TNA Xplosion Watch: Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love

Greetings everyone, and welcome to another one of those rare TNA Xplosion Watches. The last time we met, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky had just faced off against one another in a match that saw Velvet Sky take the upset win despite repeated interference by Winter. This week, the two buxom blondes are at it again, only this time Winter has kept herself far away, allowing this rematch to be untainted by her underhanded tactics. Can Velvet solidify why she should be next in line for a title shot? Let’s find out!

Out to the ring we go and here comes the devious Angelina Love as I hear what I think is Eric Bischoff on commentary…blah. Love slides into the ring and poses on the turnbuckle as the Pigeons get their wings flapping. Out comes Velvet Sky slapping hands with the fans, before climbing up onto the ring apron and YES, LETTING THE PIGEONS LOOSE. Sky poses a little as well as the bell sounds and we get started. They lock up and Love scores with a knee. She continues with a few boots before Irish Whipping Velvet into the corner. Angelina misses a splash and faces a few roll up attempts for near falls.

Sky with a clothesline for a two count, as Angelina slides out of the ring to catch her breath and Velvet motions for her to come back inside. Love toys with Velvet a bit, with Velvet scoring a running dropkick and commentary discussing Garrett Bischoff of all people during the match. Velvet slams Angelina into the canvas a couple times, but is ultimately sent into the ringpost by Love…as we head to a commercial break. Once back, we see Angelina choking Velvet in the ring. She sends Sky into the ring and chokes her with a boot while I continue to be weirded out by Eric Bischoff and Jeremy Borash’s odd commentary.

Velvet hits a clothesline for a near fall, as Angelina then takes control with a sidewalk slam to score a close call. Angelina then attempts a suplex, but Velvet rolls her up in a Small Package for a near fall. Love with a huge clothesline and then relentless beating while the crowd tries to get behind Velvet. Angelina then scores with a few knees and a pretty sick jawbreaker, but only gets a two count again. Velvet is sent off the ropes, ducking a couple of clothesline attempts as both women collide with a facebuster. Both women are down until they get to knees and exchange blows with each other.

Velvet with some chops to the chest and following it up with a clothesline. She continues with an elbow, finishing with a bulldog! Sky goes for the twisting neckbreaker for a two count, which sparks Angelina to signal the “Break-A-Bitch”. Sky seems to be in trouble, but she quickly counters out and hits the Sky High for the win! She celebrates her victory, as Angelina plots what she will do for revenge shall the two former tag team partners ever meet again.

Thoughts: Entertaining match from Velvet and Angelina. It’s kind of like what I said in my Superstars Redux in that it’s kind of hard for me to get into matches on the secondary shows like this because they just happen to happen, but what separates it is that Velvet and Angelina have such a storied past with one another. I do think Angelina should have won tonight though because it would’ve helped set up for the rubber match since Velvet took the first, but hopefully this is leading to Velvet finally reclaiming the title she should have never lost!

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  • Ed

    “but hopefully this is leading to Velvet finally reclaiming the title she should have never lost!”

    You mean the title she never should have won. A lengthy Velvet Sky title reign would have been a complete embarrassment and anyone who doesn’t think so is lying to themselves.

    • Superstar77

      Hating on Velvet again I see. I guess it’s not enough for you to do it on Twitter, Youtube and in your articles. Who are you to say that Velvet shouldn’t have won the title? She earned it and she has improved you just refuse to give her any credit. I hope she does get her rematch and beat Gail and becomes Knockout champion again.

