Raw Redux (February 6th, 2012): Tamina Locks Eyes with the Glamazon, Plus AJ & Eve’s Man Problems Continue

Welcome, everyone, to another chilling, thrilling Raw Redux!~ Unfortunately Cryssi’s work schedule has taken it’s blasted toll, and therefore, I am here to take over in what was a pretty interesting night for the ladies of Raw. We had a rematch from the Royal Rumble which saw Tamina, Kelly Kelly, Eve, and Alicia Fox take on Brie & Nikki Bella, Natalya, and our reigning Divas Champion, Beth Phoenix! Resident Pocket Rocket, AJ, also accompanied Daniel Bryan to the ring for his ten millionth match against the Big Show, and Eve closed the show in a haunting segment with Kane backstage.

Without any further ado, let us kick off this Raw Redux with some action.

We head to the ring, where Justin Roberts announces the following 8-Diva tag team match, and since there are only eight Divas that WWE regularly uses on TV programming, I think it’s safe to assume who is involved. Nonetheless, “She Looks Good to Me” starts up, and out walks Alicia Fox, Tamina, Kelly Kelly, and Eve! As the four Divas strut into the ring, we get a video recap of last week’s antics involving Kane, Eve, and John Cena before heading back to the classy tune of our Glamazon’s theme. Natalya and the Bellas step out to the ramp by her side, and together the four ladies hop into the squared circle as we get a nice video recap of Beth Phoenix saying there’s no competition for her. Could WWE truly be building to Beth vs. Kharma?!

The bell sounds, and hey, we’re already two minutes and thirty three seconds into this video which on any given night, is the time given to their entire segment. Progress is being made! Nonetheless, the bell sounds as Eve and Beth start things off for their teams. Eve goes for a headlock, but Beth sends her off the ropes and Eve beautifully glides off the Glamazon’s back. She goes for a kick, but Beth DRILLS her in the face with the soon-to-be infamous clothesline that has since possibly broken Eve’s nose. She goes for a cover, but Torres kicks out and Beth bodyslams her before viciously striking Brie Bella in the chest and ordering her to show the Glamazon what she can do in the ring. I have to say, I’m absolutely loving this new version of Beth where she bosses people around “her” ring!

Brie walks into the ring and drops Eve with a neckbreaker, before slamming her head into the canvas and asking Beth what she thinks about that?! Suddenly, we see Nikki Bella scream out, “BRIANNNAAAAA” like any good twin would do, as Brie turns around and gets dropped with a Samoan Drop by our Warrior Princess, Tamina. Nikki hilariously shrieks for Tamina to “leave her alone”, but Tamina refuses to listen and heads to the top rope. Nikki B starts to walk over towards her, but Kelly and Alicia Fox take her off the apron and to the floor. Tamina then proceeds to set up for it… and yes, Superfly Splash connects as Tamina picks up the win for her team. She and Beth then exchange glares towards one another, as the Glamazon seems pleased with Tamina…hmm.

Later on in the night following Chris Jericho’s victory in a six pack challenge, we begin to hear a loud female scream that I assume is a fan with a loud voice, until the camera suddenly cuts backstage to see that it is none other than Eve Torres! She cowers in fear, as Kane walks into her dressing room and proclaims that he can’t stand the hate pouring out of his soul. He continues that John Cena is beginning to embrace the hate, but that he’s not all the way there yet. Kane proclaims that when Cena embraces the hate, he will be in a better place but that if he doesn’t get there soon, he fears for Eve, Cena, or anyone that steps in his path. From there, Kane ends that for the first time in his life, he is afraid of himself! Eve cries in fear, as our horror movie saga comes to a brilliant end for this week.

Also, check out the phenomenal duo that is Daniel Bryan and AJ, as she joins him at ringside for his match against the Big Show:

Thoughts: Pretty unique show tonight. The 8-Diva tag was what it was, in that they still didn’t get a good amount of ring time, however I like that nobody got a commercial entrance. It’s also very intriguing to me that we got to see a recap of the WWE.com segment featuring Beth because we all know the website posts numerous segments involving the women that never translate to TV. I refuse to believe WWE is considering Kharma vs. Beth for ‘Mania because it’s always a let down in terms of booking. The only way I can see it happening is if the dreaded lumberjill stipulation makes its ungodly return, however, they really are building Beth up as this dominant force and I honestly love it. She’s becoming more entertaining to me because she is getting to show some character such as ordering the other females to impress her or get out of her ring. It’s planting the seeds for WrestleMania and I can not wait.

