Exclusive: Jessicka Havok Speaks on Real Life Heat with Mercedes Martinez, Insists it’s Not a Work

What started out as a storyline feud has become a personal rivalry, it seems, between WSU’s Mercedes Martinez and Jessicka Havok.

The pair, who are set to duke it out in a “Title vs Title Match” for the WSU Spirit and WSU World Championships at the company’s 5th Anniversary Show on Internet pay per view March 3rd, have been caught up in storm via social networking site Twitter this week after Havok’s WSU teammate and real life best friend, Allysin Kay, vented about backstage “politics” late Tuesday night.

WSU Drama: Allysin Kay Posts Twitter Rant on Mercedes Martinez

Kay’s tweets have since been deleted (we’re told this was at the request of WSU management), but as with most things on the Internet: once it’s out there, there’s no trying to hide it. Several readers sent the tweets in question, which reference said “politics” in the lead-up to Havok vs Martinez on March 3rd, to Diva Dirt’s tip line.

Kay tweeted: “It’s funny to see so-called vets legitimately threatened by rising talent, & I’m not talking about myself. Be mad at yourself & no one else.”

“Some ppl need to get over themselves. Anyone who thinks Jessicka doesnt deserve the spot she has is too far up their own ass to see straight.”

“Jessicka deserves everything she has & more. She deserves to be WSU Champion, fuck what Mercedes thinks.”

Both Mercedes Martinez and Allysin Kay opted not to comment on our earlier story when reached yesterday — Martinez cited that she’s a private person, while Kay told us that she had said all she had to say in her Twitter posts — however, the third woman in this story, Jessicka Havok, did open up to Diva Dirt last night.

Speaking frankly and out of character to Diva Dirt in a phone call, Havok admitted that there have been backstage issues between herself and Mercedes — and insisted that it is not a work to sell their Internet pay per view bout on March 3rd. J-Hav told us on the phone that the tweets were “100% real”.

Following up on the tips we received about Kay’s tweets, we contacted the players at the heart of the story yesterday — Martinez, Kay, Havok and WSU promoter Sean McCaffrey — and all four agreed that there was no point trying to sweep things under the rug in light of the tweets now being public domain despite being deleted. It’s a pretty smart move, too, given that there is still an Internet pay per view to sell and the personal animosity outside of the ring, as well as the long-built storyline (and let’s face it, we’re all still shocked by machete-gate), could offer more incentive for fans to tune in.

Of course, fans are going to be skeptical, but it’s worth noting that when reached for comment by Diva Dirt yesterday regarding Kay’s tweets, there was an initial hesitation from all parties, leading us to believe that the drama is genuine. (If it is a work, Diva Dirt is certainly not in on it.) Additionally, one must question whether Kay would’ve deleted her tweets, or if she and Mercedes would’ve declined comment, if it were all part of the plan. If it were, surely they’d try to milk the situation? Furthermore, following the deletion of the tweets, the parties involved that use Twitter — Kay, Havok and WSU — have been rather silent on the issue, save for a few cryptic tweets, which goes against the fundamental attributes of pushing an angle, such as talking about it and drawing attention.

“I can go and preach that this isn’t an angle. Fans are going to believe what they want. No matter what, they’re gonna be like, ‘Oh whatever, that’s a work’ or ‘That’s an angle. They’re just trying to build heat’,” Havok said. “To anyone who doesn’t believe that this is real, I don’t know how much more real it can get.”

Discussing Allysin Kay’s Twitter blast on Tuesday night, Havok says that Allysin is her best friend, and like best friends, they share problems — but J-Hav wasn’t aware that Kay had taken to Twitter. “She’s my best friend in this business. When I have a problem or I need to vent about something, just like you would to your best friend, you’re gonna talk. I wasn’t aware she was going to put these things on Twitter, but that being said, I’m not sorry that she did.”

“I was pretty surprised that she posted those things on Twitter, but at the same time, freedom of speech. I’m not mad at her.”

While Kay’s tweets may have been the boiling point, bringing the backstage drama into the public sphere, it seems things have been percolating on and off screen between Mercedes and Havok. “Obviously, we’re not seeing eye to eye,” says the WSU Spirit Champion. “In my opinion, I’ve been very loyal to WSU, [and] I know she has been too — she’s been there longer, she’s the backbone and that’s fine — but I’ve sacrificed entire weekends, hours of my life [for WSU],” she adds before telling a story of how she and Hailey Hatred were once in a car accident traveling to a WSU show but still made it to the event and wrestled. “That’s the kind of dedication I have to WSU and to wrestling. For someone to shit over that and say I’m not worthy, it just doesn’t fly with me. It hurts my feelings because I do actually respect her. That’s how things are with politics in wrestling, you hear shit through the grapevine.”

