SmackDown Redux (March 23th, 2012): AJ – 2, Bellas – 0

Welcome one and all to this week’s SmackDown Redux. Big thanks to Diva Dirt’s #1 Husky Harris fan, Bobby, for covering me during my brief hiatus. There was a lot of Diva action this week on the blue brand, so let’s get right into it, shall we?

In case you’ve missed the memo, Daniel Bryan is the reigning World Heavyweight Champion. So it’s only fitting that his lady friend AJ has some gold around her waist as well. Therefore, Bryan has decided to coach AJ to a shot at the Divas Championship. The first stop on the AJ Divas Championship World Tour? The Bella Twins.

Daniel managed to help AJ avoid Twin Magic and pick up a win over Nikki Bella on last week’s edition of SmackDown, but can he do it again this week against Brie Bella or will AJ fall victim to the’Bella switcheroo? Check out the match below:

We start things off with Daniel and AJ already in the ring, discussing strategy. When Lilian announces AJ’s name, she gets a pretty decent pop and her face lights up. Daniel on the other hand, not impressed.

Next out are Brie and Nikki and we’re treated to a backstage promo of the two as they strut to the ring. Nikki tries to give Brie some helpful advice, but Brie shuts her down and tells her that she’ll show her how to get the job done. Could there be some dissension in the Bella ranks? Probably not…

After AJ lays a big kiss on Daniel Bryan, the official signals for the bell and our Divas match is underway!

Brie and AJ start off with a simple lock up, but Brie gets the upperhand and cinches in a headlock. AJ tries to wriggle free, but Brie slams her down to the mat, using a handful of hair. Flustered, AJ scrambles to the other side of ring to receive some counsel from her coach, before going back into the fray.

AJ goes for the lock up once again, but Brie takes out her knee and slaps on another headlock. AJ manages to fight her way out with a couple of forearms to the gut, before leveling Brie with a flying back elbow, which sends DB into a frenzy at ringside. AJ tries to keep the pressure on her opponent, but Brie sees her coming and sends her flying into the the top rope, putting her back in the driver’s seat.

Brie stomps on AJ for a bit, before going for a pinfall, but only gets a two count. Frustrated, Brie starts smashing AJ’s head into the canvas. After being reprimanded by the referee, Brie goes for a knuckle lock pin, but AJ kicks out. Brie freaks out on referee, giving AJ the opportunity she needs for a sneaky roll up, but Brie kicks out at two.

Before AJ can get her wits about her, Brie takes her down with a vicious clothesline and locks in a seated abdominal stretch, looking for the submission victory. AJ squirms free once again and starts firing on Brie with a flurry of strikes, followed by a modified Fujiwara Arm-bar.

Brie calls out for Nikki, who hops up on the apron to distract the official, but Daniel cuts her off at the pass. While the referee tries to deal with Daniel and Nikki, AJ has released the submission, leaving her back turned to Brie. Brie tries to sneak up behind AJ, but AJ moves and she goes flying into Nikki. While Brie is still stunned, AJ rolls her up to pick up the victory.

I gotta say, this was a pretty good match up. AJ is just born to play the underdog and if she ever does get her shot at the title, she would play the perfect small fry, babyface underdog to Beth Phoenix’s powerhouse heel. If AJ can keep racking up these wins, maybe she could be the next in line for a Divas Championship match.

Post-match, Nikki and Brie put in their two cents in the Team Teddy/Team Johnny debate:

If that wasn’t enough AJ and D-Bryan for you, they also opened the show with a promo segment. Watch below:

Last, but certainly not least, Eve uses her feminine wiles to tug on poor Zack Ryder’s heartstrings once again:

Not the best Zack/Eve segment we’ve seen, but it’ll do. Say what you will about how sexist this storyline is, but I think it’s the best thing that could have ever happened to Eve. She was in major need of a character overhaul and she’s taken the ball and ran with it. She even has a match at WrestleMania this year, so I say more power to her. I would have liked to see some more development of the Divas WrestleMania match, since there was none at all on Raw, but I’m sure we’ll get something on Raw next week.

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  • redsandman99

    Overall I enjoyed Smackdown this week. I would love to see AJ get a title shot against Beth somewhere down the road. Bryan is such a great heel and I think that if and when AJ has enough of the way he treats her, whether or not it’s at Wrestlemania, the fans will go absolutely crazy. They HATE Bryan. I was at the show in Omaha when AJ came back from her “injury” at the hands of Big Show and you could barely hear him when he talked he had so much heat.

  • jen07201

    I loved the start of Smackdown with Sheamus and AJ I now want to see more of Sheamus and AJ together.

    • Shan

      Jump on the bandwagon! I’m pulling for a Sheamus/AJ coupling!