It also looks as if Tamina could be the challenger to Beth heading into the Elimination Chamber, which is pretty interesting considering I remember recapping her and JTG every week on NXT just a few months ago. It’s very weird seeing them actually utilize someone that’s not Kelly or Eve, and while Tamina isn’t everyone’s favorite, she’s one of mine because she is so unique in every way possible. I like that she isn’t cookie cutter, and yes, she’s not the greatest wrestler in the ring, but she and Natalya had a great outing on Superstars, therefore I have no doubt she and Beth could do the same on a pay per view. I’m assuming she is going to be used solely to bide time for Kharma’s complete return heading into ‘Mania, which is fine with me and it provides us with a fresh match that we have never seen before.

Eve’s segment with Kane was killer as well. I love that she is getting so much exposure on Raw with the top caliber stars, and tonight was the icing on the cake in that she actually got to close the show. You had Chris Jericho win a six pack challenge in the main event, and he is interrupted by a segment involving Eve… now that is phenomenal. (Note from Melanie: Backstage segments are pre-taped before the live show, so that’s why Eve looks fine here. The segment was recorded before her injury in the Divas match.)

AJ and Daniel Bryan work so well together too, it’s unbelievable. She plays the victim to a T, and he is the perfect person to work off of because he knows wrestling so well and is able to add in little quirks such as never saying he loves her back, and constantly persuading her to accompany him to the ring and use her to his advantage. I always wanted WWE to incorporate the females into male storylines, and judging from tonight, Eve and AJ are playing key roles on TV and I approve!

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    Am I the only one who thinks that Beth Phoenix looks weird smiling :S

    • joshmm3

      lmao no you’re not. Ive always thought her smile was a bit on the creepy side ;-)

      • Mariah_thediva

        Me three, but her real natural smile is actually cute….

  • LadyGoDiva

    I don’t like the way the crowd was during the divas match they didn’t cheer or boo which shows how poorly the women’s division.Thats sad.

  • mariah.

    I keep going back to the weird googly eyes Beth and Tamina were giving eachother. People were saying perhaps she was acknowledging her new competition, but to me the stare down looked more along the lines of “I really like this girl.” The look Natalya gave Beth at the same time, also supports that idea. The expression on Natalya’s face was like “What the hell is wrong with you?”

    • mariah.

      I’m curious to see where they are going with this. I don’t know, the stares just looked too friendly to me…

      • http://www.youtube.com/users/RingVixens Teri

        “…but to me the stare down looked more along the lines of “I really like this girl.””

        Hmm, I honestly didn’t even think of it that way. I’m kinda excited to see where they take this.

        • mariah.

          I am too. Either way they decide to spin this, this should be pretty interesting. I DEFINITELY don’t see Tamina taking the title off Beth, but I only see Tamina going up from here.

  • WWFoverWWE

    I’m actually really excited for their ttile match, but I doubt Tamina has much of a chance of winning the title. She would lack of challengers with her being babyface. It’s sad to say because Beth is such a boring champion, which is exactly what I predicted when she won the title.

    • mariah.

      We all know it’s hardly Beth’s fault though. She’s finally starting to get interesting now, however.

      • redsandman99

        Beth’s feuds with Kelly and Eve had the potential to be interesting, but WWE really did nothing to follow through with them. It was a shame really, considering her and Natalya’s heel turn made people so excited when they happened.

        • mariah.

          Exactly. It didn’t just hurt Beth in the long run, but also the other Divas. They could have done so much. Imagine if Kelly were to lose the title the first try at Summer Slam, she could have chased the title for months and had a really great feud and probably have been more over, but again, nothing was done. It always works better when the face is chasing the heel, so having Beth lose twice instantly killed any momentum the feud had.

    • perceval

      You can’t blame Beth for the crappy state of the Division. What having the belt on her DOES do is give the Divas a credible Champion that holds up well in comparison to the Knockouts Champion. Kelly Kelly as Divas Champion compared to Gail Kim as Knockouts Champion automatically means the butterfly belt lacks credibility as a Women’s Championship. With Beth, though, the Divas have a Champion every bit as credible as the Knockouts.

