SmackDown Watch: February 13, 2009

After months of feuding, this week’s SmackDown features a grudge match between Maria and Michelle McCool. Check it out below:


Looks like Friday the 13th has shone some topsy-turvy luck on Maria, as the Diva who is usually appalling in the ring, manages a passable match this week. I have to say, this match wasn’t bad at all, possibly because Maria’s offense was limited but it worked, these two managed to put on a decent to good match. I think it’s a testament to Michelle, because she looked on fine form this week. She really has become an outstanding wrestler.

We knew that Maria would have to get some form of retribution over Michelle, but I didn’t want to see an unbelievable clean loss and I’m glad they didn’t do that. Having Eve help Maria and her getting a surprise roll-up win is believable and was fine in giving Maria her victory. I’m sure they could continue it so that Eve and Maria team up in trying to take down Michelle, which furthers this storyline. Good stuff.

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  • Liam

    wow maria impressed me.
    she and michelle did a good match.

    this time i think maria looked comfy in the ring

  • MitchBitch

    Wow ! This girl that was in my grade in school has been training to be a wrestler and shes now been signed by either WWE or TnA her mom was telling my mom.

    But wow this has really changed my mind on Maria, she looked great in the ring. Maybe while shes been off shes trying to really improve now.

  • rko4788

    Wow! Maria was really impresive! Next Stop Divas Championship!!!!!

  • thedream

    wow!!! maria really did put on a great match, makes me 2nd guess her abilities. if she continues to perform at this level she definitely deserves my respect. seeing this kind of match makes me believe that a respectable womans division can come back to the WWE

  • Tunccy

    Well everyone is saying that maria did great

    but michelle did great either, she carried her in this match>!

    Nice match not boring AT ALL!

  • Jordan

    Maybe this will silence the Michelle critics; girl is easily one of the most entertaining to watch in the WWE.

  • Steven

    I can’t Believe I’m About to type this but, Maria was impressive tonight. I wasn’t expecting much coming into this match, but Maria proved me wrong. I’m not about to jump on the “We Love Maria” bandwagon just yet, but she just took one more step toward being taken seriously.

  • ashleigh

    Pretty good match. I think this match shows just how much Michelle has improved as a wrestler as she really helped pull a pretty good match out of Maria. Maria’s performance in this match was much better than I expected and I hope her future matches continue to lead in the same direction this one did.

    Hopefully after watching this match all those who complain about Michelle’s abilities in the ring see that she is more than just a pretty face =]. I also hope that this match wasn’t just a one off on Maria’s part – I really hope that she has improved and will continue to suprise us with what she’s capable of.

  • Angel

    Maria did goodd…dont like her..but shes slowly gettingg my respectt!
    AND: Michelle can carry a match!!!
    Dont like her either…but i can respect her abilitiess!!

  • chrisP

    Nice match. Maria did surprisingly well, and Michelle kept up her recent streak of great work.

    For anyone who has seen the whole show, can you tell me if there was another Maryse video like on last week’s Smackdown? I heard a new one aired at the taping right before this match.

  • Luis-Angel

    Maria actually did pretty good.
    its about time…
    and haha i like her hair.
    hopefully this storyline will progress with Maryse cuz im kinda getting tired of not haveing her on Smackdown

  • dan333

    Wow. I bet what Maria did showed everyone that she does belong in the WWE. I have to say this was easily Maria’s best match on Smackdown. If Maria continues like this for the next six to eight months she might have the Divas Championship round her waist

  • nicorette

    Michelle was really good; Maria was significantly better than normal. She was average, but I am glad to see an improvement for sure. Watching it the first time I thought Maria did TREMENDOUS, and then I watched it again and realized she really only did do a few things; however, they aren’t given much time, so she did pretty good.

    Another notable mention: The Bella Twins. Honestly, those two are the divas I dislike either the most, or one of the most. They’re just so boring. The backstage segment with Carlito and Primo and the Miz and Morrison was kind of interesting though. Anyone see one of them turning heel and one of them staying face?

  • Mace

    As established above, Maria did a lot better than she usually does, lets hope she continues to improve.

  • TaylorJade

    Maria did better than usual, so that’s always welcomed. I was just glad that she didn’t flail her arms about as much as she usually does.

  • Liam

    Im Not A Fan Of Maria
    But I Hope She Become A Lot Better
    Like What Some Of The Comments Said She Didn’t Fly Her Arms Around Which Is Good!

    I Know Maria Isn’t The Best Of Wrestlers But I Respect Her For Effort, She Trys & Hard Work Pays Off ;)

    Michelle I Like Her Shes Very Good, Lets Hope For Another Good Match Between Maria & Michelle

  • Kendall

    Maria wasn’t totally horrible in the ring tonight, shockingly. Can’t stand her, but I will give credit where it is due. But what she was wearing was TOTALLY horrible.

    Oh McCool<3 She’s so fabulous now that she’s heel. I totally love it.

  • KiKi

    Clap for Maria everyone!
    Looks like she read the blog & comments from us and took some notes, i’m just kidding.
    I’m glad that she did good in this match!
    Kudos to Michelle, she has her character down to the T.
    Her and Michelle have good chemistry in the ring and Eve was the X-Factor when she helped Maria.
    BTW, Eve looked pretty in her dress!
    Nicorette, I think that Nikki is gonna turn heel and Brie will stay face.
    Ooh, I smell a feud between the Bella Twins LOL.

  • Mickie-N-Melina

    All 3 did good!! Too bad Michelle didnt crush Marias face in tho!

    Eve has nice legs.