In Video: Bella Twins Kick Butt in Action Short Feature

While Brie and Nikki Bella may be stirring up controversy with recent reports of their possible departure from WWE, the twins recently starred in an action short feature for television network, Mun2.

The segment dubbed “How to Treat a Lady” highlights three different scenarios, each depicting the Divas kicking butt against a man who mistreats his female counterpart.

It’s pretty cool to see a feature be given to, in this case, a set of females, considering most commercial-esque roles are typically saved for the likes of Randy Orton or Sheamus. Check it out below!

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  • TheSexiestOfTheSexy;)

    Pretty neat video of The Bella Twins.It was pretty funny and entertaining:)Hahaha!And they’re so good at being bad!

  • Poison_Ivory

    No doubt this clip will be featured whenever the Bellas will have their next match. WWE will do anything to get their weekly dose of mainstream exposure.

    But I still liked it.. Didn’t cringe like I usually do when wrestlers are being featured in stuff like this. And their acting was actually not bad!

  • shameronstar

    If wwe did more stuff like this with the divas they could actually be taken a little more seriously and at same time it would be entertaining!

    • Mr.3D

      The WWE would rather do more for Hornswaggle, and Santino Marrella than for any of the Divas!!! But, I like the Bella Twins in this video!!! There’s just one thing missing: Nikki should’ve nailed the guy with a spear!!!


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  • FilmJenkins

    I believe only one of them will leave. Since WWE is a bunch of attention whores, I think they want this to happen. One twin goes to Hollywood and the other stays on the roster; this would undoubtedly bring WWE the media attention they crave.

  • no rain

    ROFL at the clothesline xD
    nice video :P

    • Essex Boy

      I legit pissed my self at the clothesline to! It was sooo good!! LOL

      • no rain

        the slow motion almost killed me lol

  • Raekon

    Cool Stuff! :)
    Entertaining,Funny and on spot!
    Great work Bellas!
    More please! :)

  • Thaila

    That was the greatest thing I have ever seen.

  • Essex Boy

    I F*CKING loved this.

  • melon2617

    Love this!

    Brie & Nikki seem to be all over the place lately, doing this & gracing the cover of Maxim Espanol.