      Beth winning the title may have had something to do with why Velvet’s reign as Knockouts Champion was so short. Notice she lost the belt in the first TNA PPV after Beth won the butterfly. Overnight, the Divas had the more credible Champion.

      Agreed that Tamina isn’t winning the title, yet. This, I think, will be like the Trish-Melina feud that climaxed at Survivor Series 2005. Melina didn’t win, but the match moved her up the ladder, changed her from rookie and valet to major contender in the Women’s Division, playing with the big girls. Tamina won’t win, but this will elevate her.

      • WWFoverWWE

        To be fair, all of Beth’s title reigns have been boring aside from her first womens title. She simply brings little excitement with being champion in my opinion.

        • http://twitter.com/cookiewwediva Cookie

          agree beth phoenix is boring champion we need new champion..now!! & ugh beth botched move it’s nice how no one saying it but when alicia fox got bump on her head.. Omfg it was the end of world.. wow eve has broken nose thanks beth

        • mariah.

          ^ Just because some people were immature in regards to Alicia hurting Beth, doesn’t mean you need to do the exact same and blame Beth for Eve’s injury.

        • RayneWoman

          Nobody is at fault in Eve’s injury. Accidents happen in wrestling. Beth never botched, if you pay attention closely.
          @WWEFORVERWWE Beth’s first women’s title reign and her 2008 women’s title reign was really good. She was dominant and she got to do a lot. Beths 3rd reign sucked. She didnt get enough time and she got injured.
          A lot of people keep saying Beth is boring. What should Beth do then to make her not boring? To me, she is unique. She is the real deal. I am proud to say that I am a Beth fan. She was booked as boring champion last year. If given chance, she can do tons of awesome stuff. Her matches with Mickie, Michelle, Layla, and Melina always entertained me. And @MARIAH is right. Blaming anyone for an injury is just immature. Accidents are happening daily in wrestling. R-Truth just got a concussion from a failed sprinboard sault. Orton busted Cody open in the head and made him bleed. In TNA, Sting recently just got injured.

        • RayneWoman

          ^All IMO. I respect everyone’s opinions.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/bxshadow23?feature=mhum EveLover

    11 minutes of diva time. Yes, it wasn’t all divas action BUT thats pretty good tbh. And thats what Im starting to enjoy about Raw&SD. We get those minute & less matches but we get some storyline progression and we get backstage segments also. I want longer matches, but I’ll take this.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Im for one am xcited for Tamina ! Im a fan of hers , I liked her attidude since she debuted with the USO’s and I knew her time woud come sometime down the line. She is still green but she had a excellent match with Natalya , and I know if she gets a shot at Beth it will be just as good.

  • redsandman99

    Given how much filler there was last night, I don’t see any good excuse as to why the match was so short. Yes there was a tad bit more time than the past week or two but still, they could have easily cut one of their repetitive promo packages and given that time to the girls.

    With that said, I thought Beth was looking strong here as was Tamina. I like Beth’s whole “this is MY ring” attitude and how it clashes with her tag team partners. Tamina, while not the best wrestler by any means, would make for an interesting match IMO, even if it’s just because it’s different. Beth’s been fighting the “models” for quite some time now so I would like to see the match with Tamina happen, at Elimination Chamber where they would get more time than on Raw and Smackdown.

  • MrJCena


  • http://www.youtube.com/users/RingVixens Teri

    1) I admit, I cringed when the divas came out and realized we were going to be “treated” to yet another 100 diva tag match, but I can genuinely say that I enjoyed what we got lastnight.

    2) I personally didn’t see Beth vs Tamina coming – I was under the impression that Tamina would continue feuding with Natalya on SD. Oh well, I ain’t complainin’.

    3) I just realized how awful the rounded, violet border in Eve’s entrance video looks against her red/white entrance color scheme. Are the art directors really that lazy? It looks fucking awful.

    4) It’s a shame Eve got her nose busted open, but shit happens.

    5) LMAOOOO @ the shot of the crowd after Tamina picked up the win

    • http://www.youtube.com/users/RingVixens Teri

      oh and

      6) Eve should have smudged her eyeliner + mascara prior to doing that backstage segment with Kane

    • mariah.

      Numbers 3 & 5 made me die, especially #5. That shot really is fucking hilarious! It will never get old :P

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/bxshadow23?feature=mhum EveLover

      LMFAOOOOOO !!!!!!!!! Teri, the shot of the crowd made me die too! & Yess, those purple borders are just a no no. They should’ve just had it with out the borders.

