Results from Saturday’s IndyGurlz show courtesy of David Muscarella.

[notice]Results from IndyGurlz Grand Prix in Boonton, NJ on 3/24/12.

Crowd was around 30 lucky people.

Shazza McKenzie defeated Sienna DuVall with a roll-up in a quick match during the Meet & Greet. Quite odd start to the show as both girls were out selling merch and signing autographs before the ring announcer started annoucing the participants much to the surprises of both women. Also, the ring announcer started to announce Veda Scott by mistake only for Veda to proclaim: “I don’t do pre-shows!”

First Round: Kylie Pierce beat Aida Marie with a pumphandle backbreaker.

First Round: Jenny Rose pinned Jessie “Bonesaw” Brooks following a spear into the corner. Good match, but not as good as their 15 minute draw from January.

First Round: Veda Scott used a tornado DDT to beat Sienna DuVall.

First Round: Shazza McKenzie defeated Jana with a split-legged Stunner.

2nd Round: Jenny Rose made Kylie Pierce tap out to an STF.

2nd Round: Veda Scott used a Mind Trip DDT to pin Shazza McKenzie. Extremely fun match between the two budding superstars. Great chemistry between the two here and good ending with Shazza throwing everything at Veda only to have Veda kick out.

7. Amber O’Neal & Angel Orsini (aka Fire & Ice) over Mia Yim & Jessie Kaye. Orsini pinned Yim with a German Suplex. There was a lot of stalling by Fire & Ice in the beginning. Also, Orsini shot a ton of glitter/streamer out of a gun during their entrance. It mad quite a mess of things.

8. Final: Jenny Rose beat Veda Scott with two double stomps. Match was a total crazy brawl that was fought mostly out of the ring. They battled on tables, thru most of the chairs in the building. Other weapons used included a cane, 8x10s, Veda’s shirt, and my very own hat. Very intense fight that felt more real than most wrestling matches tend to be. Safe to say there may be some legit bad blood developing between the two women here. Good finish to a fun show. After the match, Jenny gave a short speech saying “Thanks for the support. I love you guys!”[/notice]

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