Mick Foley Blogs on WWE Divas Turning Him into a ‘Believer’

WWE legend Mick Foley posted a blog this week revealing that he felt several of the WWE Divas in the company today wouldn’t make it, and reveals that after working alongside them at WrestleMania in Miami, he has become a ‘believer’, attesting to how hard they work.

In a must-read blog, Mick writes:

I believe I will look back on 2012 as the year I finally understood just how hard our WWE Divas work, how their contribution to the company extends far beyond their work inside the ring, and just how fortunate WWE is to have such diverse, determined group of young women representing them.

Foley continues:

There will always be part of me that is proud to be considered “old school” – for that romantic image of sacrifice, paying dues and respect that such a sacred term brings to mind. Several years ago, when I heard of WWE’s intention to actually recruit beautiful women and teach them to wrestle, I thought the notion to be utterly ridiculous. You didn’t find the female stars of tomorrow through a televised search; you found them the old-fashioned way – by finding that certain quality that allowed talent to shine in the armories, middle school gyms, and county fairs that dot the independent wrestling landscape. Female wrestlers, I was sure, could only be found training in the Dojos of Japan, like Kharma, finding bookings in whatever country would have her, like Lita, catching eyes and turning heads at every stop like Beth Phoenix, or born with the business in their blood, like Natalya.

I still think I’m largely right; combing those Indy shows is still a great way to find those stars of tomorrow, and I hope one day I can suggest a few women who have done great things, and fallen just short of a well-deserved shot with WWE. But as I’ve come to see, you really can recruit beautiful women and teach them to wrestle – if they’re willing to work for it. This business has a way of weeding out the ones that don’t really want it. If you don’t learn to love it, you’re usually going to hate it – that’s just the nature of the beast that asks those lucky enough to be selected to find the joy in being slammed repeatedly, both emotionally and physically, while traveling the country and the world at a pace that few could withstand.

Speaking on Kelly Kelly and the Bella Twins, Mick reveals that he didn’t think they’d make it in the WWE but they’ve proved him wrong.

It’s hard for me to even fathom that Kelly Kelly has been in WWE since 2006. But go back to that summer and you can actually see footage of Ms Kelly dancing, with Melina and yours truly (yes, I was actually dancing on ECW, albeit poorly) while Joey Styles provides the very finest in shocked and bewildered commentary. I vividly remember thinking, “nice kid, beautiful girl…she’ll never make it”, after that initial dance extravaganza. Yet, there she was, six long years later, hitting a move I’d never seen, on the biggest show of the year in front of 78,000 screaming fans.

I smile every time I think of Brie and Nikki Bella. Maybe because I honestly never thought I’d see them again after our inaugural (quite memorable) interaction over five years ago. Months later, I was stunned to see them hanging on – when I had the opportunity to address WWE developmental talent in the fall of 2007. I had thought the wrestling business would have chewed them up and spit them out almost immediately. Yet there they were, perspiring profusely, listening intently, looking down-right determined, giving me tiny, identical waves, as if to say, “yes, it’s us, we’re still here…surprised?”

Read the full blog here.

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  • http://twitter.com/Passionisma Thaila

    Spoken like a true legend who knows what he’s talking about! Great words from Foley.

    However, bring on the K2 and Bella hate.

    • http://wrestlinggirl1993.tumblr.com/ xoxoRKOxoxo

      exactly it would be different if they claimed to be the best ever they know they have improvements to make but give them some credit they give there all and they get praise from a lot of legends who know what their talking about they might not be at Trish and Lita’s level or the level of the Indy girls but their not completly crap in the ring!!!!

  • Poison_Ivory

    Umm, this is really sweet, but something bothers me. It seems a little too complimentary, and like the Divas have done something completely amazing during WM.. I don’t know, something just screams scripted to me here. But it’s nice to still read someone beyond the women wrestling fans has faith in these ladies.

