In Video: WWE Celebrates Vickie Guerrero’s Birthday at Live Event

In a pretty cool moment this past weekend, WWE celebrated cougar Vickie Guerrero‘s 44th birthday (which takes place today — happy birthday, Vickie!) with a celebration in her honor.

The birthday tribute was lead by John Cena and CM Punk.

Watch below:

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  • Nostalgia

    Sweet! I admire Vickie for the way she really stepped it up after Eddie died. I know he’s proud

  • FilmJenkins

    Does anyone have house show footage of Natalya and Lilian Garcia’s confrontation?

  • Poison_Ivory

    You just can’t be not respecting this woman. After every degrading angle and segment I would have marched right out, but she’s still there, stronger than ever. <3

  • RealMaryse

    i know this is happy, but i actually cried a little bit cuz it was just so nice to see vicki happy. After eddie died vicki became a huge part of wwe and is in my opinion one of the best heels ever but she is still a great and sweet person.

    Happy B day Vicki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • StratusXtreme

    Vickie is most probably the Diva I look most forward to watching at the moment. She is so funny and gives everything to the tasks she’s been given. The argument with Miss Piggy was hilarious, the cooking segment with Teddy was amazing and shes number 1 for me because she is a grade A biatchhhh!!!