AIW Girls Night Out 6 Report: Allysin Kay Wins AIW Women’s Championship

WSU star Allysin Kay became the new AIW Women’s Champion yesterday in Cleveland, Ohio, defeating Mia Yim in a grudge match stemming from her broken nose during their previous bout in January.

Full report below courtesy of David Muscarella:


Eric Ryan over Ethan Page.

Main Show: (commentators Paul Rodgers and Aaron Bauer)

Acting President of AIW Mr. Wadsworth comes out first. Speaks to the
future of AIW. Talks about the outpouring of support of the fans in
the last few days. Talks about fans coming from oversees and other
states to see AIW. No corp sponsors. No financial backers. Talks about
fans being the sole support of AIW. AIW is a grassroots company. Says
AIW will NOT END today. There was be some changes however in the next
coming days. Absolute 7 will be going on as scheduled. Speech ends in
AIW chants.

Match 1: KC vs Miss Heidi

Miss Heidi sporting new white gear and black hair. Headlock by KC to
start. Exchange of wrist locks, Miss Heidi giving the boots to KC on
the mat. Miss Heidi misses running splash in the corner. Miss Heidi
recovers, rakes the eyes of KC. Miss Heidi is playing the heel here
telling the crowd to shut up. Heidi steps on KC’s hair and stretches
her arms up off the mat. KC makes her comeback, but Miss Heidi with an
enziguri. Goes for pin, KC grabs ropes. KC grabs Miss Heidi for the
Low Down finisher. Hits it. Gets the pinfall. Short match. Not bad,
but never really got going match was under 5 mins.

Match 2: Leva Bates vs ????

Leva comes out in full Star Trek: TNG Red uniform and a Tribble.
Awesome costume if somewhat historically inaccurate since Tribble’s
were from the original series and not TNG. Says how excited she is to
be here. Thanks Gary & Dave (me) for getting her on the show. Says her
opponent (Gabrielle Vanderpool) didn’t show. Instead, she offers Star
Trek Trivia. Hailey Hatred comes out to interrupt. Offers to have a
match with Leva instead! Its on, Leva Bates vs Hailey Hatred!

Leva offers the Tribble as a peace offering. Hailey wants no part of
it. Leva with a hiptoss. Hailey grabs the Tribble and Hailey throws it
in the crowd! Leva runs into the crowd to save it. Hailey says this is
AIW and she wants to wrestle. Hailey with a dropkick. Goes for a power
bomb, Leva reverses it into a cradle, gets a 2. Hailey irish whips
Leva into a back breaker. Hailey in control now in the corner. Rear
naked choke on Leva. Transitions into wrapping legs around Leva’s
waist. Turns it into a Full Nelson leglock. Hailey gets Leva up in a
back breaker submission and plants her on the top turnbuckle upside
down. Running knees to Leva’s back. Goes for pin, gets 2. Leva makes a
comeback, goes for a sugar hold on Hailey. Hailey kicks Leva in the
head. Dropkick to Leva on the mat. Goes for powebomb, Leva attempts to
punch her way out, but Hailey nails it. Leva gets up and lands some
kicks. Leva gets Hailey into the corner and uses her legs to land
Sliced Bread #2 on Hailey. 2 Count only. Leva on top rope, misses
Hailey but lands on her feet. Hailey gets a clothesline, and goes for
pin, Leva kicks out. Hailey with a running knee into the corner. Lands
a running power bomb and gets the pinfall. Match went about 10 mins.
Good stuff. Crowd was a little dead for it though.

Match 3: Melanie Cruise vs Taylor Made.

Taylor gets the crowd clapping to start. Melanie with the headlock on
Taylor. Taylor runs the ropes, tries to knock Melanie down. Fails.
Goes for kicks to the legs, succeeds. Irish whip on Cruise on she
fals to feet quickly. Taylor continuing with the kicks to the back of
the legs. Cruise finally gains control and lands a side slam on
Taylor. Cruise choking Taylor on the mat. Clubbing blows on her back.
Cruis with a bow and arrow submission on Taylor. Cruise finally pushes
her forward. Lands some kicks while taunting Taylor. While Cruise is
jawing with the ref, Taylor tries for a rollup but only gets 2.
Another side slam on Taylor for a 2 count. Cruise in…cruise control
now. Irish whip and Taylor ducks a couple clotheslines and lands a
cross body for 2. Cruise back in control now. Taylor making a
comeback with more kicks to the legs. Drop kick on cruise. 2 count.
Taylor lands a monkey flip from the corner. Headbutts Cruise in her
midsection, goes for a running spear but misses. Cruise with the
pinfall. Match was about 10 minutes.

