Lita: Divas Division Has Potential, But “Bummer to See Where It’s Gone”

Former WWE Diva Lita, real name Amy Dumas, gave her candid thoughts on WWE’s current Divas division while in a WWE ring at WrestleMania Axxess last week.

Dumas was brought in to sign autographs at Axxess and also did a session in the ring, answering questions, video footage of which has been floating around online.

In this particular clip, Lita talks about the Divas, saying that she sees potential but says that, “It’s a bummer to see where it’s gone.”

Watch below:

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  • wangzy

    nice to see a video of Lita!!!…. just love her :D

  • DIVAsupporter


    i really appreciate that she said all that in a WWE event…

    the divas have potential.. kelly has shown that she has potential.. what more the better wrestlers like Nattie,Beth,Eve,Layla? if only wwe would really do something with the divas

  • JJ

    I would love for Lita to come back a while and help get the women’s division back to what it used to be!

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Trish & Lita and the rest of the Attidude Era divas had way more opportunities to work with than the current crop of divas.None of the current crop of divas had what Trish & Lita had. And that is where it lacks…Time & Effort.

    Trish & Lita competed in Hardcore Matches , Table Matches , HandiCapp , Cage Match , InterGender Matches , Street Fights. Trish & Lita went through tables , slammed people through tables , awesome backstage fights & Segments. Love triangels , intercaction with the male superstars , special guest on y2j show , Trish & Lita main evented at least 3 times throughout their carrer.. Etc Etc Etc

    This goes for Molly , Jazz , Jacqueline , Ivory and Victoria as well they had more opportunites than the divas today. Like when Victoria got Big Booted by Test (sick btw)

    Sad where the division came from its like this now , and Lita is right each and every diva does have potential. We have seen Alicia , Eve , Kelly & The Bellas put on some good decent matches.. Shame

    • LadyGoDiva

      That what I miss the most intergender matches because it was nice to see a woman prove that she’s more tough just like the guys {thanks to Chyna}
      but thats what I miss about the divas in general they had opportunities and storylines now it feels like the divas aren’t able to anything at all but just be pretty.

    • perceval

      Trish & Lita created the opportunities, though. They got themselves over with the crowds, who wanted to see them do more. The classic 2004-05 feud started with one of those one minute backstage segments we all complain about the current Divas being stuck with. That, and the match the next week that came from it, were just supposed to further the Matt Hardy-Kane feud. Neither were supposed to be part of the Women’s Championship picture for the forseeable future. Victoria had been built into the face of the Division, and the big title feud was being built as between her and Gail.

      But, that initial segment and match went over so well the two were hotshot back into the title picture. Then, they proceeded to take over the entire Matt-Kane feud. Look at what we remember from the Kane-Lita wedding. Matt & Kane at the end were supposed to be the climax of that segment, not an anti-climax. But, how the hell could the boys possibly follow THAT? Kane, after having been built as THE monster heel for the company over the previous year, spent the next year as a supporting player in whatever Lita was doing, while Matt wound up having to publicly air all of his dirty laundry to get anyone’s attention, again.

      Not that I’m suggesting that Lita getting higher on the card than Matt had anything to do with subsequent decisions he made… I wouldn’t DREAM of suggesting some career jealousy played any factor in all that, at ALL…

      Both Trish & Lita always say the writers need to invest more in the Divas, but also stress that the Divas, themselves, need to step it up. When Kelly lost the title, she came out for her match the next night all smiles and posing, with JR having to TELL us that, despite what it looks like, she’s really hurting and enraged here. The Championship meant everything to her. No, really, it did… OK, maybe when Beth comes out flaunting the belt we’ll see some rage… Ah, here it is, Kelly… pouts.

      Then, once the match started, Kelly followed script and attacked Beth while screaming like a banshee. It just came off as unintentional comedy. But, you can’t blame it on the writers. JR, from the time her music hit, was telling us what Kelly was supposed to be getting across. She was supposed to be enraged and ready to snap at any moment. She was supposed to be telling a story, here. The writers gave her something. She just didn’t do anything with it.

      Eve’s got her work cut out for her, as she’ll have to carry a feud with Kelly, assuming that’s where they’re going. She can’t save her A game for PPVs, like she did during her feud with Beth. But, she’s been handed the ball. Let’s see what she does with it.

      • mojodoom

        No, they were given opportunities to shine and took the ball and roll with it. But the main difference between them and the other divas before them was that they were given focus from the get go. Amy was allowed to shine by mimicking Essa Rios on her first night as Lita (not counting her Ho’ days of course). Trish was the main focus of a developing team. They pretty much use T&A as an accessory for her. She was the most important part of that team. Pretty high profile debuts for divas then and something that hasnt happened since until Kharma’s debut. They also benefited from regularly interacting with male superstars through out their careers. Something that is happening again with the divas of today. There is a reason why Vickie is on top of the food chain while Eve and to a lesser extent Aj, Maxine and Kaitlyn are slowly garnering more attention from the fans than their other peers. Because they’re not simply relegated to diva segments anymore.

        • norisclouds

          “allowed to shine”

          you do realize Essa Rios was a mid card going no where talent. The most over he ever got was when he was with Lita, despite being an extremely talented wrestler. Because of her he got his only 1v1 PPV match, not counting the Wrestlemania where they threw him in to take up time on the card. And Essa was a fantastic wrestler, he just couldn’t get over.

          Not to mention, JR signed her as a wrestler, but WWE just wanted her to do valet work. She was lucky Essa even let her do anything at ringside.

          Lita had a Sable like experience where she ended up outshining her midcard wrestler and getting propelled to the spotlight. It’s not like they signed her and immediately started giving her opportunities to do anything.

