SmackDown Spoilers: April 20th, 2012

Spoilers for Friday’s SmackDown:

Daniel Bryan came out to cut a promo. He received a great pop to start the show. He delivered a good promo about his Extreme Rules pay-per-view match with Sheamus. There were a lot of “Yes!” chants. A.J. interrupted to talk to Bryan about their problems. Bryan was in proper heel mode and said he wishes she had never been born. He left A.J. in the ring crying.

1. Natalya beat A.J. by DQ. A.J. snapped and attacked Natalya. A.J. was disqualified for ignoring the ref’s count while attacking her in the corner. Natalya bled and the paramedics had to clean it up with towels. It looked like hard way blood. (Source)


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  • FameHooker18

    I was estactic when i heard Natalya won a singles match, then found out she won by getting her ass kicked. Awks :-\
    Can’t wait to see how psycho A.J. pans out for once it looks like the divas are being given real storylines. HALLELUJAH!!!!!

    • Choko

      They should’ve used Eve instead of Natalya.

      AJ making the “hoeski” bleed would get her more over with the crowd.

      • FameHooker18

        Loooooool!!!!!!!! So true!!!! The crowd would’ve adored her XD

  • redsandman99

    I know a lot of people will be upset over Natalya only getting a win by DQ but honestly, as much as I want Natalya to start winning and get a good push, I’m happy with this result because AJ’s about the best booked diva they got on the roster. Her storyline with Bryan is one of the most interesting things they’ve got going and it’s about time she snapped. I’m expecting her to cost Bryan the match at Extreme Rules, though the only worry I have is that it’s in Chicago, which probably means they’ll boo her for doing it. Oh well. It’ll still be a good moment for her and WWE will play her off as a babyface despite what that crowd does.


    OMG AJ heel turn? this is great!
    And what are they doing with Natalya, i can’t tell if she is a face or heel, i don’t think WWE has any plans for her

    • Poison_Ivory

      Nattie’s probably a tweener or then just used as face and heel whenever one is needed.

  • Lanoom

    WWE succeeded in making me no longer care about Natalya, so whatever.

    GO AJ GO

  • shameronstar

    I want to see Psycho AJ vs Krazy Kelly, Psycho AJ vs Kharma, and Psycho AJ vs Daniel Bryan!

  • wl75

    I hope they keep the blood in- it’ll show how badly AJ snapped. About time she did actually- and I agree she’ll cost Bryan the match at the PPV somehow (how about in an ironic twist she uses herself as a shield to keep Bryan from shoving Sheamus into a referee during the 3rd fall)….

  • shameronstar

    AJ has become the new Psycho Mickie!

    • TheGamergirl22

      then she will feud with Lita as her Number 1 Fan

      AJ vs Lita at Wrestlemania 29

  • Bethinho

    lol,poor Natalya,after the farting gimmnick now she gets beaten up by someone like AJ.
    well,Natalya isn´t exactly an high-profiler and AJ is still involved with Bryan so we can say Natalya “jobbed” for this story.

  • Nostalgia

    SOME of you people are never happy????. When has the last time has the WWE allowed divas to BLEED??? Watch out TNA Knockouts, the WWE Is coming back for their title

    • Rhawk

      Kaitlyn kinda bled on NXT last week after her failure at shaving herself. =-X
      Lol I kid, Kaitlyn’s too gorgeous to even need to shave. ;-)

      • no rain


  • Faye

    Lord, let AJ ruin this man’s life! DB is probably a really amazing guy in real life, lmao, but he plays the douchebag, abusive boyfriend so well. My eye literally twitches in anger watching his promos.

    Heel turn or let her stay face, whatever. Just emancipate this chile and make her the star she is destined to be. Poor AJ :(

    • Faye

      Wow, I didn’t read the second spoiler. AJ WENT OFF! They are playing this abuse angle really well. AJ is displaying clear symptoms of Intimate Partner Abuse and she is just lashing out, damn.

  • shameronstar

    AJ should become lIke Angela Bassett from “Waiting to Exhale”! I loved the scene where she was throwing out her husbands clothes and the best line she said was,”GET YO SH*T, GET YO SH*T AND GET OUT!”

    • Nostalgia

      ???????????? yes!!!!

    • Faye

      LMFAOOO! Yes! That famous scene, lawd!

      • Marshy

        Angela Bassett took those clothes out to the car for some “fresh air” sort speak and lit them like a family reunion cookout.

        • mykel1990

          And then walked away like a G!

  • Matthew

    AJ can protray a great underdog heel – she did a great job in WWE and I am SUPER excited to see this on Friday now!! :D

  • Rhawk

    Maybe AJ’s reasoning for this can be that if Daniel Bryan thinks that AJ should have never been born, and he manages to hook up with someone in the future. AJ’s reason for attacking the divas in cray cray outbursts can be along the lines of ‘If I’m not good enough for you and should have been born, then none of the women here should have been born either!’.

