her wrestle at WM in her hometown. But its better to see her at her best when she returns.

  • bromero329

    if she isnt ready to wrestle, maybe they should have her ring announce the divas match???

  • Spike7000

    Do y’all seriously think they are going to push the division when Layla returns or the woman herself? I think it’s funny y’all are saying once the possibility of Beth vs Kharma at WM ”oh I don’t want it to happen, uh omg, etc.” I love Layla don’t get me wrong but she’s not going to get pushed nor win the title although very likely she’ll challenge Beth.

    In my opinion, WWE has been waiting for Kharma’s return and they know now that she’s back they have the person who will bring the attention back to the division. What are the chances that when Kharma dominates the division you people are going to complain about it?

    Kelly (to some extent), Eve, Alicia, even Layla are/were all pawns for WWE to keep them busy stalling time for Kharma’s return

    • art

      wwe went with kelly,the bellas because layla & kharma were gone they would have never got the title if both didnt go out….i bet wwe will be pushing her upon her return…

  • WweRules32

    I Can’t Wait For Layla’s Return And For Her To Be 100% Healed As She Has Been Missed From WWE For Tooooooooo Long

  • Cookie

    yes layla needs to be 100% i understand.. i miss her so much i miss ms.layla el </3. I hope she can return & be in match at wrestle mania.. But if she can't then she will return before exterme rules or over the limit.

  • DJ8946

    I Want Layla To Wrestle But If She Cant Have Her Do Something Like Host WM Or Dance With Her Girls Or Get Invovled With The Divas Match

    • shameronstar

      Wouldn’t dancing be risky to Layla’s health too?

      • art

        lays knee is fully healed its just the training for wrestling shes doing now…so she can dance but she doesn’t know if shes ring ready…

      • Raekon

        It depends on the moves and how far her knee can hold it but a normal dancing routine for like a minute or two should be ok.

  • Ryan

    Get better Layla! I want you at 100% and man! I would love you and Michelle to return! You two are unforgettable!! Love you Lay!

  • Joel

    She needs to be 100% before she returns. I don’t want Candice Michelle 2.0 (she was improving so much) :(

  • natalyagailfan2011

    I love & miss Layla. As much as I would like for her to face Beth Phoenix, and take the Divas title from her, she needs to come back 100% healed. I don’t want her to reaggravate her injuries by returning to soon.

  • Kessuki

    i would prefer a full recovery and go the whole rehabilitation process just to be on the safe side. its most frustrating when a sport athlete is rushed back soon and the injury flares up again which isnt good for anyone tbh. hopefully wwe will give her screentime in the back or a ringside role during the divas match.

  • Blonde Bombshell

    Long hair looks good on her.


    Maybe She’ll Be In Wrestlemania But May Be She May Dance With The Miami Heat Dancers For Old Times


    I guess this is good, in a way, that means it makes Kharma vs Beth have more of a chance of happening, or maybe Kharma vs Beth vs Nattie at wrestle mania, would be amazing

  • xXGeo910

    I’m in love with her hair. Anyway I would love to see her appear at Wrestlemania, but not wrestling maybe a minor appearance like Melina did back in Wrestlemania 26.

  • shannymac

    Even if she can’t wrestle, it would still be nice for her to play some role. Even if she just does a backstage segement, it would probably get a good reaction.

  • Mr.3D

    Just to see a staredown between Layla, and Beth Phoenix at Wrestlemania would be enough for me!!! But, I agree: she needs to be fully recovered when she returns.

  • Evan

    I wonder if the crowd will be behind her.. yeah she left as a face but I think Laycool is burned into most peoples memories.

  • Sitau

    i think the perfect return for layla would be to have her come back as a tweener have her attack whoever loses between kharma and beth then when its all smiles and celebration she turns and attacks the other girl making her main focus being champion again and since its kharma were talking bout maybe layla can attack with a chair or the title