    And I totally cracked up at the “diverse group of women” line lol.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/999xander999?feature=mhee Sherri Martel Fan

      lol the diverse group of women had me thinking too! I don’t think they work that hard. I don’t see how a 1 minute match every other week is hard working? Not like the women back in the day who wrestled for a lot longer. Or the women on the indies going for 30 minutes with very little pay! These models love the lifestyle. So many of them have mentioned how they get to see the world & wear pretty outfits! That just screams that they are there for the wrong resons! When i watch the likes of Kelly & the Bella’s i don’t see passion in them! That is my opinion.

      • Raekon

        What you obviously don’t get is that when he says hard working, he means the whole package that comes with the job, not only the 1 minute matches.

        They all also do backstage work, have the constant traveling which is like 300 days the year on the road.

        That’s something not everyone can withstand and indy girls or there, the indy girls doesn’t have that and that’s one of the main reasons they also get payed less.

        Let’s take the Eve promotion which is based in UK, all their shows are there and if they have to travel then its not really every week or partially every day.

        Let’s take even TNA, they have main arenas they are always on as far as I know and only have to travel when they do extra work outside of the promotion or have a tour which isn’t as often either.

        You should read Kaitlyns blog at the hardbody site as example to get a small view on how a day or two in a divas life are when there are tapings across the country and in houseshows across the world too.

        Yes they get to “see the world”, but mostly from a airport/airplane and if they are lucky for a few hours or a day at the place they currently have a show if there isn’t a signing or photosessions or other types of works that hold them occupied from early in the morning till late in the evening/night.

        So “wrong reasons” or not, it is a hard life to have and not everyone can endure it THAT easy.

        One has to be commited and have the drive and passion for it.

        • Lanoom

          This is true, the WWE road life is not for everybody. Those that survive on it for years deserve respect in that regard.

          The problem is that the “they work hard” defense is a poor ,poor excuse. If they work so hard, why does WWE seemingly sabotage their oppuritunities to put on matches by cutting them to less than a minute? Why are they given such minimal television time to get their characters over? Why do they have such minimal effort put into storylines? How is their hard work translating into better oppuritunities to be more successful?

          There’s only three explanations, and each one leaves MASSIVE problems that the “they work hard” defense doesn’t actually address:

          -The Divas are happy being given minimal match and television time, and not building their characters and getting more over with the general fans.
          -WWE actually isn’t a company that rewards hard work with more oppuritunities.
          -WWE management has a double standard that doesn’t see it fitting to reward the women with more oppuritunities in exchange for hard work.

        • Raekon

          -WWE actually isn’t a company that rewards hard work with more oppuritunities.

          and this:
          -WWE management has a double standard that doesn’t see it fitting to reward the women with more oppuritunities in exchange for hard work.

          I’m more than sure that all the talented midcarders and a few that left by themselves after being frustrated could write you a whole band of books about it.

          Not to mention several divas with Maria, Victoria, Ivory, Jaqueline, Jazz, Gail, Jillian, Katie Lea, Ashley being only a few to name from the bunch.

          It was already told several times that the “old dinosaurs” in the management don’t wanna see the females shine more in the “males world” so they give them only the girly stuff anymore and a match here or there.

          Check this weeks Smackdown as example:

          Mixed tag team match, after 2 moves drew leaves the ring, one of the bellas enters, takes 3 moves, gets pinned while her sister is for some unknown reason crawling to break the pin but doesn’t make it.

          Mae Young gets added to the bunch as a comic relief while Natalya only was there for the dancing and thats it.

          Funny segment with Mae aside, the whole thing was miserable booking in my opinion and with such bookings, no crowd will ever care for the Divas in a role of a strong in ring female competitor but rather the way Mc Mahon, Laurenatis and the other management idiots want to have the divas being seen:

          – girly, sexy, eye candy
          The powerful line they are adding is the biggest joke ever and I’m sure Beth can write a series of books about it.

          That’s if anyone would ever save her out of all these “devastating” roll ups, even a Maria Menounos can pull off 24/7.

        • Lanoom

          Exactly, Raekon.

          My biggest concern is…if Foley feels compelled to stand up for the Divas (sidenote: Remember Stand Up for WWE? Pfffthahaha), then I hope he’s doing something to address the actual problems behind the scenes, as well.