  • mariah.

    And the fact that WWE is pushing one of their non-typical divas against another one, shows small signs of a changing of the guard.

  • Jhonmarco

    Loving this AJ and Daniel pairing, they were meant for each other! Looking foward to Tamina/Beth, should be a good match.

  • Jhonmarco

    And what a pop for Tamina’s win! lolololol, and get well soon Eve.

    • eveandtrish

      Espically when they put the camera on the cowd! lol. The crowd was just sitting down, but if it were Kelly they would have been up on there feet!

      • eveandtrish


      • Jhonmarco

        LMAO yes! I’m not sure why they even showed the crowd, they looked bored as fuck.

  • DaWayne999

    I really think most of the crowd on the faces side tuned out of the match when they seen eve get out of the ring and kelly and alica went to check on her. Thats kinda where I got lost like where the hell is eve? But it dawned something was wrong when she stayed down on the floor. I just hope thats it is not something serious, cause if it is I think it will be safe to say that kharma and beth wont happen at wrestlemania. Think about it, eve is involved in one of 2 main events on raw. She really is a key player in the kane and cena fued. If the wwe had to alter their plans because beth accidently injured eve, I could really see vince going insane that his precious john cena fued had to be altered. But it seems like her broken nose is not as serious. So im sure she will still be relevent on raw.

    • revivingophelia

      I think you have a point there about the crowd on the face side of the match. If you look, you can see several people in the front row standing up and looking down and then to the ramp area after Eve tagged out, probably watching as Eve was on the floor at ringside (probably with officials that had run out to check on her) then being led to the back. Alicia also clearly went to check on her as well. The fans knew Eve was hurt and were more intent on her than they were the match after that.

  • http://twitter.com/Ko3di Koedi

    Looks like eve didn’t take a clothesline but a straight right hand to the face. ]= Hope she is going to be well! And I never was a Tamina fan until she turned Face. lol It’s usually the other way around for me.

    Wonder how long before AJ wises up and sides with big show? seems so obvious thats how its gonna go. Bryan to drop the belt to show then AJ opens her eyes and sides with show then AJ turns on big show (turning heel) and helps Bryan get his title back! hehe

  • Bethinho

    after the match Tamina said in a interview backstage that if Beth was looking for competiton,here she was right there….which collides with the looks that both exchanged,even if they can mean anything.
    a chance would be in a Beth vs Tamina match,Natalya tries to help Beth but ends up costing her the match,making Tamina winning by DQ,then both of them beatdown Natalya.
    anyway it seems that Tamina impressed Beth,either to be a opponent or a future ally.

    • RayneWoman

      Exactly, Beth would have given Tamina scared looks because Tamina is after her title. But instead, she was smiling……I wonder why?

    • mariah.

      I totally agree! That would be really interesting if your scenario happened. Regardless, there has to be something up.

      • YeahBaby46

        I recall when Kelly was Champion she went up the ramp after a match versus Beth smiling the week before Night of Champions. Kelly retained there so maybe Beth was smiling because she knows Tamina can’t beat her.

        Without breaking kayfabe the smile might lead to a double turn involving Natalya and Tamina. Dirtsheets suggest that the Smackdown backstage Nattie segments are to get her over and they won’t get her over as a heel.

        But if Kharma versus Beth is happening at Mania then is a month really enough time to build what appears to be a filler feud.

  • RayneWoman

    I , for one, am very excited for Tamina vs Beth at EC. Along with the clothesline, the tag to the boobies of Brie or Nikki was OUCH!! I am sure Eve will be okay next Monday, she might appear backstage. I wish her speedy recovery. But I also dont want any damage to Beth’s push because of this. All of the build up excitement would just go down the drain. And has anybody noticed, Kelly has become pretty irrelevant since the start of 2012. She is slowly becoming the 2007-08 supporting role K2, IMO.

  • http://www.twitter.com/@ej29simpson ej29simpson

    i looked at this as beth replacing tamina with natalya…call me crazy but did anyone else see that natalya was looking at beth as in girl why are you smiling at her….i thought that beth was thinking..i really get this girl shes winning and natalyas losing…i just hope WWE surprises us in a good way with this idea…*crossing fingers*

    • YeahBaby46

      Only way I can see that happening is if Kharma dor whatever reason can’t go for Wrestlemania and they are having Beth vs Natalya after all. Even then we’ll probably get some random tag match instead. The WWE has been really going out of their way to humiliate Nattie lately.

