Your Two Cents: Celebrity WrestleMania Angles

“Your Two Cents” is our interactive feature where we gauge the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers on different discussions in women’s wrestling.

This week, we’re asking this: With rumors of Maria Menounos‘s involvement at WrestleMania, we’re wondering: If you had to book a celeb in a Divas WM angle, who would you book and how would you do it? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

Our Two Cents

Batting for Team DD this week, it’s Katelyn giving us her personal opinion on this week’s topic:

Katelyn: I’d be intrigued in seeing a Beth Phoenix/Chelsea Handler face-off, based on their previous arguments on Twitter. Beth could be given a chance to shine on the microphone in a feud with the quick-witted, sharp-tongued Chelsea. It could be booked so that the untrained talk show host doesn’t have to get too physical (yet it still remains interesting) – a debate about women’s wrestling, a slap here and there, Chelsea could even appear in someone’s corner as they take on Beth on her behalf, and interfere to help her win.

Jersey Shore’s J-Woww could be another fun choice to make a return to wrestling… but follow in Snooki’s footsteps and appear for WWE, not TNA. A tag match with one of the other divas (Kaitlyn, maybe?) against Brie & Nikki Bella, perhaps?

Your Two Cents

@burmy87 | Michelle Rodriguez (in all her movies, she KICKS MAJOR ASS). I’d have her, Tamina, and (spot TBD) vs. Eve Torres & the Bellas…
Carlos Herrera | Lady Gaga vs. the Divas Champion. Gaga tweets about how much she’s loved wrestling. aside from music, since she was a little girl and ow she always watched it with her father. She can talk about how she went to Madison Square Garden and how much energy she had to get in the ring, but instead channeled that energy for her passion for music. She says that she dreams about maybe competing in the ring, and the WWE asks her to host Monday Night RAW. Everyone welcomes her with open arms except “The Divas Champion.” The Champion talks about how upset she is about a popular pop star walking into the locker room and that the WWE is no place for inexperienced wannabes. Lady Gaga replies with talking about her love for wrestling when she was a child and says she can take the champ on. The Champion raises the stakes and states that she will be willing to put her title on the line. Lady Gaga accepts. WrestleMania will feature Lady Gaga vs. the Divas Champion for the WWE Divas Championship.
@FearlessRiOT | If I could book a celeb to participate in some sort of WrestleMania angle, I’d have two choices in mind: Hayley Williams from Paramore and Rihanna. I remember Beth Phoenix and Hayley used to tweet back and forth to each other on Twitter, so why not see how they’d work as a tag team at ‘Mania, or have Hayley accompany a newly-face Beth into battle at WrestleMania, possibly against heel Eve for the Divas Title? As for Rihanna, I’ve always thought she’d make a nice WWE Diva. Maybe she can team with Natalya, Kelly, & her WWE twin Alicia to battle Eve, Beth (with Eve & Beth struggling to co-exist), and The Bellas in 8-Diva Tag Action. That’s how I’d see it.
@GregLucM | Lady Gaga, as Kharma‘s manager. The angle would be that Gaga wants to propel Kharma, whom she calls her “Big Monster,” to superstardom in the face of her perceived conformity and blandness of the rest of the Divas (do note that Kharma is STILL not listed under the Divas on, even post-revamp). In a long build, Gaga leads Kharma on a path of destruction through the Divas and their locker room. Every woman Kharma defeats becomes one of Gaga’s costumed back-up dancers. Beth Phoenix is all that stands in the way of Gaga replacing the Divas Title with the Gaga Championship. Pay-off is Kharma vs Beth and Gaga eating a Glam Slam.
Jesus A. Santiago Feliciano | This in fact a publicity stunt on part of WWE and how could it be better than to have one of the biggest stars in music today Katy Perry be on the side of a Diva as a manager against Beth Phoenix for the Divas Championship, to recreate the Match of Wendi Richter and the Fabulous Moolah back then. I think it could be a great homage to wrestling past and a great publicity stunt for the E.
Josue Guzman | Well seeing as how she has somewhat already feuded with Beth Phoenix, I’d have to say Chelsea Handler.