        • Raekon

          Unfortunately I doubt he will cause it would bring him into devils big bowl in which he will get cooked and burned while stamped as a “traitor” to the companies dinosaurs that don’t want such things to change.

          – Goldust stood up for the divas by praising them
          – Finlay stood up for the divas by praising them
          – Bret Hart did
          – CM Punk did
          – Maria did
          – Gail did
          – Victoria did
          – Lita did
          – Melina did
          – now Mick Foley does

          Even if all the male roster would say something or all the legends combined the wwe management won’t care.

        • GailKimFan09e

          ^ Agreed it really is a hopeless case…. Honestly the only way the divas division will ever rise back to how it once was, is if Vince feels fit and sees them as money getters which at the moment he doesn’t. It really is sad how hard these girls work and how little airtime they are given.. Se la vie… i guess.

        • mariah.

          @Raekon: – John Cena did

      • No Holds Barred

        Do those indy women wrestle 30 minutes 300 days a year? No.

        WWE Divas are the hardest working women in sports entertainment

        • bxradimus

          @No HOLDS BARD

          I think this is a pretty ridiculous statement. The WWE Diva’s may have a really rough travel schedule but they are essentially wrestling the same women night in and night out in almost the exact same 45 second – 3 minute match, showing very little to no talent whatsoever.

          While the women on the Independents are traveling all over the world and the U.S. having much longer, much more physical matches against men and women, a lot of the times people they aren’t familiar with or have never wrestled with before in their lives. Putting on a solid match longer match with someone you don’t know is much more impressive and shows a stronger work ethic than putting on the same short match against the same women and still messing spots up each week.

          So no, I don’t believe the WWE Diva’s are the hardest working women in sports entertainment.

        • Raekon

          The indy women mostly doesn’t have the traveling and the shows EVERY week, day in, day out.

          Even if the Divas might not have long matches, they are present and do backstage work, signings, photoshoots, visits among other things.

          A small example out of Kaitlyns blog when they were in Mexico:

          *Awesome Adventures of Kaitlyn: Mexico Edition*

          Day one of our short tour began on a Thursday. I got up at 6:00 am and walked a few blocks to the gym and got in a sweet Hardbody workout. It would come to my realization later on, that I am an idiot for getting up so early on a day of international travel AND the same day of our first show.

          We flew out of Dallas on a private charter around noon.

          The best thing about that last sentence isn’t that we flew out of Dallas and it’s not the time of departure neither.

          We flew on a private charter like rock stars straight into Monterrey, Mexico! Our usual travel from live events, tv days and pay-per-views are normally brutal.

          We fly into the location of our first show and then we drive… and drive… and drive some more. So this was pretty amazing to get the chance to feel so important, especially for someone as easy impressed as myself.

          So we arrived in Monterrey and we took a charter bus to the arena for our first show of the tour.

          We had police escorts surrounding us the whole way. So baller.

          When we arrived to the arena for show, there was already droves of people waiting to get in hours before Showtime.

          The experience is extra special for the fans because they don’t get the chance to see live shows very often.
          Little did they know that this was exponentially more exciting to me because this was my first time to experience Mexico with the WWE. It’s a good thing I reconsidered wearing the sombrero. It’s a little over the top.

          The peeps at the arena had a good selection of healthy things to eat…along with ridiculously tempting Mexican delights as well. I stayed away from the beans, enchiladas and anything spicy. I’d compare eating that combination of foods before a wrestling match as something similar to a time bomb.

          Once the show got under way, the crowd was electric. When the fans are excited, it makes us excited and makes for an awesome show.

          After our main event, we all showered, slapped some clothes on and jumped onto the bus and headed back to our charter jet. We landed in San Louis Potosi and arrived at our hotel about 4:00 am.

          This was about the time I asked myself why in the hell I got up so early. At least I got my workout in, I had no idea what our gym access would be the rest of the trip. I dropped my bags, turned on the Spanish Disney channel and passed out. I was clearly too lazy to search for the English channels. I figured maybe I’d learn some Spanish in my sleep.

          The next day I still had no knowledge of the Spanish language. Damn It! We all had breakfast and jumped on a shuttle to get a workout in before the next show. We pulled up to an Olympic training facility! Oh snap. It was just a cardio day for me but I couldn’t resist playing with all of the cool stuff they had.

