Impact Write-Up (April 5th, 2012): Six Former Champions Fight to Reclaim Their Throne

Hola all you tramps and skanks, and welcome to another sensational edition of the Impact Write-Up. This week, we were granted an interesting bout, which was dubbed to be a “Championship Challenge” match. In simpler terms, it was a six pack challenge which featured former champions, Velvet Sky, Mickie James, Winter, Angelina Love, Tara, and Madison Rayne, competing to see who would face Gail Kim for the belt at Lockdown. This could either go really good or really bad depending on how it’s executed, so let’s scroll on down and find out which way the cookie crumbled!

Following a pan up shot of Christy Hemme that’s sure to get Taz’s juices flowing, HARRRDCCUURRRR COUNNTREEEHHHH blasts through the sound system and out skips everyone’s favorite cowgirl, Mickie James! She slides under the ropes and hops the turnbuckle to pose for the fans, before being cut off by the sensational being that is a new slightly blond version of Winter! Winter slowly ascends down the ramp and taunts the crowd in attendance, as out next comes someone who has something Broken (broken, broken, broken…), Tara! The mainstream veteran takes it retro with some of her older gear as she poses on the ropes and readies for this opportunity. Following her comes a (new?) version of Angelina Love, complete with pink and white tron suggesting she is apart from Winter now. The KILLLEERRRRR QUEEEEEEEEEENNNN is out next, who bows and beautifully waves for her adorning fans all the way down to the ring. Rounding out the bunch comes perhaps the favorite heading into this match, the role model of pigeons everywhere looking to be let loose… Velvet Sky! All six women look ready to go, as we head to a commercial break BEFORE the match starts (which is what I’ve begged them to do instead of in between).

Back from break with Winter applying a waist lock around Tara, who fights out and reverses into a wrist lock. Winter fights back and slams her down by the hair, but Tara kips up and controls it with some punches and clotheslines. A bodyslam finishes up, before scoring with the standing moonsault as all of the other four break it up. Angelina soon blind tags herself in and engages in an interesting stare off with her (former?) BFF, Winter. The two look ready to fight, before Winter ends up tagging in Mickie James.

Mickie steps in to the roar of the fans, and then proceeds to lock up with Angelina. Love with a side headlock takeover, countered into a leg lock by MJ. Angelina fights back into the hold, but Mickie breaks out into one of her own! Mickie scores with a shoulder block, proceeding to cartwheel over Love and hit a nice dropkick. She tries to grab Angelina, but Love kicks back and drops her throat first onto the ropes. James then plants her with a huge arm trap neckbreaker, as Madison Rayne accidentally elbows Angelina to break the pin.

Love takes advantage of this with a sidewalk slam for a two count as Tara breaks it up. Angelina starts to argue with Madison, which allows Mickie to take advantage with some punches. James is sent off the ropes, where Velvet Sky blind tags herself in and hits a dropkick to Angelina. Mickie climbs out, as the former Beautiful People members collide! Sky with a kick and a few clotheslines, rounding it up with a shoulder block. Love plants an elbow to the stomach and drops her with a front slam for a two count!

She then walks over and smacks Madison right on the hand, as Tara tags herself in and shoves Rayne into Love. Tara with some punches and a clothesline, continuing with her version of the sidewalk slam! Winter breaks up the pin attempt, as Madison rakes the eyes and Velvet tags back in. Madison proceeds to tag Mickie in, which sparks these friends to meet one on one in the ring…well not really, as Rayne kicks Mickie out. Madison proceeds to score with a clothesline, before drilling Velvet with the Rayne Drop!

Angelina runs in from behind and nails the Break-A-Bitch backbreaker, before turning around into the Widows Peak from Tara! Winter then runs inside and drops Tara with the Kat-Nap Backbreaker, until turning around herself into a huge Mickie-DT. Mickie seems caught off guard, as Velvet kicks her in the gut and apologizes for doing so, before nailing the double underhook faceplant for the WIN! Velvet will challenge Gail Kim at Lockdown for the Knockouts Championship inside the steel cage!

