Speaking to MMAFighting.com’s Ariel Helwani, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey admitted to playing mind games with Bantamweight Champion Miesha Tate during their recent press tour and ahead of their headline fight on March 3rd.

Speaking to Helwani, Rousey said: “I try to look at her all the time and she’s always avoiding eye contact with me. Whenever she has her eyes down, when I’m looking at her in the eye, that inevitably has to affect you.

Addressing Tate’s comments that she is a “one trick pony”, Rousey added: “I think it’s funny that she says that. It’s really because she has no footage to study. She hasn’t seen what I can do. She’s only seen one of my tricks and what she doesn’t realize is that, with a lot of those matches, I did a different takedown almost every single time and I did a different entry into the armbar from a different position every single time. It may look “one trick” to somebody else, but there’s a lot of knowledge and training that goes into being able to [do that]. If you only see the finish and you’re not seeing the whole thing — and I think her [Miesha] saying that speaks to what she doesn’t know.”

MMA: Miesha Tate Addresses “Delusional” Ronda Rousey (Video)

Rousey also talked about her new found fame, including appearances on shows such as G4’s Attack of the Show, which shows crossover appeal. She said: “When I come to these events, I feel like I’m well known within a group of people — within MMA fans — but in general, I’m not a celebrity, I don’t walk around and get recognized all day long. […] In general, I don’t think that much has changed. I train all day, I sleep all night. I try to do interviews when I can. When I come here [press conferences], I get to feel all pretty and important, but then I go home and everyone’s like, ‘Stop thinking you’re pretty and important!’ […] Everyone keeps me in check.”

Rousey also addressed suspended fighter Cris Cyborg’s comments and more in the interview. Watch it in full below:

Source: MMAFighting.com

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