          Our next show was outdoors in a baseball stadium at night. Holy air horns, the fans were even more enthusiastic than the night before. Side note: Latin men are big fans of a muscular woman. This is a fact. Needless to say, my quads have a great fan base in Mexico.

          Ok so yada yada… Bus… Plane… Hotel…food.. No sleep… Friday morning…NEXT SHOW ! Veracruz had a full baseball stadium of excited fans! It was HOT! Our resident ginger badass, Shaemus, had to wrestling in his under armor shirt to save his sensitive white skin from a severe burn. I was very pleased with this. A big, white, jacked wrestler with fire red hair, wrestling in small trunks and a long sleeve shirt.

          After the scorching show, we cleaned up in some sort of makeshift shower that looked like a port-a-potty. Since we were outdoors, everything was in tents. Pretty cool experience, plus we had A.C. And electricity. Not too shabby. Then, we flew straight to Mexico City for Raw tv that same night. Whoa. Luckily, Smackdown was taped at the same venue the next day, so we got a little sleep that night.

          The following day Smackdown tv had 11,000 people in attendance! I had the honor of wrestling a singles match. It was unreal. That is the most people I’ve performed in front of yet! I also got a mic on the way down to ring.

          Let’s just say I learned enough Spanish to call my opponent “fish lips”. I was very pleased with myself. I won the match with a sweet leg submission. The crowd went wild. This is easily the highest point of my career thus far.

          So in conclusion, Mexico is beautiful… even though I only saw it from the plane, the bus and the hotel room. I had the time of my life, learned some impressive Spanish (boca de pescada: fish lips), won a match in front of 11,000 people with a sweet submission hold using my legs (I give the people what they want), and avoided Montezuma’s revenge.”

        • http://twitter.com/ImGoingCrazy ImGoingCrazy

          They don’t only wrestle 30 second matches. That’s what they wrestle on Raw and Smackdown.

          Superstars, NXT, and House Shows are well known for longer and by far better matches then what appears on RAW and Smackdown.

        • No Holds Barred


          I was at a house show back in 2011, Kelly Kelly vs Layla for the WWE Women’s Championship. Match went for 9 minutes, and there was a lot of action in it.

          They may wrestle 30 seconds on RAW and Smackdown, but that is only about 100 shows out of 300 in a year. The other 200, are spent with 5 minute + matches.

        • Raekon

          They had a 12-15 match in the houseshows in germany between kaitlyn and layla vs kelly and beth and other houseshows with rosa and layla vs kelly and beth too. ^_^

  • Mikas

    He has never seen the molly-go-around before? He was on the same roster as Molly for almost 6 years, how can you not know the signature move of your coworker in such a long time?

    • Raekon

      It’s because foley had quit from active competition in 2000 and got fired on screen by mcmahon in december 2000.

      He only appeared as a guest referee once in 2001 and in other special occassions for one night or so (like lita and trish right now when they come by once in a while).

      Molly had debutet her finisher in 2001 against Dean Malenko so Foley never really got to see it since he wasn’t with the company anymore.

  • Lanoom

    Reposting the comment I left:

    “Firstly, Mr. Foley, huge respect.

    Secondly, I cannot begin to debate with you how tired the “they work hard” defense is.

    They work so hard that their television appearance time has been steadily shrinking closer to zero.

    They work so hard that the crowd is trained to sit on their hands for the 30-second classic they get weekly in the ring.

    They work so hard that the champion makes no appearances for weeks at a time and nobody seems to question it.

    They work so hard that Gail Kim walked out in the middle of a battle royal, eliminating herself because she was done with the company, and (according to er) nobody in management noticed until she told them.

    The Divas have a problem. There is no denying it. The “they work hard” defense does not excuse WWE’s constant, seemingly deliberate, attaempts to downplay their abilities and characters, the complete and utter lack of ability to keep them in compelling, coherent stories and thus build their characters.

    In fact, defense makes it WORSE. If they work hard, why deny them bigger success and connection with the fans by leaving them high and dry with any time or material to work with on a weekly basis?

