In Pictures: Divas Do the Red Carpet at WrestleMania Premiere Party

With WrestleMania 28 just days away, the WWE ushered in the big event with a big premiere party last night in Miami, complete with red carpet entrances.

Our Divas had the opportunity to trade the Lycra for, in some cases, stunning dresses, and in other cases, not so stunning outfits!

This time, it was Nikki Bella who we felt outshone sister Brie in an elegant red number, while Brie opted for a more daring nude strapless gown with a risque slit down the middle. Kelly Kelly‘s effortless-looking loose bun and dress also get our thumbs up! Eve Torres looked bold and colorful on the red carpet in a sparkly, backless dress which we loved on first look — but on closer inspection, we’re not sure how we feel. However, former Tough Enough contestant Rima Fakih looked out of place amongst the bevvy of Divas, looking more ready for the club than a red carpet.

Also in attendance at the red carpet event: Natalya, Alicia Fox, Stephanie McMahon and former WWE Diva, Maryse.

Who do you think dressed the best?

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    Im glad Maryse is still on the good note with the WWE

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Maryse Hands Down! Women is truly the SEXIEST Of The SEXIEST! I say Eve is next then Alicia who looks like a old women…-_-

    Brie & Nikki look manish a bit to me they were better off wearing their Cat suits one of them

  • DIVAsupporter

    Brie looks like she tried too hard
    Nikki looks better
    Kelly- Just love her, how does she walk in those heels? crazy
    Nattie- wished she chose a more colorful dress
    Rima- WTH? see -through jacket really?
    Lilian looked great too
    Stephanie- looked tired, great body tho..

  • Essex Boy

    My first time commenting here, hope to make it fun aha ;)

    They all look great, more so Kelly and Alicia for me. Eve is the best looking to me.. But the dress.. Meh :-/

    What the?! Stephanie??!! Not a good photo… Damn! She’s usually super hot.. Wow.

    • Essex Boy

      P.s didn’t think that dress suited Natties build.

      • Essex Boy

        Thinking back (lol) it’s not so much the design of the dress regarding Nattie, it’s the colour.

  • berrybryant

    Maryse still looks like a WWE Diva~ She’s still the sexiest of the sexy!

  • GailKim95

    Nikki and Alicia loked hot!

  • EveLover

    They all won my heart, but I gotta say maryse conquered it. She’s just a natural.

    Eve & Kelly looked hot :’)
    & OMG Steph & Rhima >:o !
    Where’s beth tho ?

    • EveLover

      I also want to add, that I wouldn’t be very surprised if maryse made a return. Maybe not in a wrestling role, but as a valet or something else.

  • Poison_Ivory

    Some of these photos are REALLY unflattering.

    A spray-tan.. Really Nattie? Why? An orange fake tan does NOT fit a strong body like hers. But her dress is gooorgeous though.

  • Poison_Ivory

    Oh, and did Maryse got lost in the way to her tennis lesson? She’s a returnee, she should have picked something to wow everybody’s ass off!

  • kellytrishfan

    Really lovin’ Brie, Kelly and Natalya’s dresses. Maryse also looks great. Kelly looks older, in a good way. More mature. Love the look, but Brie defitnetly stole it for me <3 She looks amazing.

  • Raekon

    Dresswise I liked Alicias most.
    It had glamour and class written on it at the same time.

    Brie had a good combination of sexy and classy but the hair didn’t fit much (people with long face need to cover a bit with hair like in Nikkis case).

    Lilian looked gorgeous and Rimas outfit was unique.

    Nikki looked beautiful but in all honestly the color of her shoes were totally off.
    It would had been better if the sisters would had traded shoes in that case. :p

    Eves dress colors were great but a bit too “shiny” in overall and too open in the back.
    Didn’t liked the others as much.

  • RayneWoman

    Eve is looking really good!!
    What is Nattie wearing? Not a fan of her dress.
    Im sorry if I offend any Bella Twins fan, but the twin with the red dress looks like a drag queen.
    Kelly looked super cute!!!! I freakin loved her hairstyle!!

  • igotthatpma123

    alicia looked amazing…. maryse always look like she has a wide body to me idk why.

  • wwe141

    I think Alicia looked the best

  • Air-Bourne

    Stephanie looked so old and worn out in that photo i can’t believe it because a few years ago on Raw she was still looking super hot. I’ve always thought the Bella’s were the hottest diva’s left in WWE but after looking at these photo’s i have to say Kelly Kelly was easily the hottest of the night. Maryse was a let down for me personally.

    • Air-Bourne

      Also why does Alicia look like shes 40 in the first picture shes in?

  • art

    I like alicias dress the most & which ever bella in that cream dress LOOKS stunning…..what the hell is rima wearing?? she looks like a hooker..why that skirt & top…..
    maryse has got some bingo wings going on LOL…Stephanie looked horrible in that dress…

  • JJ

    Alicia looks drop dead gorgeous. The winner by a mile!

    I’m intrigued to see AJ and Kailtyn at the Hall of Fame. They don’t seem like the kind of girls to dress up!

  • Teri

    That photo of SMH… holy shit. Horror movie poster much?

    and someone PLEASE tell some of these divas (especially Nattie and Eve) that if theyre going to use a self-tanner, to look for one with RED undertones, NOT orange. Looks fake as hell.

  • Jhonmarco

    Kelly looked great, but Maryse looked the best here hands down. This woman is the definition of sexy! Still sucks to know we won’t ever see that facepalm on TV ever again, but I’m dealing with it :p as soon as I get bored of this avatar I’m getting that picture of Maryse! <3

  • Jake

    lol You could tell nobody knew how to dress for this red carpet. Some are in gowns, some in mini dresses, and then you have Rima’s club hoppin’ getup. All look pretty, besides Steph which is a disappointment.