When asked about Kay’s tweet (“She deserves to be WSU Champion, fuck what Mercedes thinks”) which seemingly alludes to the three-year strong WSU World Champion feeling Havok shouldn’t be World Champion come March 3rd, the top contender says: “It hurts me feelings. My goal in my wrestling career… I used to want to be in WWE. I still think WWE is great if you want to go and make money and stuff. [...] My goal now is to go where women’s wrestling matters, and in my opinion, that’s WSU and I’m not just saying that because they’ve given me awesome matches, awesome opportunities to prove myself. I feel like I’ve proven that I am a professional wrestler, I don’t think it’s fair for her to say I’m not worthy or I don’t belong. [...] This is something I’ve been working towards.”

“For someone who I used to have respect for to say something like that is just… there’s no words. No words to describe how angry and hurt that makes me feel.”

Injury heat

“That’s where a lot of [the heat] stems,” confirms J-Hav regarding Diva Dirt’s report yesterday that there was heat between her and Mercedes over the injury. “For someone to sit there and say that I’m not safe [in the ring], not worthy, not a wrestler — I went through just as much as training as any of those other girls, maybe even more. When I trained to wrestle, I got my ass beat by guys — I was the only girl.”

Havok also points out the exchange of video promos via YouTube between the pair as being part of the issue. In one video, Martinez questioned Havok’s merits as a wrestler. “I know people think they’re just silly videos to help sell a pay per view, but the fact that she says these things and I have sources that tell me she really feels this way, at this point, any kind of conversation — nothing is going to change how either one of us feels right now.”

“I don’t intend to try and patch things up beforehand or anything like that,” says Jessicka. “Whatever happens happens. At this point, enough shit has been talked and enough things have been said, who knows who twisted what around. I think it’s just too far gone.”

It’s somewhat apropos, then, that the Havok vs Martinez main event falls on the same day (March 3rd) as another much buzzed about female fight — Strikeforce’s bout between Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey — as those opponents have also talked plenty of smack. With Havok vs Martinez on the borderline of “shoot” rather than storyline, could their “Title vs Title” wrestling match turn into a shoot fight?

“Being professional only goes so far. I’m not going to let someone who doesn’t respect me walk all over me. So it might just be a shoot from the beginning,” Havok says bluntly. “I can’t honestly tell you [if it will become a shoot fight]. I’m not afraid of her, and she’s obviously not afraid of me, and that’s fine. I don’t mean for anyone to fear me, but nobody is going to punk me out and make me look weak, especially when I know in my heart I deserve a shot just like everybody else.”

“The shit has hit the fan and this shit is real. You can’t get more legit than this.”

As noted earlier, both women consented (albeit, perhaps reluctantly at first) to their real life issues being made public due to the mentality that it may help business. Of course, this raises the question of whether wrestling should break the fourth wall and acknowledge real life issues or simply stick to the script. Perhaps the most infamous example of real life influencing the product is the Matt Hardy, Lita and Edge saga in WWE. In that case WWE took the real life drama and created its own storyline, while in this one, there are on-screen issues and off-screen issues that are separately identifiable, and as yet, WSU has not really addressed the real life issues aside from insisting the March 3rd main event match will go on.

Perhaps the real winners in this case are the fans as a perfect storm (cynics may say a little too perfect) leads to this already buzzy title match going to the next level and being that much more anticipated. Internet wrestling fans, by nature, crave juicy backstage gossip, and with an iPPV two weeks away things couldn’t be more well timed. Certainly, some fans will now be keeping a closer eye for stiff shots or to see if Martinez and Havok go all out at WSU’s 5th Anniversary Show next month.

Though it will no doubt continue to be debated whether this is real or an angle — or perhaps a blur of both — speaking to those involved, there is a new found heightened tension going into this pay per view that we have felt with so few other shows, and it should create for a unique situation come March 3rd.

Diva Dirt has once again reached out to Mercedes Martinez for comment.

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  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    For someone to shit over that and say I’m not worthy, it just doesn’t fly with me. It hurts my feelings because I do actually respect her. That’s how things are with politics in wrestling, you hear shit through the grapevine.”

    I can totally feel J.Havok on that statement.