    Simply put, I should not have to buy WrestleMania to get a women’s match longer than a minute with an angle behind it.

    Thirdly, Mr. Foley, there’s a reason those first four names – Kharma, Lita, Beth Phoenix, Natalya Neidhart – are generally considered to be some of the few worthwhile women to have graced the company, women who and the Bellas and Kelly, and every other “model Diva” are…not considered that at all. There’s a reason those first four can be pointed to, and you have a collection of not only the best women’s matches WWE has ever put out in its history, but also the most cheered/jeered characters. You went through the reasons yourself.

    Being more model-esque is fine, but it is no substitute for proven and trial-tested ability that can only come from earning one’s dues in the ring *before they’re snatched up by WWE because of a headshot.*

    The sooner someone with pull in WWE acknowledges these problems, acknowledges that the Divas can do just fine if given ACTUAL time and effort, the sooner their matches will stop being referred to as piss breaks, and the sooner people can stop beating around the bush with this poor excuse of a defense that doesn’t actually address the criticisms.

    Because they – the women trying to perform in the ring, and the fans that want to see them succeed – deserve better.”

    • Raekon

      Great and on spot posting!
      Thanks a lot. :)

    • Bethinho

      excellent,excellent post!

    • http://www.youtube.com/rockinred45mvs RR45

      what a great comment!
      completely agree!

  • Jake

    That awkward moment when wrestling marks think they know more about these women than a legend who is actually backstage with them.

    • Bethinho

      he´s saying what everyone knows,apart one or another part,he doesn´t know more.
      the problem is that actions speak louder than words and until WWE do really something the”they work hard” excuse is pointless.

      • Jake

        “he´s saying what everyone knows.”

        Marks don’t know what goes on in WWE. Marks don’t know what these girls do backstage. Marks don’t know if these girls are passionate or not.

        “he doesn´t know more”

        He’s backstage, I think he does.

        “actions speak louder than words and until WWE do really something the”they work hard” excuse is pointless.”

        We only see them once or twice a week for a few minutes. Do you think they just sit around the rest during the entire week? They still have to do work. Their job is more than just wrestling on TV.

        • Bethinho

          wrestling on TV?what wrestling?and it´s well known what goes on in WWE,there´s no need to be a rocket cientist to discover that.
          next you´re going to tell me that there´s a very good reason for WWE caring so much for their Divas like they have been showing on a regular basis…

        • Jake

          You have no idea what goes on in WWE. Nobody on here does.

          You missed the point. You’re still going on about what you see on tv every week. The same could be said about Primo and Epico don’t work had at all because they’re barely on television.

          You’re saying they don’t work hard because they get only a few minutes a week to wrestle. Yet they’re traveling all over the world and wrestling 10+ minuets at house shows night after night. Melina and Maria have stated plenty of times that these girls try so hard to come up with ideas for feuds and send it to creative. Apparently that just isn’t working hard or good enough for some people.

        • Bethinho

          yeah,they travel around the world and work 8 to 10 minutes matches on house shows,and most of the reports usually say “why they don´t show this on TV?” or “why they´re not allowed to do this on TV?” and other equal opinions.
          If they indeed work so hard and are capable to deliver in the ring(like we know they do) why not give them the correspodent “award” for that on live TV shows?
          what i´m saying is that unless WWE´s management decides to do something about it this “they work hard” thing is pointless.

  • elsimate

    More credence to the Bellas leaving rumour

  • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

    Kudos to Mick for his comments.

    We don’t know these women. We don’t know how dedicated they are. Mick has worked with them & says they are busting their asses, so naturally he’s lying to appease the masses.

    These women may not get the chance to showcase their skills but they’re working hard, innovating their move sets, training constantly (the Bellas often tweet about their training sessions) & use social networking to get a storyline (when Gail & Melina used YouTube to build a storyline, they were praised but when Brie & Nikki do it, it’s stupid).