On a night when Beth isn’t scheduled for a match, have Chelsea go to a live event and witness the typical Diva match that we’ve grown accustomed to: A less than two minute match ending in a roll up. Chelsea goes back to her show saying that she wasn’t at all impressed at what she saw, saying that anybody could go in the ring and pretend to “wrestle”, mocking women’s wrestling even more. An angry Beth takes it to Twitter again tweeting that it was a good thing she wasn’t schedule for a match or else she would have dragged Chelsea from the audience and into the ring!

The following week, there is a battle royal to determine the number one contender to face Beth at Wrestlemania. Beth interferes in the match eliminating EVERYONE saying that the only person she wants to step in to the ring with is Chelsea Handler! Chelsea surprises Beth with another unannounced appearance and accepts Beth’s challenge stating “Any woman who refers to herself as a ‘Diva’s’ Champion can’t be taken seriously!”

And now we turn it over to you…

What are your two cents on the debate? How would you book a celebrity in a Divas WrestleMania angle? Tell us in the comments…

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  • jen07201

    I would book Justin Bieber vs Randy Orton just because I think it would be fun.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Evelyn Lozada So She Can Call All The Divas Non-Motha Effin Factors And Beat Beth For The Divas Title And Tell Them They Ain’t About This Life!

    And Stand Tall As The Real HBIC

  • ilikeindywrestling

    I’d have some female celebrity who is hot, preferably one that likes wrestling, if they exist, and I’d have her manage, not get in the ring

    • ilikeindywrestling

      I’d also like to see someone from one of the metal bands I like involved in it. I think it’d be cool.

  • jen07201

    Nikki Minaj vs Nikki Bella just for the name or Nikki Minaj and Nikki Bella vs Lady Gaga and Brie Bella.

  • JJ

    Thank god no-one here writes for WWE!

    I kid, I kid…

    • No Holds Barred

      celebs = ratings.

  • No Holds Barred

    lol at Lady Gaga, no thanks Goldust is weird enough for me.

    I’d like to see Sarah Michelle Gellar wrestling, she was kick ass in Buffy and also had to learn to do karate and do her stunts. She also learned karate for Scooby Doo

  • Chryst Voegele

    Lady Gaga !!! LOL

    I want J.Lo with Eve Torres!

  • EveLover

    Lady Gaga and Beyonce vs LayCool. You guys should know where I got this from :p

    • EveLover

      O & The Kim, Kourtney, & Khloe Kardashian vs Eve Torres, Maxine, & Beth :D omg.

  • JillianHallTNA

    If Avril Lavigne comes to the WWE she would kill all of those divas, they got nothing what Avril has!

    • art

      Avril couldn’t kill any diva…id be surprised if she could do a slap let alone punch someone…

    • Jhonmarco

      LMAO the wannabe punk girl? OH MY GOD.

      • JillianHallTNA

        Oh, someone is jealous! Because Avril Lavigne would owns those WWE divas AND celebrities. Especially bitches like Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and those kind of stupid ugly hoes! ;)

        • Jhonmarco

          I’m not sure how to respond to someone who calls girls they don’t stupid ugly hoes, but let me try. “Yo bro stop Avril Lavigne is so fake, I can’t stand her! For real dude! Like keep your shit real.” Na.

          Now let’s try this in an educated way huh? Alright, hating on what? Her fail of a career & persona? And lol so she’d own Kong. Beth. Nattie, Tamina, Naomi, Eve? Uh, BYE. Kong would backfist the “punk” out of her. Like for real though ;) haha.

        • JillianHallTNA

          She isn’t a wannabe, she already is a punk rock queen, welcome to Earth. It’s not my fault you listen to trash like Selena, Demi, Ariana and whatever the hell people listen these days! She would kill Kelly, Bellas, Rosa, who ever she needs too! Of course she wouldn’t beat Kong if they fight for real!
          Avril didn’t say she is a punk singer, people call her that because of her look but she is a rocker looking like a punk singer!
          Go listen to real music, that’s just what I’m gonna say!

