News in Brief: Former Knockout Gets Married, Former Diva Slams Natalya Gimmick, Stacy Keibler at NY Fashion Week & More

Diva Dirt is back with another fix of news, notes and tidbits in the world of women’s wrestling. Check it out below:

Congratulations go out to former TNA Knockouts Champion and Knockouts Tag Team Champion, Taylor Wilde, who got married yesterday.

TNA Knockout Angelina Love sent out a tweet congratulating Wilde on her special day:

Congrats to my dear friend Taylor Wilde who is getting married today!

• • • • •

Marti Belle teamed up with Channel 12 newscaster Shawn Burgan to take on NYWC Starlet Champion Nikki Syx and Victor Cruz in a mixed tag team match for New York Wrestling Connection‘s biggest show of the year, “Psycho Circus X”, on February 18.

Belle and Burgan scored the victory after Burgan hit Cruz with a leg drop.

Given Burgan’s involvement in the match, it was filmed for a segment for local television. There’s a big possibility highlights may be broadcast at some point, which would be some nice publicity for both women involved and NYWC.

• • • • •

IndyGurlz Wrestling have added another date to Shazza McKenzie‘s USA tour. She’ll be wrestling on their March 24 show in Boonton, NJ in a match against Jana for their “Grand Prix Tournament”.

Other matches include “Bonesaw” Jessie Brooks vs. Jenny Rose, Veda Scott vs. Simply Dvyne and “Fire and Ice” Angel Orsini and Amber O’Neal vs. a mystery tag team.

• • • • •

On February 10th for World League Wrestling in Richmond, MO, Stacey O’Brien beat Miss Natural. Looks like Miss Natural is making a slow comeback into wrestling after retiring in 2008. She’s been making sporadic wrestling appearances since mid-last year. She’s possibly best known for two matches she had for SHIMMER on volumes 21 and 22 against Daizee Haze and Lorelai Lee.

• • • • •

In a dark match for OVW’s TV Tapings on February 15, Epiphany (with Lady JoJo in her corner) def. Women’s Champion Taeler Hendrix. As we’ve previously mentioned, despite holding the title, Hendrix hasn’t been used on TV since late December.

• • • • •

On February 13th for CMLL at the Arena Puebla, Dallys la Caribena, Lady Apache and Marcela def. Amapola, Princesa Blanca and La Seductora when Dallys pinned Blanca. Dallys made it known afterwards that she wanted a shot at the Mexican National Femenil Title.

The next day, at the Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara, La Comandante, “Las Ladies de Polanco” of Princesa Blanca and Princesa Sugei beat Dallys la Caribena, Lady Apache and La Seductora when Blanca pinned Apache using the ropes.

Across the state on the very same day at the Arena Mexico, Goya Kong and Marcela defeated Tiffany and Zeuxis.

• • • • •

Kurumi and Maki Narumiya have advanced to the finals of the ‘Manami Toyota Tag Partner Tournament’.

On February 18, for Ice Ribbon’s New Aisuhiro #369 event, Kurumi defeated Miyako Matsumoto in 5:14, and Narumiya toppled Neko Nitta in 6:40.

The two will now face off February 25 for a chance to team up with Manami Toyota on March 20 to take on Tsukasa Fujimoto and Tsukushi for the International Ribbon Tag Team Championships.

Other results from the 18th include:
* Dorami Nagano def. Meari Naito (5:58)
* Riho and Hikari Minami def. Tsukasa Fujimoto and Sayaka Obihiro, when Riho pinned Obihiro (8:27)
* Hikaru Shida and Aoi Kizuki def. Tsukushi and Hamuko Hoshi, when Kizuki pinned Hoshi (13:40)

Aoi Kizuki is also set to challenge Shida for the ICEx60 championship on the March 20th show. This will be the first ICEx60 title shot for Kizuki.

• • • • •

Courtney Rush has been announced as Yumi Ohka‘s mystery tag team partner for the February 22 Joshi4Hope III show in Shinkiba. They’ll take on the team of “The Rate Tank” Kellie Skater and Tomoka Nakagawa.

• • • • •

Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis has slammed her former employer’s decision to give Natalya an “amusing” farting gimmick in a recent interview with podcast “Running the Ropes“. Check out Maria’s thoughts in the video below:

• • • • •

Stacy Keibler has been one busy lady this week!

On Wednesday February 15, she stepped out for her very first Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week show when she made an appearance at the Michael Kors presentation with Marie Claire’s Nina García.

