Your Two Cents: Bringing Back Former Divas

“Your Two Cents” is our interactive feature where we gauge the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers on different discussions in women’s wrestling.

This week, we’re asking this: With Brock Lesnar’s shocking return, we want to know: which former Diva would you bring back to the WWE, and how would you book her return? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

Our Two Cents

Batting for Team DD this week, it’s Melanie giving us her personal opinion on this week’s topic:

Melanie: I could very easily respond with Trish Stratus or Lita, but I’m not going to do that. Instead, the former Diva that I’d pick to return may surprise you: Tiffany. Yes, she of Skirt Tiffany fame! At the time of her suspension and release in 2010, Tiffany was getting really good in the ring and delivering great efforts against Michelle McCool. Her ability to look strong (remember the atomic drop?) and beautiful in the ring at the same time was something we rarely see unless a Diva has come from an independent wrestling background. She also had a good look and I think, like Kelly, Trish, Torrie etc. before her, she could play the babyface blonde really well if given the opportunity.

With so many heel Divas on the main roster right now — Beth, Eve and the Bellas — perhaps Tiffany can return to back up her former pal, Kelly. I’d then put her into a similar underdog storyline with Beth for the Divas Title. Working with a veteran can only help her improve and she could even surprise fans with what she can do, too.

Tiffany’s ring time was cut short despite ever-improving, and it’d be cool to see her get another chance.

Your Two Cents

@BeliEvePL | I’d love to see Victoria back. You know, she was really underrated in her last days in WWE but now, she would be top WWE Diva. First, she should leave TNA of course. How i’d like to see her return? When Eve wins Divas Title (at Summerslam for example) Victoria’s theme song starts playing and then she attacks Eve with Widow’s Peak and then she hits Top Rope Moonsault. I’d love to see storyline between Eve and Victoria!
Josue Guzman | Michelle McCool. Layla is expected to make a return to the ring soon and I for one want to see more of the short lived feud between these former best friends! Rumors are that when Layla does return, she will team up with Zack Ryder to take on Eve Torres and another Superstar. Have the two teams face off at Extreme Rules (coincidentally, the last time we saw Michelle).

While the men are outside fighting, the distracted referee is ordering them back in to the ring. Inside the ring, the women are legal and Layla seems to have the upper hand, even hitting Eve with the Layout, when all of the sudden a returning Michelle McCool attacks Layla and costs her the match. Eve later explains that due to her involvement at Wrestlemania, that led Team Johnny to victory against Team Teddy, a grateful John Laurinaitis had rewarded Eve with any favor. Eve decided to use that favor to bring back Michelle, who has some unfinished business to take care of.

Michael Kelly | Jillian. Have her come back & attack Beth Phoenix & Kelly, take the mic & cut a promo on how she was under looked by everyone in WWE from management to the fans & that she’s perfected her craft, she wants to prove she’s no joke & that she wants the Divas Title BACK! Don’t make her a face or a heel, have her as a tweener & take out Divas left, right & centre. I think she could play an awesome psycho, dominant heel.
Robert D. Martinez | I’d choose either Lita or Molly Holly. If Lita returned I would book her to come out and attack Beth after Beth has a match and goes on the mic and says “There is not a single past Diva that could ever beat me. I am unstoppable and will remain Divas Champ forever.” And then Lita comes out and returns. For Molly I would have her as a face so I’d love to see her wrestle Natalya, Beth or even Kharma.

I’d also love Sable to return and feud with Vickie Guerrero.

@stephenharland | Mickie James, Daniel Bryan’s new manager. They’ve both been disrespected in the past and now they’re going to be the new power couple.
Trevor Stewart | Madusa. Have her come back to bring the wrestling back in the division by taking out Divas one by one who aren’t strong and worthy enough in her eyes. I like that other person’s idea of an anti Diva group. Have Madusa lead with Kharma as an enforcer and a newbie like Sara Del Rey.

We’ve even got some former Divas entering the debate, with Maria Kanellis and Trish Stratus advocating for their own returns:

@MariaLKanellis | Me!!.. The First Lady..
@trishstratuscom | #tagteam Lita & me #topbitches

And now we turn it over to you…

What are your two cents on the debate? Which former Diva would you bring back? Tell us in the comments…

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  • jen07201

    Wow intresting idea Mickie James and Daniel Bryan since they both rock as heels.

  • josh101

    I 100% agree with Melanie. Tiffany is the one diva that was beginning to be so promising. I really hate her personal life got in between all that. but there still could be a possibility her and the wwe can look past that.