Thoughts: I actually really liked this match. I loved that they billed it as six former champions because it explains the absence of a few ladies (although ODB not so much). I thought everyone performed excellently, with no slip ups or slow moments in the slightest. All six women did their parts tremendously, and I loved the unique concept Impact took in delivering a number one contenders match. We’ve seen battle royals etc. already, so it was refreshing to see another six pack challenge actually happen. I thought it was also tremendous to see all six women actually get a solid amount of time to wrestle. This could’ve been such a cluster… you know what, but they handled it perfectly and everyone came off looking like they actually were fighting for their life to get the title shot.

I’m so happy Velvet Sky won because the crowd loves her, as do I, and I really want her to get the reign she was basically screwed out of in the start. I don’t think there is really anyone left for Gail Kim to go through except the woman who never got her rematch for the belt in the first place, and I really really hope Velvet wins it back and has a long reign.

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  • KatieLeaMinion

    The match was good.

    But what is with Angelina/Winter? They build this story up for over a year and now this? They can’t be serious. Do they think we are dumb and forget about this?

    • S1

      I agree, it was a good match.

      What are you talking about? There is no storyline between Angelina and Winter. Angelina and Winter have been in a consensual relationship since Slammiversary 2011. When Angelina told Winter she didn’t need the drugs anymore. Then Angelina become normal Angelina again. No more zombie stuff. lol It was totally Stockholm Syndrome. Why they broke up? We don’t know yet. Just remember they haven’t been on television for awhile. So we don’t know what they have been up to.

    • TJÉ TC

      winter and angelina now is like WWE’s DOD. They just wast it!

  • Gameman305

    The Match was Epic! I Wish WWE Could Do The Same Thing, like have Eve, Natalya, Kelly Kelly, Alicia , Brie Bella, and Layla!

    Would That be Awesome?!

    • LadyGoDiva

      I can still see that happening a six pack challenge for the divas title. But when your a diva in the wwe oppurtinities are hard to get espically with a division that is failing.

    • Raekon

      They had such matches in the past but not for the title.
      The predictable thing about such matches in which everyone hits their finisher before the end is always the same, you know that the one that hits theirs as the last one wins and that takes away any surprise that could had been in the match cause they always do it the same way. :/

  • shameronstar

    It was kind of funny how Velvet was apologizing to Mickie before she hit her In Yo’ Face and beat her! All the knockouts have devasting and creative finishing moves, but what are Rosita’s and Brooke’s finishers?

    • Oliver James #BellaArmy!

      Rosita’s finisher is the top rope diving moonsault & Brooke’s is the asstastic stinkface!!! =D

      • Looking Glass

        ^ That, although sometimes Brooke uses the top rope bulldog, but I think it was cut down for being too similiar for the Stratusfaction

    • GailKim95

      Brooke’s finisher is a Diving Crossody. She used it to pin Winter and she has used in some indy shows that she has been in

    • Chryst Voegele

      Brooke finisher is Corner Springboard Bulldog & Asstastic (yes! but she never finish match with this).

  • Rhawk

    Meh to the match, the outcome to too predictable, but it was a decent enough match I suppose. Shame that DAMN Impact Zone ruined it for me. They need to GTFO of there asap, I cannot stand the fact that those fans, who get in there for free, ruin every match they are apart of witnessing.
    Might actually stop watching TNA altogether just because of the atmosphere, not that I watch it all to begin with, just the Knockouts stuff, and even then they aren’t all as great as they once were years ago…

  • Rhawk

    Also, I love how Bobby posted that ‘The crowd loves Velvet’, that crowd loves anything they get in free to see. You could tie a bag of crap to a stick and call it ‘Flo Rida’ and they’d love the hell out of it.

    • BillyGP

      No Velvet is over.

      • No Holds Barred

        TNA edit crowd reaction into every segment.

        • BillyGP

          but at times the reactions are real too and Mickie and Velvet like Bobby said gets reactions.

    • Bobby

      I see your point, but of the six women they chant/react to Velvet and Mickie the most which is what I was referring to when typing that

  • jen07201

    I have a feeling that Madison and Mickie will be involved in the match at Lockdown.