She next hit up the Marchesa show later that same day, where she sat in a prime position front-row seat near Bar Refaeli, Taylor Momsen, Jenna Dewan and Adepero Oduye.

It appears as though Stacy’s a big fan of the fashion house – she rocked a black lace fishtail Marchesa gown at the 2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards at the end of January.

That’s the news for now. Which tidbits have got you talking? Tell us in the comments…

  • moogle

    I admire Maria a lot.

    She may have entered WWE as a model and all that, but she’s clearly grown to love wrestling and she seems pretty passionate about it.

    I mean, she may not have always been the best in-ring in the WWE days, but she was never the worst and she’s stuck with it and I admire her hard work a lot.

    I’m sad about Natalya’s gimmick… hopefully it’s just a phase that will come and go quickly.

    • Melanie

      Though Maria was a model, she was actually always a wrestling fan. Her and Michelle McCool were the only two in the 2004 Diva Search that genuinely applied & won a place in the contest while the others came from casting agencies.

      • moogle

        You learn something new every day!
        It’s nice that she found a wrestling career after WWE though, I feel kind of sad when a diva I loved ditches wrestling and goes onto other things, I mean good for them, but the selfish part of me feel betrayed haha

    • sieghrt

      Thumbs up to Maria!

      And yeah, I wish that gimmick would fade away like the smell of Nattie’s fart acting.

  • Aksana

    I still can’t get over how surreal it is watching E! News and seeing Stacy.

    • josh101

      ikr I believe after Stacy, Kelly could be that diva who could be real famous in the media eye and stuff.

      • Jhonmarco

        Well the reason why Stacy is currently in the media eye is due to her relationship with George. Unless Kelly scores a celebrity I don’t see her becoming world famous, as much as I love her, I don’t see it happening.

        • josh101

          Not like world famous or anything but just like known I could see her getting into acting.

        • adifferentsame

          I can see Kelly getting into TV presenting. She studied or intended to study broadcast journalism, so I don’t see it not being an option when she retires from the wrestling industry.

  • DAFereldan91

    As much as I dislike Maria, I have to give her props for what she said.

  • josh101

    I do love how Maria knows her history of wrestling and she really understands the true beauty of it.

  • adifferentsame

    I’ve always liked Maria the person, even if I wasn’t the biggest fan of her ring-work. Perhaps her real future in wrestling is a backstage one and hopefully one day she can use her positive attitude towards establishing a credible division of her own one day.

  • Jhonmarco

    Maria may have not been the best wrestler, but she’s shown she has a passion for wrestling. Speaking of Maria, her match with Tara is next week. Definitely wanna see how that goes. This Joshi4Hope card is shaping up quite nicely. And congrats to Taylor, always liked her despite having the personality of cardboard.

    • adifferentsame

      Poor Taylor! :) She did admit her shortcomings when it came to promos and mic work, but as with Michelle McCool, I thought she did a great job of imbuing personality with her in-ring skills. I really miss her, to be honest.

      • Jhonmarco

        Agreed, I did feel we started to get some personality out of Taylor in her feud with Sarita. Oddly enough that included Sarita giving Taylor the slap heard around the world!

  • Raekon

    Congratulations to Taylor! :)
    I miss her in the ring cause she was a good in ring worker in my opinion and I was sad when she quit so fast.

    I will always love Maria as a person and even as a in ring worker.
    She put lots of passion in her in ring work and acting and turned to be from a barely trained wrestler to a decent one.

    Her late matches before she left the company showed that aswell.
    Very happy she puts her heart into it and stands up for all the underrated women out there.

    She spoke a true word and most of all the truth about the wwe and I love it.
    She doesn’t speak around a subject, she nails it and says it as it is (Greek power like me since I’m doing the same ;p ).

    She is more mature then the old dinasaurs in WWE that are putting personal matters into the show instead of being professional and leave them out of it.

    Let’s hope Nattie won’t have to endure this for long anymore. :(

  • Taylor

    The Marchesa Ready-to-Wear Fall 2012 show was, for the most part, divine! My favorite look being the gold chiffon frock beaded with an intricate pattern of metal wire and gems around the upper torso.

  • RayneWoman

    It’s funny how so many people slammed the WWE for giving Natalya this flatulence gimmick, yet the WWE don’t seem to give a two flying crap to this fact. They don’t freaking care. Nattie really must say something about this. She can’t stay quiet for long.

    • RayneWoman

      Oh BTW, congrats to Taylor Wilde. I give her my blessings.