  • Looking Glass

    On the one hand I’d love to see someone like Tiffany or Savannah/Angela brought back as they never got the chance they truly deserved and it was all very political and seemed rather tactical when they were both released (Tiffany for THAT accident and Angela for ‘fluffing’ one line) if we’re talking long-term I’d say Ivory. Most people will go on the Trish and Lita bandwagon, but for me Ivory was one of the greats, one of the few to feud with Chyna (let alone win the belt from her) amazing on the microphone and in the ring, just severely overshadowed during her tenure.

  • shameronstar

    The most logical person who should return should be Savannah. She had so much potential and wwe needs an Asian diva on there roster for demographic satisfaction.

  • redsandman99

    Definitely would love to see Tiffany back. She had so much potential. Also would love to see Savannah and Serena back as well. Savannah was a natural in the ring and Serena is just awesome. And while I love Trish and Lita to death, they both had their chance to shine. I want to see someone who didn’t get a good first shot come back and have a real chance.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    i think i would love any of the following
    Angela Fong
    Molly Holly
    Joy Giovanni (just for her entrance theme lol)
    Torrie Wilson
    Dawn Marie

    I would hate to see the following girls
    Sunny lol

    • shameronstar

      LOL! What if Sunny came back!? There’d probably so much drama and fighting amongst the divas that they would probably start stiffing each other in the ring.

      Also, I thought I was the only one that liked Joy’s entrance theme. It’s to bad because Joy and Amy were developing great as characters and rivals considering they weren’t wrestlers at all.

      • art

        i have joys theme on my ipod lol… #ShamefulButTrue

    • Essex Boy

      I love Joys theme!!!.. And her arse! (whoops aha)

      I miss Dawn Marie too.

    • No Holds Barred

      lmao. only only only only only only only only love.

  • Roman

    I Would Book For Lita And Trish To Comeback As A Tag Team Against Beth And Eve Since They Are The Top Heel Female Wrestlers Right Now In WWE. Lita Then Should Branch Off In A Storyline With Eve And Trish Should Branch With Beth But Before This I Think They Should Put A Hold On The Divas Championship It’s Not Like They Are Doing Anything With It Anyway. And I Think That Storyline Should Run For Like A Year And Then Trish And Lita Win At Wrestlemania

  • GailKim95

    Angela Fong/Savannah or Torrie Wilson should come back!!! As much as i would love if Gail or Lita returned i think they should give someone who was never given a fair chance. Angela was actually pretty good and they could have made her a star but they dropped the ball with that one. Such a shame. Also I love Torrie and if it wasn’t for her back injury she would have been the first Divas Champion soshe could come back and have a feud with with Beth and win the title. The Torrie one is less realistic but a fan can dream can’t he?

  • Chryst Voegele

    Candice Michelle!!!

  • Tiffany

    Lita! She received such a crap ending, first losing to Mickie James then the whole Cryme Tyme “Ho Sale” thing. So disrespectful, she had done so much for the WWE. She should come back for one more run and end it the way it was suppose to end. Why can’t Lita have a fairytale type ending like Trish did? Lita all the way!!!!

    • melon2617

      I’ve said it before, both here & on other sites, but Lita’s farewell was no different than any other heel’s departure. Jericho’s first leave was him snivelling & begging for his job, his second was him being decimated. HBK’s original faretheewell was getting draped with an Austin 3:16 shirt & spat on by Mike Tyson. The list goes on & on.

      Trish’s original exit was for her to lose @ Summerslam, but Vince saw the cross-promotional opportunity of Trish’s week long ET Canada spotlighting her upcoming nups & extended her stay & wrote her ending. Trish is an actual celeb in Canada & Vince is a smart guy. Suddenly, the ET Canada segments doubled as promoting Unforgiven AND the wedding! That’s A LOT of free publicity. Trish’s fairy tale ending was simply good business, not a matter of who Vince likes more.

      Lita was also very vocal after she left that she felt she “deserved” a fairy tale ending. Perhaps her asking for a fairy tale ending while Trish asked for a loss prompted Vince to choose as he did?

      • Tiffany

        Trish always got better treatment…

        • melon2617

          Trish also did more work. No offense to Lita but she wrestled for very little of her career. She wrestled a handful of matches after her return from her neck injury & then didn’t wrestle for nearly a year after her knee injury. She was a much better manager than a wrestler because she was never a full time wrestler.

          Meanwhile, Trish wrestled all of the time! With a black eye, with a broken hand, with a busted lip. Trish was a more active competitor than Lita & had more crossover appeal & is a mainstream celeb in Canada. That’s three things that Lita did not have on her side.