      • gingerjaffa

        Superstar77, Velvet Sky is a very average wrestler. If you don’t believe me, please rewatch the match

      • igotthatpma123

        That’s not hating he’s expressing his opinion… you can’t have one of those right? Get out of here the woman is a poor mans Trish Stratus. Back in 2008 or 2009 who was happy to see a velvet sky match??? Not a soul the one thing people knew was velvet was an excellent mouth piece she could get over on the mic alone but now people settle for meritocracy. I remember a time were the knockouts were draws because they were different not only in style but looks they were having bimbo brawls,ladder matches, monster balls now you just don’t see that all you get is 500 clotheslines a head and scissors and a finisher that’s a typical velvet sky match I don’t want to settle for thati wanna see a tiger bomb again

    • Megumi

      It’s fine to have a dislike or opinion on a wrestler, but to try to generalize other people’s by stating that they would be lying to themselves is, well, to be frank, not only ignorant, but extremely stupid and naive to how the world works. It kind of reminds me of being in grade three and if it’s not your way it’s not the real way.

      Kind of a pathetic outlook, no?

  • RayneWoman

    I liked the match. I always loved Angelina vs Sky matches. But, does pro. wrestling companies hate blonde Canadian female wrestlers? Over in WWE, Natalya got screwed out of a WM spot all because for the sake of a farting gimmick. Here in TNA, Angelina hasn’t been in a title match or has been relevant in some sorts for almost 1 and a half year. She hasn’t won a single match. It’s just an observation I made. You can see the similarities. Both went from being on top of their game, to hitting rock bottom.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    I don’t rlly care what ppl think, Velvet deserves the lengthy title rein lik Gail should hav never won it, just cuz WWE screwed her…. Umm I don’t rlly c a reason to keep a title on her for how long?! 5 monhs?! Shud b velvet as the champ(:

    And the match was rlly good, love both of them :D

  • Cj2010

    idk about ya’ll, but Velvet as a face urks the shit out of me. She was an AWESOME heel – with her Prima Donna ways and HBIC attitude. I much rather have Love be the face knockout of the company, compared to Sky.

    I also think Velvet’s moveset as a face sucks. It’s like Kelly’s moveset but Velvet doesn’t make it look fake as fuck.

  • Solo

    Am I the only one here that believes Velvet is somewhat like the WWE Maria of TNA??? This chick has no wrestling skills.

  • igotthatpma123

    Thank you…. sky should have remained fodder because of her medicore wrestling ability. when you have an international star on the roster who can do and be so much more for your company it baffles me that they would give the top baby face role to velvet yes she has charisma but im sick of the slow pace robotic movements of velvet she is better suited as a manager who can talk and only wrestle when she needs too. She reminds me of that woman who was on tough enough who had “13” years of expirence but couldnt even run the ropes

  • Superstar77

    As for the match it was good. I think Angelina and Velvet have good chemistry together. Personally I would rather them be tag partners again and finally win the KO tag titles together but I guess TNA doesn’t want that to happen. I actually liked Bischoff and Borash on commentary it was better than what we hear from Taz and Mike Tenay.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Y the hate on velvet? Lik it’s not rlly getting u far, is it? These Wrestlers go out and risk their bodies for us the fans and the fans just don’t appreciate, like not cool!

    • igotthatpma123

      Wait who’s “hating”??? Nobodies being a hater no one said they hated velvet what I did say was she’s not a great wrestler what velvet is, is an excellent entertainer. She knows how to get u into a storyline which is why she should be a manager/ valet. Deep down I think velvet would’ve been an great diva. Why wee never capitalized on her is beyond me!!!

      • igotthatpma123

        *wwe* damn auto corrector

      • VelvetLoveFan

        I understand ppl hav Opinions but not neceserally u but ppl completely hate on the girl and she is just doing it for her fans!! IMO, she is rlly good!

        • igotthatpma123

          I think people just got fed up with oh poor velvet sky everyone seems to be picking on her and she’s such a underdog that it back fired. She was the woman that tormented the other knockouts while in the BP for 4 years no one could by her being the beautiful underdog when she was a witch of pure evil 4 years earlier but again that’s my opinion also some people actually think she’s not fluent and consistent in the ring for a woman whose been wrestling 10 years

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    I really wanted My girl Angelia love to win ): And i really want to see her bad ass move B.A.B.(Break A Bitch)

    • igotthatpma123

      it should be called break a bitch motha f***in back that move looks lethal

    • RayneWoman

      It’s the sad reality. I hope Angie turns face soon.

