Ronda Rousey: Cris Cyborg a ‘Detriment’ to Women’s MMA, Not a Good Example for Kids

MMA star “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey continues to be an outspoken figure in interviews, and in her latest talk with’s Savage Dog Show, the top challenger for the Strikeforce Bantamweight Women’s Championship is going after recently suspended fighter, Cristiane Santos aka Cris Cyborg.

Cyborg was suspended last month and stripped of her Featherweight Championship after testing positive for an anabolic steroid prior to her title defense against Hiroko Yamanaka on December 17th. Cyborg has had her license suspended for one year.

Speaking of Cyborg’s plight, Rousey offers no sympathy, saying: “I think she was a detriment to women’s MMA. I think that no little girl is going to watch Cris Cyborg fight and want to be like her one day. I don’t think that she’s a good example. I think it was obvious all along that she was doping and I think it’s a really bad message to send to kids that you need to dope to be a champion.”

“I think it’s better with her gone and I think that when she comes back — I plan on fighting her when she comes back and I plan on beating her when she comes back. I feel like that will be a good example. The only positive role that I think Cris Cyborg can play for women’s MMA is as a bad guy Ivan Drago character that’s going to get beat by a Rocky. … She earned her sentence, and when she’s done, she can come back and get her real punishment.”

Rousey also discusses the current state of women’s MMA and the pressure on the women compared to the male fighters. Read more here.

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  • koshiro

    Leave Cris alone!!!
    I hope she kicks Ronda’s ass when she returns u.u

    • T@KESH1

      Ha ha leave Cris alone! If the steroids somehow didn’t expose her true nature how about her posting edited pics of a just defeated Gina Carano in order to intimidate Rousey. And Gina was one of her supporters through the scandal! You gonna ignore that?

  • NicholasAIken

    I’m loving the fact that Ronda is making an impact so far in WMMA! I am just getting into it but so far she is definitely getting my attention. She has a certain heel like attitude towards the other preformers and I’m so excited to see what she is capable of doing in the cage :)

  • Mikas

    And all of a sudden everyone is brave enough to face Cyborg in the ring. Where were all these people 1 year ago when Cyborg couldn’t find anyone with the guts to face her?

    • Dorothy Gables

      haha i know right?

      • trishfan11

        I think some of us are missing the big point here. Cyborg cheated. She looked so dominant because she was on the juice. If you look at Cyborg’s fights, she has a lot of holes in her game. But since she was physically stronger than all of her opponents, she would just outmuscle them and hit them hard and knock them out. She beat Gina Carano because she was stronger than her and I believe, caused Gina to retire. Gina could have been the face of women’s MMA for a long time but Cyborg forced her to rethink her fight career. I think that is a loss to women’s MMA. I do give credit for Cyborg having some skills and fighting but her achievements will have an asterisk against them. Ronda, although she seems to talk bit too much, speaks her mind and, for the most part, says things as she sees them, which is refreshing.

        • T@KESH1

          ^ This!

          Cyborg ain’t Jon Jones, or a prime Anderson Silva or Fedor. She takes hits to land hers.

          -Gina lazered a clean mounted punch to the chin that turned Cyborg’s head; it would’ve KO’d or stunned anyone else.
          -In between round replay showed Marloes Coenen landing her shot 1st only for Cyborg’s thrown counter to still have near full effect.
          -Jan Finney could’ve had a 5 second KO against Cyborg if she hit w/ similiar strength!

        • trishfan11

          Exactly. Cyborg does have some technique but it is quite sloppy. Gina had her mounted in their fight but she stood up because she was afraid that Cyborg, with her strength, would sweep her and she’d end up under her. Ronda doesn’t have the striking, at least at present, to be in there with Cyborg. But she could do damage with her judo, if Cyborg isn’t juicing.

    • T@KESH1

      maybe they were somewhere worried that she was juicing? How silly of them!