    “For someone who I used to have respect for to say something like that is just… there’s no words. No words to describe how angry and hurt that makes me feel.”

    I have had someone I respected so much say something totally of character about me , and it made me feel angry and hurt as well. Especially if its someone you really looked up to admired. J.Havok is a amazing wrestler no one cant take that credit away from her. of course she will be hurt but hey it be like that sometimes maybe the person who you thought they were actually arent and that is when their true colors show.

    This world is runed by politics ! Their will be some favorites , there will be someone non favorites. Its probably frustrating at times but I guess you have to deal with it in the best way you can. Take Jazz for example in her interview with Diva -Dirt when she talked about Politics in wwe.

  • thejoshifanx

    Wow Jessicka Havok is beautiful <3

    I think Mercedes Martinez is extremely talented but if what has been said about her is true, that I am disappointed. Sure, MM is still going to be talented, but she can't be at the top forever. It's Jessicka's time now and MM needs to let it go. I personally think that they have some issues, but most of it's a work.

    I personally get upset when people say that JH doesn't deserve it. You have to be joking. She's a fantastic wrestler, has fanastic mic skills, is the best heel in the business in my opinion, and is one of the most determined and dedicated wrestlers I have ever seen. This woman deserves it all.

    Wow, I read JH's DDS interview in May where she said that she had wanted to go to WWE, but now that she said she wants to stay where wrestling is, I'm even more of a fan of hers, which I didn't even think was possible lol. I'm glad she has decided that as I love seeing her wrestle. I also look forward to possibly working with her someday.

    I've very rarely ever bought iPPVs before, and I've never bought a WSU show, but I am buying this for sure. There are a few matches that I want to see (Alicia & Brittney Savage vs Allysin Kay & Sassy Stephanie, Marti Belle vs Tina San Antonio, Leva Bates vs Jessie Brooks) but I am buying it mainly for this match. It's going to be the biggest match yet for Jessicka Havok and WSU. So excited!

    • http://montesken.tumblr.com/ no rain

      i agree Havok is stunning

    • thejoshifanx

      Hottest woman ever in my opinion :D <3

  • Jhonmarco

    Whoa, shit just got real. This definitely doesn’t feel like a work anymore, but i’d have to wonder if it’s safe to put 2 women in the ring together who now have beef between them? I’ve never felt these 2 were great friends, but I didn’t ever think there was some heat with them. I’ve met Mercedes so I can vouch she’s a great person, extremely sweet. Whatever her relationship with Jessicka is like is their business & tbh I don’t feel that needs to be brought out in the open. I love both of these girls & hope to see them tear the house down on March 3rd. A question though I believe this is the first time indy women having heat has been confirmed right?

    • Mikas

      Nah, this isnt the first time women in wrestling have problems with eachother, there have been plenty of incidents over the past decades ;-)
      But not as many as with the men, simply because there are much less women in wrestling than there are men. And if something happens you rarely hear about it because most wrestling sites dont talk about womens wrestling.

      But we dont really know if this is real or a work yet. When a wrestler talks to the fans confirming something negative, its usually a work. Especially when its 2 weeks before a major iPPV for wsu (kinda a big coincidence ;-)

      • Jhonmarco

        I certainly hope it’s a work, I love both women & I’d hate to see there be any beef between them. Granted, they do give off a vibe that they aren’t exactly best friends in the back. Thanks for the info though. :)

  • Dyna-Mo Chen

    Real heat or gimmick, both parties need to think about the long term.

    Backstage politics are always going to happen. No one can expect that many egos in the room to not stir up something, especially when billing, pay and promotion is effected.

    But, if a beef does go real, then management may have to take steps that neither side would want. Because to them, its ticket sales, DVD sales, etc. And if their talent disrupts that flow for whatever reason…

    I’ve never met Mercedes, but I have spent some time with Jessicka, so I’m not taking a side here. Both in my eyes are peak pros who are just at odds in a business where perception determines your career reality.

    Give these fans a match they won’t forget, ladies – not a train wreck.

  • nitesaver

    Vince Russo booking WSU now?

    Everything else is a work but this is SHOOT, brother.


  • Joel

    I hope it’s a work because Jessicka still has that machete.

  • Wobbafat

    Speaking of being safe, didn’t Mercedes break Desire’s back?

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    Mercedes kick her azz pulling a knife out and trying to stab her with it warn a azz kicking a bunch of B.S. by Jessicka All Mercedes need is her wrestling skills to kick the sh!t out of Jessicka and she will go back ohio with that dumb azz team!