      For Tamina’s sake she should stay face. As a heel she was just there whilst she gets some reaction as a face. If Beth replaces Natalya with Tamina the Samoan will essentially be doing what Natalya is now and taking losses for Beth against the face divas. At best joining Beth would cause Tamina to be essentially the female Ezekiel Jackson.

      Heel divas do a lot of jobbing unless they are Champion so going back heel will do Tamina no favours.

  • Mr. Asstastic

    I’m honestly just so distraught that Brodus, Cameron and Naomi weren’t on last night. I need my funkalicious fix.

  • AliciaLaylaLover

    I see : Beth leaves Natalya and joins Tamina.
    Beth and Tamina form the new D.O.D, after, Natalya deafeat Beth Phoenix and win the Divas Championship.

    • TheGamergirl22

      Then Kharma destroys them both, I just they don’t give Nattie a short reign like they did with Christian, that’s another Hart Screwjob.

  • YeahBaby46

    Strange that all the face divas matched aside from Tamina. Nattie’s Hart Pink attire looked great although it looked more like something you’d see on a face diva.

    Match was what it was. Strange that none of the heels went to break up the pin as such a thing normally happens in these type of matches.

    A mass match suggests we may not get a match on Smackdown. I’m not too fussed what it is as long as it gets a reasonable amount of time.

    • alliecatdiva

      Yeah I thought that too. I was expecting Natalya (because of her feud with Tamina) or Nikki Bella to jump in. I feel like they were trying to end the match quickly because of what happened with Eve…

      BTW, did anyone notice how Brie Bella lifted her head to look at Tamina? I thought we were going to see some Twin Magic.

  • French.One

    So, after rewatching the replay, that was a really sloppy clothesline from Beth.

  • shaky209

    I don’t think Beth is worried about Tamina beating her for the Diva’s title.I think you all have some great ideas.Tamina has still got a lot to learn.I could see Tamina somehow join Beth and learn from one of the best inring sellers in the business Beth Phoenix.Tamina is going to find out just like Mickie James .layla Michelle and some others that in the ring Beth is very tough and can take it as well as dish it out.What I’d like to see is the Samoan Drop and then when she goes to pin Beth does a kickout at 2 like Tamina is going to take more then that to put me aways and Take My Diva’s titel. But most of you seem to have the idea that Beth sees something in Tamina that others don’t see. NO I don’t think Tamina can take the Diva’s title off of Beth but maybe just maybe they can have some great matches .And you know Beth has got to be just itching to get in the ring with Tamina and put on a show. And see Tamina taste the GlamSlam first hand.

  • WWFoverWWE

    Anyone know why Brodus clay didn’t appear on Raw or even this past Smackdown?

    • Mikas

      I dont think he has a match on the ppv, and right now they are mostly building towards the ppv. Anything else is suddenly irrelevant for them.

      But it’s good to keep him off tv for a week, else we get the usual “he has been doing his act for 3 weeks and its already getting boring” crap.

      • WWFoverWWE

        Thanks that makes sense.

    • revivingophelia

      I think I remember reading in the original SD spoilers that he appeared, but the match was cut from the show for some reason. I don’t think I’ve seen anything saying why it was done.

      • redsandman99

        I read he wrestled in the dark match before the show.

  • shaky209

    As for KellyKelly she’s been off of TV for legal problems concerning her habit of running red lights and now has had to go to Court order driving school.Something that WWE takes very seriously.and I went and took a second look at that Clothesline by Beth .Problem was not that Beth did anything wrong.But Eve wasn’t standing straight up when she took a hard shot by Beth Phoenix. And was caught off guard and got to really feel Beth’s power.I had recorded the Raw 2/6/12 on DVD so I examined it a a few times.

    • RayneWoman

      ohhhhhh….so that’s why we haven’t seen that much of K2 recently.

  • KellyEve

    Tamina wont win if she gets a title shot, First cause she is a rookie and stills a bot green of the ring, second: beth is suppose to feud with Kharma, Natalya or Layla, and third i dont think it so, but i could see in late 2013, Tamina to be the Top face or heel in the divas division, if its still

    • TheGamergirl22

      I think her push should happen this year isn’t she like 34.