  • Prescott

    All of Madison’s adoring fans! AKA, the Four people that they told to “Do the Wave!” while they zoomed in on them as much as possible. The three major points of Madison’s “get over” plan include: A) Be “over” with Eric Bischoff and Bruce Prichard B) Be inexplicably “over” with Diva Dirt C) Bury everyone else and/or latch on to whoever is the actual quality heel (Gail = wrestling, Karen Jarrett = actually drawing heat).

    As far as executing her plan goes, Madison is a genius. As far as building up tons of negative karma, she’s anything but. They should do Mickie/Madison as a feud just so Madison can get 90% of the mic time, 90% of the brawl wins, and go over cleanly on PPV in a match where she’s carried every last second until she hits her sloppy finisher. Then I can read about how “both of these girls did such a great job! Way to go, ladies!” while I struggle to hold down my lunch.

    • Rhawk

      Uh oh look out, we gotz a hater in the howse!

      • Megumi

        Didn’t you just rant on about how the crowd only loves Velvet because they love everything else that’s free?

        You go on and on about Velvet every chance you get, I wouldn’t go on about other people being “haters” when you fit that mold just as well, sarcastic or not.

        • Rhawk

          No no no, you miss understand me. I don’t dislike Velvet… I dislike the Impact Zone. Theres a huge difference considering I can actually tollerate Velvet.
          But yes I know I’m a hater, but whats wrong with a little sarcasm every now and again? People can take other people’s words too seriously sometimes! ;-P

    • BillyGP

      As i go to TNA shows at the Impact Zone we are NOT told what or who to cheer for.

      • BillyGP

        Madison is not terrible or even bad she is a good wrestler just because your blind and want to believe what ever you want don’t take away from Madison’s skills. She can talk not he mic also and gain heat with out being with Karen or Gail it just how TNA books her.

  • jen07201

    Next week in Impact Wrestling:

    Mickie James&Velvet Sky vs Madison Rayne&Gail Kim

    OBD&EY Wedding

    • Rhawk

      Cheers, now I dont have to watch! =-D

      • BillyGP

        then don’t watch but im sure the match will be good specially with Mickie and Gail interaction

  • WWFoverWWE

    I loved the match, I like that they made it former knockout champions exclusive only (poor sarita)

    I feel Velvet will beat Gail and get the title back. Lockdown has a history of crowning new knockout champions and I don’t think this year will be any different.

  • jeremycanrana

    ohhhh that moment between Angelina and Winter was my favorite part of the match ! It appeared so intense to me! This match was awesome! we were given all the ladies entrances which was sooo awesome!

  • BillyGP

    thinking Mickie vs Velvet after Lockdown.

    Match was good

  • jen07201

    I want Gail Kim to win at Lockdown and then go feuding with Sarita,Winter,Angelina or even Rosita.

  • jen07201

    I’m curious how about a Velvet and Mickie feud.

  • Storm

    Whatever happened to the match Gail Kim was going to have with Madison Rayne? Have they cancelled that or is that at a later PPV? I’m so confused right now…

    • Storm

      Never mind, just found out it’s already been. I didn’t even watch it? O_O

    • Brandz785

      It already happened. It was on Victory Road.

  • bjorn448

    I love that match!

  • Looking Glass

    I really liked the match until the end! It was so WWE, I cannot count the amount of times they’ve had the Divas do the ‘finisher chain’ at the end of a multi-person match and I really think if TNA thought outside the box, they could’ve had something so much better. The match was good, but I just didn’t enjoy how they chose an easy finish to it :(

    Also does this feel a bit reversed for anyone else? IMO they should have had Velvet win this match last week, then take on Madison and make the speech after THIS week rather than visa versa, it would’ve been more build and less predictable that way.

    • Kaledrina

      100% agreed. it’s like.. tna know what they’re doing (it’s obvious velvet’s gonna take the title), they’re just going about it in a roundabout way.

  • GailKim95

    Ok did anyone else think Winter’s backbreaker to Tara was sick? It looked like it hurt like hell!! And Winter was actually able to pick Tara up this time!

    • GailKim95

      I also think that the interview with Velvet should have happened after this match because it kind of gave away who was going to win this one. I would have rather seen a triple threat match of knockouts who have never held the title. Brooke vs Sarita vs Rosita and Sarita winning and going on to feud with Gail

  • Kaledrina

    decent match, winner was way too predictable, though.

    shame there doesn’t seem to be any explanation re: winter/angelina and also a shame that traci has disappeared.. yet again. i would have loved it for her to take on gail next..

