Exclusive: Blossom Twins Talk Pro-Wrestling: EVE Debut, OVW, Comparisons to Bella Twins & More

Britain’s gift to Ohio Valley Wrestling, Hannah and Holly Blossom, collectively known as the Blossom Twins, are due to make their big return to the UK wrestling scene tomorrow night when they compete in the Queen of the Ring tournament at Pro-Wrestling: EVE’s No Man’s Land Internet pay per view, airing exclusively on Diva Dirt.

The cupcake loving Blossoms, who spend part of their time in the UK and part of their time in the US, take some time to talk to us about their career thus far, what it’s like working in the US compared to the UK, their past tryouts with WWE and TNA, comparisons to WWE’s Bella Twins and more.

Speaking on their EVE debut tomorrow which falls on their birthday (Happy birthday, Hannah and Holly!), the twins discuss their first round tournament matches and address what it would be like to have to face each other in the semi-finals if they both win.

Listen to the interview below or right-click here and select ‘Save Target As’.

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Follow the Blossom Twins on Twitter at @TheBlossomTwins.

Pro-Wrestling: EVE and Diva Dirt present “No Man’s Land: Sjodin vs Alpha” live on Saturday, February 18th at 7pm UK (2pm ET). Click here to order.

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  • http://twitter.com/sieghrt sieghrt

    Why compare them to other twins, both of these twins are awesome in their own right.

  • wwedivaTamina

    I love OVW and wish Diva-dirt would do more on OVW, Also love the blossom twins !

    • Mata

      I was just thinking the same thing, because I follow OVW regulary but they have a match like once in 2 or 3 weeks

      • wwedivaTamina

        I love the girls there, But i have a feeling In a few weeks, TNA’S gonna take over and throw some of them out…

        • Mikas

          TNA isnt going to take over, OVW is owned by Danny Davis. TNA has a working agreement with OVW as their development territory. But Danny Davis is still in charge.

  • RealMaryse

    well i didnt saw the match but i dont get it why compersmets first blossom twins thats just a stupid name and they are not the same as bellas cuz they are different so its the same if they are just sisters and they cant do twin magic so for know i still like bellas a lot more but when i see the match and if they are good maybe i will like them also

  • http://www.twitter.com/jillianhalltna JillianHallTNA

    I really hope they will join TNA and become Knockouts Tag Team champions!!! :D
    They are so talented and nice persons! TNA has lot of Knockouts at this moment. I don’t want any of them to be fired but I hope TNA will have two main shows so Blossom twins can join! :D
    They would make U.K. so proud if they join TNA this year and next year when they come back at Wembley arena, can become Knockouts Tag Team champs!
    They are so close to sign with TNA. Of course, I hope there will be room for my Jillian and Melina. That storyline would be incredible!!!
    U.K. people are smartest people, they know what real wrestling is, that’s why TNA has been 1st wrestling company in U.K. for months. They beat WWE since their first show! GO TNA!!!!!!

  • Rhawk

    Just wondering who the interviewer was, I mean the accent sounds like Cryssi, but I don’t know, seems like the sound quality is higher than what Cryssi usually sounds like.
    Either way I haven’t heard much from the Blossoms, but after hearing them here, how can you not grin after hearing them? They seem rather sweet and buubly girls, and I’m sure thats why people like them so much, and maybe why some people dislike them to. But I like them so thats all that matters, cant wait to see them in action on EVE tomorrow.
    Also, I knows too much to hope for but I just got a thought for Shimmer… why not have Saraya Knight form herself with the debuting Blossoms, have them go for the Tag Gold while Saraya dominates the Singles Title picture. I reckon seeing The Blossoms Heel, or maybe have Saraya as a face since she can play that bitchy face kind of well too. If not them, maybe have other UK Reps like Rhia O’Reily, Rebecca Knox (if she still wrestles or appears at Shimmer), Becky James (make her debut… PLEASE!), or anyone else worth bringing in from the UK to SHIMMER tapings.

    • Mikas

      I dont know the precise details, but i think they were asked to appear in SHIMMER, but they werent interested. At least, thats what i once heard.