Trish Stratus’ Chick Kick Voted One of WWE’s Top 10 Kicks

7-time Women’s Champion Trish Stratus may think she’s done it all, but here’s one thing that hasn’t happened until now — Trish is being acknowledged for her kicks!

Trish, the master of the Chick Kick, ranks #8 on‘s countdown of the best kicks in company history.

Acknowledging Trish’s kick, writes: “A quick, painful maneuver that was responsible for dumping more Divas than Daniel Bryan, when Trish connected with the blast to the back of her opponent’s head, the end was undoubtedly in sight.”

The feature stems from recently crowned World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus’, Brogue Kick taking out Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds flat at WrestleMania 28.

Our favorite Chick Kick? The one on Christy Hemme that, in Trish’s own words, “broke my darn shoe, girl”.

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  • TheSexiestOfTheSexy;)

    Hahaha!Trish was too funny as a heel,I swear!That woman should be a comedian

  • No Holds Barred

    favourite Chick Kick would be on Beth or the one on Mickie after Mickie missed the kick on Trish

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    Trish was at her best, when she was a heel, her promos where unreal, she was just so good at it, fans loved to hate her, she is a true legend :)

  • Sherri Martel Fan

    Sherri’s kick to Luna’s face on RAW shoulda been on here ;) lol..

    • Kessuki

      that was fierce. <3333

  • LadyGoDiva

    Favorite Trish Chick Kick would definetely be New Years Revolution 2005 the one on Mickie James.

  • chrissy

    one of my favorite chick kick is the one 2 spike dudley :D

  • Taylor

    Don’t steal her spotlight! I have to say that the kick to Mickie at New Year’s Revolution was probably my favorite.

  • candice7000

    That is one of my fave times she used it. But I love the one she did on Chris Jericho in her titantron. Plus I loved when Mickie did it to her at wrestlemania.

  • perceval

    That was a good one, with the improvisation about the broken shoe. Agreed with the others who loved the one to Mickie at NYR.

  • mikeparis18

    My fav I seen was the one at WM 19 on Victoria to win the match.

    • no rain

      i think that one didn’t even connected xD
      but it looked cool anyway

  • redsandman99

    One of my favorite heel Trish moments. Cracks me up every time.

  • no rain

    my favorite one was the one on mickie, when mckie failed the mick kick and trish hitted the chick kick

  • TibarnEl

    Honourable mentions:
    McCool’s Big Boot, Maryse’s French Tk0 and Mickie’s Long Kiss Goodnight.

    • no rain

      victoria’s and jazz super kick and Jackie’s Spinning one

    • Jhonmarco

      Only agree with Michelle there.

      Mickie missed that kick half the time honestly.

      • jeremycanrana

        she started missing it half the time when she stopped kissing the girls first lol

        • TibarnEl

          Right? The kiss was what made it so awesome.

      • BillyGP

        Mickie missed on bigger opponents her kick was good and better then queen McCool although i give McCool props for her kick

    • Raekon

      Laylas roundhouse spinning kick to the face and taminas super kick should go to that list too. :)

      • TibarnEl

        I like her spin, but I never really thought anybody sold it well.

    • norisclouds

      I never cared for Maryse’s. It looked impressive in terms of technique, but it never looked impactful to me. I loved Michelle’s big boot though. She pulled that off very well, and Victoria’s kick was awesome.

  • art

    Theirs been many divas who have done impressive kicks & its cool wwe used trishs as a best ever….

  • Jhonmarco

    Personally her Chick Kick against Mickie at NYR in 06 was brilliant.

  • Bobby-james

    Awesome moment to used Diva-Dirt! This is one of my favorite Trish Stratus moments EVER. Very quotable. “Your head is so hard, it broke my darn shoe girl!” Bwahahaha!

    I liked the Chick Kick to various people, this is one of my favorites, but I’ll definitely agree and say I loved seeing it used on all the other women. Including Mickie, Lita and Beth!

    I’m also a personal fan of the one she delivered to Spike Dudley!

    But, despite how lethal the Chick Kick was, I still the The Stratusfaction is one of the most awesome finishers, ever!

  • Raekon

    In my opinion there were several women using great looking kicks like that in the division through the years.

    It’s obvious why Trish was picked by the WWE, no question there since most of the others are not with the WWE anymore.

    Anyway, the whole segment with Christy brought back great memories which make me miss such segments a lot more nowadays. :/

  • natalyagailfan2011

    I LOVE the Chick Kick to Christy Hemme’s head. Lol! Good times. The Chick Kick to Michelle McCool at EC 2011 was pretty good, and it was done in high heels. But, my all time favorite is the one to Mickie James at NYR 2006. That sounded painful.

  • jeremycanrana

    what about the fast one to Lita during THE championship match in 2004 december 6

    • jeremycanrana

      just watched it ! it feels as if it happened yesterday but at the same time it feels so long ago! aaah! I miss Trish !!

  • Essex Boy

    Agreed with every one else on the NYR Chick Kick to Mick(ie) lol. I love trish on the mic, I love Trish in the ring, I just LOVEE Trish.

  • Kessuki

    girl did’em and did’em good. the nyr vs mickie was one of her best and there were many more. chick kick was one of her best signature moves > stratusfaction.

  • norisclouds

    It was a great kick.

    I think her wrestling attire in her last match was her best.

    • Kessuki

      when she betrayed jericho at wrestlemania i loved what she was wearing.

    • natalyagailfan2011

      Trish’s Backlash 2006 attire was a great one too.