  • Sentry85

    First off, I’m going to say I have nothing against Velvet. She’s good for the company and is over with the fans, as well as probably being one of the strongest on the mic (aside from heel Angelina and heel Madison). However, i am very irritated with the way the company is treating Angelina. She is a five time champ as well as a tag champ and she is probably the most well-rounded of the knockouts. Two years ago, she was at the top of the division, winning championships and being groomed as the face of the knockouts. What happened? Now she’s a jobber who hasn’t won a match in over a year and I feel is is very disrespectful of what she has accomplished in TNA. Hopefully 2012 will be a better year for Angelina and maybe she will get a title reign that lasts more than two months.

    • EveLover

      THIS!!!!!!!!! OMG. Yess! Completely agree.

  • redsandman99

    I liked this match just fine. Never been crazy over Velvet Sky quite frankly. She’s got charisma yeah but her in ring skills lead something to be desired. And while I think she deserved a longer title reign that she got considering how much time TNA put into building her up towards that last year, I don’t think she’s necessarily deserving of a super long reign. In my opinion, she’s the type that makes the better challenger than contener. And it would be nice if Angelina could get on to the winning side of things again.

  • Blowbangfan

    This match proves to me that Velvet Sky is now the sexiest Knockout. Yes, even ahead of Mickie James (I know it sounds crazy) but Velvet’s entrance was electrifying and she is totally kicking ass. Angelina Love is great too, but I’m happy to see Velvet looking so good in the ring.

    Top 3 Sexiest TNA Knockouts

    1. Velvet Sky
    2. Mickie James
    3. Angelina Love/SoCal Val

    Top 3 Sexiest WWE Divas

    1. Eve Torres
    2. Kaitlyn
    3. Rosa Mendes/Natalya Neidhart

    Top 10 Sexiest Women Wrestlers

    10. Gail Kim
    9.Beth Phoenix
    8.Angelina Love
    7.Natalya Neidhart
    6.SoCal Val
    5.Rosa Mendes
    3.Mickie James
    2. Velvet Sky
    1. Eve Torres!

    I can’t believe that Velvet Sky has jumped over Kaitlyn and got ahead of MIckie James on my list. Velvet Sky used to be #8 over Natalya but now I am a huge Velvet Sky fan and I want to see her dethrone badass Gail Kim!

    • Blowbangfan

      *correction 10. Kelly Kelly instead of Gail Kim. Sorry Gail, Kelly’s blonde!

    • Jhonmarco

      What does sexyness & your list have to do with this match?

    • RayneWoman

      Uhmmmmmm……good to know.

  • Mikas

    Angelina getting pinned cleanly again. Anyone remember the time she was the #1 star in mainstream wrestling? I wonder why TNA decided to stop invest in her. She could’ve been TNA’s Trish Stratus.
    I think Bischoff/Hogan just dont like her, i dont think she had any push since those 2 came onboard other than her short period with Winter.

  • Oliver James #BellaArmy!

    I’m STILL waiting for you guys to do a redux on the Xplosion match before this with Sarita/Rosita vs Mickie/Velvet! It had some great spots with the Mexican national anthem being sung by Sarita, then the American national anthem being sung by Mickie plus Rosita made the match by being the eager beaver little kid by always wanting to just scrap… HILARIOUS MATCH!

    Should’ve been reduxed!!! :(

  • mykel1990

    I love me some Velvet Sky, I think she’s the hottest thing since sunburn, but I also can understand where a lot of detractors would draw issue with her, she can move awkwardly in the ring from time to time, and her hits seem to lack power. However, that being said, just because she isn’t a LuFisto or Sara Del Rey or a Mercedes Martinez doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be in contention for the Knockout’s Championship, after all, she is THE fan favorite, and she can actually wrestle, and she also (no hetero) is nice to look at, and she’s good for the company, like I always say, if don’t like her…don’t watch her, duh.