          Trish likewise demonstrated that she was more talented than the two guys she was valeting, started her feud with Lita and then feuded with Steph and the McMahons. Neither one started out in the main event, but they got so popular that WWE started writing them in there.

      • Valese

        Lol quit acting like Lita did anything in that whole angle with Trish. Everybody knows she was an emotionless drone in those one-minute segments; All Lita did was stand there and be all passive whilst Trish did all the talking/taunting, she basically brought in interest to that feud and all Lita did was bring her second-hand Hardy Boyz popularity and storyline pregnancy into the angle.

        • perceval

          Actually, the segment I’m refering to, which kicked the whole thing off, was when Trish pranked Lita by making her think Kane was there, and Lita responded by attacking her, with Matt & Christian having to pull them apart.

        • norisclouds

          Why don’t you go watch Trish and Lita’s interviews where they talked about coming up with those segments together.

          Blind Lita hatred for no reason.

        • jonboi

          oh sorry i never realised you had to be an oscar winner to be in wwe it got the fans going mad whatever the reaction of lita so as perceval said they BOTH made they 1 min segs work how the hell can 1 person make a feud work ? look at beth vs kelly it never worked as a feud because beth could only do so much with k2 trish n lita made it work together

      • norisclouds

        You can go even farther back than that really, they created those opportunities for themselves back in 2000. I swear, people think that both just got signed and randomly paired with the Rock or the Hardys etc… they DID NOT start out that way. They were sideshow acts in the midcard, until they proved they could make the WWE more money closer to the main event or on their own away from their wrestlers.

        • Valese

          Interviews? I’m exacting judgement from what I witnessed on Raw and not some interview conducted by a random wrestling website.
          If you base everything you’ve learnt off of interviews about various feuds/angles( that have already happened) and apply it to the segments now, then of course it’s going to look better through your perspective. Just like your opinion toward Maria, had she not have given insight into just how much she knew about the industry then you’d just dismiss her as another pretty face with little wrestling ability.

          Oh and that prank segment backstage, how many words did Lita utter? Not many I’m sure, just like through their whole feud.
          It just backs up my claim that Trish was doing all the talking.
          And sure, I may have been overly vitriolic towards Lita but she hardly did anything prominent aside from attacking Trish with a chair. So it doesn’t necessarily constitute as “Blind Lita hatred”.

        • norisclouds

          Yes. Yes. You’re right. She just stood there. Didn’t do anything.

    • norisclouds

      They put them into those matches because they’d already proven they could get the crowd interested. Lita was a draw before any of that stuff happened. She’d already been so popular she jumped from Essa to the Hardy Boyz. They aren’t going to start giving divas intergender tags just because. The last few times they did that it didn’t exactly get the diva over. *ie Candice Michelle and Jeff Hardy teaming.

      She has fans now, but go back and watch any of her matches with the exception of a few, she got crickets. She was never really that over, and they tried a lot with her. Kelly got a great reaction on SD last year because she was already over.

      The divas have to justify those types of pushes. They didn’t just randomly decide to start giving women time for no reason in 2000. They did it because they’d already shown that people would buy tickets or subscribe them on TV.

  • shameronstar

    I’m surprised wwe allowed Lita to be so candid and honest with her thoughts, and was funny when she trolled everyone and said she was on team Cena! Also, the thing Lita said about the divas stepping up their game seems to be an issue masny of the men in the wwe has as well. It’s as though this current generation of wwe talent, both male and female, are either afraid to take their game up or they’re just content in their positions and have become complacent!

    • DIVAsupporter

      how can they step up their game if wwe is pg? their movesets are pretty limited.. especially the girls… they’re afraid to step it up cause wwe might punish them

      • shameronstar

        I can see that as an issue too. Maybe if certain people cough…Vince McMahon…cough were taken out of the picture things could possible change for the better because they can’t get any worse unless wwe sold their company to Disney!

      • perceval

        C M Punk seems to be thriving even with the show being PG.

        Going into Wrestlemania, we were talking a lot about Trish-Victoria-Jazz at WM 19. The only thing in that match that wouldn’t be PG (aside from Vic’s accidental wardrobe malfunction) was Steven Richards coming in with the chair that he didn’t manage to hit any of the girls with. Take the “v-lick” out, and there was nothing in the Trish-Mickie match at WM 21 that wasn’t PG besides Mickie’s outfit. No blood, no weapons except for Stevie’s chair, no high risk daredevil stuff in either of those, just telling a story with moves and counters.

        So, it’s not the PG rating that’s the issue with match quality. Notice Beth vs Tamina was a lot harder hitting than what we usually see with the Divas, these days.

        • redsandman99

          Indeed. Biggest thing hurting the girls really is a lack of in ring time on Raw and Smackdown (there’s no possible way that anyone can have a good match in 30 seconds) and no real direction or resemblence of a storyline.

  • bjorn448

    Lita has a contract with WWE right now…

    • shameronstar

      Really!? When this this happen?

      • Melina&Mickie4ever!


    • http://diva-dirt xaviloks

      more info for her contract please

    • norisclouds

      No she doesn’t. Wikipedia is not a reliable source for this stuff.

  • LadyGoDiva

    My reaction to that statement was “Girl, you aint lying”

    Take it from a woman who helped the divas division up to its standards but she’s right and thats what Maryse,Gail Kim and everyone else is saying their is still some potential there but its being ruined

  • berrybryant

    I just hope that some of the Divas fans become part of WWE Creative Team.. So the divas division can be saved…

  • Bethinho

    the solution is not Lita or any other former diva to come back,it´s about the WWE start caring about their divas division.
    when you have your divas champion barely appearing on TV and then she loses and gets pinned at the biggest PPV to an injured non-wrestler female tv host..and then to someone like Nikki Bella….it´s not really a suprise.
    Lita could have been(or maybe not…) more outspoken about the situation but i guess she wanted to protect future appearances in the WWE,because maybe with schock theraphy,meaning saying in the right time at the right place something can change.