  • AdrianRay

    Best Smackdown is a LONG while! Loved EVERYTHING about tonight!

  • no rain

    eve looked hot!
    the bellas feud coming hellyeah!

  • wl75

    I am wondering if they’re going to pair up Brie with Daniel (since they’re apparently dating in real life) after WM- maybe even that’s the catalyst for AJ turning on him at WM (Brie and Daniel are having a moment backstage, Daniel comments as to how AJ is perfect as a shield for him during his matches while Brie’s just perfect for him in other ways, and AJ overhears it….

  • Teri

    Seeing AJ at the forefront with DB makes me so happy <3

  • Megumi

    Match was great for what it was. AJ is getting her shine and it’s amazing to watch, she really deserves it.

    Though short, it was clean and very good. AJ and Brie are both solid in-ring workers, so I’m glad nobody had to carry and it was good-paced. I don’t know if anyone else caught Brie calling the match though, lol, it was obvious a few times that she was whispering to AJ.

    I don’t think that promo meant the Bellas are feuding, I think it was just to hype up the whole event and the matches coming after their single with AJ. Daniel Bryan is just so easy to hate, lol.

    Eve and Zack was alright, probably their worst so far but honestly I’m getting kind of bored. I’ve always been a casual fan of Eve, and I’m glad she’s a big player now, but I thought they were over the Zack thing. Milking it for heat isn’t going to get her anywhere, It’ll get her stale and people will get bored of her character fast. This was probably the best main-show match of the week by the way. Solid Smackdown.

  • Rhawk

    The part where AJ mentioned they ‘spoon’ I was like, “I’m awake now, what?!” 0__0 And she thought she was embarrassed about saying he was a great lover, I reckon spooning is worse tbh!! x__x
    Either way brilliant week for her nonetheless. Maybe we can see an actual Divas Title match between AJ & Beth next week, have Bryan cost AJ the match for some bazzar reason, maybe by ‘accident’, have them argue, him conplain and stuff, and that can lead to AJ costing Bryan his world title at Mania.
    Simplez enough?

    • Kantrell

      What does spooning mean? =l

      • Rhawk

        Your too young to understand such innuendos, lets leave it there…

        • Looking Glass

          Spooning ALWAYS leads to Forking…

  • Poison_Ivory

    There ARE 1 spot vacant in both Teddy’s and Johnny’s team.. Could we see Brie v. Nikki split paths (once again) and fill the last spots.. Lmaoo that’d be so bad it’d be good :D They’re such bad actors. Playing the bitchy heel is even the easiest job ’cause you can talk slow to pull it off. But they’re just awful..

    And I looooved the elbow leg drop AJ did :D She’s so small she always falls when doing something. It’s unique


      No, if there are any Divas who are going to joing Teddy/Johnny team is going to be Aksana and Vickie Guerrero!

      • Poison_Ivory

        They’re the valets/managers ! If we want Bella’s in it, we must riot

    • LadyGoDiva

      From how both teams look it seems unlikely that we’ll see a Diva in the Team Long vs Team Johnny match?

      But I maybe wrong?

      • hado

        I in all honestly still believe Aksana & Vickie are going to be added, there would be no way that the WWE has made them have “problems” with each other for 3-4 weeks in a row now on Raw. If they did all that just for them to be valets for the match, then I am disappointed.

  • RayneWoman

    Am I the only one who thinks Sheamus has feelings for AJ? During the backstage interview, Sheamus looked clearly worried about her. I would love it AJ ditches Bryan and gets together with Sheamus.

    • DivaFan4Life

      I would love to see that! They’d be so cute together! It would be an epic wrestlemania moment for her to ditch DBryan but i have a feeling maybe eventually she would turn heel?

      • gl83

        I don’t see AJ turning Heel. If anything, AJ is in the same boat as Zack Ryder with Eve. The fact that AJ keeps on taking Bryan’s abuse and isn’t doing anything about it has people waiting in anticipation for the moment when she has had enough and turns on him. Just reading up on twitter and other forms of social media you have alot of people who are urging and begging her to dump Bryan.

        Fans are forging a connection with her and empathizing with her plight, when’s the last time we could say that about any Diva.

        • Poison_Ivory

          I’ve missed these storylines for the Divas where the crowd actually gets emotionally invested. Like Lita or .. Lita.. :DD

  • DivaFan4Life

    Loved this weeks edition of smackdown! I love all wwe programming quite honestly depsite lack of tv time divas get.

