Ring Ka King Write-Up (February 25th, 2012): Alyssa Flash vs Raisha Saeed (Yes, Really!)

To get the elephant out of the room… yes, that is a title I never thought I’d use on any form of recap since well, I’m sure you all know the reason why. Nevertheless, greetings everybody and welcome to the third edition of your Ring Ka King Write-Up! After getting a feel for both of these women over the past few episodes, Alyssa Flash and Raisha Saeed will do battle tonight in what’s sure to be an interesting match up to say the least. Let us get into the action as I’m sure you’re all skipping over whatever I type here anyways to see just how the match plays out!

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The tremendous theme song of Alyssa Flash hits, as I proceed to embarrassingly sing along while the yellow and black clad bombshell steps out in front of the adorning Indian fanbase. Flash looks to be the fan favorite in this battle as she claps and poses for the fans, before being cut off by the catchy theme of Raisha Saeed and the Sheiks! Saeed poses on the ring apron while keeping her hands in air for this funky pose as I’m kind of confused, yet amazingly intrigued towards questioning if Miss Raisha is the same gender as Alyssa.

Nonetheless, this new flat chested version of Miss Raisha graces us with her presence tonight, as I just now realize and say to myself: “Oh my God, this is the greatest match I’m ever going to recap!” The two ‘ladies’ circle around the ring as one of the Sheiks pulls at Alyssa’s foot briefly. Flash with a waist lock, before Saeed reverses it. They tangle around the mat a bit, before exchanging wrist locks. Alyssa with a headlock as she comes off the ropes with a shoulder tackle and a body slam! Flash with a nice elbow drop, but only gets a two count.

Miss Raisha sends Alyssa off the ropes, but the Future Legend ducks a clothesline attempt and comes off the ropes with a flying crossbody for a two count! Alyssa rallies the crowd up as she climbs up to the top rope, before Miss Raisha cuts her off to the Sheiks approval. From there, Miss Raisha slams Alyssa’s head into the mat and proceeds to grace us with her palm pose. A few kicks to the hand garners this beauty a two count, as she picks Alyssa up and throws her into the corner. Flash comes back with a boot to the face, before making a come back with a pair of clotheslines! She ascends (actually more like leaps) onto the top rope and flies off with a nice front dropkick for a two count! Flash can not believe that Miss Raisha has kicked out, but that’s why you can’t doubt the power of such a dominating lady.

Alyssa picks Miss Raisha up, but the masked beauty reverses what she was going for into a finisher that gets cut out so I can’t really tell what it is. Some type of version of the Unprettier I think. Nonetheless, Miss Raisha throws herself on top of Flash and gets the victory!

The Sheiks celebrate as Miss Raisha executes her palm taunt while they raise her hands in victory. They then kiss her masked head, while Miss Raisha begins to attack Alyssa after the match! She continues to destroy her, as the Sheiks take out the officials trying to help the Future Legend. Suddenly, a team of male wrestlers come out to take the Sheiks out, and here comes Mickie James! Mickie grabs Miss Raisha by her mask and proceeds to punch and throw her out of the ring! James checks on Alyssa at ringside, as this phenomenal segment comes to a close and we head backstage to an Indian version of Hornswoggle.

Thoughts: This truly was the best match I have ever, and will ever, recap. Miss Raisha has completely made my night and I’m now going to start a Twitter petition so WWE can swoop her up. In all reality, I did enjoy the bout even if it felt a little short. I wish we could’ve seen the finish, but what can you do? I like Alyssa more as a face than a heel, and I’m personally glad to see Mickie run out at the end to continue her feud with Saeed. Hoping to see them get a one on one match before it’s all said and done with a good time limit.

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  • BillyGP

    Mickie and Saeed had a mix tag and love Mickie challenge to her after the match. This was a unique match right here was good the best i dunno but good just wonder who played Saeed?

  • MickieFan226

    “we head backstage to an Indian version of Hornswoggle”


  • Poison_Ivory

    What was that song after the match? Was it like an Indian version of Hardcore Country. ‘Cos it sure like hell sounded like it..

  • Bethinho

    is there any law that forbidds Alissa to win a match there?