    The fact is that Brie, Nikki & K2 could be involved in a 25 minute fatal four way with Beth where Nikki pulled off a springboard DDT, Brie countered the glam slam with an amazing series of pinning combinations & K2 took a sick table bump, & some of you would roll your eyes & go “Ugh! Did you see that?! WWE is worse than EVER! Nikki winning with that move?! WTF?! She should have been pinned in 14 seconds by Beth then Kharma should have come out & beat them up, followed by the return of Lita & Molly to hold the belt for 900 years! Too much time was given to that match. I don’t care if WWE.com made it match of the night & it was voted MOTY. It totes sucked.”

    Foley actually works with these women, he would knows how hard they work & what they do & gives them the credit he feels they deserve. This is just like when Bret Hart said the Bella twins were his favorite Divas last year & Beth said they were most improved; clearly they’re forced into saying it, tow the company line, etc.

    • elsimate

      There is another reason why Bret said that about the Bellas if stories from FCW trainees are to be believed.

      • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

        I’m sorry, but I find these comments about Divas inappropriate to the highest degree.

        I don’t recall people discrediting Punk for saying Beth (his GF @ the time) when he praised her. He’s also praised the Bellas recently, even going so far as to pick a favorite Bella (Nikki) on Twitter. Speaking of Beth, she’s also praised the Bellas and called them the most improved Divas. Is she sleeping with them too?

        I think it’s completely insulting to these women that every time someone praises them, it’s because they’re sleeping with them or WWE forces them to. Another poster put up a long list of people who have praised K2 & the twins. Were they all forced?

    • mariah.

      The best comment.

  • MNM4ever

    Love how he mentioned melina!! :D

  • hado

    I must say Mick Foley hit the spot right on the nail with the diva’s. They work their asses of to get what? A thirty second match on TV, not storyline development, no characters and get hated on for being terrible or a model who shouldn’t be wrestling. What really is the problem with the divas is the amount of time and the lack of character development they are given and here is proof. How many people hated Eve Torres and wanted her fired when she was a playing a face role. ME! Now who loves and wants her on TV every diva segment/match? ME. And I am not the only one, there are now many Eve fans on the wrestling forums that prior to her heel turn, disliked her and wished she was gone.

    It is a proven fact that if the WWE actually had diva storylines the crowd would love them better, and of course with more ring time in the ring it would also result in better matches. Everyone knows that the NXT, Superstars and PPV’s matches with the divas are amazing, sure they might get not be a five star rating match but at least they show that they can actually wrestle.

    We all know that Beth Phoenix and Natalya can go and wrestle because when they were wresting in the indie scenes they were given time to show what they can actually do. If Beth Phoenix was signed today in the WWE and wrestled say a 45 second match with Kelly Kelly, people who say that she would be terrible because the match was rushed (and even though she does have indie wrestling experience, people are actually starting to say that Beth is terrible.). So in all honestly what hope does a former “model” have to impress the “WWE Universe” wrestling a 45 second match? Heck even Daniel Bryan and CM Punk couldn’t impress anyone in a 45 second match.

    The thing is in the model side, Alicia Fox, Layla, Eve Torres, Nikki Bella, Maxine & Naomi have all shown that they have what it takes to become a top wrestle while Brie Bella, Kaitlyn & Kelly Kelly have shown they have what it takes but do lack on skills. In all honestly if the divas of today were given at least 10 minutes to shine on Raw weekly and then do the same on Smackdown (like what Maxine and Kaitlyn have been doing on NXT) they would have more fans and more people would like them.

    Another example that I am going to use is Layla and Michelle McCool. Nobody really liked Layla until she teamed up with Lay-Cool where she was given the chance to show she can entertain a crowd, work a microphone and actually wrestle. While prior teaming up to McCool, what was Layla doing before that? Wrestling house shows. But now, if you ever go to any wrestling forums which actually hate on any other divas unless your name is Beth or Nattie, Layla actually has many fans because she has proven that she can be a wrestle with the amount of time she has had (much like what Eve has done.)

    And to the people saying that the divas enjoy this lifestyle and such, and like how they say that like it because they get to see the world and dress up in pretty clothes in video packages? Well what else are they going to say, it’s not like they have a chance to actually speak their mind, because heck if they did I am sure there would be no diva’s division at the moment (I mean really there isn’t at all at the moment, but you get what I mean.)