Mad Man Pondo comes to the ring. Announces Mad Man Pondo vs John
Thorne for the JT Lightning tornament show. Announces a girls death
match for TONIGHT. Light tubes are now out ringside.

Match 4: Crazy Mary Dobson vs Trashy Cassidy

Mary bring a staple gun, Trashy brings a water cooler on a pole. Mary
with a clothesline to start. Punches to midsection in the corner to
Trashy. Jaw Breaker to Trashy. Mary tries to use the staple gun.
Fails. Trashy grabs the gun. Uses it on Mary’s forehead. Looks like
she stapled a dollar bill on her head. Mary grabs the gun and returns
the favor on Trashy. Goes to the back and grabs some light tubes. The
dollar is still on her head BTW. Uses some chairs and tunes to set up
a little house outside the ring. Mary gets rammed on some tubes on the
stage headfirst then goes thru the little house. That was nasty.
Trashy grabs her water cooler and swings away at Mary’s head 5 times.
Goes for a pin, Mary kicks out. Irish whip and Mary Reverses it and
gets a small package. Thats it. Kinda ended pretty quickly. Whole
match was MAYBE 5 mins.


Match 5: Sassy Stephanie w/ Chest Flexxor vs Cherry Bomb

Steph and Cherry Bomb trade arm wringers to start. Criss cross ropes.
Cherry says “STOP! LOOK UP” and then slaps Steph. Airplane spin by
Cherry. Whips Steph into corner. Steph reverses and gets Cherry in a
curb stomp. Steph chokes Cherry on 2nd rope. Suplex by Steph followed
by a headlock submission. Indian Deathlock by Stephanie. Cherry gets
out of that and gets a clothesline to Steph while she was sitting up
on the mat. Steph nailed a russian leg sweep on Cherry. 2 Count. Steph
back to a headlock on Cherry. Irish whip reversed by Cherry into a
sunset flip for 2. Steph for some forearms to Cherry. Another irish
whip to Cherry and Steph plants Cherry while grabbing the hair.
Cherry makes her comeback, double knees into the ropes to Steph. Puts
Steph rear-first into the corner and knees to Steph’s backside.
Flexxor and his hired help distract Cherry on the outside, but Cherry
Bomb gains control back and hits a superkick on Steph for the pin.
Roughly 10 minute match.

Match 6: Annie Social (w/ Sammy G) vs Taeler Hendrix

Sammy is a friend of CHIKARA’s Veronica. She is kind of a punk rock
loud mouth type. Lock up , Tealer with the headlock. Annie escapes, bu
Taeler goes right back to the headlock. Annie attemps to roll up
Hendrix while in the headlock for a 2 count. Hendrix still hanging on
to that headlock. Annie finally escapes after a few minutes and hits a
stunner on Hendrix. While ref is distracted by Annie, Sammy chokes
Hendrix from the outside. Part of Hendrix’s top is off, but she has a
bra on under it. Annie now in control and hits a snap suplex on
Hendrix. Annie with some kicks to Taeler’s mid section. Sammy waving a
chair on the outside, and while Annie goes to grab it, Hendrix rolls
Annie up for the 3 count. Sammy chases Annie to the back apologizing
non stop. Short match. I dont know if Taeler’s top coming off had
anything to do with the length of the match being short or if that was
planned all along since she was wrestling Annie and all.

Match 7: Kimber Lee vs “Girl Dynamite” Jennifer Blake

Welcome back chants for Blake. Kimber on top early, but Blake takes
control with jumping stomp to Kimber’s head on the bottom turnbuckle.
Clothesline into the corner by Blake, goes for the same thing on the
other corner, but Kimber gets her boots up. Blake comes back and
starts working on her left leg. Blake dumps Kimber Lee to the
outside. Kimber comes back with chops. Blake returns the favor with
chops of her own. Both back into the ring now. Blake goes for a cover,
only gets 2. Blake steps on the hair and stretches Kimber’s arms.
Forarms to Kimber Lee’s face. Kimber nails an enziguri on Blake.
Bulldog on Blake. 2 count. Blake comes back and nails a Michinoku
driver on Kimber Lee. Good match, ran about 8 minutes.

Match 8: Veda Scott vs Sara Del Rey

Lock up, Sara with a take down and a quick 2 count. Sara working on
Veda’s left leg with a half crab. Veda makes it to the ropes. Sara
locks on a straight jacket submission. Sars now working on the right
arm of Veda. Veda so far hasnt had anyt offense. Sara takes Veda down
to the mat face first. Goes back to working on the right arm of Veda.
Sara with a submission attempt stretching Veda’s arms back behind
her. Veda finally start getting some offense with kicks to the mid
section but Sara quickly negates that with a drop kick. Sara back to
submissions with a cross face but Veda gets to the ropes. Sara whips
Veda into a corner but Veda responds with a tornado DDT. Running
clothesline to Sara in the corner. Veda follows that up with an indian
death lock on Sara. Sara gets out of that and hits a cappo kick to
Veda in the corner. 2 Count. Sara hits a couple knees to the face on
Veda. Ax kick to the back of Veda’s head. Another 2 count. Sara back
to the cross face and Veda finally taps out after about 8 minutes.
Sara goes for a handshake but Veda blows her off in disgust. Fun
match, Veda held her own.