  • Rhawk

    But on a more depressing note, shame it was Natalya who had to more or less job out to AJ being make look the weakest she has ever been. They could have easily done this to Brie Bella, Rosa Mendes or Alicia Fox, lord knows they need better things to do.

    • shameronstar

      Rosa would have probably botched bleeding or something!

      • Rhawk

        Or instead of blood, we get more of her horrendous spanish grammer. =-X

        • Faye

          LMAO! I’m glad someone else noticed this!

          I’m not fluent in Spanish, but I was in a serious relationship with someone from Venezuela, and although Spanish dialects differ between regions, I know enough to feel embarrassed for Rosa. LOL! I can’t blamer her, though. She grew up in Vancouver (Canada), I believe, and is only half Costa-Rican.

        • no rain

          her spanish isnt that bad xD i’m mexican and she speaks a decent spanish (not fluid at all)

    • silverink-25

      Well it depends on how Aj beats up Nattie. Cause it could look perfectly legit if she starts with leg and body shots until Nattie in sitting in the corner, and THEN proceeds to make her bleed. It would Aj look stronger, and it would make it seem like Nattie got beat up with some dignity intact. But one way or another, the best way to get Aj over as a strong competitor is to have her face larger women. They should’ve went with Tamina though.

  • WWFoverWWE

    So no divas match on smackdown?

    • redsandman99

      Technically this is a match. I haven’t heard anything about the time it got but I’m guessing they’ll go about thirty seconds in and then AJ will be disqualified.

      • WWFoverWWE

        I meant they might cut the whole segment because Natalya started bleeding.

        • redsandman99

          Hopefully not. It’ll probably depend on how much she’s actually bleeding and whether they can cut around the blood if they don’t want to show it.

  • igotthatpma123

    awesome aj is a heel

  • Faye

    This conversation usually occurs during Natalya matches, so let me rehash this old discussion; is Natalya a “jobber”?

    What is the proper definition of the term? Is jobber or jobbing taken out of context or misused on this site (or the IWC as a whole)? Sometimes it gets confusing for the type of fan who isn’t familiar with the technical side of the sport, lol. When I think of jobber, I think of Victoria or someone like Chavo, but I’m on the fence with Nattie’s situation.

    Any thoughts?

  • Rhawk

    Actually having reflecting on my comment on calling Nattie a ‘jobber’ as I’m sure others have called her from these spoilers, I dont actually see this as jobbing, but more like putting over AJ and her new twisted ‘WHY SO SERIOUS?!’ turn. But of course it all means nothing if it isn’t reflected as described from these spoilers on main TV, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • jen07201

    I wonder if they will air on TV considering there was blood. I remember a few months ago when Randy Orton made Cody Rhodes bleed with the ring bell and they cut it off TV. However, they aired Cena bleeding on Raw so I’m wondering what WWE will do? I’m hoping that they do air it.

    • NurseBetty

      Raw is live and Smackdown is taped, so they kind of have no choice but yo show the blood on Raw.

      • jen07201

        I am just hoping they don’t ruin the segment.

  • Cookie

    Kharma,will not probably be raw or smackdown right now.. I think maybe in july or august who know’s. Because she didn’t tell anyone about her child,When she was on royal rumble. & Then like next month she told people about what happen. I think she still trying to heal from it. She will probably be back next week or back late summer.This Aj & Daniel bryan story line i like it’s kinda like rihanna & chris brown thing. By the way i’m huge fan of Rihanna. But still think about it People got mad at rihanna,When really they should’ve been mad at chris brown-His fans. Then you have the rihanna fans who knows that chris brown was wrong,For what he did.Right now Daniel bryan winning fans i like it & Aj tired of it she been dealing with abuse both ways with Daniel. & She hates the fact that’s she’s the bad guy now.. Because of wrestle mania addicent. That’s why she’s going crazy she been hold it in for while. I Can See Aj & Eve torres be tag team-that would be epic. Bravo To Aj i love her as heel <3 she's so freaxxking amazing.

  • LadyGoDiva

    Wow.Damn AJ you made Nattie bleed!

    AJ showing her anger, great to see that because we all know AJ as the geeky short nerdy girl whose living her dream as a WWE Diva and hearing this news does make me wonder if it was real bad that the paramedics were there.

  • Rhawk

    Excuse the slight gab at cursing here, but we might as well start the ‘You’re gonna get f**ked up!’ chants just to wind Bryan up. =-P

  • Lily

    I hope the segment is more than 7 minutes because it sounds like it could be really good.

    • MRvinaro

      Hi there

      I always like ur comments good thing u are back !

  • DjayDay

    That’s sounds pretty intense. Althought I’m not glad Nattie is getting destroyed here, it’s not like it’s for nothing. I’m glad AJ is getting some spotlight, and I really enjoyed her work as heel in FCW. For me althought AJ is a good face, I loved watching her pick apart body parts in the ring during her heel, it made it look believable. Plus, I’m super excited Natalya is a face again, she is just too lovable to be a heel, althought she’s amazing as both.

    All in all looks like a killer week in WWE something we need.

  • Sherri Martel Fan

    Interesting :)