Impact Wrestling Spoilers: March 8th, 2012 + Upcoming Xplosion Spoilers

Spoilers for the March 8th edition of Impact Wrestling:

*Velvet Sky pinned Angelina Love.

*Eric Young & ODB defeated Gail Kim and Madison Rayne to win the Knockout Tag Team Titles after Madison accidentally nailed Kim. Young proposed to ODB after and she apparently accepted. (Source)


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  • Team Laycoolness!!!

    Please tell me they strip the titles off them as EY is a man (Or something like that?)

    And hold a triple threat tag team match between Sarita & Rosita/Tara & Tessmacher/Winter & Angelina

    With hopefully Sarita & Rosita going on to win then have a pretty long fued with Tara & Tessmacher… Which could end in the result of T&T finally winning then eventually imploding with Tara putting Tessmacher over (a’la McCool & Layla) when she eventually does decide to retire.

    I just need some more Brooke, Rosita and Sarita in my life!!! =D

    • BillyGP

      yeah let forget Mickie/Velvet they could have a four way for the titles.

  • Future-Knockout/Diva

    OMG I knew they were gonna lose the belts soon but wow i’m just speechless, eric young become the second man in tna to hold a womens title.

    • Poison_Ivory

      Cody Deaner actually never held the KO title

      • PsychoMickieJames

        @Poison_Ivory No it was someone back in the early days of TNA that held the Miss TNA title.His name was Bruce.

        • Future-Knockout/Diva

          Thats right, thats exactly what i was referring to, i think this makes EY the first man to hold all of tnas tag team titles NWA world tag, TNA world tag and now tna knockouts tag.

  • Looking Glass

    ODB just seems forever trapped in the same ‘BAM! Oh I’ve found some human/animal hybrid to win a title with or take a title from me’ storyline. I mean sure she gets exposure that Angelina, Rosita, Winter and Sarita could only dream of, but really? I mean back in the failed Monday night wars, ODB was a front-runner and now she’s stuck in the same old, same old.

  • Thaila

    I’m probably the only one who thinks this but I think EY winning the KO Tag team titles is amazing.

    • cyndi r

      Me too lol people need to get off the whole “Wrestling is a male dominated feild” saddle how long has wrestling been around? haha i think or least i know i get it lol people are never happy with anything haha its like drowning in a pool and when the lifegaurd gives CPR and the victim goes ” eww your breathe stink” its like you un-grateful butthole haha

  • BillyGP

    Its BullSh*it a joke. Why Build Mickie and Velvet as a winning team? WHy scrap the heel turn of Mickie?

  • StarInferno

    SmFh!!!! Wtf did EY win the effin KO tittle?!?!?!? the last time I check he’s not a fuckin KO!!!! I hope Madison or someone did a kayfahe sue TNA

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    And just like that TNA becomes WWE. I have always loved the respect TNA has shown their females wresters. Sure they have stumbled at times, bikini car wash anyone, but they seemed to always respect their wrestling abilities and involved them in numerous storylines. having EY win the KO tag Titles is a kick in the teeth to every Knockout on the roster. Are we sure Russo is not still writing for TNA? Iam sad, angry and disappointed . Bad move TNA

    • Kaledrina

      just throwing it out there, but it was only a few months ago that a lot of people wanted natalya/phoenix to go after the wwe tag titles.. if that is fine and great.. why is eric being a ko tag champion such a drama? =/

      • MickieJamesluvslave

        because we are hypocrites and have double standards. :)

        Seriously though for me it is about respect. Womenm wrestlers have to fight to get the respect from the fans, management and male wrestlers. IMO this is showing them disrespect by saying we have no women good enough to hold the titles which is BS.

        • Kaledrina

          i guess that actually does make sense :) for now, though, i think i’ll just wait it out a bit. odb and eric being a comedic pairing makes it hard to think they won’t, but as soon as tna they start treating the tag titles as a joke (or a bigger joke than they already are??), that’s when i’ll be mad !

  • Superstar77

    How does that even happen? Eric Young is a guy not a Knockout. What was the point of building up Mickie & Velvet as a team then?

    At least I have Angelina vs Velvet on Xplosion to look forward to.

  • WWFoverWWE

    Believe it or not, I had a feeling this might happen. The way Eric has been featured with the knockouts, I knew he and ODB were gonna win the tag titles eventually. I was hoping I would be wrong :(

  • Kaledrina

    honestly, if somebody like tara became tna tv champion, or kharma wwe intercontinental champ.. or even beth and santino wwe tag champs back in their heyday.. i would be really overjoyed, pleased, etc. so i feel a bit odd if i was to start hating on eric being a ko champion? i just don’t like double standards?

    anyway, not really sure how i feel, maybe its too soon to judge, see what happens at tonight’s tapings, i guess.

  • Slapavel

    WOW ! I’m just mad that mickie & velvet were becoming a great team , and then TNA throw them in the trash , As far as Eric Young being one-half of knockouts tag team , I HATE IT !!!!!

  • Michael


    No one was complaining when EY and ODB were running for the men’s titles.