Match 9: Jenny Rose vs Hailey Hatred

Hatred pulling double duty here after her match with Leva. Hailey
with different gear on then she had on in her first match. Jenny and
Hailey go nose to nose to start for some smack talk. Fast start with
Jenny hitting a running drop kick to the corner and Hailey hitting a
suplex on Rose. Forearms exchanged. I can already tell this match will
be INTENSE. Both seem angry at each other. Hatred with a running boot
to the face of Rose. Chops to Rose’s chest. Rose responds with
slaps. Back and forth they go. Hailey with a running forearm to the
corner. And again.Snap suplex on Rose, float over to for a 2 count.
Rose responds with a swinging neck breaker on Hatred. Jenny trying to
snap Hatred’s arm. Rose goes for a pin, Hatred counters for a pin
attempt of her own. Rose working on Hatred’s arm but Hatred makes it
to the ropes using her feet. Hatred gets up and nails a northern
lights suplex. Hatred in control now. Chops to the chest again.
Running chop into the corner. And again to the other corner. Rose
rolls to the outside and Hatred follows. Running knee to Rose on the
outside. Back inside the ring now. Hatred attempting a suplex from
the apron, but Rose sunset flips Hatred over for a 2 count. Oklahoma
roll by Rose for another near fall. Rose to the top rope. Cross body
on Hatred for a 2 count. Hatred hits a SLOW German on Rose. Rose gets
up and lands a spear on Hatred. THIS IS AWESOME chants. Rose runs
into a forearm by Hatred. Forearms exchanges turns into slaps
exchanged. Fisherman’s suplex on Hatred by Rose for a 2. Rose going up
top now. Nails a flying clothesline on Hatred. Rose goes up again but
Hatred catches and nails a belly to belly suplex. Hatred goes for a
pin and scores the 1..2..3. THAT WAS AWESOME chant again.Match lasted
over 20 minutes. Best match by far tonight.

Weapons being brought for the main event.

Match 10: Mia Yim vs Allysin Kay for the AIW Women’s Title. Weapons
include ironing board, toy machine gun, hose, broom, bat, golf clubs,
etc. Match is unsanctioned.

Mia brings out her own black and pink light tubes. Stare down to
start. Allysin with a headbutt and a slap. Mia slaps backMia with some
knees to the face, Allysin with a german suplex. Allysin slams Mia’s
head into the turnbuckle and stomps away at Mia. Mia with an idian
death lock. Mia choking Allysin with shirt. Allysin takes control
with a series of kicks to Mia’s mid section. Allysin picks up the toy
gun and turns on the red scope. Throws it down after she realizes its
not real. Mia picks up a bat and smashed the gun to bits. Allysin
with a broom and smacks Mia in the butt with it. Mia ducks a dive and
Allysin goes to the floor. Mia with a running kick to Allysin from
the apron. They are both targeting each other noses. Allysin grabs a
chair and nails Mia on the outside with it. Allysin rams Mia’s face
into the ring post. Allysin chasing Mia around the ring. Mia comes
back with some kicks against the guard rail. Allysin throws Mia into a
row of chairs. Mia grabs a light tube and Allysin grabs a MACHETE.
They both go to the ramp and Allysin’s machete gets stuck in the ramp.
Mia nails Allysin with a light tube. Mia gets Allysin back into the
ring and Mia misses the Sky Yim. Sassy Stephanie is out and distracts
Mia. Allysin grab Mia and gets the 3 count. Ally Sin is mad because
she wanted to “do this on my own”. Allysin DEMANDS the match be
restarted. Allysin nails Chest Flexxor and one of his henchman. Mr
Wadsworth is out and says Mia/Allysin 3 will be held at Absolution. No
outside interference. Looks like Mia and Allysin have some mutal
respect now and I guess this makes Allysin a babyface in AIW. Match
was about 10 minutes or so, but really fun and a nice way to end the
night. Not quite sure about having Allysin all of a sudden be the
honorable babyface so quickly though.

Note: Crowd was around 100+ or so. The crowd was not into some of the
earlier match and sat on their hands, but the death match stuff def
pumped them up. Very fun show with a good atmosphere. Hailey and Rose
really put on the best match of the night which was also the longest
match by far. This show was much better than GNO5.

Image credit: @RyanRufe on Twitter

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