WrestleMania 28 is upon us and all week long we will be bringing exclusive blogs, photos and videos from sunny Miami, Florida.

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Why hello there, and if you’re wondering why the lack of updates from WrestleMania last week, well, I have a darn good explanation for you. Last Friday, I only did one small event and it did not involve Divas, and then Saturday and Sunday, I was never in my hotel room long enough to write anything more than “hello”. So here today, I bring you a catch up blog that will highlight the Diva appearances I encountered throughout both Saturday and Sunday, plus the Hall of Fame and WrestleMania events in their entirety!

I guess it’s best I just briefly inform you of Friday’s event. I attended two signings — one for Daniel Bryan and one for Kane. For some ungodly reason, the storyline with AJ has turned me into a rather large Daniel Bryan fan and thus, when I met him, I may have just slightly went a little nuts. If that wasn’t bad enough, the second my neurotic shtick was finished, I turn around and see WWE cameras filming my every spastic word. I immediately cowered in fear as I prayed to the holy heavens this would not be seen at WrestleMania (and thankfully my prayers were answered).

Saturday, March 31st
Now onto Saturday we go, which was filled with two Axxess sessions and the Hall of Fame, literally one after the other. I’ll just briefly sum up the males that I met, which included Alex Riley, David Otunga, Hunico, Camacho, Jimmy & Jey Uso, Rikishi, Michael McGillicutty, Primo & Epico (praise god), Sign Guy (yup), Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins (dream come true), Tyson Kidd (with what I’m sure was a choir singing “hallelujah” in the background for this godly moment), Zack Ryder’s dad (who told us to take care & spike our hair), and JTG (who let me wear his chain for a photo which clearly became my highlight of life).

Now onto the Divas!

The first Diva I met was one I was hoping and praying to, and that was Eve Torres. She had only been advertised for one signing, and thankfully due to some last minute circumstances, I was able to be there and meet her. She was clearly pretty sick, but nonetheless, she continued to stay the entire session and meet fans. When I got up there I had to wait until the staff could bring her something for her throat, and she apologized, but really, if standing in front of Eve for a lengthy amount of time is anything worth apologizing for, I’d do the crime. TV does not do her justice at all, and she was extremely nice to meet.

The text message I got said the Bella Twins would also be at the photo booth right behind Eve’s signing and I ran over all excited and then out of nowhere, it’s Rima Fakih?! People might be wondering why, but I don’t know why she was there, honestly, whether just as a celebrity or if she actually signed a contract, but I got in her line and she was very nice. I like when I get surprised, and this was definitely a welcome one even if I sacrificed a Bella Twins meeting.

And then comes the big one. You see, I got through Eve and Rima in relatively 30 minutes and then I look over and see who else but Lita at signing two! I run over as quick as I can, and no joke, literally ten seconds after I step into line they are forced to cut it because her line has already gotten to be the biggest one of the weekend so far. It took an hour and a half to reach the front, but Lita was everything you would hope and more. She talked to everyone, signed whatever you had, and took pictures with anyone. She didn’t seem worried with cutting it close, and that was extremely refreshing to not have to rush through everything. I almost didn’t even get into the huge line because she was also set to appear Sunday morning, and you have no idea how glad I am that I did because I was also at Sunday’s and she ended up being switched last minute. Also, I saw WWE filming an interview with her as the signing was going on, so maybe you’ll see some of it? WWE seemed to film a lot during the Axxess sessions but I didn’t really see any of it used at WrestleMania, so who knows?

The session then ended and I went outside to wait for the next one. Once we got back in, I then briefly met Rosa Mendes again, given that she was also featured with Primo and Epico in a photo session fans. She was as tremendous as ever and remains one of the nicest people I’ve met. The moment was pretty quick so I don’t have as much to say here as I will for a few others.

The only other people to interest me during that two hour block were males, so after I met a few, I had about twenty minutes left. If you know me, you know how badly I wanted to meet Tyson Kidd, Alicia Fox, and mainly Natalya. They were all set to be at this session and I sat on the floor waiting to get the text. I planned to run for Nattie first because this was the only block she was scheduled to be at (although she also did one that I didn’t have tickets for).

Somewhere in here, Heath Slater makes his way to the ring… and if you’re wondering why on Earth I would mention this, his opponent was none other than the FUNK-A-SAURUS. The place erupted to the sound of “Ladies and Gentlemen”, and literally everyone ran over to watch. The three did their dance routine and Brodus won the match, but I was pretty far back and only could see a little bit. I did see Naomi and Cameron dancing with a referee when it was over though, and they also invited children into the ring to bust a move too. It was godlike, but a better view would’ve helped (which is why I made a fool out of myself at ‘Mania. More to come later on).

About 20 minutes pass and my phone vibrates. Like Cryssi and her Christian moment, I literally saw the words “Photoshoot/Natalya”, grabbed my water, and ran across the entire building. I ended up being the fourth person in line, and wow. If you could ever say TV doesn’t do a Diva justice, it’s got to be Natalya. She showed up and recorded the fans cheering for her, and then did some poses for the camera as the photographer was trying to set up the focus for the pics. Once I finally got up there, I basically professed how brilliant she is and told my adventure of running through the building to get there. She is the nicest person ever, and I know everyone says that, but it’s beyond true. Once I finished, I then ran for Tyson Kidd who I’ll briefly say was just as amazing as her. He seems like the most appreciative person for any fan that I’ve ever seen in my life. Meet them both, everyone!

