“Your Two Cents” is the new interactive feature where we gauge the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers on different discussions in women’s wrestling.

This week, we’re asking this: Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but we still want to know: Who do you think is the greatest couple in wrestling history? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

Our Two Cents

Batting for Team DD this week, it’s Bobby giving us his personal opinion on this week’s topic:

Bobby: The greatest couple in wrestling history will definitely draw a lot of different views, but for me it’s about the couple I connected with the most. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the brilliant pairing of Jamie Noble and Nidia. They were everything I loved about wrestling for the years they were together, with their amazingly hilarious segments to their entrance. They played the white trash gimmick so well and I looked forward to seeing them all the time. I instantly drew to them as my highlight of television for a while! When she went blind and then shredded the mink coat he got her upon regaining her sight after they broke up, I almost had to sob myself to sleep. They will always live on to me as not only the best couple, but one of the best things to ever grace a TV screen period!

Your Two Cents

@gingermanpunk | The greatest couple was Chuck and Billy.
Josue Guzman | For me it has to be John Morrison and Melina. This couple is unlike any other we’ve ever seen. From the moment they met on the set of Tough Enough until their departure from WWE, this duo has always been a hot topic! They were part of the successful team known as MNM, created a signature entrance together but perhaps what sets them most apart from other couples is that they drew more heat outside the ring than they did inside the ring.

Moments like Morrison giving Trish Stratus the cold shoulder and the Batista/Melina affair started awful rumors and name calling that BOTH Morrison and Melina had to endure. Despite these controversial moments, the couple was able to hold their ground, defending one another whenever necessary, supported each other throughout their last years with WWE and that to me makes them a great couple.

Megan Travis | Though Edge and Lita were certainly great, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H set the stage for “power” couples, so they should get a mention as well.
@Miss_Diesel | Greatest couple in wrestling history? That is just easy for me to give the answer to. Miss Elizabeth and Randy Savage. When I think of a wrestling couple and one that made it alright for romance to be mixed in wrestling. She was gorgeous and he was crazy about her. I will always have that image of her perched on his shoulder after his IC title win. That is what a dream wrestling romance is to me.
Ozzy Valentine | I’m sure there are great power couples of the distant past, but as for the more recent ones. I’d have to go with Edge and Lita. No one anticipated such a pairing. Most of their careers they were enemies, but when they came together, they became a force to be reckoned with. Against all the odds (literally), they carved their way into the position of most powerful couple of their time, proving that even as most hated heels, they could still dominate their respective divisions alone, and the entire WWE together.

And now we turn it over to you…

What are your two cents on the debate? Who do you think is the greatest couple in wrestling history? Tell us in the comments…