Glamour Girl Judy Martin to be Honored at CAC Reunion

The Cauliflower Alley Club has announced that it will honor former Glamour Girl and WWF Women’s Tag Team Champion, Judy Martin, with its Women’s Honoree Award at the 2012 CAC Reunion.

Martin was trained by the likes of The Fabulous Moolah, Joyce Grable and her future tag team partner, Leilani Kai.

Judy held the WWF Tag Team Championships along with Leilani Kai, collectively known as the Glamour Girls, on two occasions. They first won the belts in August 1985, losing them three years later to the Jumping Bomb Angels in January 1988 at the first ever Royal Rumble pay per view. The Glamour Girls would regain the championships, however, just six months later in June. The titles were later dropped by WWF in 1989 with Judy and Leilani being recognized as the last champions.

She also competed for the WWF Women’s Championship, challenging champions Wendi Richter and Rockin’ Robbin. Martin challenged the latter for the title at the 1989 Royal Rumble.

Outside of WWF, Judy has worked for WCW, Ladies Professional Wrestling Association (LPWA), New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and the NWA.

Other female honorees at the 2012 CAC Reunion include Wendi Richter, who will receive the Lou Thesz Lifetime Achievement Award, and former WWE Diva Ivory, who will receive the 2012 Women’s Wrestling Award.

Read more about Judy’s career and her award win here.

The 2012 CAC Reunion takes place from April 16-18th in Las Vegas. More details and tickets here.

Congratulations to Judy!

Watch Judy Martin vs Rockin’ Robbin at Royal Rumble 1989:

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  • defineinsanity

    Good for her. I like to see former wrestling females to be honoured in any way. Shame there isn’t more women being inducted into the WWE’s Hall of Fame.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    good for Judy, loved watching old clips of her in the WWF,

    and it really sucks that WWE isnt putting any divas into the Hall of Fame this year :(

    • No Holds Barred

      maybe they haven’t announced them all yet? It would be sad if they didn’t honour any women this year!

  • Sherri Martel Fan

    Judy was one of the best. I can’t believe sunny made it to the hall of fame before women like Judy, Leilani Kai, Velvet McIntyre, Luna Vachon ect..

    • Raekon

      Loved all of the ones you named together with the bombing angels and many others. :)

      All great female wrestlers I miss a lot.

      • Sherri Martel Fan

        I loved the bomb angels too :) There are so many WWE can choose from. Miss Elizabeth, Madusa, Bull Nakano. I really think it’s too early for Trish Stratus to be inducted. But i got a feeling she will be the next woman inducted.

        • No Holds Barred

          I don’t get how it’s “too early” for someone to be inducted, if they made a big enough impact in the company they should be in the HOF, Edge retired last year and is in it this year.

          Many said it was “too early” for Randy Savage and now look what has happened, rest his soul!

        • Marshy

          There are so many Women to choose from who have wrestle in WWF now known as WWE.Even Rockin Robin should be inducted in the Hall Of Fame.

  • Raekon

    Cool Stuff! :D
    Totally happy for her! Loved the glamour girls back then and their tag team championships.

  • No Holds Barred

    So many women being inducted this year! :D

    & everyone vote for Ann Brookstone for Future legend award on the CAC website

  • Jamal

    Awesome news! Judy is a fantastic wrestler and the Glamour Girls were one of the best tag teams period. So happy for her.