          I’m not saying Lita doesn’t deserve credit, but Trish’s accomplishments shouldn’t be run down to boost Lita. Trish & Lita both accomplished great things. But when it came to their retirement, Vince had more to gain from Trish’s fairy tale ending than he would have had he gone with her request to lose.

        • perceval

          The thing at the time was that Trish was loved, while Lita was legit hated by the fans by the end. It wasn’t “Boo, you evil heel character!” heat but X-Pac Heat.

          But, by the Raw 10th Annversary show the next year, the fans realized what they’d lost, so when she appeared for that, all was forgiven. Nice way the Trish-Lita feud ended, too, with Jillian’s singing making them put the past aside and realize there were more important things in life… like stopping Jillian’s singing. :)

          Now, thanks to Matt Hardy’s behavior, no one blames Lita one bit, any more. Everyone just figures she knew something we didn’t at the time.

          But, I think she should get the proper send off she didn’t, the first time. Trish & Victoria are the only ones who got to take that sort of final bow.

        • norisclouds


          Yea Lita was so lazy. Getting thrown through those tables to get Trish over, helping Edge get over as a dominate champion, taking barbed wire to the face, getting trashed on every night by Cena and DX.

          Trish did do more work in the women’s division because Lita was out for a year and when she came back they consistently booked her out of it by pairing her up with Kane or Matt, but that doesn’t mean she deserved to get shitted all over on her way out the way WWE did. They clearly did it because TNA was starting a woman’s division and expressed interest in wanting her. I remember JR was pissed off about the way WWE treated her and mentioned that he thought Lita was interested in TNA at the time.

          It’s no coincidence that she had the worse send off of any diva in history.

          “She did less than Trish”

          Even JR has said he would never be able to choose between who made the greater impact between them. But no, you’re right. Let’s shit all over Lita!


      • WweLitafan4ever

        What’s sad is how lita begged creative & vince several times to not do the ho-sale,yet they still humiliated & embarassed her on her way out.I get losing the match,but having a ho-sale is crossing the line.Lita was upset over it and you can tell it hurt her.
        Atleast when y2j left,everything was his idea;unlike lita’s.
        lita got the worst sendoff ever &i cant believe people are ok with it/say she deserves that.

  • EveLover

    Candince, Mickie, Tiffany, Michelle, Sable, Joy Giovanny( I loved her), Shaniqua, & Trish/Lita. I’d also take any of the ones said above. They gave some interesting ideas.

    • EveLover

      BUT if I had to pick one, I’d pick tiffany. She’s just, well, awesome!

      • Essex Boy

        Joy was just so adorable and sexy! I miss her cuteness :D

        • EveLover

          I know right ! I loved her theme too. She could be a good valet.

  • Mikas

    I dont really want anyone to make a comeback. The diva division needs to move forward to improve, you cant rebuild a division by bringing back people who are in their late 30s or just havent wrestled for many years. Serena and Angela Fong are the exception because they never really got a chance and are still young.
    Move the FCW divas to the main roster and rebuild the division from scratch!

    • nitesaver

      Serena ruined her own chance. She probably wouldnt get pass WWE’s concussion screening now.

    • LadyGoDiva

      @Mikas I’ll agree that the current divas should start their own era without the help of any former divas but I think on one level I would like to see a few former divas help mentor the current divas like Paige,Sofia,Audrey,Raquel, Kaitlyn, and AJ.

  • art

    Id go lita (Just for a storyline with beth & getting the end that she deserved.. ,Tiffany,savannah,Linda miles because she was impressive..
    Molly holly as well cause i miss her because she was SOO good….

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Jacqueline, Jazz, Ivory, Trish, Lita, Molly, Melina, Michelle, Tiffany….

    I would release everybody expect Beth and Natalya, Aj and bring those divas back lol

  • majestylove

    For me, Jillian needs to be back in WWE !
    I mean, she is an amazing wrestler, verry intertaining ! With the micro, she is amazing ( I looove her songing voice ! ^^ ).
    She should start a feud with someone like, why not, Nattie for the divas title and play the mad pop star ( but not as a joke like she was before). Be always with her bodyguards and her phone. And signing autographs into the arms of the public during her entrance.
    So Jillian, if you see my post…. We want you back !! :D
    (sorry for my bad english :s)

  • Looking Glass

    Oh and….Shaniqua ;) I wish she’d stayed longer, would have liked to have seen what happened there.