    • Kaledrina

      yeah, that’s pretty much my point. of course i would prefer if a legit female team held the female tag titles, but as long as i want equal opportunities for the women in wrestling, i should also want equal opportunities for the men?

      either way you look at it, though, it’s way too sudden to be judging so harshly.. for all we know odb/eric could be stripped of the titles at tonight’s tapings! the only thing that really worries me is the fact that tna doesn’t allow male on female violence on free tv (although that could mean, if odb/eric are in it for the long-haul.. we could see more KOs matches on ppv?).

      at the end of the day, whatever happens, we’ve leaped forward in the gail/madison rivalry and we again have some kind of focus on the tag division.. and i’m okay with that :)

  • cyndi r

    wow people just can’t be happy with anything and it is hipocrasy at its finest

    so lets bitch whine pout and moan when they dont use a knockout like ODB but when they do their never satisfy face it til u can buy the companies including WWE lets trust the “professional” to know what their doing thats what they get paid for they didn’t get this rich or half way rich listening to people who have no idea what it takes to make a wrestling show people throw out remarks but never really consider that maybe the knockout or diva like the storyline, what are the post to protest and get fired cause a fan doesn’t like it lets not be selfish lets be happy their used but no you bitch moan and whine once again just ask where has it got most of today wrestling fans? oh yeah thats right no where

  • JJ

    OK so at first I was upset and gonna complain about EY being one half of the KO tag champs, however after reading some of yalls comments you really made some good points and got me to see it from a totally different point of view. So I say thanks to some of you for helping me to open my mind a little more. If we want and get excited for the women when they go after men’s titles then we can’t be upset when guys do it! The bottom line is we all know EY and ODB will not have the titles for very long. They are transitional champs and most likely will be losing them in a couple weeks. It just helps to bring some fun and interest to the division. Plus EY is very entertaining IMO and I always like when he is on TV so let’s just give it a chance and see how it plays out.

  • shannymac


  • BillyGP

    for me it just strange booking i mean why Build a losing team Mickie and Velvet because they had never won together until recently. Also why scrapped the heel turn for Mickie.

    • HollyRobinsonWWE

      You have to think it’s because she dragged Bischoff’s son right before Russo was shown the door and he gained full control over creative. Really poor timing on her part.

      I’m not too upset about this anyway. Afterall, ODB was just in a men’s tag tournament, Eric has had more recent matches against women than men and TNA doesn’t do much to keep these titles active anyway so at least they’ll still be on tv with this team.

      • BillyGP

        But then why have her win matches? Yes it was bad timing but it was also her opinion lord forbid someone to speak out.

  • RayneWoman

    I’m actually not surprised to see a male win a female’s title. Remember Hervina? In fact, I knew something like this will happen. The way EY was acting after their loss at the hands of Joe and Magnus, it was kinda like a foreshadowing, that if they didn’t get the men’s title, they will go for the women’s title. I am actually looking forward to their reign. It will be a fun change ! : )
    I hope they get a future match with MCMG if possible, that would be exciting.

    • RayneWoman

      *would happen

  • jamie1

    Not surprised Gail and Madison dropped tag titles before CVR PPV, but expected it to be Mickie and Velvet.But to dop to ODB and EY, well???? The KO tag title is now held by only one KO and a guy!!!, seems a joke, but then all respect to EY and ODB their tram seems more like a joke.

    As for Madison two losses – does not seem to her postion as contender much justification she seems to be breaking away from Gail. Some have suggested she might turn face, but while this may help her show skills (as it was with Velvet) her character has been developed and she plays it so well I think she may remain a heel, but bnot a leading player for a while post VR PPV.

    Velvet has certainlyhad a good so far. And certainly a good couple of matches for Velvet, who has had a good couple of months, the only surprise being that its Madison not Velvet getting a shot at the title.

    Would like to see Sarita used more.

  • Jordan

    There is really is no reason the Knockout Tag Team Championship needs to be a wasted accessory. Just a while ago, TNA was preaching they had a strong focus on tag team wrestling (and they did) — now, their men’s tag team division is in shambles as well. TNA has boatloads of talent to properly form a women’s or Knockouts tag team division for TV — TNT (Tara and Brooke Tessmacher), Mexican America (Sarita and Rosita), a reformation of The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, of course) and hell, if they had know what they were doing, Ms. Jackie/ Jacqueline and ODB would have been a great tag team I think. It’s just a shame the internet have more sense than the monkeys that run that company.

  • GailKim95

    NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want TnT to be the first ever team to win the KO tag championships twice!!!!!!!! Then they can go on to feud with Winterlina and Mexican America and those three teams can pass around the titles and throw velvet and mickie in there as a team. I think the tag team division needs some structure right now. But congrats to ODB she has held all the womens championships in TNA now

  • Hen

    I was preparing to fume, but then I remembered that Angelina and Winter have had their problems with ODB lately. If TNA have any sense of continuity (and they normally don’t) they will put Love and Winter next in line after EY and ODB.

  • wweandtnadivafan

    YIKES well i dont know how to think about the issue…well the knockouts tag team champions should be only for woman..i believe it would be better for them to own the TNA tag team championships.

  • Brandz785

    What the fuck ? I’m super pissed. Why give the Tag Titles to them I mean I understand ODB but EY ? He is so annoying, he acts all crazy and is a frustrating to watch. Why couldn’t they give the titles to Tara & Brooke ?

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Really? Of all the teams I cud think of 4 teams tht cud of won
    1. Angelina/Winter
    2. Velvet/Mickie
    3. Sarita/Rosita
    4. TnT

    Why them? They better have a short rein! -_-
    -Xplosion looks good, but I want velvet and angelina to reunite ASAP!

    • VelvetLoveFan

      But don’t get me wrong, I love Velvet as a singles competitor and everything too, but I just miss them together(:

      Oh and btw, they were supost to be the first ever tag team champions Angelina and Velvet were supost to beat Sarita and Rosita at No Surrender, wish tht happened :/

      Hhah to long :p

    • Slapavel

      i agree