  • Monster092

    It’s great to see Maryse! Woo hoo Rima Fakih!!

  • Liam ‘

    They all need to tone down with all the make-up and tan. Alicia looks like an old biddy and a man. Better luck next time girls

  • redsandman99

    I thought Nikki’s dress was pretty but she and Brie both looked manish in this pictures.

    I liked Alicia’s dress but I’m not sure if I like it on HER.

    I liked Eve’s dress from the front. Not crazy about the backless part of it though.

    Maryse looked amazing, like always.

    That was a bad picture of Stephanie. I saw another one with her and Triple H where she looked a lot better.

  • Taylor

    Nikki: I love the color — I want to say it’s a fusion of carmine pink and coral — of her dress. I think if it was more tightly fitted around the upper torso, she would look phenomenal.

    Brie: Gorgeous! I like that she dared to be different, but in a good way. Turquoise was the perfect color choice for accessories! However, I wish her earnings were more simple. They’re somewhat distracting.

    Alicia: The dress is very elegant, but too safe. Her makeup, however, is horrific.

    Lilian: Average dress. I don’t think she dressed for the occasion as she could easily wear this while announcing.

    Kelly: The dress is simple yet beautiful. The gold wiring on the ivory-colored fabric is of dernier cri.

    Maryse: Black is always chic; however, this dress is not synonymous with the little black dress Coco Chanel had it mind. I would play tennis in this dress rather than wear it for a premiere party.

    Rima Fakih: After this showing, please ban her from all future gatherings. Horrible, horrible, and horrible.

    Eve: Was one fashion faux pas not enough? Poor choice. I also think Kelly wore a similar dress, albeit in a nude color, to the Maxim party. I prefer that version.

    Stephanie: I give her a pass. Running a family company — in her case an empire — and being a mother and wife all at the same time is excruciatingly tough. Plan ahead next time maybe?

    Natalya: The dress is nice, but doesn’t look good on her. Try again.

    I’d have to say that Nikki wins best dressed. She has it all put together. If only Brie’s earnings weren’t so distracting. And Rima Fakih and Stephanie tie for worst dressed, although Stephanie exudes more class.

    • Jhonmarco

      LMAO! Loved what you wrote about Rima, gotta agree though!

    • igotthatpma123

      Who hired the fashion police

      • Taylor

        People with style.

        • Faye

          Three words deserving of a Pulitzer. Yes, girl!

        • Jhonmarco

          I’ll glady accept you both as fashion police.

        • Faye

          LMAO! I’d say Taylor does most of the critiquing, haha. I just throw shade. :p

        • Jhonmarco

          Girl don’t be modest, both of y’all are the fashion police & I love it! <3 haha

        • Taylor

          I think we’re more Vogue-inclined — more prestige. LOL!

          I’m so sick and tired of a handful of posters who for some reason or another believe we should only talk about wrestling. Ugh.

        • no rain

          ROFL! girl/boy i love you xD

        • Taylor

          Girl and thanks! I’m glad several people like my feisty attitude.

        • Faye

          LMAO! Taylor, we’ve got ourselves a Vogue army :p

          and disregard that ish. I love your attitude!

        • Taylor

          Yes we do! Even fashion has to have a church. Would you like to pick your role/persona?

          And I love your crazy fierceness too girl!

        • Faye

          LOL! Don’t get started with me, hun! The last organization i headed on this site had people (cyber)rioting! :p

          My role? Head of promotions? Might as well put this big mouth to use, lol:p

          Thanks, love! I think we make a pretty good team! :D

        • Taylor

          Don’t worry about “rioting.” I see no one here as a threat to us. Fashion is full of snarky, witty, and blunt folks who take absolutely no prisoners. We will cut those rioters down by their knees faster than the speed of light, lol.

          I’m going to dub you the female André Leon Talley, but much prettier and not at all obese. Head of promotions though? I think in publication that would be a relationship between the publisher and marketing director.

          What should I be? LOL

        • Faye

          “We will cut those rioters down by their knees faster than the speed of light, lol.”

          Girl, Yes! Don’t make me put on my church hat now, lmao!

          Andre Leon Talley? I’m very flattered, haha!

          Well, in this context that role would consist of advertising campaigns, event promotions, PR, etc. Anything to get us “out there”, lol. My cyber promotion of Eve, for example, has had positive effects on how she is received on this site, lol! (I am a shameless Narcissist)

          Should I dare suggest you be our Anna Wintour? The name carries such weight and responsibility :p

        • Taylor

          Faye, you know you never took that handmade Chanel classic off your head — not in regards to the Church of Fashion.

          Yes, you’re André! Although I fear for his health, he is super-duper fierce. You are officially our publisher and marketing director!

          I think I can make Anna proud. The “Ice Queen” and “Pope” shall I become, lol.

        • Faye

          Why, thank you, Taylor!

          I will make Andre Proud! And I’m sure Ms. Wintour would give you a nod of approval as well. <3


        • Taylor

          Hahaha. Oh and I expect to see your weekly critiques of the Divas photoshoots — this includes clothes, accessories, poses, and the like. Those Divas live off our judgements. (I’m holding off on commenting on Hall of Fame dresses until after all pictures are up.)

        • Faye

          LOL! From now on, you definitely will!

          And i can’t wait! I like the way you operate! I couldn’t resist commenting, haha. :p

    • Faye

      OMG! Didn’t even see this! ON POINT!

  • xXxUniquelyiXxX

    Kelly was breathtaking, loved her hair. She was hands down my favorite.

    As for Rima, don’t even get me started on her being there. SMH.