    • redsandman99

      I agree with you. Someone coming back won’t fix the problem. It might put a temporary band-aid on the situation but then what happens when they leave again? We could be right back to square one.

      • jonboi

        its a round a bout with the divas in the 90s they never cared about the woman then BAM sable came in then for a year or so they gave up on the girls again then trish lita came in wwe seen what reactions they got brought the division to its best then you got diva search but melina mickie beth michelle candice and the likes were giving us great matches then about 2 years ago it went down hill when it was all about laycool and the next challenger then back to laycool then after extreme rules it looked as if they cared when kharma came in now its got to the stage you could miss 3 matches by the time you go to the toilet lol it will be great again one day but i dont know how many of us are going to be waiting on that day i will give it a year if nothing changes then its bye bye wwe for me theres plenty of great indie woman and TNA to keep me very happpy but it still breaks my heart about the way some fcker who cant even write a shitty divas story line let a lone a good storyline

  • redsandman99

    Honestly, I think WWE’s “creative” team needs to step away from booking the division and give it someone who cares. Ideally a former diva who would actually put the time and the effort into it and not think things like farting gimmicks are funny. That and hire Finlay back to work with the girls in the ring that need it.

    • perceval

      Or, have Lita & Trish as consultants. Uncreative has a stupid idea? Run it by them, first. Follow whatever advice they give. Because, who knows more about getting the Division over than those two?

      Also, bring Jacqueline in as a trainer and agent. She and Ivory were part of what filtered out the girls that were afraid to break a nail. Diva Search girls that were signed were handed to them for training, and they weren’t gentle. This caused some controversy at the time when some of those girls whined to the press about how MEAN Jackie & Ivory were to them, but they needed some toughness if they were going to make it in the Raw Divas locker room of the time. Lita would haze the new girls. Melina griped at the time about it, then took over the job after Lita retired. Victoria’s term for Diva Search girls was “fresh meat.” Candice thought Trish had broken her jaw the first time she slapped her in a backstage segment. When she recounted this, last year, on the Tough Enough Afterbuzz show, Trish replied: “Yeah, I slapped the Diva Search out of you.”

      So, really, Jackie & Ivory were doing these girls a huge favor by getting rid of them, early. The Diva Search girls with the toughness, drive, & determination to be more than pretty faces and could handle it were the keepers: Candice Michelle, Michelle McCool, and Maria.

      Lita & Trish proposed something called a Diva Boot Camp for any newly signed girls.

      • redsandman99

        I like the way you think. Now if only someone in WWE would think like that

      • Taylor

        “Or, have Lita & Trish as consultants. Uncreative has a stupid idea? Run it by them, first. Follow whatever advice they give. Because, who knows more about getting the Division over than those two?”

        Comments like these perturb me. I don’t follow Lita, but I closely follow Trish; therefore, all points I make hereupon reflect that. She has a life and career — both very successful and fulfilling — outside of wrestling. I genuinely find it difficult to believe she would simply drop what she has going for her currently to act as “consultant.” Additionally, I think she’s far too busy to add “consultant” to her résumé. If the people within WWE truly wanted the Division to improve, they’d find a way. Currently, that’s not a top priority.

        • perceval

          I didn’t say being a full time person. That’s the job I suggest for Jacqueline. But, she’s always offering suggestions and advice. I’m just saying they should take it.

          As for running ideas by her, I’m not suggesting she and Lita book the matches, but, for example…

          Uncreative: Hey, we’ve got this great idea to really get Beth over as a dominant Champion!

          Trish: OK, let’s here it.

          Uncreative: We’re thinking we’ll have her constantly beaten in less than two minutes!

          Trish: Um, I don’t think that’s how you establish a Champion as dominant.

          Uncreative: Huh?

          Trish: What got me over as this really dominant Champion was winning almost all the time. That made it so when someone finally beat me, it was this huge deal that got that person really over.

          Uncreative: Whoa… We never thought of that…

          Trish: Of course, you didn’t… Oh, while it’s not my field, I couldn’t help but notice the tag teams aren’t doing much…

          Uncreative: Oh, well, we’ve got this GREAT idea to get our two top tag teams cred… We’re gonna have Kane come out and destroy both teams at once!

          Trish: Sigh…

        • Taylor

          Do you think she has time for that? She has her own life. To be quite honest, I don’t she’d like to do this either.

  • AdrianRay

    Save us Lita….

  • Jake

    WWE is mostly about backstage politics. The Divas just don’t seem to play that game or they don’t play it well. I don’t know what Sable, Trish and Lita did backstage but they got the division rolling.

    • WWFoverWWE

      It’s not that, WWE just cared back then, now they don’t.

      • Jake

        They cared because of Trish and Lita. Look how badly the other women were booked when Trish and Lita weren’t involved. For some reason fans like to forget that “the golden era” also had lazy booking.

        • norisclouds

          A headwriter from that time has also come out and said the only reason why Vince booked the divas so well and cared then was because of TRISH and LITA. And that he’s basically of the opinion that he’ll just wait and see until another Trish or Lita comes along.

          People forget that WWE didn’t just throw them with Rock or HHH or Hardys to make storylines. They started out on Heat in the midcard as a sideshow doing valet work for guys.

    • perceval

      Trish & Lita got the crowd reactions which, in the old days, led to pushes.