    Anyway, Rant over! (:

    • Raekon

      Sorry but you must be really blind to say that Kaitlyn is lacking in skill when she is the most improved newcomer out of the bunch and has even surpassed several others in ring, acting and mic work within 1,5 years.

      Maxine has great charisma like maryse did and even she put up a few brawling matches with a punch and kick here and there, she is the worst in the ring out of all the bunch of the main roster.

      She tries for 3 years in ring work to get better and she barely improved at all.

      Manager? Mic work? Acting?
      Hell yeah! She is indeed top at it!

      In ring work? Nope sorry!
      She lacks strength and athletisism.

      • MomoMufFinSsFTW

        I Have to disagree with you on that. i think maxine showed everyone she has improved tremendously in the ringwork area since NXT season 3 and her early FCW days. Is maxine the Best No But i think she is Decent. theres only a Few things she needs to work on and Thats Putting on a match thats a Little faster,Improving Move Set,And Less Submissions. Sure she lacks a little on athletisism but Thats an area that can be fixed. I Think Kaitlyn has showed everyone shes Able to Hold Her One Too For That Matter.

        • Raekon


          I already had stated in other threads that she is decent in the ring in the meantime.

          However, she took 3+ years to even reach that level due to the lack of the two things I mentioned above that she obviously either couldn’t improve or didn’t care to improve.

          Truth be told, no matter what background they might have, some people just aren’t as athletic as others so I think that it’s not because she doesn’t care.

          Except if she turns out to be like Maryse was (more character than wrestler and didn’t care to be more wrestler at all).

          Though after her matches in NXT we can tell that she does already better in the ring than Maryse did.

          I think that Maxine could be the “whole package” if her in ring skills would be increased a few more levels cause that’s the only thing she is lacking, but after 3+ years I doubt it will.

  • JJ

    ” Yet, there she was, six long years later, hitting a move I’d never seen, on the biggest show of the year in front of 78,000 screaming fans.” Umm,, So Mick Foley never saw Molly Holly do the Molly Go Round? She is the diva who did the move first in the WWE.

    • Raekon

      Already explained it to mikas above. ^_^

      He didn’t got to see her cause he left the WWE in 2000 and Molly used the finisher a year later for the first time against dean malenko.

      • JJ

        But Foley worked with WWE throughout 2003 and 2004 when Molly was still there (and champ!), and he still watched the product.

        I think it just slipped his mind.

        • Kessuki

          they have been in wwe at the same time. and he must have also watched her on ppv’s when he was not with the wwe.

        • Raekon

          He had only a few appearances in WWE between 2003 and 2008 while he was at the same time in the independent circuit.

          He wasn’t really actively working in WWE and she didn’t used the Molly Go Round often either.

          Out of her tag team matches with Gail vs Trish and Lita she used the move once because the other times it got always either countered or not executed at all.

          It might be the case that he saw it once or so but not memorized it to remember like 9 years later.

          We do of course because we are fans.

        • Jake

          Molly rarely used that move once she turned heel. I can only recall her using it three times during her heel turn.

      • No Holds Barred

        I think he meant the first time at Wrestlemania that the move was performed, if I recall, Molly never used it against Victoria at WM 20.

        • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

          Maybe he meant a move he had never seen K2 use?

  • JJ

    Great article; Mick always has nice things to say about the women, but it’s nice to hear him talk about the skepticism he had prior. 

    Fans tend to only think about what they see on screen as the work the WWE superstars and divas do, when in reality they do so much more. I’m glad he pointed that out, and I think the divas need it pointing out more (as they get so little screen-time, people think they hardly work). 

    As for the age old Model debate; I think everyone is always a little skeptical about girls with no experience getting signed…with good reason. Many have come and gone and left little to remember them by. Many have coasted by, not being anything special when they could be if they put in the effort. But just because they came from a non-wrestling background doesn’t mean they’ll never be any good…just look at THE diva, Trish Stratus! 