        • Jhonmarco

          I love how just because I defended girls like Selena & Demi means I listen to their music. LMAO that’s a joke! She would kill them? Uh, okay. Listen to real music? Like Avril? Um, real music would be Adele, not a failing, boring punk/rocker who apparently can kill the divas, but in reality can’t. And look at who you’re defending before you call Selena trash! Avril is the epitome of trash.

        • JillianHallTNA

          Hahaha, wait you actually call Avril a trash and someone like Selena with no talent calling a singer who obviously sucks in singing and acting.
          Avril has 5 hits: Complicated, Sk8er Boi, I’m With You, My Happy Ending and Girlfriend. + When You’re Gone, What The Hell and Wish You Were Here being in TOP 20. Girlfriend took Billboard’s 1st place while Complicated, Sk8er Boi, I’m With You and My Happy Ending 2nd.
          What did Selena or Demi do to make them successful? Both sucks together. They are just stupid ugly ego bitches with stupid fans.
          But I don’t need to waste my time on people who listen to shit.
          Don’t be jealous on Avril because of her success that Selena or Demi will never be. Avril is beautiful, talented, sexy, one word: perfect!

        • Jhonmarco

          They suck? I think they’re fine. I called Avril trash because it’s what she is. She pretends to be this punk rock girl, sorry to break it to you, but a lot of people have had big hits like that & where’s Avril now? Oh yeah no once cares. Egos? Each time I’ve heard them do interview they come off as great people. Especially Demi, you just make up so much stuff to make your “so called talent” look better. Did I not just say I don’t listen to Selena or Demi? I’m pretty sure Selena & Demi have already achieved more success than her already lol! But okay & god I sware is this Avril because that girl is NOT perfect. Whatever floats your boat though. Reply back when the girl is relavent again.

        • JillianHallTNA

          Oh, so just because Avril isn’t showing her glasses in bikini like that bitch Selena isn’t cool. Because Avril isn’t on the news as they are? Cause Avril is making her 5th album in the studio right now! She just did her Black Star tour. Read about Avril on Wikipedia and then read about Selena and Demi. You’ll see big difference of success. Avril is better than those stupid ugly teen cunts wannabe stars Selena and Demi.
          Why do you hate Avril? Because of her music and fashion success. Avril has 3 perfumes, she has her own clothing line. Few days ago Taylor Momsen, Kim Kardasian and other famous celebrity models were at her ABBEY DAWN show. Avril had 3 big hits when she was 17 years old. What hits has Selena or Demi? None, nobody gives a fuck about them except stupid girls who think these cunts are Gods.
          Now, reply back when Selena or Demi will do something decent in their music or acting career.

        • Jhonmarco

          LMAO I find it hilarious how my comments can get you so riled up! They show their boobs? When? Maybe when they’re at the beaches in bathing suits, but that’s it. You immediately lose credibilty by mentioning wikipedia & coming up with made up crap about people you don’t even know to call them hoes or cunts. They actually have had hits like Round & Round or Get Back. How are they cunts? By god someone needs to teach you what these words mean. Your orignal comment stated that she could kill all of the divas. Yet she couldn’t, that girl would be lucky to hurt Kelly. It’s just hilarious how blind you are to say some of the things you say very LOL worthy.

        • JillianHallTNA

          I told u to read Wikipedia because I don’t have the time so spend on people stupid like you. WTF is round & round and get back? who the fuck did heard of it? I didn’t and neither did people that I know who aren’t losers. I know who they are because of stupid idiots on twitter tweeting and make them trending because they don’t have life. She sure could kill the hell out of selena and demi so really, she could beat kelly. just stop commenting, you look ridiculous with your stupid comments! Lol
          Oh well, it’s not my fault that you grow up with wrong people and listen to trash. And saying Avril Lavigne isn’t talented and someone like selena and demi are, hahaha really? Seriously, if I were you right now, I would delete all of my accounts because of this embarrassing comments you just stated about Avril. Bye fag!