      The Division was still in good shape into 2008, even without those two. Sure, when Mickie, Melina, Beth, & Candice were passing the belt back and forth for over two years, they didn’t get the noise Trish & Lita got, but the fans were still into it. WWE decided less noise meant they needed to monkey with the formula. But, all that has resulted in is going from crowds that weren’t as loud as they were for Trish & Lita but still making noise to dead silence.

      Clearly, they were better off sticking to the old formula.

      For a little nostalgia, go to Youtube and look up “Candice Michelle vs Beth Phoenix – Unforgiven 2007 Promo” Then, wonder why Uncreative can’t figure out what they’ve been doing wrong, why Beth isn’t as over as she used to be.

      • Jake

        Crowd reactions never lead to pushes. Officials liking you leads to pushes.

        • redsandman99

          Crowd reactions can lead to officials having no choice but to push you sometimes. It’s kind of a mixture of both and one may be more than the other depending on the situation.

        • perceval

          In Lita’s & Trish’s cases, it was certainly crowd reaction. Neither were supposed to be in the title picture in 2004. Victoria was Management’s chosen face of the Division, and the main feud was supposed to be her vs Gail. Trish & Lita came up with ideas, got their own littlle side storyline going, and it got the bigger crowd reactions. So, they were thrown back into the title picture. The change in plans was made a week before what was supposed to be a Victoria-Gail PPV showdown. The Raw before the PPV, it became a Fatal Four Way.

    • _Bryan_

      replace trish lita and sable with sunny sable and China…that’s when we actually became interested in promoting women heavily. trish and lita carried the wave these women created .

      • redsandman99

        I’ll agree with you on Sable definitely. Vince and the crowd loved her so she was the head of the women, at the expense of more talented workers like Jacqueline and Luna Vachon. Sunny was popular yeah but I don’t really see how she contributed that much to the other women…yes I know she and others call her the original diva but I think that title fits Sable much more.

        • _Bryan_

          sunny was the first woman the wwf really got behind in a big way in terms of exposure. sure, women like wendi richter and alundra blayze also, but sunny really created a name for herslef for a short while. then it just all got to her head and drug problems became and issue on her work. then vince moved onto the like of sable and eventually chyna, who, drew the most for any women ever. trish and lita came later when vince saw that the likes of chyna sable and (lesser extent) sunny could draw him substantial money.

  • art

    I don’t think its a disconnect as lita said with the girls,its management not knowing how to push the girls without playboy,gimmick matches & not enough capable women wrestlers….
    i think wwe hasn’t got that girl they want to push to the moon & know it’ll pay off…
    another thing not working in the girls favor is that they dont interact with the guys enough…Lita use to be jumping from the top-rope on guys left.right & center & she became the most over diva ever…I do hope lita comes back for a storyline with beth..

    look at eve shes now a top heel because she worked with zack & cena if only wwe could have more girls work with the guys more & invest in their matches,build characters that weren’t jealous of another diva for some petty reason & the division would pay off..

  • Tiffany

    Where is the rest of the video? A link would be sooo awesome!!! Love Lita!!

  • no rain

    yeah! she spoke the truth :B

  • WWFoverWWE

    Too bad WWE doesn’t care what she thinks or anyone else for that matter.

  • No Holds Barred

    Vince McMahon’s fault, that time in 2005 when Gail, Jazz, Nidia and Ivory were all fired, Vince told them it was because he was “taking the women’s division in a different step” well you took the wrong step Vince.

    I actually had hope, because 2005 was pretty good and 2006 saw an amazing feud, and very long PPV matches (I think Trish and Lita went about 12 minutes)

    • redsandman99

      I think they did too. And the thing is, while they started taking stuff in the wrong direction in 2005 by firing all those girls and brining in the diva search girls, it didn’t all go completely to hell right away–nor did it right after Trish and Lita left. It was more gradual than that. Yes we had the likes of Jillian and Victoria wasted but we still had some good feuds and some first time matches we don’t get to see anymore (falls count anywhere, I quit, 2 out of 3 falls matches). For me, 2011 was about when it started getting to be almost unwatchable for me.

    • perceval

      Of course, in 2005-06, with Mickie, Melina, Beth, Jillian, and Trinity called up, with Angelina Love in one of the Developmental territories, & the future Velvet Sky facing Victoria on Heat, the new direction seemed to be The Next Generation, drawn primarily from the indies. There was every reason to be confident in the future of the Division, with those seven around on some level. If things had gone just slightly differently, The Beautiful People might have been a stable on Raw.

  • Jhonmarco

    To be honest, I never understood this woman’s hype at all. Overrated completely, ugh. About the divas, nothing we haven’t heard/known before….

    • Faye

      I get why you feel she’s overrated, but don’t you think with Lita’s legacy her input on the matter is worth a lot? Sure, Lita wasn’t the best wrestler, but the audience was always invested in her.

      • Jhonmarco

        Her legacy is based off the fact that she was placed with the most over team in the company and had a gimmick that fans loved. She performed high flying moves (shitty I might add), but had anyone today done as poorly as she did in the ring they would get called out. I guess Lita gets a free pass for being shit.

        • Faye

          I see what you’re saying, lol. I think the Divas of today, some of whom are also shit in the ring (lol), would benefit greatly from having the opportunity to work with their male counterparts, just as Eve has been doing with Ryder. All it takes is good writing, which the WWE has a hard time producing, and consistency. I think it’s possible, but the Divas need to use every opportunity like it’s their last & deliver, much like Trish & Lita did back in their day. Yes, Lita was fairly sloppy in the ring, and kind of sluggish for a high-flyer, but she was capable of telling a story in her matches, imo. & that’s as important as technical precision in move execution.

