Listen Live: Diva Dirt Live (February 12th) – Against All Odds, Your Calls & More

Tune in to Diva Dirt Live, the flagship radio show from Diva Dirt, as we discuss the latest news, television matches/segments and more in the world of women’s wrestling. We encourage you to call in too with any comments or questions.

Diva Dirt Live will air at impromptu times a few times a week. New live shows will be announced on the day, so keep up to date with DD on Twitter and Facebook to find out when we’re next live as we’ll send out blasts to let everyone know.

TONIGHT: Join Melanie and Steven as we analyze tonight’s Against All Odds pay per view match between Gail Kim and Tara, discuss the latest news & take your calls.

Give us a call on 347-989-8156.

The show begins at 10.30pm ET (9.30pm CT, 7.30pm PT, 3.30am UK).

- Alternatively, listen here.

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  • Kaledrina

    i think the madison/gail tension has been ongoing since gail first showed up :)

    there were subtle bits back when karen was around, how madison was mostly ignored, as well as during the mickie/madison cage match, gail abandoned madison at ringside because ‘she had to go make a phonecall’ lol, gail also dismissed madison backstage during the gail/mickie james brawl.. plus madison costing gail the match the other week.. so yeah, it’s definitely been building, just very subtly !

  • jim462

    I am so happy to see DDL back like this :-)