  • RR45

    Trish and Lita!!! Melina and Mickie! Molly…ooh. Oh gosh I think I’d go crazy excited if Molly and Natalya had a 10 minute match oh geez imagine that!

    I’d also really like to see Tiffany and Savannah because they never reached their full potential at all! Such a shame really.

    • Marshy

      It is ashame that Tiffany and Savannah/Angela Fong never got the chance to reach their full potential at all. Tiffany had her troubles with Drew McIntyre that he has let his cuteness save his hide from being release while his ex-wife Tiffany/Taryn Terell takes the fall. Savannah being release,just because they don’t want two Asian women working in the same wrestling company,now that Gail Kim is already been out of the WWE,now Who do they have an Asian Diva on their roster? .

  • javiousmckenzie

    Melanie so happy you posted this none other than Tiffany i miss her so much that girl had so much potential she had the charisma and looks as Trish and that passion fire and just intensity of Victoria i always wanted her and Alex Riley to play a couple a spin off of Spike and his psychotic gf from Buffy The Vampire Slayer has Riley play this in to himself jock and her this psychotic cheerleader like do you know how much that would have gotten over with the fans

  • Essex Boy

    As a few others said, I’d love to see Joy, Dawn and Sable back. Just for more character entertainment (it’s not all about wrestling hence Vickie) anyone of those ladies would have such a good fued with Vickie. For example: Joy just because she’s so cute, and the complete opposite to Vickie, the cat fights would be fun to watch as they were between Amy Webber and Joy.

    Dawn Marie vs Vickie just because Dawn is so entertaining, again another bunch of entertaining segments.

    Sable just because I’d love to ses the Sable Bomb dropped on Vickie… LOL.

    But if I’m taking about actual wrestlers, then for me I want Molly Holly back to fued with either Beth or Natalya, the wrestling would be top notch. Molly can make any body look credible.

    P.s Tiffany deserves a second chance, as others above have said.

    • Essex Boy

      Talking* not taking. Yikes!

  • melon2617

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Candice come back & manage another Diva to face bitter rival Beth, maybe Kelly?

    Have Candice claim she was once a nobody, someone everyone thought they could push around & Divas like Beth never took her seriously but when all was said & done, she shut up the haters & K2 can too. Having her as a mentor gives her a lighter schedule so she can be home with her lil one.

    • nitesaver

      Even before her baby she fell out of WWE shape

  • shannymac


    I would have Eve cut a promo comparing herself to Lita, saying that the fans are doing the same thing to her that they did to Lita. Of course, being a heel, Eve would be putting Lita down, saying that she’s do much more classy, talented, and innovative than Lita ever was. Either later on in the show or on the next Raw, they have Ryder or whichever Diva Eve feuded with last respond with outrage that Eve would ever compare herself to Lita. The week after that, while Eve is cutting another promo, that person would come out and say something like “You know, Eve, you are so good at getting attention. In fact, you’ve managed to get the attention of a very special someone.

    Bam! Lita’s music hits, the crowd explodes, and I die of happiness.

  • Oliver James #BellaArmy!

    With all this talk about the A-MA-ZING Joy Giovanni, we may as well bring back her fued partner… The undefeated Amy Weber!!! =D

  • arwrestling

    I’d love to see Amy Weber come back, and have been wanting her to return since she left. Forget Joy, I couldn’t stand her, but Amy had it all. The looks, the charisma, the acting… Had she stuck around I’m sure she would have gotten decent at wrestling too.

    Also, Hiroko. Odd choice I know but she was entertaining as Kenzo’s wife/geisha. Having that couple back would be fun.

    I also cannot help but feel that Sable coming back as Brock Lesnar’s manager would be amazing.

    Of someone who never really got a chance, I’d like to see Beverly Mullins return. She left straight after her debut and was coming along nicely as a wrestler in FCW.

    Speaking of no chances, Aloisia / Isis The Amazon. Green, yes, but having her in devellopmental for a while would have been amazing for the division as a whole.

    Last but not least, one of my all time favorites… Stephanie McMahon. I would love for her to come back and take John Laurainitis out.

  • nitesaver

    Most people were let go for a reason. Most people suggested probably wouldnt be able to get back into WWE shape and arent long term prospects.


    The ones that never got a proper chance to shine i.e Savannah, Serena and Tiffany

    • Marshy

      Serena has never got the chance to step in the WWE Ring,cause she was too busy being a member of Straight Edge Society. Savannah has never step in the ring as a wrestler but has been in the ring as an announcer like Lillian Garcia.Tiffany could had been a competitor,but it is not her fault that she has let her anger get the best of her.