        • Jhonmarco

          “telling a story in her matches”

          What story? How to be sloppy? Hot mess.

        • no rain

          actually lita was with essa rios before joining the hardys, and the crowd alredy loved her

        • norisclouds

          Lita was already over with Essa Rios. She had her first feud with Chyna then, with Eddie and Essa as the tag alongs. They were both under midcarders back then, while those two women were the ones who got them the PPV slot. Eddie has even said this (RIP).

          Lita becoming so popular was actually instrumental in WWE pairing her with her real life friends the Hardys.

          It didn’t just randomly happen. She had to prove herself.

    • vincent

      I’ve been a long time visitor of and thoroughly read through all kinds of different posts. I don’t reply all too often on here, and have always let your snide comments roll off my shoulder, but damn…someone needs to shut you up. What I notice particularly about you, JHONMARCO, is that you have no shame in blantantly bashing Lita. It’s ridiculous, and there’s no need for it at all. There’s a HUGE difference between having your own opinion, and being rude.

      You call her sloppy, you call her a hot mess, blah blah blah…say something that we haven’t heard about her in the last ten years. If you don’t like her, that’s fine…but to constantly berate a woman who, whether you like it or not, has cemented her legacy in a company in which you are not doubt infatuated with, since you post here on a daily basis…is pathetic.

      Your comment about her riding people’s coattails is laughable. She wasn’t placed with the “most over” team in the company. They were placed with her. The Hardyz were fairly popular before Lita, but she, alone, brought that trio’s popularity to staggering new heights. She was even popular before, when she was with Essa Rios. She was a high flyer, a risk-taker, something that fans weren’t used to seeing. Also, because she took the fight to men, and she wasn’t someone who was exactly their size, like Chyna, which is also something fans weren’t used to seeing. You call her sloppy, I call her a pioneer.

      Lita went to Mexico, learned a craft…carried it over, and was successful. She was a never say die, risk-taker and the fans appreciated that in a woman. She was over with the fans, she broke her neck, tore her ACL, and she came back…even lasted a good two years with people ridiculing her for her personal life. Wow, and here she is in this interview, in a WWE ring once again, representing a companly that treated her so poorly in the end…what a woman. You would think that ALL of that would be enough to earn anyone’s respect…but apparently it’s not enough for you.

      She came, she went…she made a name for herself. She’s without a doubt one of the most legendary, and influential women of wrestling of our generation.

      Nothing you say will take that away from her, so why continue to trash her? Get over it.

      There’s nothing you can do about all her fans perceiving her to be a larger than life superstar in comparison to the divas of today. Yet, it never fails, you always have something uncalled for to say.

      “I guess Lita gets a free pass for being shit.”

      You make me sick. You know at this point in my comment, it may or may not be seen as a shocker that I’ll admit to being a loyal fan of Lita. I ran a fansite of hers for nearly four years. So call me what you want for that…and I know you will, like I said I’ve seen your work.

      I can’t wait to see what you have to say for a response…and that’s fine, we can debate all day long…I look forward to it. What I am proposing to you, and am hoping for, is for you to chill out when it comes to miss Dumas. Be a Maryse fan (judging from your gravatar)…whatever…claim to have all the justification you can possibly have for your opinions towards Lita…just have some respect!

      • Litawasrobbed


      • no rain


      • Jhonmarco

        “You call her sloppy, you call her a hot mess, blah blah blah…say something that we haven’t heard about her in the last ten years.If you don’t like her, that’s fine…but to constantly berate a woman who, whether you like it or not, has cemented her legacy in a company in which you are not doubt infatuated with, since you post here on a daily basis…is pathetic.”

        No what’s pathetic is the fact that people call her a legend. If a girl today was as bad as her she would get called out. Lita doesn’t. That’s my issue. I call her out daily? No I don’t get your facts straight.

        “Lita went to Mexico, learned a craft…carried it over, and was successful. She was a never say die, risk-taker and the fans appreciated that in a woman. She was over with the fans, she broke her neck, tore her ACL, and she came back…even lasted a good two years with people ridiculing her for her personal life. Wow, and here she is in this interview, in a WWE ring once again, representing a companly that treated her so poorly in the end…what a woman. You would think that ALL of that would be enough to earn anyone’s respect…but apparently it’s not enough for you.”

        You tell me when i said i don’t respect Lita. I didn’t, wtf? Putting words in my mouth? Please…. and she was successful? At what? Not as a highflyer, she sucked at that completely, I can name a lot more talented highfliers.

        “Nothing you say will take that away from her, so why continue to trash her? Get over it.”

        I’ll get over it when Lita is called out on her shit. Simple as that.

        “You make me sick. You know at this point in my comment, it may or may not be seen as a shocker that I’ll admit to being a loyal fan of Lita. I ran a fansite of hers for nearly four years. So call me what you want for that…and I know you will, like I said I’ve seen your work.”

        You’ve seen my work? That’s not creepy….

        “I can’t wait to see what you have to say for a response…and that’s fine, we can debate all day long…I look forward to it.What I am proposing to you, and am hoping for, is for you to chill out when it comes to miss Dumas. Be a Maryse fan (judging from your gravatar)…whatever…claim to have all the justification you can possibly have for your opinions towards Lita…just have some respect!”

        I can debate all day long as well.

        Here’s my point Lita was crap. I don’t care what anyone says “oh she’s so passionate about it yada yada”. Doesn’t matter, I can love to paint, does that mean I’ll be good at it? Many women felt the same about Lita sucking and being sloppy. I’m a Trish fan, I can call her faults out. Why can’t the Lita marks, I mean fans do the same? Shocker, you ran a Lita fansite. I could care less what you or anyone thinks of me or my comments. You’re cute for writing this essay about me though.

