TNA Lockdown Rewind: Gail Kim vs Jacqueline (2007)

Ahead of this weekend’s TNA Lockdown pay per view, we take a look back at past events.

2007 | Five years ago, Gail Kim got her first taste of cage action at the Lockdown event as she took part in a big grudge match against Jacqueline that would prelude things to come in the yet-to-be-formed Knockouts division. The high risk match turned heads and still stands out as one of the best Knockouts matches ever.

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  • Jhonmarco

    <3 best TNA Knockouts Cage match hands down. Lovely match.

  • igotthatpma123

    these women were just having great matches!!! I remember the street fight were jackie teeth were knocked out,and then they have a cage match and gail almost decapitates jackie in a awesome steel cage match. Damn the better days of the division.

  • TheSexiestOfTheSexy;)

    Wow!This match was so good,I’m never saw this match before because I didn’t watch TNA around this time,but wow,really great match put on by two of the best women wrestlers.I wish WWE had more matches like this:/


      Same here!

  • GailKim95

    Gail Kim and Jackie are freakin LEGENDS!!! They are amazing and so was this match! Can we please go back to these days??

  • Ryan

    Man Jackie Traci Brooks n Gail Kim my most humble and mad respect for them. Wish Youtube still had the 2007 Knockout Matches like Traci vs Gailkim or the triple threat or the streetfight or maybe even the 5-way Knockouts match!!
    Awesome times!! I been watching TNA since 2006 and been a fan since =D

    Road to the Knockouts Division baby!! Will always live in my heart!

    BTW Gail Kim was like Superhero status back then!! I was deeply saddened when she left TNA and the rumors of her going to WWE for money came about.
    I wasnt sad for Lita or Trish since I knew theyr time had come but Damn Gail leaving was sad for me
    Glad shes back though

    • igotthatpma123

      Yeah when she left it was a hard blow,because they had put everything into Gail they made her their top woman. When she left tna didn’t know what to do so instead of pushing alissia flash or hamada or pushing roxxi who was extremely over at the time they push sojourner bolt and Christy hemme and the division never seem to gain its momentum back after that.

  • No Holds Barred

    Bring me back to this Knockouts division.

    I loved 2007 for Divas too

    • Poison_Ivory

      2007 was the last half-decent year for the Divas lol. Then it just went more more downhill.

      • Jhonmarco

        Disagree Poison_Ivory. 2009 & 2010 were very good years for the WWE women IMO. We got Melina/Michelle, Maryse/Mickie, Michelle/Mickie, Michelle/Beth, Melina/Maryse, Maryse/Eve, Nattie/LayCool, & DOD/LayCool through those years. All solid feuds & storylines.

        • LadyGoDiva

          I’ll agree that 2009 and 2010 were some solid good years looking back on it now because I can’t tell you how badly I want to get over 2011.

  • Kessuki

    top match of the highest quality. hopin’ that velvet sky vs gail is more of the same – it does seem like velvet is improving in the ring but with gail as the heel its unlikely she will be doing the flashy moves from top of the steel cage.

    • Sherri Martel Fan

      I don’t think the Velvet/Gail match will be half as good as this. Velvet just isn’t in Jackie’s league. I wish Jackie was still with TNA.

      • clintocki

        @SherriMartelFan: I wish Jackie were still in TNA also. The only positive I can see (hopefully) is that w/ her not being affiliated w/ TNA anymore, it’ll allow WWE to induct her into their Hall of Fame sooner rather than later *fingers crossed*

  • shameronstar

    The ending of this match was insane! Looking back I kind of wished Gail Kim, Jacqueline and Awesome Kong(now Kharma) had a 3 way feud because this match was one of the major things that probably inspired the creation of the knockouts’ division in the first place! If Velvet Sky takes a huge cage bump or has an amazing cage spot in the match she has with Gail Kim tomorrow I will give mad props to the “Maiden of Pigeons”!