  • KillerKing

    Pretty good match. I think they’re teasing a Mickie heel turn a little bit, so I’m assuming Velvet will take the title off Gail and then feud with Mickie. If that’s what happens, then I’m actually a little excited. It’ll be extremely refreshing to see Mickie as a heel for the first time in a long time.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Loved This Match! Loved Winters new look and Angelina ! Seeing those two in this match makes me want them in the title picture. Triple threat fued Velvet vs Angelina vs Winter Knockouts title…. #Winning !!! They fued for the summer then Angelina beats velvet for the title fueds with Winter , Winter beats her for the title then Winter fueds with Tara.

    Thats how i would want it

  • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

    Here’s what i think is gonna happen next.

    At Lockdown Velvet will beat Gail Kim for the title, Mickie comes out to ‘celebrate’ with Velvet only to turn on her and lay her out claiming that the title should’ve been hers.

    With Angelina and Winter, things will start ti get nasty between between leading to Angelina turn face and feud with Winter.

    For Gail & Madison, i think on the Impact after lockdown if Gail loses to Velvet, Gail will blame Madison for not being there to help and will attack her having the Killa Queen turn face.

    As for Brooke Tessmacher, Sarita and Rosita… TNA bring them back to our tv screens

    • TheTruth

      Yeah, I really hope that does happen. But I heard Rosita is training in mexico at the moment, I’m not sure. But as for Brooke & Sarita I’d like to see them on the T.V too.

  • Wintah Shelley

    Two things…
    1. seems like Angelina and Winter are over. How? when? I mean it’s a really stupid way to end this tag-team -.-
    2. Why Sarita wasn’t on this match? She’s underrated as hell!

    I’m tired of Velvet Sky “the poor girl who everyone hurts, she’s like Kelly 2.0 (well, velvet is better on the ring) but you know, knockouts like Sarita deserves that title oportunity more than her.

    • totallynecessary

      1. Angelina seems to be on a path to refocusing herself and while they haven’t, “broke-up” the writings on the wall says she will say she tired of being secondary to Winter, I’m actually hoping Madison and Gail double team Velvet and Angelina makes the save but not in a lets reunite the TBP but It was the right thing to do…. and that infuriates Winter especially when Hogan tries to book Velvet (champion) and Angelina in a tag versus Madison and Gail, one in which Both Winter and Mickie come out to get involved but it’s Mickie not Winter who turns Heel…. and Winter just kinda forces Angelina to leave with her instead of Helping Velvet and as New heel Mickie, Gail, and Madison all destroy Velvet…. and Angelina has to make the choice between helping Vel Vel or staying out of it….

      2. Sarita isnt a former Knockouts Champion just Tag Champ

  • Superstar77

    Great write up Bobby. I am so glad that Velvet won and will finally get her rematch against Gail. To the people bitching about Velvet being in a Lockdown match she was in one in 2010. So I think she can handle it. I hope Velvet wins the title back because I’m really tired of Gail as champion.

    I also like that Angelina and Winter is over. I just wish they would have went at it during the match.

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    Well good match Happy for Velvet just wish someone else won ):

    Winter and Angelina split…..Thank god. Ps. Keep Angelina Heel and have her win the tittle please TNA…Although i have noticed that TNA has been focusing on Angelina again maybe she is due for a push *Fingers Crossed*

  • BillyGP

    Sarita is a good wrestler but some overrates her if TNA see her a as champion they would of made her a champion by now but TNA FOR SOME reason what reason i dunno but they don’t see her as a champion.

    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      Yeah I really don’t understand why they have not made her a Champ yet :'(

    • Jhonmarco

      LOL so Sarita is overrated but Mickie isn’t? Oh my….

      • redsandman99

        Sarita is really underrated quite frankly (not by most people on here really but generally speaking she is). Why she hasn’t been champ yet I just don’t understand.

      • BillyGP

        did I flat out call Sarita overrated no i said some overrates her like some overrate Mickie (guess im one of them).

      • BillyGP

        Also its a matter of OPINION!!!!

        • Jhonmarco

          Shitty opinion, but sure.