        • vincent

          Wow. Just…wow.

      • Jhonmarco

        Beautiful reply.

        • vincent

          Lol…ok. Do yourself and everyone else a favor, and just stay out of any thread that has a Lita tag on it. You do see the logic in that, don’t you? Seems like you just plain out have nothing nice to say about her or anyone else for that matter. I pity you.

          You’re like the Mike “The Situation” Sarintino, of Diva-Dirt…always starting trouble…and clearly, nobody likes you. Good day :)

        • Jhonmarco

          Actually I just don’t have anything to say to annoying people aka most of the DD members. You guys are either marks or just boring. Do you even know me? Yet you can pity me? GTFO

          It’s sad to you actually watch JS. Nobody likes mes? Hun you just got here find yourself a seat please. Aw, I thought you could argue all day? Bitch please….

      • norisclouds

        You said it better than I could. Honestly see JHONMARCO’s negative comments so often lost the will to read them or even respond because I already know what they are going to say. Same old tired thing about “sloppy…anyone could’ve done it…thong”–I’ve said it before in other posts about Sunny, and it saddens me that in a place about women’s wrestling which should be positive and supportive of the innovators or the people who paved the way–It doesn’t matter what you think should have happened in retrospect. The fact is, it happened. And there are countless women today, some great wrestlers and not-so greats who made careers and names for themselves because of the women who came before them. There are many female wrestlers in the indies, TNA, WWE, who count Lita as a direct influence and the reason why they went into wrestling: Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, AJ Lee, Melina, Maryse, Maria, and yet here you are insulting her.

        Why? Did she steal your spot and make it impossible for you to break in? Did she ruin your career or the career of someone you care about?Did she do some great disservice to women’s wrestling by becoming a draw and an influential character during her career? It makes no sense to me. I am not the biggest fan of Trish in the world, but even I would never make the disrespectful and disparaging comments towards her that you make towards Lita. You’d think she stole your boyfriend or beat you up. It comes across as if you have an obsession or a mental illness.

        It’s pretty sad to me that you feel the need to do this in every thread, but VINCENT said it much better than I could.

        You come off as a freaking crazy person.

        • Valese

          Yes, Johnmarco does make egregious comments in regards to Lita. However, how do you explain or in this case excuse Lita’s unpolished execution? By accusing someone of having a mental illness or implying that they are jealous?
          Since you probably love history hows about I bring up the past?
          Example – Trish vs Lita RAW, December 2004.
          Lita, trying to stay true to her roots, attempts a suicide dive on Trish, instead of landing it properly, she botches it, lands awkwardly and contorts herself to the extent where she looks like she may have snapped her spine.
          Was it intentional? The referee sure as hell didn’t think so.
          It doesn’t make someone crazy, jealous or yield a mental illness if they see something consistent like Lita’s reckless wrestling style and choose to comment on such.
          Yes, Lita has a legacy in wrestling but it’s solely due to her popularity and influence.

        • Choko

          @Jhonmarco your opinion is clearly biased and you are wrong about so many things.

          – Brothers of Destruction and HHH/SCSA were the most over teams back then.

          – Calling Lita shitty and mocking her highflying moves is stupid. She always nailed the Litacanrana perfectly, and her moonsault was her variation of the moonsault. She did the moonsault differently to stand out.

          – Stone Cold Steve Austin said on Tough Enough that wrestlers should have their own variations of moves, to add their own kind of spice to that move they are doing.

          – Lita was more over than Hardy Boyz when they were placed together. The crowd loved Lita when she was with Essa Rios, so they turned her face because WWE knew that it would be a great move.

          – Hardy Boyz got over when Lita joined them.

          – Legends like Sherri Martel and Luna Vachon have praised Lita in the past. And if I remember correctly, Moolah wanted Lita to be the diva of the decade because it was obvious she wasn’t happy when Trish won that award. Just look at Moolah’s face when Trish wins it. Also Moolah praised Victoria and Lita a lot. So it was obvious she wanted Lita to win since the other nominees were Sable,Sunny and Chyna.

          – Lita also helped Edge get over as a heel. Before her, he would barely get booed.

        • Choko

          Also Lita has recieved praise from the likes of Madusa, Mae Young and Rey Mysterio in the past.

        • norisclouds

          @VALESE What do you want me to do. Make a post criticizing her every time an article comes up?

          This is not high school. This is a forum. I don’t have to justify my likes or dislikes to anyone, I can however plead for people to be a bit less insane.

          Honestly, some of the responses towards different divas: Kelly, Maria, Maryse, Lita, Trish, are just generally horrible and disgusting. I feel like people regress to a sixth grade level in an unnecessary and degrading way.

          Should I mention that Trish botched all of the time in 2006? Do you want me to bring up all of Mickie’s dangerous DDTs and botches whenever an article with her comes up?


          Because this is what people do with Lita, Chyna, Maria etc.. for no reason at all, in a thread that has absolutely NOTHING to do with this…as if they are afraid that by paying a compliment or attention to someone’s history in the division they are in danger of tainting history. It’s a really strange preoccupation.

          I’ve never been in the habit of having to list all of the negative things about someone before I thank them for something they did. Discussion is fine, but the level of aggressive attacks that go on here, without regard to the individual’s contributions to the industry or the work they’ve done is just…

          I’ve never seen anything like it.

