Bella Twins Update

In an update to the earlier report regarding the Bella Twins possibly leaving WWE, Brie and Nikki responded via their Twitter page.

The pair wrote: “Don’t believe what you hear #BellaArmy.”

Meanwhile, the American Icon Autographs website which listed the Bellas for the May 19th autograph session at Frank and Sons in California has now removed the information. The twins were listed as Brianna and Nicole with a caption reading: “Formerly The Bella Twins in WWE”. The page also featured pricing details for autographs and photo opportunities. The information was online as little as half an hour ago at the time of this writing.

As reported earlier, we were told that twins’ contracts are due to expire at the end of the month and they have opted to leave WWE.

It looks as though the cat may have been let out of the bag too early.

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  • melon2617

    Nikki is still stumping for her title match & the twins are tweeting that people shouldn’t believe what they hear. I’m opting to believe the twins, chances are this was just a misunderstanding that got out of hand.

    • DjayDay

      Yea, I am glad Diva-Dirt did reach out though. In my opinion it would be sad, they took a lot of crap from WWE in a lot of ways, like being stuck as guest host babysitter. They had a lot more to offer, but with that said they also didn’t always capitalize on that success, with Brie’s title run being prime example.

      But, if this is the end for the girls, good luck ladies, remember your debut like it was yesterday.

  • Lanoom


  • Choko


  • Megumi


  • Lily

    Ugh so close.

    • Kessuki

      i think melanie is right. lets wait until the 30th.

  • LadyGoDiva

    Despite that its a report and that the Bellas are denying it and all it feels like an eye opener because having the Bellas to be leaving the WWE kinda proves that the WWE isn’t doing their job to respect womens wrestling and giving us a better divas division. But for right now I believe the Bellas.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    damit, hopefully they didnt resign

  • Oliver James #BellaArmy!

    Don’t believe what you hear #! Tune into WWE Superstars this week you won’t be disappointed ;) Besos! B&N #BellaArmy #Nikki4DivasChampion

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    I don’t mean to sound disrespectful but stay or go they are irrelevant to me.

  • wl75

    I think they are planning on leaving- the autograph session press just spilled the beans early.They’ve been there almost 4 years (5 counting the developmental stuff they did)- Maybe they just want to move on like Maryse did.

    If the contract for them is up on the 30th, this could be shaping up for Kharma coming back at the PPV the night before if they want to take them off in that way …

    How about this to settle all the problems- they announce that they’ll be a Battle Royal for the Divas title at the PPV- last three are Nattie, Beth, and Nikki. Nattie eliminates Beth, but Nikki sneakily eliminates Nattie- Brie and Nikki celebrate, Kharma comes out, takes them both out, then the next night announce both of the Bellas have been “injured” so badly they’ve been told not to wrestle again. Thus, the belt is now vacant- and then start a tournament to get a new champion. There could be multiple storylines to work this- Beth is ticked off at Nattie, Eve thinks she’ll be given an easy road to the title because she’s got an in with Lauranitus (this could bring Layla into the picture- Zack Ryder decides he wants to ruin Eve’s chance at the title and helps Layla in her matches)- and then you’ve got Kharma in the shadows as well.

  • WWFoverWWE

    The Bellas get a random title match at Extreme Rules. Beth wins and then out comes Kharma destroying the bellas (like she promised) and sends them packing like what happened to Michelle Mccool.

    I don’t know lol

    • Kessuki

      (y) that would be great. im all 4 anything that involves bellas gettin’ a KHARMA beating.

  • mariah.

    The Bella Twins could just be covering things up or maybe this really is one big misunderstanding? I guess we’ll know for sure at the end of the month…

  • Juan

    i dont want them to leave because then the wwe wont have any latinas of Mexican descent :( plus theyre still more entertaining then the majority of the divas in wwe, also they are HOT!!

  • VarsityBaseDude

    This is probably a way to get a raise or a better push since they did something like this to be called up the first time.

  • Dave Muscarella

    PWInsider said they gave notice and will be gone at the end of the month. See ya!

    • Kessuki

      just read that too. looking likely they are goners, hopefully this means maxine and kaitlyn are promoted and it kinda makes me believe that Rima has been signed also.

  • Blowbangfan

    I never was a fan of the Bellas so I wouldn’t mind at all if they left. Hopefully it would give the rest of the Divas sometime to shine, especially Kaitlyn who should be in contention for the Divas Championship as much as anybody. Natalya should definitely be featured more and I want to continue seeing Eve steal the show everytime she’s out there. #TeamEveTorres thinks she should be on Raw and Smackdown and dethrone Beth Phoenix for the belt…

    • Jhonmarco


    • Megumi

      Kaitlyn shouldn’t be anywhere NEAR a title reign anytime soon.

  • MickieJamesFan07

    I think they realized it was too early for it to come out and now they are trying to back track their way out of it. It’s not like it would even be a big loss if they left. IMO they are not entertaining in the slightest bit. They are like watching paint dry.

  • AdrianRay

    I wonder if they need help packing up their shit?

    • DjayDay

      ^I died laughing.

    • HeyChrissy

      I don’t think so.Two pair of hands are better than one.

  • xXGeo910


  • DivaDerby

    Well, do I like them? Yes. Do I care if they leave?… not really. This will just open up some spots in the main roster for some FCW girls. Add Sofia, Layla, Naomi & Kharma to the mix and suddenly the divas are back on track.

    Might as well use them to get Kharma over. Kharma should destroy them in her re-debut.

    I think the Kharma debut is imminent. The last time Kharma was about to debut the WWE pretty much put the divas on pause, since they are doing it again, it looks like her debut is right around the corner.

    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      You know that is so true no Divas match for 2 weeks on Raw…I hope this is a sign for Kharma

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    Meh could really careless Leave ,not leave…don’t care. I just hope now that they are gone we get 2 more girls to have the Spotlight.

  • redsandman99

    I like them just fine but I wouldn’t miss them if they left. Don’t see them continuing their wrestling career outside WWE though.

  • TorrieWilsonFan03

    They could be referring to them not being a team anymore? I’d think at least 1 twin will stay, they did have potential but they just weren’t used well like all the divas

    • DivaDerby

      Potential? I like to use that word to describe Eve, luckily they are actually doing something with her. The Bellas, they never got past just being good… more on the just decent side. Their highlight match was their PPV title match and that felt more like an exhibition of moves, not a wrestling match. I don’t feel like them leaving is a big loss when we know all the divas that are waiting to be called up to the main roster.

  • DivaDerby

    pwinsider is confirming they are gone after the 30th.

  • jacknife2058

    Oh well, I guess that’s canned their entrance from being in WWE13, it was the only decent face tag entrance for the Divas. =/