    I loved the match how we have a little feud between the bellas and aj! Id love for next week to have aj compete in a handicap match! Then after aj goes into the title picture have brie and nikki face eachother in a sister feud. Its great to see aj shine into the light in this big storyline shes in with daniel bryan! :)

    As for the Eve/Zack segment. I loved it. Ever since Eve has turned heel i love her even more! Being a heel suits her better than being a happy babyface. Plus she gets a better crowd reaction now with lot of heat!

  • EveLover

    Awesome smackdown. Im beginning to become verrryyyy interested in the girls. Well, I’ve been interested for a while now but Im even more now. Its seems like they actually have somewhere to go.AJ can either stay with bryan or just cost him the title.

    Eve, while blowing zack ryder off will give her heat, they should move on. Why not use another wrestler? or give her promos to play the crowd, that’ll get her hated big time. She should also aim at the crowd during matches too. Play them Eve! Just like you did on your AskEve video. If the E wont give you promos, make the best out of you matches to keep that heat. She could do it.

    The bellas did a solid job in the match, well brie but nikki did good last week too. Seems like they’re improving, which I like. Im also glad the bellas got mic time but Im a bit confused, are they officially on SD now ?

    But overall, very solid SD. Superstars, NXT, & SD all made up for raw.. they always do .

    • EveLover

      Also, forgot to mention AJ but Im very interested in her. When she seperates herself from DBryan, I guarantee she’ll be the biggest face on the divas roster. This girl will be big by the summer.

      • gl83

        Well, WrestleMania 29 is going to be in MetLife Stadium in E. Rutherford, NJ next yeat. Which isn’t too far from Union City, NJ where AJ grew up. So, perhaps they are going to use the Bryan angle to build her up and then spend the rest of the year building up her credibility to go for the title next year.

        • EveLover

          I see that happening. Perhaps, taking the title off eve ? I’ve said this before & wwe seems to be building eve & aj to feud in the far future. They’re going to be the divas that will probably be in the title scene by the end of the year. So maybe eve could gain the title somewhere before mania & AJ could feud with her and win the title at mania. But I see where you’re coming from & they might head down that route.

        • Jhonmarco

          I would absolutely love that! Perhaps AJ vs. Kharma? Regardless if you’re over or not you’re usually given a warm recipition by the crowd & given the fact that AJ is very over it should be great. (On a side note, it’d be great to see that live as I live near there :p)

        • EveLover

          AJ vs Kharma will probably happen. It would be an awesome match to see. Cant you just imagine kharma doing the acordion rack on her. Just the thought of it gives me the chills.

        • EveLover

          Freaking spelling -_- I meant can* not cant .

  • LadyGoDiva

    Maybe its just me but it felt like the match lasted longer? I loved the match and the interaction we got from both ladies. Even though we might get a crappy divas match at WM which I don’t mind because we might see more divas interact at WM outside of the ring.

  • josh

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the Bella’s and A.J., But I don’t really understand why these are the divas that are being focused on so close to Wrestlemania. Shouldn’t the divas who actually have a match on the show be the ones who are getting the spotlight right now? I’m not really happy with the match we are getting at WM, but i guess we gotta take whatever we can get and I wish that they would at least make an effort to show some sort of build up to the match.

    • redsandman99

      I do agree with that. Even if Maria can’t be there they need to do something with Beth, Eve and Kelly to build it up.

  • MNM4ever

    match should have been longer; i liked the head scissors armbar by Aj, it was the one melina used on beth at one night stand 2008 :D in that classic match

  • Chryst Voegele

    Only I thinking this ?

    Zac has Z!True Long Island
    Eve has See-Trough Dress


    • EveLover

      LMFAOOO Good one :’)

  • art

    i enjoyed brie vs aj besides the long submission holds lol…brie & aj were on point with everything they did…the bellas & aj have chemistry…

    loved eve & zacks backstage bit…eve turning it around on zack was sooo good..

  • Blowbangfan

    Eve stole the show again! Plus, she was only on for less than a minute but she is the most intriguing and seductive person in all of the WWE. I hope Eve keeps up the great work because she is stunning with her obvious beauty and now also with her exceptional acting ability. I always knew Eve was a great wrestler and a beautiful woman but now I see her as Goddess of the Universe and the most gorgeous and powerful woman in history. There should be an Eve Torres show…

  • Shan

    Soooooooooo, either AJ’s a really great actress or she enjoys Danny’s kisses, lol. But seriously though, I want Sheamus/AJ! And I want AJ in more matches! There’s so much potential for greatness if she’s put with more experienced wrestlers like Beth or Nattie! Heck, bring in Naomi since she and AJ always had great matches!

    • RayneWoman

      You and me both! I want Sheamus/AJ aswell. It could happen you know. Why would Sheamus try to convince AJ that Daniel is not right for her and that he is a coward? Sheamus wants her! :-D <3