        • vincent

          I like you :)

        • Jhonmarco

          Norisclouds, LOL let me let you in on a secret. You’re a joke on RV. Me and a friend on there thought it’d be funny to see what happened if we openly bashed Lita. LMAO and look who came to the rescue? Of course. Are we really bringing up Trish’s amount of sloppy work compared to Lita? Same goes for Mickie. Lita was sloppy her whole career. Nothing can change that. What you fail to see is this: the only reason she got over was because her moveset and character was unique at the time. Put her in the ring today, she’d get bashed to no end. I still laugh that no one here can own up and say “Lita was sloppy.” It’s so laughable and even more laughable that Lita fans think she had a great moonsault or an even decent moonsault. Whatever you’re a joke.

          Choko, I’m sorry really? She did moves that way on purpose? Her moonsault and hurricanranas never landed. In 2000 especially her moonsault was just cringe-worthy. LMAO Edge never needed Lita. Stop this delusional dream please. There’s putting your touch to a move and there’s botching it. Lita botched and it was hard to watch.

          Still no one has admitted anything. *sigh nothing changes I guess. Oh well….

    • jonboi

      surprise surprise every time amys mentioned you just roll on in there and point out all her faults while you go on about eve mayrse kelly beths great matches. sure you say when there sloopy but with amy its bash bash bash all the time SO AS YOU TELL ALOT OF FOLK ON HERE if you dont like it dont comment well that applys to you stop bashing her all the time yea we know she wasnt the best at what she did but the statistics say most fans loved her im sure you,ve got mates who think your shit at most things but they dont bash you all the time so as i said everyone knows you never liked lita you,ve said it enough so when shes mentioned on here keep the same old same old comments to yourselve because your boring the tits off me and i dont even have them unlike you prob. i read you posts along with everyones on here and to be honest you give these sites a bad rep bitching and trying to shit stir all the time before you reply to that last comment go and read what you write on these posts you little prick

      • norisclouds

        Honestly I didn’t read this post because I already know what you’re going to say.

        Seek therapy.

        I’ve read enough of your rants on here to see that you need help. You remind me of crazed fangirls/fanboys that want to stalk, poison or hurt celebrities/athletes because of something they saw on TV.

        I’d say this to you no matter who you were posting about. YOU SOUND LIKE A CRAZY PERSON.

        You don’t see it that way, and you probably never will until you get on some type of medication.

        • norisclouds

          @JONBOI my post was directed at JOHNMARCO FYI, forgot to start off with that and can’t edit it.

        • Choko

          @Jhonmarco Either you are stupid or you didn’t watch wrestling back then.

          Lita has previously said that she wanted to add her own flavour to the moonsault, by making it look like she will land on her neck to make the move look more dangerous.

          And second, Edge did infact need Lita to get over as a main eventer. That is why they pulled the trigger on Edge when he was with Lita, and made him a main eventer. Just watch his heel matches before Lita joined him. The crowd cheered for him sometimes or he got very low boos and sometimes not even a reaction at all, until Lita joined him.

          Also the hurricanrana isn’t supposed to land. You are really stupid, I doubt you even know anything about wrestling. Your opponent is supposed to catch you and then swing you around and then roll forward to sell the move. The opponent does everything when the attacker has been catched by the opponent. Also she always did the hurricanrana on men. Also when did she botch the hurricanrana? you don’t even have evidence.

          Actually it is funny how someone who is a fan of Kelly and Maryse is calling out Lita.

          Oh, the stupidity in your brain…

      • Jhonmarco

        ROFL Jonboi. After reading your comment I can say with confiedence you’re a blind mark. Don’t even need to talk to you.

        Norisclouds, says the person who jumps to defend Lita when she isn’t even being bashed. Practice what you preach dumbass. You didn’t ready my comment, yet you replied? That’s pretty stupid, not shocked though Lita marks are known to be interesting creatures.

        Whatever, I’ll say what I please and nothing will change that, but look at you marks being all cute :3 aw!

        • Choko

          Why did you ignore me, sunshine?

        • Jhonmarco

          LOL so deseprate for a reply I see?

        • Choko

          No, I just wanted to know why you ignored my reply and it is obvious why you did, because you didn’t have anything to say, and that means that you lost the argument. Now go away and kiss up to Kelly and Maryse.

        • norisclouds

          lol this conversation is over now, but since Edge’s DVD is out maybe you can do yourself a favor and watch it and listen to guys like CHRIS JERICHO give Lita tremendous credit for getting Edge over and becoming one of WWE’s best valets in its history.

          But you won’t do that…because you just seem to hate her, for no discernible reason…

        • Jhonmarco

          You just seem to love her & go crazy on ANYONE on says anything negative towards her. Just how a user on this site said “With rumors of Lita’s DUI”

          And you jumped on them and went batshit crazy. Practice what you preach, oh wise one. I don’t care who praises her, doesn’t change my opinions on her and if I truly hated her and always bashed I would’ve done it again on the recent Lita topic. I just bashed her here to get a laugh out of your crazyass.

  • Jhonmarco

    Shocker, Perceval is giving us another history lesson with the golden era girls.

    • perceval

      OK… You clicked the link to an article about Lita talking about the problems with the Divas Division, and comparing it to the Women’s Division of her day, and you’re shocked and offended that the comments are about Lita and comparing the Women’s and Divas Divisions?


      What did you expect people would be discussing, here?

      Here’s an idea: If you don’t want to read discussions about Lita, the Golden Era, and comparisons to the current one, don’t click links to articles that are specifically about that.

      • vincent

        Now there’s an idea!

        • Jhonmarco

          Perceval, please you comment the same trash everytime. This time you have an excuse, but on every post you make you state the same thing “Trish and Lita were amazing! kelly sucks!” Practice what you preach the next time you comment on a Raw post.