        • Jhonmarco

          Does that even make sense? Lol & a lot of people did it played on Z100 & 92.3 a lot. What does that say? People liked the songs. So because people liked the song they’re losers? Love your logic. I’m ridiculous? Notice how someone else replied to you laughing at your comment, but I’m ridiculous? Okay, ms. lavigne. But you aren’t me & I never said they were better, just you putting words in my mouth. Fag? Excuse me? You just lost any crediblity as a user. Please if you’re gonna insult me don’t use homphobic slurs. That’s pathetic. Take your sad self somewhere else. People who call women they don’t know hoes & cunts & others they don’t know losers & fags don’t deserve respect. Funny how you just assume I enjoy Selena & Demi when I don’t even like their music, it’s okay. I enjoy Adele, Eminem, Rihanna, Fray, MCR, Linkin Park, etc. Yeah but I listen to trash, whatever you’ll keep making your dumbass comments. Like the dumbass you are…

        • JillianHallTNA

          I listen to MCR, Linkin Park, Rihanna too. I also listen to Madonna, Katy Perry, Breaking Benjamin etc. but Avril is my favorite. I just hate Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato because they have no talent and they are “professional singers”. Hahaha that is really funny. I apologize to you, I just get so mad when someone insult Avril. I comment that first comment because of fun, of course Avril wouldn’t win a match except for Rosa Mendes! Lol I just dislike Selena and Demi because they are so overrated. But they said Avril Lavigne inspired them so that is nice to hear. I just hate Disney channels because I am a teenager and some teenager still watches Disney. Like come on, Disney is for baby’s and kids.

        • Jhonmarco

          I honestly agree. Disney is crap now. I don’t know what kid can relate to being a wizard or a popstar or in a dance crew. I miss good shows like full house or boy meets world. It’s sad thinking thinking kids grow up with shows like shake it up.

        • JillianHallTNA

          I totally agree with you! If you will ever read this again! Lol

  • art

    Id go Michelle Rodriguez all the way…tough & sexy,i think she’d be an awesome in the ring…

  • kellytrishfan

    Celebrities do nothing for me. I watch reality shows, award shows and listen to music for them. ‘Nuff said. <3 But if I was a writer for WWE, I would at least get someone like Jolie. She's been in so many strong female roles for action movies, it would actually be believable to see her kick someone's ass in the ring.

  • mariah.

    Pause…. Lady Gaga loves wrestling?!?!?! WWE should totally make that happen in the vein of Cyndi Lauper. I think I’d love it! Just imagine all the attention it would get…. I’m dreaming lol. Don’t be a drag, just be a queen :P

  • Lily


  • RayneWoman

    Its not related to the divas, but I would love for Chris Brown vs CM Punk match.
    As for the divas, no celebrities PUH-LEEZE!!

    • Jhonmarco

      I would LOVE to see anyone legit beat the fuck out of Chris Brown. On the other hand I wouldn’t like to give this trash anymore attention than he deserves. Either way I wouldn’t mind it, the prick deserves it completely.

      • EveLover

        :o No international love ? lol

        • Jhonmarco

          His songs are good, I especially like she ain’t you, but good music ain’t no excuse for being a douche bag. Just my 2 cents though, you can like who you like. :) no problem here, do ya’ thing!

      • No Holds Barred

        haha let’s see Chris Brown try to woman-beat Kong or Beth

        • Jhonmarco

          Kong would legit backfist him into the hospital. Wouldn’t shock me if Chris & Bubba the Love Sponge are related.

  • FilmJenkins

    Torrie WIlson and Stacy Keibler are celebrities now (or at least they’re dating celebrities). They can return for a tag match aginst the Bellas.
    Maybe WWE can write that $1 million dollar check to Maryse, bring back Lita and have a cross generational match.
    Or have Cyndi Lauper come back to manage someone (I’m guessing Kelly, as she’s the go-to blond star).
    Throw in Gina Carano for any situation and you can’t go wrong.
    Judah Friedlander likes the Divas, so.
    Limited options, folks.

  • Matthew

    I’d LOVE to see Rihanna do something with the WWE.


    • TheGamergirl22

      Mixed tag team match CM Punk and Beth Phoenix vs Rihanna and Chris Brown

  • TheGamergirl22

    If Victoria was still here I like Nikki Minaj to rap her theme as her entrance

    Nikki Minaj vs Beth Phoenix


    Victoria and Nikki Minaj vs Trish Stratus and Lil Kim