    I’m glad he pinpointed Candice as the turning point: she was for me too. The first woman to come from the Diva Search to look like a legitimate athlete in the ring and put on good matches regularly. Then came  Michelle McCool (probably eventually the best DS contestant in the ring), Layla, Alicia and Naomi who all fit in wrestling very well despite not having a background in wrestling.

    Do I like Kelly and the Bella’s? No. But thats just personal opinion. I am surprised they have stuck around so long, and they have connected with a lot of fans.

    I think Mick is writing in response to common complaints from general wrestling fans, not specifically from diva fans. That’s a whole different conversation.

  • LadyGoDiva

    I appreciate that Foley is trying to shed some light on the Divas about their hard work, passion for the business,etc.

    But the problem is that now its different, the Divas division isn’t all to its great standards anymore.Divas matches are looked as a joke and a piss break, WWE doesn’t show much appreciation for womens wrestling anymore so its gonna take a slow process to rebuild a great,strong divas divsion like we’ve seen ten years ago.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOyzTv-g8FA Piggie James

    This is Foley just pandering to WWE management (primarily Vince McMahon) to validate the ‘model experiment’ as a success. He’s been doing this on just about every issue concerning WWE ever since he returned to WWE last year.

    It’s fairly obvious that he wants to appear on WWE TV more, especially when he jokes so much on Twitter that he will be appearing at the next Raw/PPV/.etc (but never does). He clearly just wants to get more airtime to promote himself, his books, and his comedy tour. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this, since that’s basically what most people use WWE for today.

    So I wouldn’t confuse Foley’s politicking with his actual beliefs on the matter. In fact, nothing he says is even a good argument that the ‘model experiment’ has worked, since surviving on the roster of WWE is not the equivalent of ‘making it’. Sure, he respects Kelly Kelly and the Bella Twins more than he did before, but by his own admission, he didn’t have any expectations for them in the first place.

    • Taylor

      I have to agree with this. I don’t follow him on Twitter or any other website, but when I used to watch as a regular, he would always appear with something to promote.

  • no rain

    “Yet, there she was, six long years later, hitting a move I’d never seen.”
    slap in the face to molly :(

  • drewrey

    First comment in a while, mostly because the comments today were really annoying, I am really getting tired of the “they work hard is an excuse” bit. THEY DO WORK HARD, just because none of you see it, does not mean they aren’t, none of you so called fans must not really have any faith in them if you have to see it on to to know that they work hard. I would love to see more from the divas on television, more substance and quality would be amazing, any of us can agree with that. Just because I do not see it on tv though, doesn’t take away from the fact that they aren’t busting their asses. For all of you bitching too, that is who they are doing it for. I think a few of you really needs to pull their head out of their asses, and realize that maybe they do really work hard, they are just being held back for some other reason. Mostly because of the sexist old men in the back. I think Mick put it perfectly, and I don’t think he is hiding behind this “excuse” alot of you speak of. If you do not have any faith in the divas, and are so super critical of them, you should ask yourselves why any of you are still fans of them? It is ok to want the best from them, I knowI do, but it seems to me like alot of you other diva fans will bitch about anything and everything!!!

    • French.One

      There is a little bit of everything I think.
      They do work hard, traveling very often during all year, staying in shape, having all their kind of activities is exhausting.
      But the thing is, wrestling in ring abilities do not grow on trees, nor traveling everyday or doing some cardio will learn you to punch someone.
      The old man may and sure holds the ladies back, but he won’t say no to money to an extend.

  • KnockoutDivas

    To everyone saying “oh they dont work at all because they only have 1 minute matches” does that mean Beth Phoenix and Natalya don’t work hard at all since they don’t get time to wrestle or have storylines either? If you wanna use the “the worked hard somewhere else” excuse then I can use the exact same argument you keep using that they don’t show it on TV.

  • missawesomeness

    i wonder how much money wwe paid him to do this ?

    yes they work their asses off in the ring but it’s not enough. their still awful if they working there ass off or not
    why do divas have enough time for photo shoots but not training in my opinion their just addicted to the spotlight

    • redsandman99

      They have enough time for photo shoots because WWE TELLS them they have enough time for it. If WWE doesn’t send them down to FCW to get the proper training then about all they can do is learn as they go on TV and house shows.