WWE Superstars Spoilers: March 22nd, 2012

Spoilers for Thursday’s Superstars:

Beth Phoenix and Eve beat Natalya and Tamina. Eve pinned Tamina. Loud “Hoeski” chants and a ton of heat for Eve. This crowd should come off well on TV. (Source)


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  • Bryana

    Yay my new fave tag team, this match sounds promising and Eve still bringing the heat, hate that Natties a face now but hopefully her and Beth interact

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    Are they going to explain Nattie and Beth being on different sides. Why is Nattie teaming with someone who was beating her every week in January. I doubt they will because they don’t even care to.

    • Heartbreaker

      It’s wrestling. There is no logic.

    • hado

      Remember that segment with Eve on Smackdown a few weeks back? It was her face turn. A weird one but yeah that it is.

  • FilmJenkins

    Is it WWE Writer Policy to come up with a shitty gimmick for someone the fans know is talented but WWE themselves doesn’t care about, allow that person to be so obviously embarrassed, then when so many external people (fans, legends) speak out against said gimmick, WWE takes this as pleas to BURY the individual?
    We have said the angle sucked, not Natalya! Now her character’s actions aren’t even being explained?
    Even if you hate Natalya, (don’t know why anyone would) you would have to put her close to par with Beth. If she gets squashed by Beth, then it’s over. Nat’s history with Kharma becomes as good as irrelevant, like Gail Kim. Like Gail Kim, Natalya will be gone soon.
    Yes I take these things this seriously because WWE goes far and wide for experienced professional TV writers and they have 6 hours of first run broadcast time per week. Now they’re on the brink of having to recreate the Natalya character completely and it’ll take time, which they never have for the Divas.
    Divas of Doom was once a limitlessly great idea and now, it’s a sad relic of desperate careless booking and one sided favoritism based in part by Beth Phoenix hooking up with CM Punk. At this point we are led to believe that Natalya has no payoff and once again little WrestleMania activity.

    • Bethinho

      i doubt that Beth had any favouritism when she was with Punk.in fact she was used to convince Punk more to renew his contract.
      anyway i don´t see them giving an explanation for Beth and Natalya being in opposite sides and why Natalya teamed with someone that was squashing her not so long ago.

      • Jake

        “i doubt that Beth had any favouritism when she was with Punk.”


        • Bethinho

          lol?is that your best answer?what about saying some proof of what Beth gained by being Punk´s girlfriend?

      • FilmJenkins

        I can say that her being with Punk didn’t hurt her, except maybe the breakup. All in all, she broke even at worst, but she’s still champion going into Wrestlemania.

        Natalya was booked as her “sister”, and now she has no title, no Wrestlemania, no glory, not even a win.

        BUT, I will say I do enjoy this new Two Woman Power Trip between Beth and Eve

        • Bethinho

          her being with Punk didn´t benefit her at all.when she returned after her injury at SS she was already with Punk,and it took almost a year to win the divas title…and i don´t remember anything special happening with her in that period….
          so the “lol” was rather pointless.

  • wangzy

    I think this will be a good short match…I would love to see this fight on mania than KK and MM vs Beth and Eve

  • DarknessRuler

    I knew DOD had disbanded!!

  • French.One

    /Tamina push

  • Teri

    I would kill Maria Menounos with my bare hands if it meant getting this match to replace our current WM match :'(


  • LadyGoDiva

    I see many good then bad reading these spoilers.We get to see Eve & Beth interact as a tag team. We might see Beth and Nattie wrestle against each other for the first time.From what I’ve read the crowd seemed to respond because having a crowd respond towards a divas match is really important because it helps to know what the crowd is thinking whether or not its a good or bad match.

    • Misaki Ohata Fan

      Natalya and Beth had a bit of a fight in their triple threat with Mickie James but they were both heels at the time (I think). That was when the SmackDown Diva roster was elite. They got such a big pop when they had a stare down in that match, lol.

      • Teri

        Ahhhhh, Smackdown circa ’09 – ’10. The days when women like Mickie, Beth, Layla, Natalya, Melina, and McCool ran the show.

  • Mr_Adone

    Its official. Eve is the only active wrestling heel diva to get major heat. Girl gets more heat than dmsome of the guys. I’m looking at u Albert del Rio

  • No Holds Barred

    Hopefully some Natalya/Beth confrontation during the match, and you know the crowd will be hot for that!!

    and finally, a Diva (in this era) getting heat, that’s what happens when you build a heel turn properly, WWE.

    • redsandman99

      Someone at the show last night posted photos of the match and Beth and Natalya are the ones that start off the match.

  • RayneWoman

    The best thing about this match is that, all four of these women are the best female wrestlers in the company currently(Eve, Beth, Tamina, Natalya) The match should be very good. I really want to see some interaction between Nattie and Beth. Also, did anyone read Smith Hart’s tweet about Natalya not being in WM? Here is the tweet:

    “Tis a shame my talented niece Natalya who endures so much humiliation, is being left out of WM, in favor of a publicity stunt.”

  • mariah.

    I can’t even explain how excited I am for this match. More importantly, Natalya didn’t take the pinfall and there hasn’t been any reports on her passing gas during the match! For all we know, this really could be Natalya’s return to form. The thought of that makes me shed tears of joy :'(((

    If this match is given good time, it could honestly be AMAZING! I seriously cannot wait to see this.

    Shout out to Eve and her crazy heat. Only a boss. I beliEVE!

    • No Holds Barred

      but remember, there was no report of Natalya letting rip during her match with Eve, but she did so in a backstage segment, I bet there will be one to set up the match, involving Natalya farting on Beth.

      • Misaki Ohata Fan

        I don’t like how Natalya is being used but whenever ANYONE makes a joke about Natalya passing gas on someone it never fails to make me chuckle. I prefer Natalya as a face (by far), including her moveset, personality in matches and mic work.

      • redsandman99

        I don’t recall seeing a backstage segment on Superstars in ages, so hopefully they didn’t do one just for her to fart.

      • mariah.

        No actually. Regarding that match with Eve on Smackdown, the spoilers I read on dirt sheets actually DID mention her passing gas during the match and the backstage segment. I’m not sure if it was mentioned on here though, but I know for a fact that the dirt sheets mentioned it when it happened, so those same ones would have done it now I figure.

  • Misaki Ohata Fan

    I see this happening.

    PPV after WM: Beth def. Nattie
    Next PPV: Nattie def. Beth for Divas Champion
    Next PPV: Nattie def. Beth for Divas Championship
    Eve wins title from Nattie on 3rd try
    Tamina wins title from Eve on 2nd or 3rd try

    That must be the rest of the year.

    • redsandman99

      Sounds good to me, though I think once Layla comes back I’m sure she’ll win the title at some point.

      • Misaki Ohata Fan

        That’s what I thought but I already posted the message lol

    • TheGamergirl22

      I want to see a Beth vs Natalya I quit match

      Eve vs Tamina Ladders or cage match

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    I hope on SD Natalya gets a win and uses her new German Suplex she said she was working on

  • http://twitter.com/BroskiRomano Ryan

    So I assume Hoes get Heat ha! So u now know ladies…if you want attention and heat in the biz you gotta be the biggest hoe out there ;)

    Worked for Melina Stephanie Sable Trish Lita..
    Only alternative heat was from Awesome Kong Alissa Flash and her Awesome Zipper, Ivory with her RTC Gimmick which was AWESOME! Wish wwe had the balls to pull off another gimmick like that

    BTW its good Natalya is back as one of the good guys!! And Beth is a a surprisngly nice douche n Eve is a beautiful intelligent independent hoe