Maria Kanellis Loses FWE Women’s Championship, TNA Star Crowned New Champion

As we reported last month, former WWE star Maria Kanellis won her first championship in wrestling on her 30th birthday at FWE in New York.

Last night, however, in her first title defense, Kanellis lost the belt — but not to her advertised opponent, TNA star Rosita.

Instead, Rosita’s fellow TNA Knockout Winter (who Kanellis defeated to win the belt) made a surprise appearance at the show, attacking Maria and wriggling her way into the title match, making it a triple threat match.

Winter defeated Maria and Rosita to win the gold, ending Maria’s one month reign as champion.

The former Knockouts Champion attacked Maria after she hit her patented bulldog on Rosita, and then stole the victory.

In more FWE news, another former Diva, Melina, is due to appear at next month’s show and will challenge Winter for the title.

Watch a clip of Winter attacking Maria below:

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  • xxQOXxx

    Can’t say i’m suprised or sad.
    She was only made the champion for shock value and to bring attention to the company.

  • skyliner and holler

    fwe needs thier own show, this is gettin good, sorry for maria though

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    Oo no i am kinda sad for her. But hopefully Melina will win itbfrom winter next tine

  • Joshi Rules

    it was nice to see Maria get a title run. I wish it were a longer run. :(

  • Danni

    Legit thought Rosita won dammit! lol.
    Though I’m a big fan of Kat so YAY! :)

  • DarknessRuler

    Maria…you just got TNA’ed. Next month, Winter will also be TNA’ed and probably lose it to Rosita. Is TNA working with FWE LMFAO

  • josh101

    Move over KO’s title there’s a new hot potato belt in town!

    • EveLover

      LOLOLOL ! You killed it ! lmfaooo

    • Kessuki

      hahhahahaaha that’s the best comment on this post. :D

  • MNM4ever

    OH MYYYYY!!! melina vs winter should be pure EPICNESS :D So excited
    best news, i’ve heard all day lol

  • EveLover

    Congrats to her, I guess. But why give the title to maria in the first place? lol. Oh well.

    • Rhawk

      Stock value, nothing more, nothing less. Plus it was her birthday and all that jazz so you know… =-\

      • EveLover

        Seems legit but its also a slap in the face to maria too, but it is what it is. Though its sad, I actually wanted her to stay with the title for a bit.

        • josh101

          To be honest it’s very reminiscent to when Velvet Sky won KO’s title and lost it a month later.

        • EveLover

          Thats exactly what I thought of too. Like, why give them the title ? Yes they’ll bring attention but to me, it just seems pointless and disrespectful to the title holder.

    • norisclouds


  • Rhawk

    Apparently theres a curse going on with all the FWE Titles where all the champions have lost the title in their first defence. If this is the case then it’s not so bad that maria lost the title. Shame that Rosita just seemed to be ‘THERE’ in the match since Winter was added into it.
    Hopefully the curse doesn’t last long though with Melina winning the belt next month, Winter needs to hold onto that title for a little while, probably defend it against the likes of Melina, Rosita, Tara & Brooke in that order, before possibly losing it back to Maria, or someone new in the FWE scene, hopefully an independent talent since all they have is Maria, Melina & TNA Knockouts…

    • Mikas

      “all they have is Maria, Melina & TNA Knockouts”

      Winter is actually the one with the most appearances sofar (5 i think), so in a way you can consider her the center of their womens division. But like NEW (who operates in the same area) they dont really have a real womens division, they just book the occasional ex-diva or knockout to attract more fans to their shows.

      • Rhawk

        Oh dont get me wrong, having a few of them there isn;t a bad thing, as like you said it helps attract more fans to their shows. Like right now, Winter is also the WILD World Champion and I dont mind that one bit since she’s the center for their division right now as well. I’m just saying they shouldn’t just have women from the bigger companies, they could also bring in more independent stars, however popular/fresh they may be, and in turn, those popular big company women will help put over that talent.
        Like tell me honestly you wouldn’t mind see Winter VS someone like a Courtney Rush or Mia Yim? I reckon those would be pretty wicked match-ups.

  • shannymac

    Well, that was quick.

  • AthenaMcCool

    I hope Melina wins the title next

  • Wintah Shelley

    I’m so sure that they’ll give the title to Melina, btw… Yeah! I’m so glad for her, in my opinion, this should been 1 month before.
    I love Kat :)