Following them, I then proceeded to, yes, run again. This time, it was over to Alicia Fox. I waited to meet her for so long and I was all ready to go. The second I get up there, this horrendous rude security guard completely ruins everything by forcing me to get off almost instantly. I asked her for a picture and he screamed at me (mind you, the people before AND after me got them with no problem). I felt horrible for Alicia as you could tell she felt bad, and took an awkward picture on my own (which I never do as they’re horrible). She offered to sign for me but I was then told by the guard to step down right away. Horrible…

… But thankfully, there is a god. I went to her line later on with like 15 minutes to go. I wasn’t even in the line really, as they cut it off due to time constraints. My line was one where we would only get in if there was enough time. Thankfully there was, and we got to meet her. This time, the guard was randomly a completely different person. I got up to her and said how I almost didn’t make it but I was finally back for this photo, and she was excited and said how glad she was that I came back. We then took a picture and I thanked her, as the guard had no problems at all. I have no clue what happened to him earlier on, but someone needs to direct him to the “Be STAR” ads, pronto.

The Hall of Fame was ridiculously amazing to go to. It was fun to get all dressed up and actually see everyone arrive on the tour buses. I basically had a front row seat to watch everyone come with their dates, and even got to see some people I didn’t think I would like Lita, Sharmell, Maryse etc. The ceremony itself was amazing, and I thought Ron Simmons, Yokozuna, The Four Horsemen, and of course, Edge, were all beyond words with their speeches. Mike Tyson was kind of wacky, and Mil Mascaras was great but I kind of wish he would have been allowed to speak Spanish and just give us a translator or something. I really really recommend buying the WrestleMania DVD to see this in full because it was incredible.

Sunday, April 1st
Sunday’s Axxess session wasn’t really Diva heavy and was pretty late due to an unfortunate mess of Miami traffic for a bike race of all things. We did see Vickie Guerrero, and I know Cryssi got a few pics of Rima as she did another signing. The Bellas were supposed to be there, but there was a last minute schedule change that replaced them with Ted DiBiase so they now stand as the only unmet Divas for me. One day, Bellas… one day.

We did, however, get to see an FCW Divas match which featured Paige & Sofia Cortez facing off against Raquel Diaz (who is so much better portraying a face) & Caylee Turner. Audrey Marie was also the special ring announcer for the FCW matches too. The match was pretty awesome, and I got to see Paige’s beautiful submission hold in person which basically made my year. I like Raquel’s Queen character in FCW, but she was so much more fun and better in ring in this match than I’ve seen before. I think she can do any character well, but being a face is more of her style with in ring work.

Caylee and Sofia were also great as well, and the crowd was pretty into the match as a whole. It came to a close when Raquel planted Paige with the Gory Bomb for a great reaction and got the three count. She and Caylee celebrated the win, with Paige and Sofia walking to the back upset. I’d been waiting to see the Divas wrestle all weekend, and after briefly catching Sofia against Audrey yesterday from the back, it was nice to actually get a decent view of this one.

I’ll also chat briefly about another meet & greet I went to which was for WrestleReunion. I could only stay for a very short time so I won’t have that much to say, but female wise, they were pretty stacked as I recall seeing Maria Kanellis, Jillian Hall, Mickie James, Velvet Sky, Sassy Stephie, Amber O’Neal, Shelly Martinez, and Molly Holly. There was more I’m sure, but my mind is foggy. Of those I ended up meeting, Mickie, Stephie, Molly, and Velvet Sky,  all were amazing in their own right. I even got to meet SHIMMER interviewer & former co-host of the Untitled Allison Danger Show, Amber Gertner, and she was amazing!

Now onto WrestleMania itself, holy crap. Words can’t explain how incredible it is to be at WrestleMania in person. The crowd was tremendous, and began the start of a beautiful friendship with Daniel Bryan chants.

Speaking for the Divas, I personally found nothing wrong with their match. I do think it came off a little slow in some parts, but I’m glad they got time and the spot of the match had to be the Kelly-Go-Round which got a pop from the crowd. Eve got a lot of heat when she turned on Zack Ryder later on, and PLANET FUNK was the cause of my death. As soon as Cameron went “Ladies and Gentlemen”, I went into this mass hysteria fit of screaming, dancing, singing, cheering… it’s all a blur right now but if anyone reading this sat near me at that time, I sincerely apologize.

Oh, and I also absolutely went psycho as well when AJ walked out with Daniel Bryan. No matter how much I love AJ though, I knew there was no hope of getting an AJ chant started when Daniel Bryan was around. Those “YES” chants were happening even before we were allowed in the building two and a half hours before the show!

Also, for those wondering, I DID get my Justin Gabriel picture from Thursday so this trip is now. — wait for it — COMPLETE!

Enjoy the following pictures below from my weekend events!