WrestleMania 25: Should-Bes, Could-Bes and Shouldn’t Bes

Continuing my theme of speculation as we head into WrestleMania 25, here’s another post that delves into the matter. This time, I’m going to be looking at the Divas who I think should be part of WrestleMania, the Divas I think could be part of WrestleMania and even though it doesn’t rhyme, the Divas who shouldn’t be part of ‘Mania.

The Should-Bes

Melina, Maryse: As the Women’s and Divas Champions respectively, these two Divas have earned a part of the biggest pay per view of the year. If any Diva is to wrestle at ‘Mania it should be one or both of these two Divas.

Beth Phoenix: A Diva that has been so integral to the women’s division for the better part of two years, you can’t build up a girl for so long without giving her the big payday.

Michelle McCool: Like Beth, Michelle has been such a huge part of SmackDown over the past year and has worked hard to earn her spot on the roster. As she continues to reach new heights on Friday nights, the All-American Diva has done enough to now deserve the chance to compete at her first ‘Mania.

The Could-Bes

Kelly Kelly: Here’s a Diva that has been given a consistent spot on Raw over the past year or so, although not part of any major storyline, it wouldn’t be out of the question to see Kelly as part of WrestleMania.

Mickie James: It’s been two years since Mickie’s one and only WrestleMania appaearance. Although she gets some major screen time almost every year, it just never seems to come around ‘Mania time. Like Kelly, although not part of a storyline at the moment, don’t rule out Mickie’s chances.

The Shouldn’t-Bes

Most of the roster: Divas like Alicia, the Bella Twins, Eve, Katie Lea, Layla, Natalya and Tiffany don’t seem to have enough momentum behind them to be part of ‘Mania this year.

Jillian: WWE’s resident jobber isn’t likely to get a spot at ‘Mania anyway.

Candice, Maria: Though they’ve had a few bursts throughout the year in terms of matches and storylines, neither really cuts the mustard when it comes to the talent required to be part of WrestleMania. Though Candice has shown signs of life as an in-ring performer despite her trainwreck comeback last year, it isn’t nearly enough to salvage her career in time for a ‘Mania appearance. Maria is just an awful wrestler, while highly popular, last year proved that even WWE realises that it’s a mistake to put Maria in the ‘Mania picture.

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  • gl83

    I noticed that you didn’t include Rosa Mendes. I’m not a fan of hers by any means, in fact I hate her and not in the she’s-doing-a-good-job-as-a-heel kind of hate. However, personal felings aside, I think that she is a very possible Could-Be especially if Melina gets by Beth Phoenix this Monday, I can see a possible Melina vs Rosa match-up at WrestleMania.

  • Christi84

    The two champions should be the only ones. It will most likely be Melina vs. Beth one more time and Maryse vs. Gail.

  • http://z8.invisionfree.com/Total_Diva_Wrestling/index.php? Kendall

    This might be my inner Mickie Mark coming out like it likes to, but I think that Mickie should be featured at Wrestlemania. I mean, how long can they keep her out of any kind of good match? Melina isn’t exactly my dream of a Women’s Champion, and sorry, but I just don’t think so. And Rosa Mendez at WM? I do not like her at all. She’s just Mickie 2.0, only not as entertaining. I will be really, really mad if she makes it to Wrestlemania, seeing that there is acutal talent on the roster getting pushed aside for her.

  • Tunccy

    Michelle definitley has to be in WM.

    andi hope Jillian … but its probally not going to happen.

  • ashley-forever

    I want to do a wrestlemania wc i fight for the other dc. Beth vs Melina vs Trish (women’s champion) Gail Kim vs Maryse (Divas champions)

  • mdhorsemen

    I think Beth and Michelle will be in matches. Same with Melina and Maryse, since they are the champions.

    I don’t see Rosa in a match. Same with Natalya, Maria, Katie Lea, Candice, Bellas, Gail, and a few others.

    Trish’s involvement could play a key in the other Divas match, depending on which brand she shows up on.

  • amygirl

    I think people that are hoping for two Divas matches at WM25 are setting themselves up for some big time disappointment.

    It’s a big show and they’re going to want to shove a lot of matches and other stuff in it I really don’t think they’re going to care to give that time away to two divas matches. If there’s a championship match (instead of something involving Trish) I’m guessing it’ll be for the WC as they really do seem to treat the Divas Championship only as an after thought.

  • Larry

    There has been two divas matches at past WMania’s so hopefully with another title there will be room this year. My guess is Beth/Melina or Beth/Rosa/Melina and on Smackdown Maryse vs. Maria/McCool/ or Gail.