    • jonboi

      shocker jhonmarco bitches about sumone else on this thread take the hint and fck off from mentioning amy again………….. but you wont will you? i fcking hate bitching queens BTW im gay before u go on a rant

      • Jhonmarco

        LOL Jonboi, you clearly didn’t get my point here. This user comments the same thing in every post, this is probably the only time he’s not off topic!

        Classy are we, fuck off? I’m a queen? Yeah because that makes sense, you do realize it doesn’t matter if you’re gay, it’s still being a bitch. Yeah I won’t now ;) just to see you marks get angry! Very entertaining!

        • Choko

          Do you even know what a mark is? you are just making a joke out of yourself.

          “Mark – Somebody who believes that wrestling and all of the events/storylines/characters are real or somebody who puts wrestling/one wrestler at the top life.”

          You are more of a mark than anyone else on this site right now.

        • Jhonmarco

          How so? To respond to your earlier post. Bitch calm down, I didn’t see it, and I more than backed my arguement up. You honestly think I didn’t have anything left to say? I provided valid points. Don’t accept them, sure. Maryse & Kelly? Love them, best part about them? Called out on their shit unlike your overrated goddess. LOL okay so we’re doing texbook definitions now? I’m a joke, look at your posts. It’s hliarious to see people so fired up over one comment. Nice to see how secure you are. If lita truly is great, why defend her to me? LOL



    i want her to feud with kharma i think that would be an awesome match to watch

  • Prescott

    Kudos that she told the truth, it’s just a shame it wasn’t more, eh . . . worthwhile. And actually good for Percival, he’s no Prescott, but hey, pretty close. They were doing higher GATE, higher RATINGS and overall DRAWING more with those Divas at the time. I would venture to say that outside a couple of major ones, they actually didn’t have the over-stacked roster they have now. Even w/ Kharma on the sidelines, Beth & Nattie, one or both, can fill the intimidating heel role for one or two threaded feud programs, which will give you a base to start with.

    If they approached their booking even SLIGHTLY like that, they would be ahead of the game. They’re making TNA look good when the Knockouts division barely deserves that either and is really just struggling to consolidate gains & stay interesting. The WWE isn’t even at that point; they just slap together a 2-minute window and throw whoever in there and that’s that. It’s almost like any creative for Divas is in a coma until either the talent purge/promotions (there’s at least 2 blue-chippers there IMO) and Kharma’s inevitable return. She will draw heat even if they try to bury her, in fact, that may be their best bet for getting all this passionate IWC-type heat of late. Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • Kessuki

    Lita is one of the best workers the wwe divas division has seen and worked pretty damn hard to help push it to the top, so has a right to say what she thinks and she speaks truth.

    The thing is wwe/creative needs to change, the divas division will only go further backwards if it doesn’t. natalya, beth, tamina, layla, kharma, aj, naomi, kaitlyn, maxine are current roster divas that can help get it back to where it once was but they are contracted to do what they are told. wwe pg is more restricted than wwe attitude era. 1 good thing is no more bra and panties matches.

  • melon2617

    I think all of the Divas have the potential to be great & WWE needs to invest time for them in and out of the ring to develop characters.

    I think we as fans also need to stop pissing on everything as well. Saying Beth losing to the “lowly” Nikki Bella is insulting to both women. Remember, Trish started out the same as the Bellas & K2, so did Victoria/Tara & alot of other models. All of these women are struggling under these restrictions, not just Beth.

    I think WWE needs to give more women time to shine & not just the standard Eve/K2. The reason the division is a disaster is because two women dominated the roster for over a year (Laycool), giving no other women air time or ring time. There’s been some progress as more women are getting mic time & there are about three women who can potentially be the next challenger for Beth but there needs to be more.

    • redsandman99

      Totally agree

    • EveLover


    • Bethinho

      but you cannot put all the Divas in the same “bag”.there´re the ones that are more skilled than others where the shitty threatment that WWE gives them is more hard to understand and swallow.
      and it´s not only about Beth losing to Nikki Bella(which logic and reason are yet to be found…),it´s reaching to Wrestlemania,the biggest PPV of the year and having your Divas Champion,someone like Beth Phoenix being pinned by an injured female tv host.
      when Kharma came to the WWE who came to mind as the nº1 feud for her?/apart the fact of Kharma leaving) Beth Phoenix.and what has Beth been doing?having a crappy title reign,a supposelly dominant team with Natalya that was a complete joke,losing to a tv host and being pinned by Nikki Bella,whomlike it or not,isn´t exactly the same than losing to Natalya,for example…
      someone like Stephanie,that used to be a Diva and i think knows the talent that is there,could be a huge influence,but even her doesn´t seem to bother to help open her dad´s eyes about the Divas Divison and take the control and responsability of the matter with her.

  • EveLover

    Hopefully the wwe can watch this over & over again and it’ll brain fuck them, and maybe just MAYBE they can put in some effort.

    I also want to adress something; Lita & Trish have always said how when they started they were “puppies” and they got the crowd interested. Divas should take notes & do the same. Make the most out of the 30 seconds you get. Slip in an eye catching move to end the match, not a roll up. And ten creative will, hopefully, see the potential.

  • Storm

    It’s not necessarily the WWE Diva’s fault on where they stand today, it’s mostly the WWE’s fault. As in, the Diva’s today have potential, but the WWE is being so unfair towards them that they don’t let them show their full potential to bring the Diva’s Division to where it was last left by Lita & Trish. Sure they give them a good time at PPV Event’s, but the story-lines are nothing new and not very exciting. Back when Lita was involved with Edge and Matt and Kane, that was exciting and kept fans interested in the Diva’s back then, now it’s just predictable. Lita needs to come back – permanently – and get the fans back into Women’s Wrestling.