MMA: Miesha Tate Addresses “Delusional” Ronda Rousey (Video)

Strikeforce’s Women’s Bantamweight Champion Miesha Tate had choice words for her March 3rd opponent, Ronda Rousey, while making an appearance on HDNet’s Inside MMA last night.

Tate called the judo expert and Olympic medalist “delusional” following comments Rousey has made on Twitter and in the press. reports the champion as telling the programme:

I don’t really listen to much of anything that Ronda says. I don’t watch her interviews. I get a little bit of that drift that comes through Twitter. When people say, ‘Oh, you know she said this, she said that.’ Half the time, I honestly think it just makes her sound like an idiot. I mean, that’s just being brutally honest. I think she’s pretty delusional. I have yet to see Ronda actually fight. I’ve seen her go out there and do her Judo and whatnot. But she hasn’t ever actually brought a fight and that’s what I’m gonna make her do…fight. Anything that she says is motivation, definitely.

Additionally, Tate addressed the fight, saying she felt fans were going to be entertained:

That’s why this fight makes for an interesting match up, because our strengths are in similar areas. We’re both really great on the ground. I have wrestling, she has judo. I also feel like I have the edge on the feet and the experience overall. I’ve been doing this a lot longer. I feel like I’ll be able to put it together better. When it comes to mixing everything and meshing it, it’s gonna make for an awesome fight. I think people are really gonna enjoy and be entertained.

Watch the clip below:

Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey will face off on March 3rd on Showtime at 10pm ET.

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  • Teri

    Talk is cheap. Make sure you’re coming into this with both of your arms fully numb if you expect to leave with your title.

  • Teri

    PS, am I the only one who would LOVE to see the likes of Eve and McCool take up MMA?

    • trishfan11

      Eve has some jiu-jitsu skills but I’m not sure how good her striking or wrestling is. Even her jiu-jitsu isn’t top notch compared to some of the women out there. She will definitely have some success since Women’s MMA is at a just developing at present.
      Michelle is very athletic but I don’t think that she has the skills. 2 years of MMA training could make her competitive.
      I would like to see Beth Phoenix take up MMA. She’s strong and I think she used to wrestle in high school. She needs to learn some striking and submission defense and if she can do those, I think she could be very successful. I always felt that Beth was the only woman out there that could give Cyborg a run for her money. Of course, now that Cyborg’s gotten busted for steroids, we know that she wasn’t natural to begin with.

      • T@KESH1

        on Eve, just because one is known to do some Jiu-jitsu or even is the girlfriend of a Gracie DOES NOT mean she’ll have ANY success in mma. It doesn’t even mean she’ll have success in a decent beginner grappling tourney! “Not top notch compared to some” is that supposed to be a logical assumption of her skills b/c noone knows how she is w/out her competing?!! Go to your nearest academy and there you will see women of whom you don’t even know if Eve is comparable with, and here you are talking about noted fighters?! Get it straight, as far as the competitive regard goes, Eve has some ‘Jiu-jitsu experience’ not skills!

        2 years for Michelle and she could be competitive?! Does she have a national or Olympic background in sport that we aren’t aware of? even freakin regional? Is this based on what you’ve seen in the wrestling ring?! What, also due to her marking out for mma (like her husband) at one period by doing a heel-hook as a finisher? Pls tell me it isn’t.

        Steroids news aside, the preposterous notion of simply adding “some striking and submission defense” to someone of Beth’s build along w/ the possibility of h.s wrestling experience is all it takes for you to not only predict an upper level of mma success, but also being competitive with THE top femma fighter?!! WTF?! Sorry, but you REALLY don’t know what you are talking about. Not even being sure about her h.s wrestling, (which she have accolade) and you were contending that?!! Take that factor away, and you could pretty much replace Beth with Kaitlyn! Btw, it doesn’t matter what one does w/ a bunch of other 15-17 year olds back in the late 90’s compared to women who: are trained specifically for the game and have experience let alone have noted success!

        If you disagree, pls do name some fighters and let’s find out just which Divas you’d postulate they’d find success with, cuz from what I can see, you’re displaying a level of ignorance just above kids who don’t know wrestling isn’t real. Sorry if this was a harsh read.