  • Air-Bourne

    Whoever was portraying Raisha in terms of ring work was great. However it just makes it hard for me to take Raisha the character seriously when in this match “she” was very masculine in terms of her appearance and her ring work. They could have at least brought someone with a similar build as Melissa for a once-off to keep the character completely in tact considering you only see half of her face anyway.

    • Raekon

      It was nunzio that appears as “Broodway” for the tag team “hollywood and broodway”.
      They have a similar facial structure so I guess thats why they took him for that.

  • Brandz785

    That Raisha Saeed looks like a man.

    • Air-Bourne

      I’m pretty sure it is a man

      • clintocki

        Yeah, that Raisha definitely didn’t look like a woman.

    • No Holds Barred

      it’s Nicole Bass. LOL

  • GailKim95

    I am going to be honest right now I wasn’t a fan of Cheerleader Melissa before this but now i am. maybe i’ll try and buy some shimmer dvds now

  • Spike7000

    I think that was actually former WWE and ECW talent Nunizo or one of the male Indian talent from that promotion that was playing the Raisha Saeed character. I know that was likely Nunizo because I recognize the face XD

    I’m pretty sure Melissa probably let him borrow the outfit for this who knows one time time

    Cool to know Melissa is using both gimmicks

    • Mikas

      Yeah, that was definately Nunzio/Little Guido, same eyes and height.

  • RayneWoman

    Can non Twitter users sign the petition? Because I want to sign it, and I dont have a twitter.
    Melissa is just pure awesomeness. Loved the match.

    • No Holds Barred

      I’ll sign it twice for you haha!

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    I think this was an embarassment to the character of Raisha Saeed, having a man dress as a women, and walk around with there hands in the air and moving them around, it made the character look like a joke, I am sure that they could have found some indy girl that would have loved to do it.

    As for Cheerleader Melissa, i think she is looking the best that she has ever looked, and I think WWE would sign her if she tried again, especially with her friend Kong there now and everything,

    • clintocki

      I was thinking the same thing about how if there were ever a time Melissa had a chance to join WWE, it would be now, while Kong is there and can lobby for her.

    • Bobby

      Keep in mind they are in India though and only flew out a select number of people. I believe for the first taping, Melissa and Mickie were the sole women, and with both appearing in the segment, they didn’t have any other option I’m guessing. I can’t think of any other independent females who are located in India, but my knowledge is limited haha.

  • Raekon

    It was a shame they didn’t let Alissa work the match as Raisha and bring another girl as a face for the match instead.

    There is no reason for her to play 2 characters there if she can develop well one of them for sure.

    The whole thing added to the feud between Mickie and Raisha for the mixed tag they had after that (next episode I sent in to dd last night).

    I must say that Alissa shows more character as Raisha then as “Alissa flash” cause she lacks a bit in the charisma department as a face to me.

  • shameronstar

    so, when is she going to finally going to become Raisha Flash or Alissa Saeed. Also, I hope the person playing Raisha was a man because if not then that was a very androgynous looking female:/

    • shameronstar

      Also, a man playing Raisha makes the whole schizophrenic Alissa storyline even more complicated now because now we have to somehow add a man who cross dresses and impersonates women to it! Talk about a wacky day in the creative department!

  • JJ

    Can someone tell me who are the guys playing the Shiek characters? Are they twins? They look like Daivari but I couldn’t tell for sure!

    • Mikas

      Shawn Daivari (Sheik Abdul Bashir in TNA) and the other guy is his brother Arya Daivari i think. They are a great team, i hope they will eventually move to TNA or WWE, both companies need new blood for their tagteam divisions.

      • JJ

        Hey thanks so much for the info! I thought they both looked like Daivari but wasn’t sure if they were twins or just brothers or what! I agree both companies need some serious help in the tag team division and the Daivari brothers could make a great heel tag team!

  • ETR

    Alyssa wrestles so much better as a face, lets keep her that way ! And have her as a heel as Raisha Saaed !
    This was better than Mickie vs Alyssa which was kinda slow, anw I hope Alyssa picks a few wins and doesn’t end up the female jobber on this show ( since she’s 0-2 now )